Mesut Ozil deal agreed – according to Turkish TV source

So it looks like Arsenal fans can finally say goodbye to our expensive German midfielder Mesut Ozil, as a report in Turkey is saying that he has agreed a deal with Fenerbahce to play for them for the next three and a half years. have been listening to the A SPOR Turkish Sport Channel, and they say that a deal has now been agreed and announced…

The report (translated by Google) says:

LAST MINUTE: News about the Mesut Özil transfer is coming one after another. World star Mesut Özil has been transferred to Fenerbahçe. First, after the last minute news transferred from A Spor screens, DHA also explained the details of the transfer. A 3.5-year principle agreement was reached with Mesut Özil, the dream of Fenerbahçe fans. Arsenal will pay the first 6-month salary of the 32-year-old star player. On another note, the house where Mesut Özil and his family will live in Istanbul has also been announced. Here are the details of the breaking news …

There were many rumours linking Ozil to the MLS side DC United, where Ozil has reportedly already agreed to open a coffee bar at their stadium, and there was also talk about help in marketing the M20 Leisurewear brand across the USA, but it seems that that is not now an option.

But I think Turkey was always the favourite destination, as Ozil and his wife, the former Miss Turkey Amine Gulse, are right at the top of the celebrity tree in Istanbul and they are idolised by everyone, going as far as having the Turkish President Erdogam being at their wedding.

So, I need to publish this now, so I’ll leave any further discussion for the comment section…


  1. I don’t understand this !
    Why’d Arsenal pay his full 350k/week wages while he plays and enjoy football with another club?
    Or maybe Arsenal just want to get his ‘toxic’ presence out the dressing room?

    1. It might be because he doesn’t want to leave until his deal expires and maybe Fenerbahce are not willing to take him unless Arsenal cover that payment.

      He has beaten Arsenal mercilessly in whatever game they have tried to play on him, at least they won’t have to see his face while paying him his rights.

      Good for him to go where he is loved and appreciated but it is doubtful if it’s good for us. Theoretically the “majority” of the fans should be happy and United with the “minority” now that he is leaving the club but it won’t be surprising if the hate is transferred to another players.

      A good example is our ancient sage master Yoda who is now accusing our best player for the past 3 seasons of laziness.

        1. He is far from idiot in my opinion. He actually writes sensible posts if you ignore his banters. I thought he just had personal dislike of Mesut so I am surprised he had started on Aubameyang.

          1. HH As You refer to me , I need to explain that I HAVE A DISLIKEOF ALL LAZY PLAYERS , no matter who they are. I support our club before I support ANY player and that being so I also know that lazy players harm our team . So I then want them either to stop being lazy and once, like Ozil, it is clear they will not or cannot, I WANT THEM OUT.


            WE HAVE ON HERE, SADLY, MANY WHO SUPPORT A CERTAIN PLAYER ABOVE THE CLUB THEY CLAIM TO LOVE. I find that an absurd postion for any true fan to take .

          2. HH, No I do not Even one game played in half hearted way is never allowable. I want to point out to you and others who read this that contracts are not all one way, as some like KEN 1945 seem , incorrrectly , to imagine. In return dore enormous wages all p;layer are committed to give body andsoul for the club and the FANS who indulge them with too easily earned gratitude.
            I passionately believe in fairnessand value for money and that works -or SHOULD do – in all directions. TELL ME THAT IS BEING UNFAIR, IF YOU DARE.

        1. I think so too. There must be something for Arsenal.

          Arsenal make mistakes but Arsenal are good at counting money.

          It is good for MO and it is good for Arsenal. MO can be happy and Arsenal can save money.

    2. Do they mean that Arsenal will pay the first six months wages based on what they are willing to pay him per month? Otherwise it makes no sense. He might as well stay and we have something for six months..

    3. No difference with him going in for free in June since paying him for 6 month is one and the same thing.
      Its a buy out.

    4. He’ll be on around £100k p/w at Fenerbache. Arsenal will pay this amount. Annoying but an extra £250k saved. Win-win.

    5. They save 8 million and they were going to pay the weekly bill anyway. Nice to see the saga closed for me.

    6. His salary is low there, like 4.5mil/year. Arsenal will pay 2.5mil for first 6 months, still a saving

    1. Best news ever, if it is true. We need a detox in the dressing room. That would make the mood lighter in the camp. Now ship Sokratis out ASAP.

