Mesut Ozil falsely attacked by the media once again

It would appear that controversy is set to follow Mesut Ozil around even when he has done nothing wrong at all. The Arsenal midfielder missed training on Friday through illness and so was left out of the matchday squad against West Ham, but immediately there was fake news being spread about the reasons for his absence.

An ESPN reporter, Joao Castelo-Branco (@ j_castelobranco) tweeted from Islington before the game even started: “I confirm once again the information I got and I mentioned it live in the opening game @ ESPNagora . Ozil had an argument with coach Emery in training this week, came out screaming and is cut off today. Information from more than one source linked to the club. # PremierLeagueNaESPN”

This fake news was then repeated all over the English and German media, and had Arsenal fans fuming, but it was patently untrue, and when we should have been celebrating Arsenal’s great win, Emery had to issue a denial of the lies. This is the full transcript of what the Coach said from…

on claims that Mesut Ozil left training after being told he wouldn’t play today…
Maybe in English it is difficult to explain, but first, why is this information [being reported]? It isn’t true. That information needs first to be true. Who is starting to telling you or us this information? You ask me, or the doctor, or the club. He was sick yesterday. He spoke with the doctor and with me, and decided not to play today. But he did not leave training [due to that], but because he was going to his home, because he was sick.

on whether he would have played if he was not sick…
He was sick and today, he was sick. He left to his house and I said to him, to come [to the match] if he feels better and he feels better today and before the match he is with the team and with me.

on what type of sickness he has…
When you are sick… I don’t know how I can explain in English. In Spanish it is ‘catarro’.
Translator: He is blocked up, he’s got a cold.
UE – He is bad with sick. It is not a problem with the player, it is not true this information. So ask the doctor and the doctor can explain better!

So once again Mesut Ozil is the centre of attention, even when he is at home in bed with a cold! Will they ever stop persecuting the German?



  1. Chiza says:

    I told you guys that we should handle Guendouzi with care…he is trying to do everyone’s job in midfield..which is too much enthusiasm for a teenager..he needs to slow it down and stick to his role if not he would have so many bad performances this season… Emery needs to talk to guendouzi…i don’t want him to become another wilshere…it would hurt me alot… is just a shame that we don’t have better midfielders if not Guendouzi shouldn’t be starting every doesn’t happen in any big ambitious club(man city,juventus,bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, atletico Madrid)…. A 19 year old who is playing in a very demanding position as a cm/dm shouldn’t be starting every week.. He would suffer…….. Please people should not come with ‘if he is good enough then play him and forget about his age’……. We can’t continue like this with GUENDOUZI!!!!!!

    1. mobella says:

      How does he develop if he doesn’t play regularly. It doesn’t matter which position he plays. He is allowed to make mistakes and have a bad game here and there. Tell me which player doesn’t even the world class players do.

      1. BenardoM says:

        He is facing burn out.That’s what Chiza is trying to imply.He needs growth but not that fast.

    2. Maks says:

      Maybe we can duplicate ramsey so that at least one ramsey plays in starting 11 when Ozil returns?

  2. Chiza says:

    With the comments Emery made yesterday…Emery is not ready to ditch his attacking proficiency just to enable a very good and balanced defence…. He told you guys even before he played his first friendly match….that he is willing to win 4-3 than to win 1-0……….so you guys should prepare for more pain at the back till we get better defenders or hopefully pray that our defenders find a way to talk themselves and improve with better communication on the pitch because I don’t see mustafi becoming a maldini or sokratis becoming a Puyol..but with better communication on the pitch they can improve…Emery needs to tell them about this

  3. Chiza says:

    People clamouring for bellerin to be dropped for lichstenier are in for a long ride… It would take a very disastrous performance from bellerin before he can dropped in the premier league….Emery really loves his speed and values it in his attacking strategy…… Lichstenier will only play ahead of bellerin in the carabao cup and opening rounds of the Europa league….and please don’t come here and state that Emery is showing favoritism towards Bellerin because he is Spanish…..remember he axed cazorla and Lucas Perez

  4. Chiza says:

    It is interesting to note that the players that we keep slaying are scoring already(welbeck and iwobi)….. It would be interesting to see how the team gels as the season continues

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah Pal and I believe Dembele scored AGAIN for Barcelona.What exactly did go wrong with his move to Arsenal?According to you ot was done and you made a great song and dance of it.Also I seem to recall you saying we would be winning the Premiership easily this season.Do you still believe this?Especially the way you’ve just criticised the defending.
      Be very interested to get a reply from you.You seem to have a gob like a trumpet this morning without actually making any sense as usual
      So-What happened to the Dembele transfer
      And do you still believe we will win the Premiership

