Mesut Ozil expects Arsenal to challenge for the title

The Germany and Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has been talking again about his chances of winning the Ballon D’Or next year, and he has set himself a few attainable targets to enable him to be in the voting. One of these is that Arsenal can challenge for the Premier League title, and he thinks this squad is easily capable of doing it.

He outlined on ESPN his personal aims for the coming year. “As a World Cup winner I want to become a European champion in France next year. That’s our big goal,” Ozil said: “I have to become more dangerous in front of the goal. I was injured for long spells last season, and scored only five in 32 competitive games. I want to improve this. To achieve it, I have to be a bit more egotistical.”

“You need to win major titles with both club and country,” he added. “In 2016, the chances are there to do just that. We’ve got a great team at Arsenal, which can win titles.

“After two FA Cup victories in the past two years, we want to be in the mix for the Premier League title. We also need to beat the knockout stages curse in Champions League.

“The group stage clashes with Bayern Munich are a real benchmark test. And I want to win the European Championships with Germany.”

So basically he wans to win every big competition that he is entered for to give him the best chance of the personal accolade, and he obviously believes that Arsenal and Germany can both assist him in his quest for trophies. Let’s hope that he gets his wish, and Arsenal get the Premiership!


    1. They will need to rise above all EXPECTATIONS! …………. Otherwise they should all forget bout the Trophy, Let alone challenging for it!

    2. If he stays injured. We found great form last year with Ozil and Wilshere on the bench. Obviously I don’t want Ozil injured but it’s the only way Arsene won’t play him.

  1. Personally. I think we have two of the best three creative mids in the league. (Silva, Cazorla, Ozil)
    Need a big season from our two. If they keep creating the chances they have been the goals will start coming.

    1. Its Easier said than done… our main striker so dependant on the service from the two of them, that whenever they not neccessarily having a good game.. he is non existent for 90 mins. And just for your information we have created the most chances this season of anyone in the league, tactically we should take a hint, playing ball to Giroud isn’t working… I think we should move Sanchez upfront or someone who has the skill to create opportunities for themselves rather than waiting to be spoon fed by carzola and ozil.

  2. I hope the other players have the same target he has..all they do is talk and waste goals on the pitch. Goodluck Mesut

  3. Well he kind of has to say that… Imagine the stink he would cause if he came out and said, “Arsenal aren’t good enough to win the EPL”… Nonetheless, I like the optimism…

  4. I don’t care what you say about Wenger but thanks to him we probably have one of the best midfields in the WORLD. Cazorla, Ozil, in form Ramsey, in form Wilshere, Coquelin. One more addition and no team in England will be able to compete against us in the centre of the park and we’ll be up there with the likes of Barca and Bayern.

    1. Man city’s midfield is very strong too. David Silva, Yaya Toure and Kevin De Bruyne are all top quality players.

  5. Guys, this is off topic but let me just ask: why do our players get injured more than players of other clubs??? What is really wrong at Arsenal??? This is just becoming unbearable. Once a player at Arsenal gets injured, it becomes recurrent. What could possibly be the problem?

    1. They don’t go to the gym enough… Remember when we used to compare walcott and bale, in terms of ability and it was walcott all day… yeah now its Bale.. Its funny how there is a direct link between general ability… in terms of how much faster and stronger his got and physical apperance, also the irony being during the earlier days of bales tottenham career he and walcott had virtually similar time stints spent on the treatment table. ohhh how times have changed..

      1. Well, that may be a factor, but as professionals you’d think they should know what’s best for them. It’s just that, if u observe very closely, once a players moves from another club to Arsenal, it often doesn’t take long for him to get injured. Perhaps it’s the training method. Whatever it is, it’s just worrying.

        1. I guess, there is too much focus on agility, from a tactical stand point corresponds with the passing pay that Wenger tries to implement.. alot of quick feet training.. its why probably have alot of knee, achilles and various other tendon rupturing injuries..

  6. Not a chance. We have no striker to convert his assists to goals.

    That’s why he plays a lot better for Germany than for us.

    1. That’s not a good excuse. All great number 10s, do chip in with a lot of goals. Maybe he should work on his goal scoring?

      1. Does Ozil ever shoot??? Even when he’s alone with the keeper, he’d rather pass the ball.

        1. @KickAssFan…….quite frustrating to watch Ozil pass the ball in a goal scoring position……………. (Hahahahaha …still laughing at ur new nick)

          1. Lol! @Soopa, what can I say??? I can only wish him the best for as long as he remains our manager (very frustrating).

      2. exactly….Zidane in 98 ha Dugarry and Givarch as # 9.
        Titi and Trexeguet were babies.
        Yet he nailed those two famois goals before an Arsenal combined third (I felt so happy to see that Vieira Petit combination)

  7. Ozil when u get dispossessed don’t throw your hands in the air and look at the ref every time, just try-at least to win the ball back, that way u get haters off your back and your confidence remains in tact for the full 90….you the man!

    1. Not only Ozil, Giroud also who sticks his tongue out and just stands around when he gets beaten to the ball. Anyway, a tough 18 days from 12 Sept to 29 Sept await us. Stoke, Chelsea and Leicester in EPL, Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiakos in Cl and Spurs in LC. No time for slow-start excuses, these are the games we need to prove ourselves and boost our confidence levels.

  8. Oil needs to up his game for Arsenal. otherwise he will lose his position in Germany starting XI. Gundogan has pushed him to left flank. if Reus is back, it will be difficult for Ozil nail down a place in starting XI.

  9. tristan…..and u think gundogan can beat ozil to a starting spot?..u are doesnt mean dat he is not performing in arsenal (wich obviously he would improve)..he is a far better player to gundogan

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