  2. Thank heavens if this is true.
    We can now move on from this circus.
    May be from now on we will get a bit of sanity at Arsenal Football Club.
    Happy days 🤞😊

  3. Oh Boy! Isn’t this – as yet UNconfirmed news, let us all not forget – a game changer! We don’t know the financial details for sure ye,t so best not to speculate on which club pays his wages though it APPEARS that we wil lbe paying, atvery least, the lions share.
    But far more important, to my mind, is the thrill(IF confirmed) that this man will no longer be around our training ground to foster division and discontent. As such, his absence is a Godsend and will be a huge fillip to team AND fan cohesiveness and it means a new start can begin without this persons damaging presence being there in person.
    More that that, it will cease the constant ludicrous requests from unthinking fans for him to be be recalled to our playing squad.

    My personal reaction then, again provided it is confirmed: WHOOPEE!!!! I feel like I have won the lottery and our club has too!

    1. As John says it is all speculation on his wages as I have read elsewhere that they are paying 87 thousand with us making up the rest.He is a distraction and it will be good just to finally end this saga.

  4. I don’t think Ozil leaving will change Arteta’s inability to get trust and that human connection with the players. Wenger stayed far beyond his sell by date, but one important quality he had, for most of his royal reign, was the trust and humanity given and taken between him and his players. Arteta is a highly intelligent man but he needs to stop having grudges and to learn how to be empathetic to his players. To me, he seems like a cold fish.

    1. Sean, the only grudge is yours against this able and humane manager who is IMO far too mature to hold a grudge, as are all people who move on but never hold grudges. Grudges are for little people , not necessarily in age, sadly. BTW whren you write the word”seems ” you are admitting,ineffect, that it’s just a personal IMPRESSION and not based on any actual evidence.

        1. Zamind, NO I WILL NOT !

          Why don’t you instead accept that MA is doing all he can as quickly as possible to remove all players who, for various reasons, laziness, trouble making,or personal reasons inWS case, are not useful in our club and will just drain badly needed finances and stop better quality players coming in for lack of money.

          THAT is realism! Your post is nonsense , frankly!

    2. Sean
      we are not privileged to be in the dressing room but we can only assume that MA has a code of conduct and if you can not meet this whether you are the best paid or most talented you then you dont fit in to his ans
      The other scenario is the top bods have instructed MA not play him and him or get rid
      Either way he has had enough chances a d not taken them. He Does not fit in to this team so let him move on and express him self elsewhere

  5. If true, it should have happened a long time ago.

    However, It is still the worse solution for the club. Paying 350k/week without return is simply dumb.

    Incompetence in plain view.

    1. Icw Yes incompetence for sure but by who exactly!

      I will answer my own question, which in any case was rhetorical, as surely all true Gooners know the honest answer is Gazidis and agreed by Wenger.

      The preent manager and Emery were stuck with the problem thus caused, not by either of them – who BOTH had sense enough to sideline him – that mercifully, at long, long, long, last appears now to be over. But at a huge cost in finance and bad feelings!

  6. We wont be paying all his 350k will we? that’s ludicrous!! They should be paying half of it at the most…

    So loan him, no transfer fee, pay all his wages for 6months then walks on a free with another signing on bonus before he gets his weekly wage!

    Mesut your agent is top drawer & you my son will not be missed one bit. As much as I like him and followed him from Bremen, hes a mercenary and has took lump sums off Arsenal and held club to his tune the whole way.

    Bad business from our part but a burden that will be gone for good from around the club. Bye Mesut.

  7. We will pay 263 grand up till summer and they pay 87 grand =350 grand.
    We will save about nearly 2 million in wages and get rid of that little snake..

  8. Been waiting for this for years. Won’t be happy until it’s official. Nightmare re-signing, and even a terror before that. And for those confused we would be paying his Fenerbache wages apparently, not the current wages he’s on. Need that confirmation and not false hope right now tho. Sooner the better. The day we can stop talking about ozil will be glorious

  9. (If the report is true)

    Let him enjoy his life and football where he is literally worshipped. Good for him.

