Mesut Ozil becomes world class by not playing for Arsenal

Short memories afflicting some Arsenal fans over Mesut Ozil.

When Mesut Ozil was playing more regular he was derided and criticised on a consistent basis. Many were questioning why the former German international was being selected and the general opinion was he should be dropped.

The reasoning was simple, Ozil doesn’t do enough, he rarely creates and when the ball was lost, so was he. His attitude stunk and that was never better expressed than when he was subbed in the Europa League final.

In fact, when it was possible that Ozil would be sold in the summer, for the most part, fans were ecstatic.

When Ozil did play for Arsenal the results were no better and they were not for a while.

Fast forward to now and all of a sudden that is all forgotten and Ozil should be back in the squad.

Listening to some fans, Ozil is a messiah, Arsenal would not have lost to Sheff Utd if Ozil played. It is conveniently forgotten how poor Ozil has been for a very long time.

Emery right to freeze out Ozil

Unai Emery is absolutely correct in freezing out Ozil, he has been stealing a living off the back of Arsenal fans for too long. He is simply not good enough anymore and has not been for a few years now.

Obviously, his supporters will take exception to this article. I have no issue with that, however, I refuse to be fooled by the playmaker. He is not fit for purpose, he is not Arsenal quality and my memory works just fine.

It is noticeable how Ozil has all of a sudden become world-class by not playing, a phenomenon that I cannot recall happening anywhere else.

Those calling for the 32-year-old to be given a chance should remember how many chances he has already been handed. Arsenal is far bigger than Ozil and the fans should remember that. Such a shame some do not.


  1. I get the impression AdMart doesn’t like Ozïl 😜
    Just because we are asking for him to be given a chance is nothing to do with being fanboys, fan girls, thinking he’s the messiah or any other names you may want to call us. It’s because this season our midfield has been basically shite with zero creativity. Torriera has been played further forward and that’s failed, Willock has been very inconsistent, Xhaka does not do much apart from fouling people and slowing the game down and Ceballos has had one good game and been far from impressive. The best midfielder has been Guendouzi by far but he’s having to do it on his own and that’s why he sometimes looks like a headless chicken, as you call him. He’s not, he just tries harder than anyone else. It’s time to bring back Ozïl and consign Emery to history. I’m at the game tomorrow and the name you will hear sung the most is Ozïls as it was against Bournemouth.

    1. Fabulous comments regarding Guendouzi.. The boy practically does almost everything on his own, intercepts, tackle, control the game and pushing us forward in games yet people call him names and label him average when he’s having to carry the weight of the whole midfield on his shoulder.
      Is it a coincidence that some our legends pointed out he should’ve been captain?

    2. I am not his fan since the past 5 years, but hang on, the lad deserves a pay rise to get the best our of him! sanchez got 500K at Utd. and this poor lad got only 350K at AFC! This really hurts! The lad needs a hike and see how he will tear the defences. He will be Hazard,CR7, Messi, Salah all rolled into one!keep finding excuses !!Unai’s one bright shinning moment is to show this chap where he really belongs.Out of the team!

    3. No he does not and he is CORRECT not to laud a fraud player, as so many completely “away with the fairies” fans STUPIDLY do! SPOT ON MARTIN AND ALL THE REALISTS ON HERE TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. Personally I pray this fraud and conman never again wears our shirt. Realists know he is here for the huge wage, comfy non playing life, the joys of being a young newly married man in London, with more money than any in touch with reality fans could ever dream of having. And which other TOTAL FRAUD WOULD DO DIFFEENTLY! Most players have guts, pride, fight, honest desire, self respect and would be too ashamed to steal a living off the back of ordinary hard pressed hard working fans, , but not Ozil! Walcott stole wages from us for his whole time here and Ozil is far more of a weed and fraud than Walcott. More financially damaging too. All Gooner realists know full well this weak conman is stealing a gold lined living on the backs of us fans. Non realists, who still even now, after years of evidence of his laziness support this odorous fraud will never face the plain truth and are beyond hope. Just because our current midfield is total crap, is NO reason at all to reinstate this bone idle player. I also want UE out but on this topic at least he is 100% correct to ditch this fraud. Pity most of everything else UE has “achieved” at our club amounts to nothing though.

