Mesut Ozil for Arsenal captain! And player numbers next season?

Something of Nothing, not a lot to discuss‏ by KTB

Well Gooners, I was wrong in my last article about our definite 3rd place finish, we ended up getting 2nd at the expense of Spurs, which I had hoped Newcastle would do us a favour – and boy did they give them a beating!

Anyway that made a few fellow Gooners (incl me) happy about something this season (finishing above spurs) as it was terrible in our eyes. One thing not mentioned a lot is the fact we are in Pot 2 of the group stage draw for The Champions League, so that’s a big boost esp for incoming transfers and possibly having an easier group. Not a lot to discuss as its silly season but other things, in my opinion, need sorted.

Few things also need addressed;
1. Squad Numbers
2. Captain/Vice Captain

Squad Numbers;
Looks like Xhaka is coming, he wants 34, Le Coq is atm so he will have a new number. 9,7,8 are all free for players.

Wilshere needs to give Ozil no10. A few players numbers need reshuffled, Debuchy needs to vacate no2, Hector takes that! Per needs to Vacate no4 for new CB as he will be out of starting 11 this season. Cech needs no1.

Cech. 1
Bellerin. 2
Sanchez. 7
Wilshere. 8
Ozil. 10
NEW LW. 11
Le Coq. 17
Xhaka. 34

Capatain/Vice Captain;
Cech is a shout for one or the other, so I would give him vice captaincy of Arsenal. Hes an experienced leader on and off the pitch, but i have always been a fan of a captain in the middle of the pitch who sees the whole game around him. I remember when Fabregas was captain he led by example with his feet & had heart, not like PV4 (we dont have a Viera atm) he was a monster. Cesc ran the show for us & saved us on numerous occasions (v Villa, off bench scores 2, 1 a free kick whilst injured) so my choice is Mesut Ozil. Reasons;
– When he doesnt play we are rubbish
– Hes our record signing, started the new era
– Carried us this season
– Won POTY at the club
– Fan Favourite
– He wants to win everything (ambitious)
– Wants Arsenal to buy WC Players, fans also

He runs every game we play well in and he’s debating over a new contract over what signings come in (ambitious) but these things matter as he is irreplacable at Arsenal. You want an ambitious captain who hates losing and dictates every game. Imagine the motivation he would get with getting his no10, captain and highest paid player ever at Arsenal with a few more stars around him? Hes this generation’s version of Dennis Bergkamp. Build a team around him, Alexis was the start, Xhaka looks set, all we need is a LW and ST and we are a real force!

All this may not matter but all articles now are all about transfers and this seems like something different to discuss!

Koss The Boss

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  1. Seems our captains doesnt stay long,so dont gv the arm band to OZIL pls!!
    OT:Look at weird Arsenal stat


    1. The AOB will soon slander you for saying 4th, 3rd, 2nd ??? as it shows progression, can’t have that when the Foxes had such a great season.

  2. OZil as cptn? What have you been smoking?
    Ozil is too quiet during games, he has body language issues (which he said he is working on), we do need someone who fights as our cptn and not Ozil who is quiet a lot in games unless he is the focus. He isn’t very vocal over other players messing up either…

    Tony Adams was never quiet, great leader.
    Pat Vieira was never quiet, great leader.

    Closest 2 players that we have and come to mind are Alexis and Coquelin, if Coquelin isn’t going to be a regular starter then Alexis becomes the choice for me.

    Equally passionate about winning things.
    Vocal about his passion.
    Unhappy at not being on the pitch.
    Winner at heart.

    Give him Cech as backup cptn and he can learn to lead us like Vieira did in the past.

    1. Sanchez, no. Great player but he really isn’t captain material.

      I would give vice captaincy to Bellerin as a sign of trust. He started almost every match last season as well.

      We don’t have many leaders on the team, so I guess the best captain would be Petr Cech.

      I have no idea how Mertesacker and Arteta got the armband.

      1. Communication is why they got the armband, they was the players who would talk to other players on the pitch.

        Part of the reason why Per has been able to play at the highest level even though he has such poor pace is because he can communicate with players around him, look at how Per and Kos work together and then look to see who is doing the talking, communicating to cover each others weaknesses.