    For Arteta now he would not have to take some difficult decisions as well as face some difficult questions from reporters.

    For fans let us hope it melts the division.

    If we are paying the salary (full or part), will that be made as an excuse to not sign anyone in this window?

    1. They will only worship him if he performs. Meanwhile Galatasaray and other Turkish club players will be trying to kick him off the park, even wiyh Erdogan’s protection.

  10. Another ridiculously terrible deal that could have only been put together by the Arsenal management. Good job Edu/Vinai you have saved the club…NOTHING.


  11. I hope it’s not true. Let him sit and keep collecting his wages instead. Why will he be enjoying playing games for a club and another is paying for that. Nonsense

  12. If this is true:
    Once again, Mesut Ozil has come out smelling of roses, while our club has been shown up for the fools they are /were.
    1. Ozil has maintained his reported £350,000 a week.
    2. He didn’t take a pay cut.
    3. He is going to a club that wants him.
    4. The add ons (coffee shop etc) will see his personal wealth increase.
    5. The Arsenal will have to buy /find a replacement to cover/replace ESR.
    As I always predicted, there is only one winner here and it isn’t The Arsenal.

    Perhaps we can all move on now and concentrate on the rest of the season?

    1. KEN a sensible post, esp your last line I would point out though, that unless you know something I don’t , we, none of us, knows the actual, as against rumoured, terms of his new contract as yet.
      Either way, he is physically – and I do not underestimate THAT benefit – out of our hair for good.
      For what its worth I WILL TRY MY LEVEL BEST NEVER TO DISCUSS HIM WITH YOU ON JA EVER AGAIN, unless I am forced to defend my long term stance. Hope we can both move on finally , it has been a war of attritioin that I guess neither of us wanted but there we are.

      Had we been female we almost certainly would have had more sense and I do not jest either, as I have thought all my adult life, in great earnestness, that the female sex is by far the more intelligent sex, when it comes to behaviour!

      1. Jon, it seems that the club is paying his salary for the next six months, as this will complete Ozil’s contract he signed in all good faith with The Arsenal.
        It seems to me, that Ozil was determined to hold the club to the contract THEY offered him and he has succeeded in doing that 100%.
        The club will believe that they have, finally, got the player out of the club…. But at what cost?
        Ozil has lost NOTHING, except six months of playing competitive football.
        His reputation world wide is still the same and he is going to a club that has a player who is being paid by our club!!!
        I am ashamed of the way our club has acted, if they are prepared to subsidise MO now, why on earth didn’t they just buy out his contract at the start of the season?

        Absolute humiliation of our club, but we need to move on and (if the transfer rumour becomes fact) support Mikel Arteta and the club/players 100%.

        1. @Ken1945 “if they are prepared to subsidize MO now, why on earth didn’t they just buy out his contract at the start of the season?”

          Simple they gambled on breaking him and making his situation unbearable but good for him he took the heat and made them pay. This settlement if it happens shows that it was not due to Football reasons.

          Kroenke is not unsophisticated enough to pay 350k/week just to please MA or Edu.

          I am really happy for the players in general. Ozil’s action will have long term ramifications on contracts making everybody play by the rules.

          Why do some people think it is moral for a club to steal money from any player who signed a contract in total faith? It does not sound right!

          1. Absolutely correct lcw – to think that Mesut Ozil was described as “mentally frail”!!!

            He has stood firm, not contradicted or dissed the club, despite the humiliation of being left out of the first team squad.
            He has acted in a professional manner at all times and I wish him well and thank him for his service at our club.

        2. KEN IF, which is not yet known for sure either way, as I understand things, we do pay his whole £350K pw a AND he also gets a wage from his new club on top, that would be humiliation.
          But it seems far more likely that Arsenal will at least deduct from what WE pay him, the wage his new club would presumably agree to pay him.
          From what I gather, he is still talking to several Turkish clubs via his agent, so nothing is finalised yet. IF, which I much doubt, YOU know better and for certain, then please tell us all. My only real fear is that nothing is yet finalised, so right now he is still our player.


