Mesut Ozil already planning for his life after football 

Mesut Ozil will be leaving Arsenal at the end of the current campaign, and at 32, there is probably only a few years left for him to play if he can find a new team.

The German has now begun to plan his life after football and Mail Online reveals that he has joined forces with American venture capital fund Class 5 Global, as a strategic adviser.

The midfielder will likely not kick a ball again as an Arsenal player after he was axed from their registered squads for both the Premier League and Europa League.

However, Ozil’s plans to enter the venture capital market is likely to give him enough money to survive after football.

According to the Mail, the company is based in San Francisco and it strives to attract venture capital from investors for startups.

Ozil isn’t the only sportsman associated with the company as the likes of David Beckham and Serena Williams also have stakes in it.

The report claims that Ozil had already invested in the company earlier in his career after being persuaded by Kieran Gibbs.

Ozil revealed in a statement as published by Mail Online: ‘I am excited to shape and work on my post-football career while I am still actively playing football.’

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  1. “To give him enough money to survive after football” F.F.S !!!
    How much fcuking money does someone need to survive?
    Out bloody rageoous.

      1. Declan, you are out of order .Ozil is only doing what millions of other rich people do.He is not a criminal nor has he withdrawn his labour. The fact that he is considered surplus to requirements at Arsenal is irrelevant to him making an investment with a view to aiding start up businesses.

        1. With all due respect Grandad, my response was aimed at the word “survive” used by the writer of the article, but on reflection if he could not even “survive” for the rest of his life on one year of his £18 million salary then he obviously doesn’t live in the real world we live in. There are people sleeping in doorways and I’m “out of order” commenting that he should be ok in the future….🤔

          1. Well said Declan and congrats for picking Grandad up on his , for once, surprising lack of understanding of “survive”! As the article chose to misuse that word , it was fair game to comment on it, as you did! I have told JA repeatedly not to MISUSE normal English words, unless they want arguments and misunderstanding .

            Perish the “dishonourable” thought, that, “oddly”, has crept into my brain , that this site actually WANTS arguments and disagreements. Surely not , I hear you say!

  2. He is only doing what other seriously wealthy people do. Protect what they have and make more if they can.
    It doesn’t surprise me for any other reason than I’d do the same. Looking forward, Ozil will be able to help more disadvantaged people by way of his humanity through philanthropy. This is what other seriously wealthy do as well

    1. Well said SueP, isn’t that what most of us do, plan for the future?

      Probably why our erstwhile owner, Stanley Kronkie bought The Arsenal wouldn’t you think?

      Doesn’t look as if he has any intention of hanging his boots up though, as he explained when saying “while I’m still actively playing football” – perhaps he knows something we don’t?

      1. Who knows on the last paragraph, Ken. We may not always agree on the Ozil situation in general, but I am not going find fault with him for what you quite rightly point out, is planning for the future. It’s his money, after all.


        1. I too was worried as the fella sat on a stadium seat and injured his back! He needs sofas and recliners and you need money for that. Good he has planned his future (while playing active football in “training”). Would have preferred if he had planned to play and take us to greater heights, even Gareth Bale looks sharp and focused at this age.

  3. I mean after football? What ball? Hasn’t he retired already and no more interested in playing except sitting in his couch collecting his wages?

    The reason he didn’t leave was to enable him collect his so called loyalty bonus of 8m.

    He’s sitting tight because he doesn’t want to go anywhere and sweat again. He retired immediately he signed that free bee contract.

  4. Does anybody really think that Ozil cares or is even remotely concerned about what fans think. As SueP rightly says he is entitled to do whatever he wishes with his money. Ozil is an intelligent man, has good advisors and lives in the world of the very rich. I am certainly not as wealthy as Ozil but what I have I have have tried to protect for the better of myself and my family. I do not see Ozil in anyway different to myself in that respect. As a bye the way, if many of the present day footballers could have the career that Ozil has had they would be delighted to say the least.

  5. I can’t imagine the level of hatred towards Ozil by some fans, this is beyond footballing reasons.

    1. There’s no hate for Ozil from me, just distaste that someone else thinks he couldn’t get by on his current salary.

  6. “… while I’m actively still playing football”

    “Actively”? To paraphrase Andre the Giant, I do not think that word means what he thinks it means.

  7. Declan , I have agreed with you on countless issues in the past but was there any need for you to use a profanity ?That is why I considered you to be out of order.The matter of the use of the word “survive” is something you should take up with the writer of the article rather than implying it came from the mouth of Ozil.

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