Mesut Ozil contribution to Arsenal is misunderstood and unappreciated

There are two sides to the Mesut Ozil debate.

Everyone that is a regular to this site knows full well my feelings about Mesut Ozil and his worth to Arsenal. There is absolutely no need for me to repeat my personal view in this particular article.

However, I acknowledge that Ozil has his supporters and in their quest to see some balance from me with regards to the German playmaker I have decided to pen this article following discussions with friends of mine that feel he is both misunderstood and unappreciated.

Now, none of what is expressed here is my own opinion, I actually disagree with most of it fundamentally but like I say, this is for balance

Naturally, the first question I asked my friends was his high wage and whether it is justified.

The simple answer from them was yes, he is worth every single penny. They point to his worth to the club from merchandising but not just that, he is the main focus when the club do tours, that his image is used when Premier League rights are sold along with other “names”, Salah, Aguerro, Pogba, Kane etc.

His wage, over and above the clubs average, is far less than what the club earns from having a marquee player on their books.

Secondly, I pointed out his efforts on the field, slow walk-offs when subbed, his perceived laziness and so on. The response I received in the main was that he has always been like that, he was like that for Germany and Real Madrid, it is his style and the reason that he plays the way that he does.

The reasoning goes that he looks lazy when he plays and his walk-offs are part and parcel of his style, he is a laid back character that does nothing like a headless chicken, one comes with the other. They also point to the amount of ground he covers and that the stats apparently back that up. I have not checked it out but I have no reason to feel my friends are lying to me.

They do acknowledge that his assists and goals have dropped off dramatically but in their opinion that would have happened to any number ten in this Arsenal team over the last few years. They claim that Christian Eriksen would have struggled just as much in an underperforming team. In better words, Ozil needs his teammates to be on his wavelength to get the best from him, that the quality around him has contributed significantly to the drop in his on-field contribution.

I asked about the perception that he simply does not care and they actually took offence to that, they countered that if he did not care he would not be so influential behind the scenes, they claim he has a huge effect on the youngsters and they pointed to the recent comments from Joe Willock as proof of that.

They also said that if it was the case that he did not care then why has Mikel Arteta continued to pick him since he took over. I obviously pointed to the fact that Unai Emery and Freddie Ljungberg had enough of him and ostracised him. The counter to that was that without him the results got worse and that Ozil cannot be blamed for the poor tactics and management of Emery in particular and that Ozil is used as a scapegoat because he is an easy target.

The conclusion I got was that if Ozil is utilised in the right manner that Arsenal would benefit massively and that Arsenal fans would get to see the true Ozil and what he can really bring to the club.

So, there you have it, some balance. Now, I will make it clear, I wholeheartedly disagree with their opinions and none of this article should be taken as a representation of my own personal views but that is not the focus of this article. The focus was purely to present an alternative viewpoint from Ozil supporters.

I would have preferred not to have had to write this, however, while we do receive guest articles every single day there are none in support of Ozil. So, I had little choice but to pen this in an attempt at bringing a little balance.


  1. No need to be so PC .we need little evidence to know what we see with our eyes.season after can dress it up anyway u like.But he is a wimp.not suited for the prem End of.

  2. Tout à fait. Il a été très bon à ses débuts et cela a duré, il l’est beaucoup moins dorénavant (et remplaçable), même s’il sait toujours orienter le jeu. Son coût a augmenté et cela n’arrange pas Arsenal.

  3. Seriously? We have multiple Pablo Mari and Matvienko articles up and you post this in here, totally OT. Please repost in the appropraite article and then I can delete this.

  4. ozil is soft, even if he did run for 20 miles in a game it is all worthless because he won’t run that last yard and stick his foot in to make a challenge.

  5. I think the biggest issue with Arsenal FC fans is that we have too many platforms to voice out our opinions (and at the same time in some aspects this is a strength).

    I’ve learnt that just because Ken, John, or Joe Soap have an opinion, it doesn’t mean they’re experts that know anything I don’t know as a fan because none of us work or play for Arsenal FC.

    We can comment all we want and critique Ozil, but at the end of the day Arteta sees value just as much has he saw value in Xhaka who the majority of the fan base slagged off, but now understand we can’t leave him out the squad.