      1. FURTHER TO MY SLATING OF OZIL, I, BY TOTAL CONTRAST, love Guendouzi(the polar opposite to fraud Ozil) as he has talent, fight guts, self respect and sweats blood for our cause, yet he is on a fraction of Ozils wage. I am immensely proud that we have a number of younger player with balls in the team but until we regain our long ago reputation of a team of real men, and not a bunch of weeds and frightened snowflakes, afraid of a bruise and of hard work, the football world will, rightly, continue to regard our softies as someone to be bullied! I thought, WRONGLY, that UE would change this but apart from a few youngsters with balls, esp Guendouzi and Martinelli, but also others- though NOT A M-N – and a few older ones too, Laca in particular, we are still mostly a soft centred, marshmellow, easily bullied team. If you disagree or STILL think a long term idle snowflake like Ozil will change this, you should wake up and smell the coffee. Get real for Gods sake!

        1. Glad to see you back Jon.

          Just out of curiosity, how much money have you spent at The Arsenal in the last couple of seasons that makes you feel Ozil is taking money from you?

          Surely it is kronkie who signs the pay checks and perhaps, after graciously admitting you were wrong about Ozil, you have slioped up again.

          I don’t know anyone can judge Ozil on just 140 minutes of football this season, as sanctioned by UE, but then again, I don’t consider myself an expert on other peoples life styles, self respect, fighting abilities, body language, self respect andbeing able to recognise conmen.

          All I can see is a squad of players, who have no leadership, no tactics, no rythmn, no cojones, no pride, overpaid and under performing – what has that got to do with Ozil, who is doing nothing wrong, abiding by his contract, ready to play and waiting for the inevitable recall… perhaps the non signing of contracts by auba and lacs may have something to do with the treatment of this player by a clueless manager/coach?

          1. My opinion from what i saw last season and this, is Ozil is happy to cruise through his big contract and UE wants more from him and feels he isn’t getting any reaction or action. A player who is on nearly twice the wage of any other player should be the best and most stand out player and he most definitely isnt. He was a disgrace against Forest this season and got shown up by kids who put far more effort in than him. Most people would feel guilty on the contract he is on but that is obviously beneath him.

          2. Reggie, please explain why, if he was a disgrace, UE kept him on for 70 minutes, said he was pleased with his performance and took him off, in order for him to be ready for the next game?

            How can he play to the standard you expect, if UE gives him just140 minutes of football this season?

      2. @jon fox
        For all your biased bluster, both you, adminmartin and a few others fail to realise, you is the message and effect Emerys treatment of Ozil sends and has on the players as a team. But you lot could care less, but as long as your little egos are assuaged…

        1. Ken, i was at the game and Ozil was an absolute disgrace, his body language and effort were awful. On the night the youngsters were puuting in effort way beyond what he was. I expected Ozil to show us all in that game, pick me Emery, he did the opposite. From my perspective the best performances Ozil put in for AFC was for two months before his contract renewal, i thought he was amazing but since that day he got his bounty, he has been underwhelming to put it mildly.

          1. Reggie, that’s your opinion, but you didn’t answer my questions regarding UE did you?

            What I saw, was a player, who had been ignored since the second game of the season (which we won with Ozil and Cebs playing great football together), being made captain and
            giving a very decent account of himself.

            So much so, thatUE informed the media afterwards that he substituted him in order for him to be fit for the following league game…the rest is history.

            So what about my original UE questions and why, when he was substituted, did he get a standing ovation?

          2. Ken you are right that is my opinion and my opinion. What on earth does 140 minutes have to do with Ozil not deserving a game. Like i have said, we have seen a different Ozil since his silly payrise and he aint deserving of it. My opinion of course.

  2. Emery has proven that he is not the coach to take us to the next level but Ozil decision is perfectly on point. You don’t earned a place in the starting line up simply because you were once world class. Ronaldinho was a better player than Ozil but when he was no longer performing well, he was dumped. I can remember vividly that Ozil was given ample opportunities towards the end of last season but his best performance came in the Europa League final.

