Mesut Ozil dismisses Arsenal exit rumours and backs Wenger

German international Mesut Ozil was recently claimed to be keen on an exit from Arsenal FC, but the playmaker has today rubbished such rumours. The 27 year-old was claimed to have spoken to his agent about a possible exit, whilst being said to be unwilling to stay at the Emirates unless Arsene Wenger was moved on.

Ozil has now come out on Twitter to blow such reports out of the water, by tweeting: ‘Have seen the media reports today. Arsène Wenger was a big reason for me joining Arsenal – this hasn’t changed! #Respect #AFC

Of course when we hear any kind of rumours coming out of Spain, we are usually quick to rubbish them in our minds, but due to Mesut Ozil’s importance to our club, the story could have been a big one. It is also nice to have one of our star players coming out on social media to back our manager, who has been dividing our own fans on whether he should still remain in charge.

Wenger has come under increased scrutiny due to his failure to mount a serious title challenge, and many of our fans have even held up banners calling for him to step down.

This season has been a peculiar one, with none of the big players actually vying for the title, leaving Leicester out in front, with our noisy neighbours the only team within 10 points of them.

Of the so-called big teams, we are the only ones who can be confident of securing our place in next season’s Champions League, with a five-point lead on fifth-placed West Ham.

The madness and beauty of the world renowned Premier League is what we love, and we have to be noted as the most consistent performers in recent years, and with a good summer of spending (and a little luck on the injury front), there will be no reason why we wont be challenging for next season’s league title.

I know you are dying to tell me we need a new man in charge, but you have to agree that this year has been more mad then anything else, surely?

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  1. I know some people here on this site will be really upset by these news. Quick, hide the guns before Alexis produces the same statement otherwise we may witness mass suicides and that would remove the joy of answering them here.

    1. We are happy to hear these words from Ozil … If you an AFC fan and still alive after all these years then you will never suicide …

  2. See, what was I told you. A taciturn person like Mesut never going to said such things. If he’s not satisfy with Arsene’s transfer policy he’ll talk to him (I doubt he will), not going to his agent or Spanish media. Or, the most possible thing, he will be quiet and see. This should be the reason why he’s not sign the contract extension yet.
    Mesut is not a vocal person. He’s EPL assist king, but still it won’t make Arsenal on top thanks to low conversion rate. But still we never heard him said something about the strikers.
    My point is clear, the rumor was BIG bullshit, but Arsene really have to realize this, he has his main man loyalty, so he must compensate that with real policy to change Arsenal. I know not much fans will trust for another year. Simple answer to that, take deep evaluation and do BIG changes, follow by good results and the fans will back on board.

  3. If AW don’t get a number 2 in place to take over then this will go tits up again. He needs to bring in players and a fair few at that. World class LB so we have 2 sell Gibbs 2 world class CB as LK and BFG are coming to an end so john stones one of them and if it’s 50 million do a deal Gibbs and chambers plus cash. Then we need world class DM so the likes of FQ can push on and become a better player. Then 2 utility players from the EPL and most of all 2 wingers to give us something different and world class CF and get rid of OG JC and all the other dead wood.

  4. no player can speak negative abt his current club/mngr but it should not supprise us if the rumour turns out to be true..

  5. This was obvious, and anyone who believed that story in the first place, well ..lets call them near sighted. We all remember Ozil saying how he wanted to work under Arsene and hopes to become a better player. Well, he is becoming that better player, the proof is in his assists. He doesn’t get as much space as he did with other leagues. He struggled with it at first but now his touch and movement are a joy to watch, thanks to end result. Ozil has even come out this morning and talked about how he has more responsibility, he speaks up allot more and advises others. Glad to hear him squash these fantasies, amazing that a story like this can still sucker people in the first place.

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