    I personally don’t rate Willock nor do I think its worth sacrificing the potential we can get from Ceballos for Willock who can’t pass as well(for now). But that’s my opinion and I hope for the sake of Arsenal FC that Willock proves me wrong.

    To end things off, if some of these fans who share bad opinions about Ozil knew anything about the workings of economics, finance and football management, I promise you they wouldn’t have time to be armchair managers because they’d be working for one of the top European teams.

  6. APPLAUSE MARTIN, FOR WRITING THIS BALANCED ARTICLE, DESPITE BEING, AS I AM TOO, SOMEONE WHO WANTS OZIL GONE. I find it incomprehensible how any bright Gooner can possibly appreciate him but I accept that some do. What is clear though is that by summer 2021 OZIL will be gone from AFC. We who loathe his laziness and the harm which we say he does to AFC, cannot wait for that blessed day. It is not and never has been personal with me and I think him a well balanced and compassionate human being; the type of person , under different circumstances, I would feel very warm towards.


    1. What irks me about your comments is not your views but your believe that only those who share your views are the INTELLIGENT, BRIGHT, OBJECTIVE ones. You can’t come around the fact others have a different opinion to yours.

      My views do not necessarily need to be facts, they’re just my opinions and convictions. The same thing goes for you. Just maybe you’re smarter than MA who has made Ozil and Xhaka key members of his team.

      1. Impenia, No, no, no! Once again you try, though fail, to ENTIRELY misrepresent what I say. I explicitly and deliberately said, in my second sentence above, which seems to have passed you by completly, that others have a different opinion from mine. I then explained my own opinion more fully, which I am fully entitled to do. I do not accept your false charge at all, for the simple reason that it is profoundly false. For the absence of doubt, I welcome all views but, as is my right and everyone elses too, I have the right to take those views to task by discussion. I HAVE NEVER SAID and never would, that I am more intelligent than anyone else. And the reason I do not say it is because I DO NOT THINK OR BELIEVE IT. I have however described myself as a deep thinker and anyone who knows me well – and you do not know me at all and we have never met nor spoken – will immediately agree with my self dscription. I am often, though wrongly, called an intellectual, but people say that because they see me as a deep thinker. I WONDER IF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY SAY THE SAME ABOUT YOU!

  7. @ canonspike, I agree with you on wiliock, even myself I don’t rate him and we don’t need to replace ozil with willock, better use ceballos than this useless kid

      1. At the same time we could waste 4-5 years on young Willock like we did with Walcott and then miss out on better players and money. It’s better we keep old Ozil and not renew his contract at least we’d be selling alot of shirts in Asia, Middle East and Africa

  8. He never accepted a challenge, that’s the main issue with Ozil. That’s why he couldn’t stay at Madrid, that’s why he could never put everyone on the same page at Arsenal.
    I can’t imagine how frustrated the players around him can be when they see how never defends, how he never does the ‘dirty work’. Football is not a musical, you have to take one for the team from time to time.
    I’d rather have hungry Ceballos all day long!

    1. In his madrid days,he used to take on barcelona players(the team everybody fears,had the likes of iniesta,xavi,puyol,busquets etc.) all day long,just look at the el classico highlights.

      And ronaldo and much of his teammates were well worried with his move to arsenal…

      1. Well if he was so good at Madrid, why did they sell him again? I think the Ozil/Mourinho locker room incident sums it up.
        Ozil is very talented player, but you can rarely count on him when it really matters..
        Let’s hope he proves me wrong Sunday at Burnley..

    2. Auba_14 I was amused by your slight but probably unintended miisconception mention of “musicals”. As someone who directs, performs in and reviews musicals, among many other theatre productions, I can tell you with total truth that teamwork is vital, just as in football teams and each individual needs to fully pull his/her weight all the time or the production fails. THERE ARE MANY THINGS IN COMMON BETWEEN STAGING A SUCCESSFUL SHOW AND RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL AND HARD WORKING, FOOTBALL TEAM. Just saying!

      1. HAHA I can only trust you jon fox, I didn’t mean to disrespect your field of profession, which I enjoy a lot. My meaning is that Ozil is so soft that he should do musicals instead of football, which I assume, involves less tackling and running after a ball 🙂
        Unless it’s a football musical?