    1. You said Ozil doesn’t earn a place in the team,why the hell then are his adversaries bugging him. Let him alone to enjoy his wages and go away after his contract ran out in 2021.You can’t obviously shave someone’s hair in it’s absence. Has he been given the chance to prove anything this season?

  3. The worst part is that :no big team would come for him..:then no small team will be able to pay his wages.

    1. That’s your opinion you want Ozil drop yet no one better than him in that team the only epl match that at half time we look convincing and taking a good lead was the one Ozil played against watford you can’t stop us from yearning for him when all we see in that midfield is scrap..

  4. If he’s not good enough, he’s not good enough. Emery has nothing against him personally. Last season he played his almost as many times as Wenger did the season before.

    Emery sees him at training. We don’t. You can’t just play someone because of name recognition

    Manager needs to be ruthless at times. Meaning that he needs to bench big players when necessary

  5. By now people will notice I don’t even take Ozil articles and discussions serious anymore because one thing is clear and obvious.
    Ozil is going no where, and he’s playing this game with Emery so well that Emery looks like an amateur.

    Last season, Jon Fox placed a bet Ozil would be sold I think? He lost that bet didn’t he?.

    I’m willing to bet this game him and Emery are both playing, he’ll end up winning this game because so far everything’s working towards his favor.
    I don’t care if he plays or not anymore, he has a contract, he’s getting paid, it’s not as if he took months off or he asked for leave of absence. His manager or let say his company decided to give him months off.
    Like I said, he’s getting paid, he’s happy playing fortnite at home and he has said it multiple times he’s not going anywhere. Seems to me despite everything, he’s a happy man.
    That’s the most important thing in everybody’s life: Happiness.
    Label him a thief or lazy man, he doesn’t see it that way and any sane person won’t see it that way.
    Like I said, he didn’t choose to sit his furry äss at home

    1. Eddie, have you ever heard of self respect, of having life principles and of not cheating us fans? Your disgraceful post is saying you have respect for laziness and those who cheat the football system and that you admire laziness and cheats. Shame on you. I had thought you had at least a degree of principles. In life if all you wish to achieve is personal happiness and a comfy soft life , you will never be much of a person, however much is in your bank account. Shame you do not yet know this life truth. ” Sane people” are those who do their utmost to make life more fair for as many as possible . Wrong people encourage an “I’m all right Jack, so sod all the little people” attitude. YOUR COMMENT SICKENS ME! AND YES I LOST MY BET, BUT IT WAS ONLY MONEY AND MY HONOUR, MY DECENCY, MY RESPECT FOR THE ” NON FRAuDULENT, HARD WORKING, ORDINARY AND OFTEN DOWNTRODDEN PEOPLE” GROWS EACH PASSING YEAR. I am rich in what MATTERS! You are plainly not!

      1. You have no moral authority to question the sanity of anyone in this blog. You have your opinions which you see right and everyone else has theirs. I stand with Ozil
        Playing or not even getting benched let him see his contract to the last second. He never gave that contract to himself and he isn’t the one who has told Emery not to play him.
        I would infact question his personal and mental strength if he bends down to Emery’s mistreatments. You should understand that this is personnal rather than about on field performance and that’s why am against this pettiness childish mentality by Emery who is supposed to be a mentor and a professional manager . Ozil has nothing to prove to anyone anymore. He has won all there is to win both personally and internationally
        . He should see his contract off to the last second and then move to turkey for two more years and call it a day.
        Whether you hate him or not, call a spade a spade. Ozil has to be respected. This could be solved in a mature manner. Not petty isolations and useless excuses. Ozil is not a kid

  6. Cant agree more with the original post, he has been an expensive passenger for a while now and that culminated in the Europa final, where he surpassed himself. The guy is obviously not giving his all and if he was he would be playing. Its not personal, its a fact he is stealing from AFC and the sooner he is gone the better.