          1. Jon, I’m only going by the same media reports that you have seen.
            I really couldn’t care less who is paying what to whom in all honesty – it doesn’t really matter anyway.
            What makes me sick, however, is the way some fans are reacting.
            I really have no time for this kind of hate over a football player, it’s totally out of order for me.

          2. Oh Dear KEN! EVEN YOU – WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER – ARE NOW MISUSING THE WORD “HATE”. Criticism is not hate. I AM NOT ALLOWED BY AD Pats spam filter to spell out what actual hate is, but it was practiced by a regime that was defeated the very year you were born.

            THAT was hate, not criticism of amere footballlers usefulness to his club.

    2. @ken1945

      I’m confused though! You keep telling everyone what a world class talent Ozil is, yet he’s joining the Turkish league? Why isn’t he joining a top club?

      1. You are always confused with Ozil TMJW, let’s hope 2021 sorts it out for you.
        As for Ozil and Turkey, surely as a business man, you must have weighed up exactly why he has decided to go home?

        He has held our club to the contract they offered him 100%. – he has negotiated a three and a half year deal – his will be treated with dignity and worshipped by the club and fans – his brand will grow even more – he will be building his personal fortune – as a business man, what do you find puzzling with this decision?

        He has gained everything and lost nothing… at this moment in time, our club are on the same level as Fenebarhce, let’s see if he will be playing in the CL next season, as it seems The Arsenal won’t be.

        Now we have to wait and see who the club buys to cover /compete with ESR… he’s still costing our club money one way and another!!! LOL

        1. I’m not confused Ken, I’ve been proving right. Ozil is trash, that’s why he’s off to play in a farmers league.

          Maybe for once you can actually admit how wrong you were.

          1. TMJW’S, you have “proved * Ozil is trash?
            It’s you who writes trash – you can’t even answer the reply to your own question, your so confused 🙄🙄
            I am certain that when Ozil looks back on his career, with all the successes he has had, a pathetic post like yours will be of no consequence at all to him.
            As I said, he has achieved his contract terms, the club has has to honour it and now will have to buy another player – what EXACTLY do you see is in any way, a success for anyone but MO himself?

          2. Typical Ken1945, with his deranged answers as always. Clearly you hate getting proven wrong, like you were on Wenger, and now Ozil.

            Swallow some humble pie for once!

        2. KEN Its odd that it never seems to occur to you that a contact works in BOTH directions. In return for enormous wages that ALLPrem players get, they are “contracted” to give their very best endeavours for the club that pays them. Not to mention to the fans, who are the REAL folk who pay his wages, albeit indirectly. A man of the world, as you are, DOES know that Fact but in cunning way you choose to ignore it .

          I massively lose respect for people who are not fair and who not seek fairness- in ALL directions.

    3. Arsenal lost the moment they gave him that awful contract. Since then, it’s been making the best of a bad situation. The fact he will finally not be in the back of peoples minds the next 6 months is good enough for me.

      1. Yes making the best of a bad situation. That is right.

        Some people say Ozil gain everything and Arsenal are fools. That is silly because if Arsenal don’t even try to make the best of a bad situation, then Arsenal are really fools. Yet some people say Arsenal are fools for doing something good for both MO and Arsenal, instead of doing nothing. Foolish thinking.

        1. Cph, they were fools to let it get to this situation.
          They have been paying a player a reported £350,000 a week to turn up for training with the first team squad and then tell him to stay at home because he won’t be included in the squad.

          Are you saying that wasn’t foolish?

          1. The management at the time that gave him the £350,000 a week contract was foolish, but you would be even more foolish than the fools you accuse, if you think the right thing to do now is to not try and make the situation better.

            You are calling people who are trying to make the best of a bad situation fools. That is wrong and even more foolish.

          2. I’m calling the club foolish, because they could have bought out his contract at the start of the season and avoided all the division since.
            The fact that they are now trying to solve the situation, doesn’t hide this fact does it?

            Are you saying that the club has behaved sensibly?
            If you are, then we differ in our opinions.

          3. I am saying that the club made mistakes, but don’t call the club fools for trying make a bad situation better because you have the benefit of hindsight and then go out of the way to justify calling Arsenal fools.