        Kinda why Kos and Gab haven’t worked as well yet, the communication still isn’t quite right, you can see it when you watch them play.

        You say Alexis isn’t cptn material, care to say why?

        I gave a reasoning, not the most in-depth as it would turn into pages of text lol 😛
        How-ever I have pointed at past GREAT cptns and the qualities they had, they would not accept anything less than 110% from their players and they motivated the team…

        I can also point towards Wenger not being the best motivator yet in his motivated teams we had a cptn who would rally his troops, again the 2 best ones was Adams and Vieira.

        Alexis appears to have the same quality, he will encourage players around him and he doesn’t give up, he is vocal and wants to win! How is that not cptn material?

        1. The biggest reason being, there’s a big difference between LEADING and COMPLAINING. Sanchez often does the latter one. He has heart and gives more than 100%, that much is true. But I can’t see him leading the team.

          Second reason, he doesn’t speak English that well, at least to my knowledge? I believe the captain should be able to communicate, as you said, with almost all the other players.

          1. Yes there is a difference between complaining and leading, if you watch Arsenal then you will see Alexis congratulate players who play balls towards him, even if it was a bad pass, Alexis would still clap and smile at who-ever tried to play him through.

            That is not complaining, that is leading.

            As for Alexis doesn’t speak English that well… He seems to understand it fine when he gave his 1st interview in English, he had an accent but he spoke well enough to give the impression that he can understand English to a higher level than you give him credit for. He has learnt the language, he has the desire to win and he knows he needs to be able to communicate and he worked hard on it.


            I think you have under-rated how hard Alexis tries to win at EVERYTHING, language is another thing for him to learn and from all reports I have seen, Alexis gives 200% in life… not just football.

            The 2 reasons you gave are… I believe they are more of a viewpoint of someone who hardly watches the games, you can not watch Arsenal and say he isn’t a leader. He can learn to be a better leader.
            If he isn’t happy with how the team is performing and he wants to encourage them then he has to let them know that they are not giving enough… Some may call that complaining and if that is the case then both Adams and Vieira was ‘complainers’, sometimes you have to be vocal and recognize where you can improve… Can call it complaining but I would call it being realistic and honest, desire to not make the same mistake again and again and again…

  3. Ozil as Captain?? With a personality and attitude like his we might as well not have a captain..

    Good player and guy but never in a million years captain material..

    1. Not a good player, a GREAT player ^.^
      but yeah, agree with you about Ozil personality not being the right type of personality.

      Our last 3 summer transfer windows have seen winners come into the squad and now we need to make sure we have a winner as our cptn, someone with drive and passion to win things…
      Ozil has the passion but not the right type of drive, he doesn’t seem like the type of guy who will grab the TEAM by the scruff of the neck and tell them to fight for the points.

      What was Vieira and Adams like when players wasn’t giving 110% ?
      What was they like when we didn’t win?

      Nothing wrong with not being cptn material, Bergkamp wasn’t yet look at how much influence he had, Ozil is the same kinda character. Fantastic footballer, by reports he is a really nice guy as well, one of very few players who deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Bergkamp ^.^

  4. A useful captain has to be a leader. I don’t think we have natural leaders ATM. Wilshire might have the personality but not the injury record required.

  5. We just signed a captain in Xhaka ?
    I know that jack wheelchair wants the armband and if wenger wants to continue with the non – existent Captain like Arteta then he should give it to him. ?

    I just read that Arsenal have signed Robert Pires’s 7 year old son to the Academy, Goodluck to him, by the way his name is Theo ?? Yep, ten years in the waiting, to see how he turns out!

    Taking of Theo, Reports coming from Italy suggest that Arsenal are in talks to sign Mahrez and Leicester City want Walcott to be included in the deal, but theo is not interested in joining the champions.

    I recently said that Walcott would be suited by Leicester’s long ball, counter-attacking style of play, it seems as if someone else shares that idea as well ?

  6. I’d give it to Cech. If Xhaxa performs as advertised then it’s his long term unless Jack performs some medical miracle and plays a full season at a high level.

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