Mesut Ozil doing his PR once again after failing to make the 20 man match day squad

Mesut Ozil seems to be on his way out of Arsenal ahead of the summer transfer window.

One of the obvious signs that Mikel Arteta might be preparing for life without the German is the Spaniard snubbing him for their game against Manchester City last night.

The Gunners had the privilege of naming 20 players for that game and could make five substitutes, but Arteta still couldn’t find space to add the former Real Madrid man to his team.

Ozil is on a huge salary at the Emirates and it would take some doing to get him out of the club particularly because teams will have limited spending power in the next transfer window.

However, the German seems defiant in his bid to see out his Arsenal deal even if he will not be used by the club.

After Arsenal’s game against Manchester City, he took to Twitter to plant his name right bang in the middle of the conversation once again.

That message seems fairly clear to me, he is basically saying no matter how you treat him he will stay at Arsenal and continue to pick up his ridiculous wage.

Surely the time is here for the club to just pay up his contract and shove him out of the door once and for all. There is no point keeping any player around that is surplus to requirements and who’s presence is now a total distraction.

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  1. Yeah. I am sure you know exactly what he is thinking about. Lets talk about the performance of those who played yesterday and this guy that was not involved.

    1. Gab: It won’t fit the narrative. Scapegoating is what some people do best and Ozil whether he plays or not always comes across as the culprit.

      1. He wasn’t injured and didn’t make the 20 man squad

        That doesn’t make him a scapegoat

        He has been very skilful at putting out the right things on social media but less so on the pitch in my frank opinion. And that is just what is – an opinion

    1. Let’s be honest though Reggie ,he has always been a class servant for us ,never once slagged off Emery when he was maki g Ozil the scapegoat,I get he’s not everyone’s cup of tea ,but his stats don’t lie even though his performances haven’t been upto his wages . But every club has a high earner and sometimes it works and other times it does not ,I’ve been called an Ozil lover plenty of times but it’s way off the mark ,what I see is someone who is the best of what we have in that postion.
      If Arteta deems him not good enough then I will except that decision ,but what as always pissed me off is the constant attacks he gets just because of what he earns .
      He is one of the good guys in footballl ,always in my eye been a class act .

      1. Arteta, is proving Emery and Germany were right.
        Players should be selected on current performance, not name or past achievements. Notwithstanding that, at the moment, Arsenal isn’t exactly flush with midfield talent; the poorest I can remember, particularly from a combative sense.
        Would Arsenal have performed better against Manchester City with Ozil? Arteta didn’t think so and we will never know.

        1. The answer is no. Willock and Ozil are essentially on the same level now, which is an embarrassment on Ozil’s part.

        2. Cmon Ozzie ,Emery was so out of his depth,IMO he as set us back another 2 years .
          Arteta now as to select players who
          He probably does not want to .
          Let’s not forget In Emery’s rein we signed 12 players , maybe they wasn’t his choice but he took the job knowing he would have limitations on who he could sign .
          Like you have pointed out Pepe was signed under Emery (when we needed defensive player )and it now looks like Arteta does not like him so that is a massive waste of transfer funds gone for him to play around with.
          I really rate Pepe aswell ,I just don’t think he fits what Arteta wants the team to be set up at ,and I trust him to make the right call , so if he thinks Ozil or Pepe or whoever else don’t fit his system then I back out manager over any player ,I just think he’s got Massive job on his hands because fans expect instant success ,and that is not going to happen .