            Yes we differ in our opinions because I won’t refer to the club I support as fools.

          4. Ken I am with Cph AND with you on this “who was foolish” debate. I wish to get at the real truth and not score points, so let me say this and then ask YOU directly, as I know you regard yourself as a fair man – and on almost all matters on which we have spoken by telephone I have found that to be the truth.
            Our personal big divide for some years now has been on two matters primarily: AW, a subject now fast receding in importance to the present and secondly Ozil and his contract.
            Now you know that I have always tried to preach justice and fairness for all humans who are doing their best. That includes millions of global Gooners too who have a moral right to be represented by ALL our players with their very best endeavours by all our players.
            You however have always said, on JA, that Ozil has been faithful to his contract. IF you believe that merely turning up for training, when required, is being faithful to your contract then I WOULD AGREE. But I contend and have said so in strong trms, which you have not, as yet, ever answered, that a contract is always two ways not one . I contend that fairness should be for all, not just chosen people.

            To me OZIL has NOT fulfilled his moral contract with the club and us fans. He has declined to give his best efforts when playing for a very long time and that is a negation of at least his MORAL contact (and arguably also his legal contract, were that ever to be tested in court, which seems unlikely right now, but one day in the future may well happen, though not with OZIL, as that chance has seemingly now gone ).

            So to that question then : Do you honestly believe that OZIL has always, in each game , given his best playing endeavours to our club or do you not? I would love an honest anser to that important question, which I ask in search of truth!
            As to your ” who was foolish” debate with Cph, the honest truth is that GAZIDIS ,backed by AW and rubber stamped by KROENKE was immesely foolish.
            But Cph is being truthful when he correctly answers that it would be compounding that foolishness even now, years too late, not to do the clubs utmost to mitigate that huge financial cost, even at this late hour.

            TELL ME THAT IS NOT TRUE IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE SO. I suggest you know in your heart that all I have written here is true.

  13. Wether arsenal is the winner of the deal or not at least his divisive&disrespectful figure is gone for good

  14. Well he’d been given time off recently, back now though. Tweeting about Istanbul… the plot thickens!
    I’ll be glad when it’s all over.. and I hope we never find ourselves in such a predicament ever again! Ridiculous!!

    1. All this toxicity towards MOfor the past year, let’s see how long before we turn on PEA or Laca or any other player. Arsenal has never had this destructive culture, its new and it will spread. MO is not the problem there’s a culture of scapegoating and demonizing that’s raised it’s head. Xhaka swore at the fans and tossed the Arsenal shirt to the ground and the manager speaks of him in glowing terms. Got sent off stupidly during crucial matches yet he is valued member of the M A squad , where is MA consistency and spine?

      1. Hey! I like Ozil.. I’m astonished he was left out and you don’t need to spell it out to me – all this toxicity towards him has been exhausting!! That is why I can’t wait for it all to be over. I wish him all the best and will have a butchers at wherever he goes – just like I do with other former players – and am gutted we didn’t get to say a proper goodbye….if only we’d known back in March!!
        Don’t talk to me about Xhaka 😂😂

        1. Well said Sue – we already know that Pepe is in line to be the next one on the hate list!!
          I just wish these “experts” had taken their badges and were in charge of our club, as they know it all, have seen it all, predict it all…wonder why they haven’t?

          1. We already know that Mr BANDWAGON will start a crusade against whatever player he thinks every other fan does not want in the team .
            TBH Ken I have no idea why you even debate with him ,he’s an absolute clown who cannot think for himself .
            I’m sure he’s related to Humpty Dumpty .

        2. Sue: As usual you are a class act. I am sure you would have felt the same way for any player or person wronged no matter what.

          Something drastically wrong with people who hate.

          1. Well said lcw, perhaps others on here should also take note – that’s what a TRUE supporter should be thinking and saying.

  15. I think Arsenal should renege on any agreement that they might have made under duress with Fernabache to be paying a huge part of Mesut Ozil’s wages if he has officially been transferred to them this winter window.

    For, if this purported transfer of Ozil from Arsenal to Fernabache wasn’t done under duress to intentionally cost Arsenal to be paying Ozil a huge part of his Arsenal wages when in actual sense he is no longer an Arsenal player but Fernabache’s, how come then that Arsenal have agreed to such obnoxious outgoing transfer?