        1. AUBA_14, Good to debate with you and in in obvious spirit of friendship too. Have you ever been to a key musical rehearsal, close to performance time or even appeared on stage? If not, I can assure you categorically as someone who knows, that dedicated hard work, even if not physical tackling of others, is demanded by directors.( directors are the equivalent of the manager or head coach). I HAVE SEEN COUNTLESS STAGE FOLK IN TEARS AT WHAT IS DEMANDED. BOTH SEXES TOO! Please note too that I say demanded, not merely expected. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!


  9. What is most telling from this is that his supporters cannot back up their argument with any hard facts. It’s just excuses, outright lies, beliefs and delusion!

    Delusional thinking that paying Ozil 350k a week to sell shirts, is more important than what he does on the pitch! If that’s the case, let’s sign Maradona and Pele!

    Yet more excuses blaming his teammates! The quality around Ozil has got better, yet Ozil has got worse. It is a lie to say otherwise. 4 Arsenal managers are having the same problem with him, so that tells us something.

    His supporters have this undying belief that he still offers a lot, despite hardly any assists and goals for about 3 years, and almost no work rate ever!

    If we were paying a striker 350k a week and he had only scored 10 goals in the last 3 seasons, should we keep him?

    1. I will agree with you. Arsenal have won 3 FA cups and a community shield. But the last trophy was nearly 3 years ago. Some might say that Ozil hasn’t been performing at the top level for around that amount of time. I don’t love him or hate him, but there is something about his languid attitude that doesn’t sit well with me but when he is on song it is wonderful to watch.

    2. @kondwani Tyson

      Ridiculous comment! Football is a team sport, meaning a team can win, even if some of it’s individuals are rubbish!

      Mustafi won the World Cup, is he a quality CB?

      I might also add that Ozil barely contributed in his first season, due to injuries and form. Santi was far more responsible for our first trophy in 9 years.

    3. That’s called correlation without causation. Walcott, Giroud, Ramsey were more crucial to our FA Cup achievements if you actually remember those games.

  10. Ozil played for germany team,Wolfsburg,real Madrid and now Arsenal and on the long run this same issue as been always raise but Ozil has always been the winner,when he left germany team because of Racist issue most of the german players side with him including there coach,when he left Madrid one of the best players am talking of Cristiano Ronaldo said he will Missed him so much and why was that because he assist him and the team so much and most of Madrid players complain About him leaving too and now in Arsenal most of Arsenal players still side with him and the young players even talk good About him and explain How they learn from him and am very sure when he leaves they will still talk good About him,this should tell you that this guy got some Rear quality,mind you in all this team he has played no player got assist more than him while he was still active for them,so i think if you Hate Ozil or don’t like the way he play maybe you should find a way to deal with that because Ozil is always a winner

    1. Ozil played for Werder Bremen,not Wolfsburg.About his retirement from German national team for the reason of “ racism”…well,that was just the excuse,in fact Ozil was demanded as useless by the majority of managers in Bundesliga and most of the fans questioned his selection as not deserved and blocking the chances for young players.Well,this is the truth about Ozil,the useless player looking for exciuses all the time,not being offerted by any team ,except Arsenal,after he left Real Madrid.He’s finished as a player.Get rid of him.

  11. I always like technical players(very skillfully)that its why I was attracted to Arsenal in the first place because during the 90s.and onward as they they have quite a few of them.In modern times they are only few of them and the style of football has changed.Ozil remain alongside a few others one the magician that can still produce moments of beauty and that is the reason why he is the best seller of our shirts because still around the world many people appreciate immensely those qualities.Unfortunately in our Premier,s fast and furious football this type of player gets overrun and became irrelevant;but with a good coach like Arteta there is still room for utilize his qualities in certain games and certain opponents.So let our coach take advantage of having him in the squad and use in the best possible form until his contract expire,as all we know that we can not sell him.So for the Ozil haters the message could be this:be patients and stop the vitriolic because that affects the unity of the Club.