  7. I love this article. It’s unfortunate we can’t sell him because of the undeserved wages he’s being paid. Many fans are just emotional,they hardly analyse issues based on facts. If ozil is good as some of his fans want us to believe, why it is so difficult for arsenal bto find ba buyer. What baffled me in ozil case is that a player who believes in his ability would have found another club. It’s obvious ozil values the huge pay he’s enjoying over regular appearance on the field.

  8. You’ve gone too far,so now he is stealing a living,I am going to stop there because this has become ridiculous and i won’t bother explaining why.

  9. Admin, one fact you definitely got wrong is his age, he’s 31 not 32. Born Oct 1988. Apart from that nothing more to say except you have your opinion and I have mine. I think this topic is now played out, give it a rest.

      1. A brilliant game Sue, won by underdogs with grit , determination and skill and great management especially with the line outs, wonderful .
        Looking forward to tomorrow’s game and of course the final next weekend.

        1. Spot on! Let’s hope we win next weekend!
          Enjoy yourself tomorrow, Declan.. I would say with a bit of luck you’ll leave the Emirates a happy fella, but you never know UE may have other ideas!

        1. Too bad the underdogs didn’t win the World Cup Cricket, but England were too good for the All Blacks, without needing bad officiating this time round.

  10. I am not a lover of Ozil, but at a time when we are crying out for creativity to aid a potentially potent front three it must be counterproductive to abandon someone who, on his day an unlock defences.If he does not play now can be impress potential suitors to buy him?

  11. “The Shirt Selling Genius / Scrounger” is the biggest Myth i have ever seen at Arsenal in all my decades of being an Arsenal fan.
    So underwhelming and an anti climax.

      1. Declan, such a wonderful letdown comment – this guy doesn’t even understand that to sell a shirt, he must have impressed that person to begin with.

        Simple really, but a little refined for the “kick and rush” players required to fulfill the climax desired.

  12. I was actually thinking a bit about this the other day, but in a different way. Ozil had a huge name, but he hasn’t been that player, he hasn’t lived up to the hype. There is a problem with commitment ..not throwing yourself in harms way, am not talking about that. The constant injury time off, back trouble and the likes, but am not just talking about that either. Forward play is his game and he’s a big name, he’s had trouble just switching it on and pushing himself to make things came off, he likes to play at a certain pace but at times it looks like a commitment problem. But, what I was thinking about the other day – Was that Ozil’s big name would come out in his favor if he never played again for AFC, I think fans will remember him better in that situation because for more than two seasons now ..he has totally nosedived, did not look nearly as big as that name he once had. Some would say it’s longer than that and that he’s had really only one top season. Not playing has a chance of doing his name more good than gametime possibly could, because Admin is right to remember when he’s had chances and to judge those times, because that’s what we’re supposed to go on, the football. It’s a fair point he’s made even if you don’t agree with the world class status part in the title, but that was just used to drive the point home.

  13. It’s the hypocrisy shown by Emery. He says Ozil not playing good enough to start, but Sokratis, Luiz, and Xhaka are garbage most games yet still start. Huh?

    He takes a perfectly capable DM in Torreira and pushes him forward in attempt to not play Ozil. This forces Xhaka to sit back where he’s dreadful, weakens the defense and team, in effort to prove what?

    Emery admits to causing friction with players, he goes out of his way to create it.

    It blew up in his face at PSG and got him fired, it will do the same at Arsenal.

    His latest comments regarding Ozil shows pressure is getting to him now. It will get worse before it gets better. Meanwhile, team and fans suffer for the ego of our Spanish Pulis.

    1. Durand, Though I cannot stand the fact that UE CONSTANTLY picks these bad players you list and plays Torreira who IS good, but too far forward, THOSE ARE NOT real reasons to pick Ozil. He has shown contempt for real effort for many years no, even though he was, a long time ago now, a most special player. A proper manager would omit all weakling players, all cumbersome and plain useless players even though they try hard, and insist and demand , ALWAYS,on 100% commitment from every player who we ever employ. That is why Klopp and Guardiloa do so brilliantly well and you know that if you are being honest. Ozil is not the answer, nor is Emery, as is now quite clear. Clean outall that which does not work, whether for laziness, sheer lack of talent or both. Only regularly committed players, however great they may ONCE have been, are of use, unless mediocrity contents you. IT DOES NOT AND NEVER HAS , NOR EVER WILL FOR ME.