  5. Leon says:

    You sign players and you don’t play them.
    Nearly 50 million pounds worth of players that don’t play.
    As for Ozil everyone cannot be wrong about him – he has ability but his attitude is terrible. How many times has he been “sick”?
    There are too many players at Arsenal who are holding the club back either because they are simply not good enough (e.g. Xhaka) or because their attitude is bad (e.g. Ozil).
    If we are to move forward we need to rid ourselves of these players otherwise we will go nowhere…

  6. Chiza says:

    As for Ozil… People keep claiming that we miss him when he is not in the team… That annoys me alot because I don’t see what this guy adds to the team anymore….he doesn’t play any fantastic through balls to break defenses..he still goes on with the sideway passes just like Aaron Ramsey….. The truth is that we need a better 10 like Isco,thiago alcantara…we need to find another creative 10…..Ozil isn’t it anymore we need to admit the painful truth… We are wasting wages on Ozil

  7. Chiza says:

    mislintat and Emery should keep their eyes on Helder Costa.. the 10 of Wolverhampton wanderers……he is a very good winger… At just 24..he can improve alot…we need to get such players quickly before they explode… when I watched his game I saw alot of confidence on the ball and his willingness to defend… That guy become a star this season

  8. ade says:

    Chiza i am with u on Guendouzi comment, he is a good player but he is still raw. Immediately torriera partner xhaka against west ham our game flowed well, error reduced, midfield is very impotant in a match, therefore, we need matured players there, Guendouzi should be used sparingly

    As per Ozil, u don’t expect emry to tell d world even if there was rift btw dem, I am not saying emry is lying , but with time the truth will show face.

    As per d match we didn’t miss ozil. Wen he comes back he will join d team

  9. Hez says:

    With Laca’s recent all action creative play mayb we should drop a 10 and put him behind Auba, he could draw defenders and free space for Auba. Cant lose much if you are already using Ramsey as a 10

  10. Mr Patrick says:

    MOAN, MOAN MOAN!!!! , that’s all we are getting on this forum can’t we just be happy we got the crucial thing which is three points which anyway you look at it is the main and only point on Saturday the rest is IRRELEVANT PEOPLE,

    1. mobella says:

      This article is about Arsenal and Ozil being falsely accused in the media again and we fans didn’t say anything about that and those that did still criticized him.

  11. Trudeau says:

    The best way for Ozil to staunch the criticism and rumours is to start playing like a £300k/week plus player. Until then he’s getting little sympathy from me.

  12. ozziegunner says:

    Robbie Lyle reported in AFTV that Lichtsteiner apparently took on board the advice of Tony Adams and took Ozil out in a training ground tackle, which Ozil objected to. It is also reported that he had a stand up argument with Unai Emery (subsequently denied by Emery).

  13. Phil says:

    When Emery joined Arsenal he knew there was not the transfer budgets available that he certainly enjoyed at PSG.His limited funds meant he had to either buy ONE £70m player or use the money to buy a number of players to strengthen the team in the places that needed it most being CB and CDM.He bought Four players and got Lichstiener on a free transfer.He spent his transfer budget and now will have to work with the players we have started the season with.It is my guess there will be no new players in January and it will be next summer before Emery will get the transfer kitty he needs.
    Lets say he has the same £70m he has this year plus the £60m we are to receive from Adidas per year starting next season.The wage bill will be lower with the release of Cech Welbeck Jenkinson most likely Ramsey. Add that to the fees we got for Perez Akpom etc and the wages saves including Ospina and it’s not unrealistic to believe Emery could have a transfer budget of £150-200m.Now that is serious money to buy the players we need to progress.If the same happened the year after and the following year then that to us is a huge statement.The fact Citeh could spend that £450m in a single season if they wanted to is just something we have to live with.But for Emery this will get us the players to move up to the level we need to compete.Ita pretty much like Klopp has done at Liverpool with the Coutinio money.He payed big money for the right positions to strengthen his team.He now has the squad to challenge and that is where we must be.
    Emery knows a player when he sees one.So does the team of Sven M and Raul behind him.And I can tell you that of ALL the players in our squad Mesut Ozil is the only one they will be desperate to keep.Why?Because he is our only truly class player.We have good players.We have a number of very good players.Ozil is the very very best and Emery knows this.He will want him in the team and will modify his tactics to make it work to suit Ozil to get the best from him for the benefit of the team.Simple really-Mesut Ozil is our best player.We will always be a better team with him than without him.

    1. Gab says:

      I agree totally with you.

  14. aubamezzette says:

    can we exchange Ozil for Martial or Dembele already?

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