    When this transfer becomes official signed and sealed, Arsenal should renege on the financial aspect of the transfer deal which has turned out to be a clever outgoing transfer ploy carried out by Ozil’s agent slapping Arsenal to part with huge sum of money Arsenal huge amount of money in servicing Ozil’s wages.

    As an Arsenal that has the interest of the club in heart, I will demand the club should ask Fernabache a renegotiation of the financial aspect of the transfer deal. Whereby, Fernabache should solely be responsible for their player Ozil’s wages but not Arsenal in any form.

    If Fernabache refuse, Arsenal should go to the appropriate official adjudocatorty chamber such as Uefa, Fifa or CAS to forward the case for adjudication.

    Main while, while Arsenal has forwarded the case for adjudication, Ozil cannot return to Arsenal from Fernabache to be collecting wages but be collecting them at Fernabache who have signed him.

    I believe Ozil has turned down a reported offer made to him by an MLS club side to transfer there who can single handedly pay his reported £350k/w wages without involving Arsenal, so that him and his agent can ridicule AFC that has given him so much for the little he gave to the club in return.

    1. Relax. Arsenal usually do things because of money.

      If Arsenal let MO go and still pay all his wages, then there should be money that can be save from the deal. Maybe loyalty bonus or something.

      Arsenal make mistakes but Arsenal know how to count money. Don’t worry.

  16. I wish to offer my sincere condolences to Ad PAT and his in house team at JA who have had a sad loss today in their surefire post gatherer. I know you will keep on for a while but you are also savvy enough to know as we do, that once this prop for you site is out of our club for good, his worth to you will shrink rapidly. HENCE MY CONDOLENCES ON YOUR LOSS OF BUSINESS.
    In time , you will replace him with someone else as worth at least one daily article. I am accepting bets on who that will be!

  17. So how do we reinvent the wheel that is Arsenal. As is evident from the Willian signing, the Ozil debacle and the mishandling of Sokratis, Guendo, Lucas and Saliba, some of the same problems continue to plague this club. We’re what I like to call a poor man’s “big” club. When it suits their purposes, they artificially pump our “big boy” tires then sign a 2nd class retread or a proverbial coin toss, with a recognizable name, to a cost-prohibitive multi-year contract, This doesn’t mean that the players involved have nothing to give, it just means we’ve settled, which would have been slightly more palatable if it didn’t cost so damn much. On the other hand, when it suits their purposes, like at transfer time or when we need to invest heavily in a “unsexy” or traditionally expensive position, they quickly rework the narrative and pretend that we don’t have the resources to compete with the “real” big clubs. In one respect these issues reflect the frugal tendencies of our “have his cake and eat it too” absentee landlord, while in another respect they suggest the total absence of any overriding plan whatsoever. Ever since we left the Highbury, we’ve been pretenders, both in the Boardroom and on the pitch. So when exactly are the adults in the room going to finally put in the necessary work so that we can escape this Groundhog Day-like existence.

    1. @the real Viear “So when exactly are the adults in the room “.

      Do you actually see any?
      It seems like it goes from bad to worse.

    2. The Arsenal have never replaced David Dein. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment have failed in the major test of sound business practise in not identifying, recruiting and retaining highly competent people for Board and senior executive positions for financial and player management of the Club.

  18. The problem with this team is not ozil it is the lack of creativity that his decline and exit has exposed … far more worrying than the petty sniping at a player on his way out is the delusion of too many fans surrounding the players who remain including smith Rowe who, whatever one thinks of ozil, is not in the same football universe or, more importantly, as the creative attacking players in rival teams. A window defined by ozil out smith Rowe promoted will be one that is unlikely to return us to the top 8 let alone the top 4

  19. I think Arsenal should renege on any agreement that they might have made under duress with Fenerbache to be paying a huge part of Mesut Ozil’s wages if they have officially transferred him to them this winter window.

    For, if this purported transfer of Ozil from Arsenal to Fernabache wasn’t done under duress to intentionally cost Arsenal to be paying Ozil a huge part of his Arsenal wages, when in the actual sense he is no longer an Arsenal player but that of Fernabache. But how come then that Arsenal have reportedly agreed to such obnoxious outgoing transfer deal?