          1. Hello Dan, correct me if I an wrong
            Unai went all out for Zaha, someone gave him Pepe who is not EPL ready at the moment in terms of his physique and mental state. Gabriel took his chances with both hands, hence I say mental state for Pepe
            Ozil ranted at Unai at Baku, ranted at Freddie, who dies he think he his ? A Messi or CR7? Not fit to be their shadow,let alone their skills. Is he above the head coach, if yes, then perform on the pitch and give us an EL which he faded away.
            “Ozil got no quality, hence he cannot perform with substandard players around him” was the rant of some of his apologists last year, have they forgotten he had Auba (golden boot winner) in front of him then and now? Crap remains crap, you may cover it but it still it stinks.
            The man is done, dusted, crossed the hill and is neither humane at heart to fight it out here / somewhere to justify a start. In this regard I would rate Mustafi, Mkhitaryan as better humans as they want to move somewhere where they can perform, not just sit still, sulk and draw full wages.
            Every pro footballer knows when to call it quits, Rooney did it at ManU, Lamps, Terry for CFC, yet this man continues to bleed us even when he knows he cannot contribute anything anymore on the pitch.
            If Willock gets the start over him (which is right thing Arteta did) and failed, it is because the team selected by Arteta was unbalanced. Had Ozil played we would have been hammered and battered as just anyone, I mean anyone can run past him. He has to be honest with himself and seek a transfer to a slower league which suites his style. No shame in moving. David Becham did it,so no shame in being honest and sincere with oneself.
            These are my opinions, your entitled to your own, end of the day we both should be wishing our club well and wanting to succeed.I know this man is useless to our club si I want him out. Past glory and dodgy stats are of no use if you cannot tackle, dribble or mare a correct pass at present. (head coaches – Unai, Freddie and Mikel confirmed it, I just read their statements and watch their tactics) Club over player always.

          2. I’d like to applaud Loose Cannon but there was no link to respond directly

            Ozil must get some sort of perverse pleasure in posting that tweet – in the full knowledge that by doing so he will divide opinion amongst Arsenal fans

            Depending on your point of view he has been let down by the players around him or is now well and truly past it. I know which camp I fall in. His obscene salary is always blamed on the club who agreed to it. I counter that by saying his agent did a stonking job at a time when Arsenal were set to lose their top stars. Ozil has never justified that faith the club put in him since.

          3. Dan, the biggest issue with Unai Emery was his lack of English communication skills. Yes, he took the job as Arsenal Head Coach, knowing that transfer funds would be limited; however he would have expected that those funds would have been allocated to address the deficiencies in midfield and defense, such as Thomas Partey. He did not get the players he wanted.
            It will be interesting to see if Mikel Arteta is treated better in the next window; if not how long will his honeymoon last?

        3. Agree wholeheartedly Ozzie, Ozil is like a magician, fools people to thinking he is a good player, when (in the present) he clearly is a liability to us in every shape or form.

    2. bingo. Imagine earning 300k a week and not being ready for the rest of the season. He’s just flat out not in the squad, and even Arteta cannot understand the reasons. Man’s a joke. Willock should not be in squad over him, but if Ozil isn’t even getting onto the bench then clearly he is not even fit to lace up. Truly a man who doesn’t give a damn anymore.

  2. I’m I wrong to think arsenal players and the management are at it again. Arteta’s decisions were baffling on the weekend and all that enthusiasm seemed to be gone. Is the effects from the Corona Virus money spat still fresh 😔 just concerned.

  3. Why always Ozil even when not playing? Was he responsible for yesterday’s loss? Why do some people put their frustration on Ozil for every negative result arsenal gets? Very convenient scapegoat right? Has he really done anything worse than other players except that he’s earning a wage that the club willingly agreed to pay?
    Pls let him be, he has paid his dues.

    1. Arteta has said he is not satisfied with what he has seen from him. That is on Ozil. The fact he isn’t good enough to make a 20-man squad is his fault. He isn’t doing his job. Is he responsible for the on-field result, no. But is he responsible for not being ready for the finish of the season.

    2. “Paid his dues?”He gets thousands every week for that one fluke goal and assist. After that has he forfeited his wages when he has failed to score, assist or impact the game? He got paid to train, but he did not do it to justify his selection, so was left out. Is he forfeiting his wages? I salute Arteta for having the guts to show his chap his real place.
      It is Ozil who posted this tweet with a disgusting tagline, did he say that he would work extra hard to make it to match day?
      Did Arteta / fans call him a scapegoat?
      Who is trying to deflect the attention from being unable to perform first on the pitch and now in training to playing victim?