  12. thirdman, its not ridiculous but its fact, we had 9 year trophy drought, after we got him, he helped us to to end that drought

  13. I Wonder if most of you even know How to Kick football talkless of playing on the field,and none of you can tell me you are always perfect at your work every time,i don’t understand why Dump Complains and Irrelevant Excuse are now common among Arsenal fans this days,Nothing About Arsenal is good to you,our owner don’t care,the board are not doing there jobs,the players are not good enough,our players are below will always complain but why even when we win some still come here and bring some Excuse and point out Mistakes but why?we played 10 men against Chelsea at there home yet those lad fight for the Badge and come from behinde twice to Secure a point yet some of you still complain can’t you guys just be a true fans for once?i remember Leno used to be our Savior every game even when we lost he make sure the goals is not much it get to a stage some fans are even Rating his Saves ahead of Auba goals but the day he made a Mistake against Chelsea he’s not a top class again !!! I fear you guys

  14. Story always changes with him. First King of Assists, then King of Pre-assists??, now King of Completed Passes… Idk who is being fooled by his performances. They are not good enough. He’s not misunderstood, just past it.

  15. Ozil-germany 92 games 40 assist 23 goals 1 world cup Trophy which he play every single game to the final and contribute as well.he also hold a record of second highest assist in a season in premier league 19 he has also won germany best player of the season 5 times and him and Sanchez have made the list of the last ten best players in the world,since he has arrived at Arsenal i don’t think any player got more assist than him at Arsenal,3 fa Cups,3 community Shield,he play his part and played most if not all the finals also as well,he’s highest paid Arsenal player and maybe even among the top 3 in the premier league,this are all i know which is true if you want to confirm it so with all these Acheivement will you just said he’s Laziness help him to it or maybe he just got some Luck or what other Excuse did you got,please give credit to where it due,even if he’s not playing too good like before he got what it takes to cover all his recent mess,please let him be.admin martin post this as a topic please i beg U

    1. I am not sure why you are saying this. This article was from the point of view of his supporters without me countering any of them

  16. Admin martin i want everyone to see that and lets see How they will React to it Concider me one those that you used to forward there opinion or article,thats all i want am also an Arsenal fan a die hard one and so am Ozil fan too but it just make me sad when people look at only the bad side of someone and Ignore the good side then judge them by the bad side only expecialy when it comes to there work,i think of it as un fair Judgement and it can never be Welcome by if you can do what i request for i will be so happy and if you can’t then there is nothing to be sad About i just hope my opinion count this time like others have been doing all this while thanks

    1. Again, this article did not look at the bad side, so I simply do not get the point you are making. Your opinion always counts on here but I just think it is misguided with regards to this particular article.

  17. Admin Martin, your article truly represents the views of some people on Ozil, I truly agree with them, I am a massive supporter of Ozil, and any Arsenal player anyway. But I find myself wanting more from Ozil especially against Chelsea, I was completely annoyed with his efforts, his work rate and passion. But I do think he sometimes do more than people give him credit for especially you. Arsenal hasn’t been in top form for a while now, we have change managers and it is totally unfair to put the blame of a whole team and management on one player because football is more than one man show.

  18. All i can say is…..

    Mezut Ozil needn’t to be playing more than just 30-45mins in AFC ’til he’s gone and forgotten.
    Simple and Short..

  19. You can keep saying all you want right here or any where you like,last time i check you are not Arsenal fc coach but nothing than a common fan if you are one of those people that used to go to Emirate and watch our match and then you Deside you are not going any more maybe you are even a season Ticket Holder then you want to stop,then do it no one will miss you and that wont change anything About Ozil from the team so its your loss,so as far as nothing you Brag About here and there will change nothing and make no real changes like it as always been before that means you can run your mouth any How for all i care (“:”)

    1. LOL, this guy. He still thinks this article is critical of Ozil no matter how many times I tell him it is the exact opposite. This proves my point 100% that it really makes zero difference what is actually written.

  20. mezuzah ozil he is one of the best player and the best play maker with a tactical move and for those who said he is lezy they don’t know about football, for me arsenal is ozil he was among the best players of gunner and also in epl with a record of 49 games unbeaten.

  21. @Noor adan abshiro Are you sure you are an Arsenal fan?our Invicible record was set in 2004 and by then Ozil has never played any Frofesional football ps since vict year till now that is 16 years back so Subtract 16 from Ozil 31 years thats 15 years so by then he will still be playing street football maybe

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