      1. I agree with you Jon, I’m merely pointing out the clear hypocrisy by Emery. As far as Ozil, my personal opinion is like this:

        We don’t have a squad of world class starters that can offset a luxery player like Ozil. IMHO Ozil needs to be a more complete player when he’s on the pitch.

        Always track back, fight to win back the ball, be willing to stick a leg in sometimes. Until he does, he is a sub player for me, 60 min sub that can potentially change a game.

        He can play a role still, but is that one Ozil and Emery can accept for the benefit of the team over themselves?

        1. I will be clear, I want BOTH UE and Ozil out ASAP. Had more than enough of Emerys shapeless soft centred teams and of Ozils sheer laziness. Unlike some on here I cut through the self delusions that some indulge in and tell it as it is. Most on here agree with me, to judge by their comments.

          1. You were still behind him last season, you liked that he made changes during game, liked that the players fought more, and were willing to give him the time. This early in the season and how you finished last season don’t really add up, night and day.

          2. Jon, if UE selected Ozil, you wouldn’t see a shapeless soft centred team – the self delusions on here are from those who believe they speak for the majority (remember UE being the saviour?).

            I will also be clear, I want UE out yesterday, but that’s my personal opinion.

            Once he’s gone, let’s see if the new coach can motivate EVERY SINGLE SQUAD player to earn their exorbitant salaries and not just select one player to hide behind.

    1. Ken you are right, if Ozil was picked we wouldn’t see a shapeless soft centered team. Just a shapeless soft centered Ozil, like i saw at forest. But unlike you, im a self dilusional and dont know what im on about.

    2. Why has there been no rush for Ozil to resurrect and pursue his playing career elsewhere and why has there been no rush from other clubs to sign him?

  14. Ozil is here to stay. If the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi, AMN, sead, papathopoulos ‘spelling’, can get game time then why not Ozil,? None of this players puts any considerable efforts in whatever position they play apart from Mustafi who has improved.
    You can’t keep judging Ozil by last season or even a season before because he was surrounded by non quality both behind and in front of him at most occasions esp under Wenger. Emery is a different case, he has never liked Ozil and has never tried to utilize him to his abilities. Ozil should have his chances.

    1. Ozil is “here” to stay then according to you. Where exactly then is “here”? In the dressing room of course , on the training ground, certainly BUT what matters is if he plays or does not. He is not playing and will not play. Emery had correctly decide that Ozil is bone idle, a passenger and a financial leech. So he may be around the training squad but he is not “here” as in “here in the team”, for certain. Reality! Despite your personal self delusions.

      1. Those are your misinformed self believes. Every time I check the Arsenal’s official website, Mesut Ozil appears in that list as an Arsenal player.
        Emery tried shit with Neymar. Today Neymar is at PSG and the clone is failing in England awaiting to go back in Spain and Ozil will be left to play for the next manager

    2. Best team available v palace..

      Chambers. Holding. Luiz. Tierney

      Guddenz. Cabello
      Pepe. Auba. Martinelle

  15. Many facts are wrong in the article, including his age! But then who care for facts, but their own side of the story!

  16. I am a arsenal fan before supporting any player. the fact that ozil is being frozen out of the time is really not ideal for the club nor the player. I can step in and say for a while oil did not have world class players and the calibre of players we have currently have so giving ozil a chance to flourish now is not a bad idea cause I know he’ll definitely set the world alight with the current attach we have that that I’m willing to put my head on a block for. thank you

  17. Jon Fox how dare you say that özil’s the most selfish kind of person. That’s not true even on the pitch. It was mentioned in the above article that özil’s a married man tell me which married man makes a fundraiser to pay for the surgeries of not one, not ten, not even a hundred, but a thousand children, plus donating funds to a charity organisation as a wedding gift. Don’t you dare, for as long as you are a person and as long as your central nervous system’s functioning optimally, call özil a stingy and heartless person.

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