    3. @jay, because he’s an easy target when a site needs clicks. No comments on many of the other articles but lots on this one. Makes you think eh 🤔

      1. Declan
        Not all the articles written warrant much attention
        Those that do get responses. I wasn’t going to respond to Bellerín planting trees
        I’m not overly interested in players who we are unlikely to sign
        I do lob in an opinion on match day. Regarding Özil- he was the one who posted the tweet so a response was expected and received

    4. To whom much is given, much is expected. You cant compare Ozil to others that’s why he get questioned when he fails to show up. He has more responsibilities than other mf and if he knows he can’t bear the brunt he can as well move and allow someone who is ready take up his place. Am sure you wouldn’t like it if one of your top earning employee is showing lackadaisical attitude to work. Can you compare such a character to a low level staff who is equally not performing

      1. When a person earning less a 100 thousand weekly is outshining the one that earns 300k, questions must be asked

    5. It is embarrassing to earn as much and not make even a bench when you are not injured.
      Ozil should be a man and move on to free fund for the club. He has lost his spark he started with.

  4. Odd how Ozil isn’t deemed “good enough” by Arteta, yet Luiz continues to get games and hurt the team.
    Funny how coaches have different set of standards for players. Wonder if Arteta deemed himself “good enough” going with that lineup.
    Willock did nothing, exactly what some accuse Ozil of; wonder who plays first, Willock or Ozil?
    Some may call me Ozil lover, but for those who know my history of comments you know I ain’t on that train.
    Merely questioning how Luiz and Willock appear to get free passes, yet Ozil is treated differently.

    1. Durand, can you compare Ozil responsibility in arsenal with those players you mentioned?
      Willock? He is just some youth prospect! Can we do without him/his wages? Yes absolutely. He is supposed to be a core team player? NO. This condition are same with Luiz, he is just a stop gap to probably help spur young defenders on and provide cover, but Ozil is supposed to be the guy this team is built around, so why do you compare them

      1. Spot on Adajim!
        See, everyone is now trying to deflect the focus on his poor training (forget match day performances) to playing victim.
        A disgrace to the “No 10” jersey in club football, not only AFC but around the world.
        When Joaquim Lowe dropped him, he played the victim card. When Unai dropped him, there came the victim card. Now it is Mikel’s turn to listen to this nonsense.
        Can anyone tell me, how many games has this Ozil won against the big Six in the last 3-4 seasons, with his standout performances?
        So why do we debate a correct decision by the coach? We lost, but yes a better score than the 8-2, 6-0, 5-0 tennis scores of the past under Wenger.
        My advice to Arteta is to continue doing the good work, turn deaf to these minority who question your reasoning.

    2. Durand
      Ozil was getting games under Arteta too. Everyone was given a chance to impress when Arteta started.
      I agree with your sentiments about Luiz to a point. I would however, say that Arteta was in a difficult position once the injuries occurred as there were very limited options on the bench
      It is entirely possible that Ozil was not match fit

    3. Before covid the team was in great shape and all of a sudden Artery decides to change the squad…this amazed me…Ozil was always in and he provided the much needed balls to Aub and with the current moronic squad which Arteta has chosen all hopes seems lost.Just put ozil in his position and this will boost the team .

  5. Ozil is not good enough to make a 20 man squad. He is not even good enough to earn the same salary somewhere else. If Ozil is a good player as his fans thinks, why he doesn’t find another team that’ll pay him more than Arsenal?

  6. Ozil should find a job of football journalist instead of football player because he likes the media too much

  7. its funny how people talk uselesslly. what is the problem of not being fit for a game a claim to be fit and do your onesense in the pitch. the whole team to get a single shot on target. to of the whole team were not fit not only ozil. offcourse he alone can not make arsenal win.

  8. did Ozil play?why cant we analyse the performance of those who played?Ozil this Ozil that. Come on give something better…kindly.

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