Mesut Ozil and William Saliba updates will please the Arsenal fans

The media is going a little crazy today with updates on both Mesut Ozil and William Saliba.

Let’s start with Ozil. According to The Mirror, Fenerbahce are able to pay as much as £8 Million of the annual salary the German earns with Arsenal picking up the remaining £5.5 Million.

The English tabloid is citing reports out of Turkey sourced from Fanatik

Now, William Saliba.

The Evening standard claims a deal is very close and not only will Arsenal sign the 18-year-old but will also be able to keep the vast majority of their transfer budget intact.

The reason is simple, Arsenal will only need to put down a small initial fee due to the player remaining in France for one more year with the remainder paid next year.

Now, none of the media outlets claims a deal is actually done but it does seem that some momentum is growing and while it is always best to take these rumours with a pinch of salt I do get the feeling that something is in the air.

To be honest I am not sure which one is more likely because both come with issues but as things stand right now you have to think that the majority of Arsenal fans will be pleased with the latest updates.


  1. Ozil leaving brings me more joy. I really hope and wish Fekir will be his replacement.

  2. I thought the reason saliba was taking so long was cause we were trying to hold on to him for this season…..
    this transfer window is more frustrating than most.
    and that is say in ALOT for us, cause all transfer windows are frustrating for us.

    if mustafi, elneny and miky(or ozil, one of them has to leave, they’re basically the same player) are still on our team this season im gonna fight some one.

    1. Reports have consistently said St. Ettiene wouldn’t sell unless he was loaned back. I don’t think that was ever something that was going to change from what I read.

      1. Yeah plus based on the reports I have read, it is the players preference to stay for an additional year as well. So agree, this was never going to change

    1. But his wage bill is affecting the club and remember this was the time bomb wenger had laid which many didn’t know even up to now because he is no longer the orzil who used to be called the assist master. Which means the 350000£ he is aining is doing nothing.

      1. One winger, one holding midfielder and one central defender are the least what this team needs as quickly as possible.

    1. kev already confirms Saliba’s and Tierney’s deals

      Ozil rumor makes sense. A Turkish club will profit a lot if Ozil join them

      If Ozil, Mustafi and Xhaka are sold, this will be a successful transfer window for me

      1. Agree on Ozil and Mustafi, but I highly doubt that Xhaka is going anywhere this window.

    2. At least you have spoken a great sense. Arsenal scouts, you need to take this one reply from Innit straight in to action.

  3. New day a new story of an old story.

    I like to see the next stage now, a news report saying player at club to discuss contracts or if that is already done (as speculated) then a report saying fee agreed.

    I am still to see what we do with chambers bielk holding Mavro and if tierney joins, what else we sign.
    Martinelli will probably get a pre season before we see if he is a 1st steamer but in truth if he is or not, I only suspect a hand full of games. Unless he really impresses

  4. Good riddance to bad rubbish….this mercenary has been milking our great club ever since some maniac offered him £350k a week. Good luck Mesut, I wish you all the luck in your new home ….

  5. May Mesut Ozil find true happiness at Fenerbahce. May Nabil Fekir, the creative one, be signed quickly.

  6. Looks like we may be turning a corner, ozil,enelny,mustaphi,monreal, Ramsey,lich,cech,welbz, out,,,fekir, willock,saliba, Tierney, Smith Rowe, nketia, bielik, Nelson, in

    1. we can’t even ship Elneny yet. Let’s not get too excited. Turkish media isn’t the most reliable, though I am definitely hoping Ozil leaving is true.

  7. I think arsenal have to invest wise..
    We only need 2 side wingers..Fraser is pretty okay..ziyech superior okay…
    Ricardo of Ac MILAN good left back since Celtic is proving hard on Tierney transfer..
    Then you get only Anderwire of Tottenham..we are set with lacazette..Aubumuyan..Torirra..zhaka..ziyech..Fraser..Nelson..iwobi..bellerin..sokratis..Ricardo..Anderwire..kolasinac.Martinez.nkieta.Holding..

    .this three additional players are non up to €million..ziyech €30million Fraser..£25million..Ricardo..£22.7million..imagine cool business.

  8. I think arsenal have to invest wise..
    We only need 2 side wingers..Fraser is pretty okay..ziyech superior okay…
    Ricardo of Ac MILAN good left back since Celtic is proving hard on Tierney transfer..
    Then you get only Anderwire of Tottenham..we are set with lacazette..Aubumuyan..Torirra..zhaka..ziyech..Fraser..Nelson..iwobi..bellerin.

    .this three additional players are
    non up to €million..ziyech €30million Fraser..£25million..Ricardo..£22.7million..imagine cool business.

  9. Tell you what is true ……….so far today…. Willock, Nketiah and Nelson have been promoted to the 1st team squad.

  10. With the info provided by admin in this article, Ozil is on 260k per week. That is almost 100k short of 350k I have been hearing here for almost 2 years now. I have always said he can’t be on 350k because we can’t pay that. This is why I don’t believe what media say??

  11. I don’t think you are aware that we will be contesting with star filled Man city, liverpool Spur to mention a few

  12. Can’t get excited about the Saliba signing if indeed we do sign him cos it looks like he will be loaned straight back, what’s the point of that. We need defensive players now. I could understand it if Bielek got promoted to the first team squad but haven’t heard nothing about that happening. I suppose he will be another young prospect that we’ve signed, spent a few seasons with us and then sold for peanuts.

    1. I certainly hope not; came from Warsaw as a raw boned youth, now a man. We have to trust in Unai and Freddie.

  13. 350k a week for a talented player that rarely shows up, lets be honest we got mugged.( by Ozil and Gazidas )
    Meanwhile they let Ramsey who wore the shirt with pride and wanted to stay,go in his prime for nothing!!

  14. Let’s hope there is some truth in the Fenebache rumour. He’ll, I’ll even start a collection for Ozil myself!

    I pray to the footballing god’s, here my plea! GET OZIL OUT OF AFC!

  15. Pay £5.5M for Ozil to play for others?? What rubbish.. Might as well play him albeit against lesser teams who play “park the bus” tactic where we can’t penetrate them.. This is where Ozil is very useful.

    1. Not IMO!

      Pay him off and get him off our wage bill so we can pay hungrier and more effective players who will fight for the badge.

      Let him stroll around turkey for a bit.

  16. I have to agree with Jay Phillips here,Ozil is not the player Ramsey was to Arsenal.It was criminal to let him go for nothing.
    also Saliba should be a done deal.

    1. Couldn’t agree more!
      Ramsey had heart, technique, goals and an engine. Now he is at Juve playing with Ron and co we will see his true value.

  17. It’s another nightmare of a transfer window for arsenal and as usual, we the loyal fans gets frustrated again. We will continue to be a laughing stock to other fans. I think it’s time we the fans show our frustration, stop buying the tickets,our London gunners should group up and walk down to emirate stadium with placards, urging the management to be active in transfer market. Arguing here about who to buy and not who to buy or who is good and who’s not won’t really change much. My opinion though..

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