    If this transfer becomes official, signed and sealed. Arsenal should renege on the financial aspect of the transfer deal. Which has turned out to be a clever outgoing transfer ploy carried out by Ozil’s agent slapping Arsenal to part away with huge sum of money in servicing Ozil’s six months wages.

    As an Arsenal supporter who has the interest of the club in my heart, I will demand that the club should ask Fenerbache for a renegotiation of the financial aspect of the transfer deal. Whereby, Fernerbache should solely be responsible for their player Ozil’s wages but not Arsenal in any form.

    If Fernabache refused to adhere, Arsenal should go to the appropriate official adjudocatorty chamber such as in the Uefa, Fifa or CAS to forward the case for adjudication.

    In the main time, when Arsenal has forwarded the case for adjudication if it does come to that, Ozil cannot return to Arsenal from Fernabache to be collecting wages anymore but be collecting them at Fernabache who have signed him.

    I believe Ozil has turned down a reported offer made to him by an MLS club side to transfer there who can single handedly pay his reported £350k/w wages without involving Arsenal in it. He did this on purpose so that his agent and him can ridicule AFC that has given Ozil extraordinarily so much for the very little that he has given back to the club in return.

  20. Loosing balogun is going to cost us dearly he is not signing a new deal and loos like he is gona join the scousers you watch this kid blossom under klopp be a 20-25 goals plus a season player were gona loose for nothing its gona be painful to watch!!

    1. Don’t worry as I’m being told that Arsenal act sensibly and properly.
      If they don’t, then they should be praised for finally trying to remedy the cock up.

  21. If the news is true,
    Goodbye Mesut! Thanks for your time with us. I know the last few years were not ideal for both the club and you, but still, I would like to thank you for your services. I will never forget the impact you made in my young mind, as a 14-year-old when you signed for undoubtedly the best club in the world! The heady heights that my enthusiasm went for those initial three years, were we won back to back FA cups, and almost won the Premier league with your best season with 19 assists and 6 goals! What a partnership you had with Alexis and Santi! What silky technique and what godly vision you displayed in some moments here! I still remember that flick on to Giroud to score against Aston Villa or was it someone else, I still remember that silky run, hoodwinking the goalie and entire backline of Ludogorets to score a great goal, I still remember your unique way of chipping the ball, or shall I say slapping it: an invention which has not yet been replicated sufficiently, and most of all I still remember your debut goal: Ah what a beauty it was against Napoli, absolutely sumptuous.
    The next few years were hard for Arsenal fans. Your form dipped, and so did Alexis’s. We sold Ollie G and lost our central axis. We got Aubameyang and he banged in goal after goal, but you lost that silky touch and that vision of a night owl. then came the big decision, the one which you would be slated for your entire time at Arsenal. Alexis left for the theatre of dreams, you stayed loyal or maybe grabbed the money-bag bursting at the seams. Whatever happened, your form dropped off the wheels. The beloved Arsene Wenger left giving us them feels. Unai Emery came on board with a great reputation. He sure did exceed the initial expectations. But then, you both fell out. It seemed he no longer had the clout. Ironically you were one of his 5 captains. But then the performances killed us, fried our brains. You both had an on and off romance, which culminated in Baku, sadly with Chelsea’s dominance. Unai could not keep up, the board told him to f**k-up! On came Freddie and steadied the ship, but it seemed the team’s confidence did flip. There seemed to be an unhealthy culture. Freddie tried but failed to beat this vulture. Then came the chosen one, the prodigal son returned. Mikel Arteta came and our fortunes turned. We were unbeaten in 2020, what a shock. But then came the C-word, our worlds which did F**k. Mikel was afflicted, and Arsenal fans worldwide did mourn. But good health blessed him, for the holy grail he had worn. Project restart was launched, with the team reinvigorated, but amongst the returning players, you were the name not stated. We continued our journey without you. We finished on a high, to brighten the dismal hue. But in came the new season, yet still, you seemed to collect your pension. Many dramas unfolded within our beloved club, with Stan the Man clearing out the inept mob. Amidst your PR clashes the club might have bailed, with Mikel saying to improve you he had failed. You continued with your PR activities, aiming a dig or two while still joining in the festivities. It seems we are almost halfway to another, underwhelming/ roller-coaster season of bother. But this is the right time to part, to heal the wounds torn apart.
    Mesut Ozil, you might be the divider of public opinion, but you are one of the best in my opinion.
    Good luck on your future journey, and thanks for them sweet memories man!

    P.S.- Wanted to write a short congratulatory message to MO, but it turned into a semi-poem kind of thing lol.

    1. Sid: Well put young man.

      You learned at a young age that things are not what they appear to be.

      Kudos to you. You have a bright future.

      1. Thank you, Mr. lcw. Once a gunner always a gunner, wasnt it😄 Dont know why it cant be applied to MO’s case.

    2. Turned into a semi poem then did it! Strange. as I thought it the fantasy of a teenager who is completely out of touch with all reality. The way you wrote about Freddie who was only styanding in to hold thr fort for two short weeks! GOOD GRIEF YOUNG MAN, GET REAL !

        1. YOU ARE VERY WELCOME YOUNG MAN. Thanks are not necessary but I accept them gladly. You appear to have attached a cartoon symbol to your post for some unknown reason.

          1. Trying to be down with the kids and be cool with your emojis then eh KEN? Doesn’t fool your fellow oldies, who mostly believe in acting their age and writing comments while leaving emojis to the kids (and a few overgrown kids on here, esp one female who constantly uses them in place of words which seem to frighten her enough not to ever wrie(in words anything of substance).

          2. Also, emojis are an easier and quicker way to react to someone’s comments. You might say that they are childish and immature, but if someone is preoccupied with something, or has little time available then emojis make for a great way to express one’s feelings quickly. You mentioned Sue(I guess you did, though I am sorry if I am wrong), but from what I have learnt from here is that she is working in the Healthcare sector, maybe as a doctor or in some other capacity. And she is a very dedicated fan to Arsenal, always commenting her thoughts whenever possible and not offending anyone. Considering her profession, I think she rarely has enough free time to concentrate on texting, so to articulately express her feelings through Emojis is easier for her maybe. I also understand, Mr Fox, that you are someone who is/was associated with the theatre and I can also gather from your writing that you are a bonafide professional, as even your simple sentences scream of immaculate writing style. So you find it easier and better to maybe write what you think in words, to eloquently describe what you say. For me personally, I use emojis in short posts and rarely use them in long posts. Different people different tastes in my opinion. Sorry if I made any wrong assumptions. I hope you both had a wonderful New year, Mr Fox and Mr Ken. Please stay safe and keep contributing to this site. Cheers!

  22. I think there might be a sting in the tail. He can sort a move out to Fenabache or whoever abroad for a move in the summer. I would be surprised to see him give up his little booty from Arsenal and leave in January. He most probably is sorting his post Arsenal deal and will carry on taking his charity payment from Arsenal.

        1. REGGIE, NO need for your “lol” Nothing to laugh at, as your extremely true comment was the whole truth.

          Perish the notion that old fashioned folk like me “quaintly” preach, which is that contracts should work BOTH ways and that a certain player was morally contacted to millions of global Gooners and to the club to give his very best playing endeavours whenever he played.

          That he dishonoured that moral contract is very clear and, as evidence, I give the fact that our present and previous manager both chose , correctly and morally too, to sideline him from the team he was harming by his dishonouring of that two ways contact. So you see why I say no need for your “lol”. You spoke the clear truth and that is never a matter to laugh at.

  23. If true it’s the best news possible Ozil is the monkey on Afcs back,his gang of under performers and trouble makers like Mustafi,Kolasniac,Guendouzi will all crumble and leave once the real snake in the grass leaves.

    1. Stan, YES! Exactly what MA is steadily doing, as quickly as Covid financial difficulties allow. Perceptive fans among us, a majority to be sure, easily see this.

  24. I don’t blame Ozil much for the deal. He didn’t force Arsenal to pay him that much money. I blame Wenger for overpaying Ozil and then not getting the right team around him. Ozil needs workhorses around him to win the ball but Wenger never set the team up like that.

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