Mesut Ozil gets massive praise from former Arsenal star


Ian Wright applauds Mesut Ozil after a scintillating performance against Liverpool.

Mesut Ozil returned to the Arsenal team in last nights Carabao Cup game against Liverpool and the midfielder impressed.

Ozil has been frozen out of the Arsenal first team this season with speculation mounting that Unai Emery doesn’t rate him and wants to sell him in the January transfer window.

However, last night Ozil seemed to send a message to his manager and club legend, Ian Wright, was full of praise for the German.

Wright has been an outspoken advocate of the German’s return to the starting XI. The former England international was delighted to see Ozil prove him right with a performance of the highest quality.

Taking to Twitter, he was full of praise for the playmaker, tweeting: “Finding space.

“Total composure in the final third.

“Clear chances being created.

“So much of what we need!

“Fantastic tonight Mes.”

With the team struggling, Wright clearly believes they can get more points on the board if Emery trusts Ozil more.

Wright even believes that the former Real Madrid midfielder will outlast Emery at the Emirates.

Hopefully, if Emery starts Ozil in the game against Wolves, the midfielder will put in another strong performance.


  1. Only the best knows a truly creative player when they see one. I keep wondering if someone has casted a spell on Emery not to see things the way normal people do.

    Surely, Emery days are numbered!

    1. And what exactly does Ceballos bring to the team apart from dragging the ball around in small circles?🤔

  2. Stop booing Xhaka or any other players…

    Start booing Emery until he steps down and save Arsenal FC and their attacking DNA …

    1. Little babies. We shall boo consistently ubderperforming and professionally irresponsible players, that’s what genuinely aggrieved fans can do. Dont abuse his family or threaten him in anyway, but if you pay to watch him play and his attitude on the pitch is always disheartening,we cannot sit back and applaud him.

      1. Wish I could have a record of how well and professional some of our ever critical fans of our players professionalism are at their places of work or businesses.

  3. I hope ozil plays I agree with you wrighty I hope Emery gets the sack all these problems are on him (Emery) it’s the most boring crap of football I’ve ever seen at AFC I’m so annoyed that I can’t explain how us fans feel when the manager plays backwards and sideways football if he let the players express them selfs you would see us fans supporting the manager even if we lost just like at Anfield the other night.

  4. I like this quote about Ozil from the Guardian:
    ‘The fact he has played only 71 minutes of Premier League football this season is almost an act of cultural vandalism.’

    1. The fact Ozil has been here almost 6 and half years, and is collecting £350k a week, is the purest act of delusion.

      1. the £350 is not your cash,owners of Arsenal can pay thier employees as much as they want. Arsenal is not a community club but a business entertainment. why can’t some fans get it?

        1. Why do fans even pay to watch games? Why do fans patronize the club they like? Is football even a business that makes money from viewers?

        2. @amo

          I do completely get that. You’re missing the point completely though. Why would you make a player one of highest paid footballers in the Premier League, who has flattered to impress, and that has missed over a 3 full league campaigns with “injuries”? It was one of the worst contracts ever given. Given how much money the fans put into the club, I think we have a right for answers, to complain/protest, etc.

          I find it amazing that you cannot see that football clubs, and in turn, the players, ONLY exist because of the fans.

        1. This is what I don’t get though – the other night, Ozils name was ringing out from the very first minute by our great away fans, who have paid their money to go and watch the game.
          This has also happened at the Emirates, fans who actually DO pay to go and watch their team are not worried about a players salary…they just want a successful team.

          It’s the ones that shout the loudest about Ozils salary and why they should be able to protest and complain about it, that seem to be those that never actually spend any money in the first place, as they have said many times.
          This being due to them protesting , unable to afford the costs of travel and ticket prices, or living out of the country…all valid reasons, but STILL not contributing financially.

          Let me make it perfectly clear that this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have an opinion, but if kronkie wants to spend his money on a reported £350,000 salary for any player, how on earth does this affect non paying fans?
          I’m sure Stanley wouldn’t miss my £400 season ticket money, or my purchases at match days, but at least I am contributing to his overflowing coffers and this helps give him the ability to spend whatever he wants, on whoever
          he wants, whenever he wants.

          The same applies to the fans who chant Ozils name and/or buys a shirt with his name on – they at least have spent the money that has been mentioned and it’s no coincidence that we now know they are backing Ozil to the hilt, after outsinging the Kop at Anfield chanting his name.

          If the argument is based SOLELY on said players football skills, contribution, fitness, durability or even commitment, that is completely different – every single gooner fan has a right to their opinion.

          Of course Ozils alary is obscene…just as every other premier league footballers is, but as fans we can only support the players kronkies money deems fit to pay for and analyse their input, not their contracts.

          1. boiiiiiii, this is the mosy objective, clearly outlined answer i have read here on this ozil salary issue. you are the boss. a thousand salutes Ken

  5. hes abit rusty after warming the bench for lengthy periods

    he still need time to adapt to the first team and the new players

    fans will begin to slaughter him if he fails to peform…

    1. Let’s be honest. Our fans will slaughter anyone if they fail to perform. Sadly it’s become part of the job description. Used to mean something different when I was young.

      1. This generation arsenal fans have become toxic,I would be wary to pay for arsenal if i am a player…it wasnt like this before

        1. Friend, you are very much correct. These “infant” fans is ruining the club by their bad characters. No player of note will want to come and play in a toxic environment, not matter the pay packet.

        2. name one club with the most toxic fanbase and i will give you a player there. Players are even going to highly volatile racist country to play and you think they wont jump at the chance to come to arsenal because of booing fans? comaprative to whats out there, our fanbase with the boos is still angelic

      2. exactly very soon no world class players will want to come anymore

        recently Auba also a victim of abuse

        1. Wish I could have a record of how well and professional some of our ever critical fans of our players professionalism are at their places of work or businesses.

  6. I never understand people who slate Ozil because of his wages. Instead, you should slate Unai for wasting those wages by not playing Ozil. I will still insist, Ozil sees things in a match that very few players can. our creativity is top notch when he plays, it goes down south when he’s benched. Away with Unai. he will never improve Arsenal

  7. Ozil is a creative genius on the pitch there is no question about it but only when he wants to is the problem. He can disappear in games for large amounts of periods when he should be commanding the ball at every opportunity as he can unlock any defence on any day.

    If Mesut is motivated he is a beast and the most unselfish player as he loves to assist his teammates… it’s like a goal to him if he makes it happen.

    Now Unai has made an example of Ozil as he tried to do in PSG but again it has back fired as we havnt created alot on any games, we wre pegged back all the time as we dont know how to transition from possession to attack, mesut is the master of this.

    One game v Liverpool ina month and we saw the class ooze out of him. Since he arrived we actually won FA Cups and regardless of what he makes he is a massive player for the club on and off the pitch. He was smart enough to get a massive contract as Arsenal were stupid enough to let his and Alecos contracts run down the the last 6 months… wasnt Mesut to asked for 350k, they offered it to keep him at the club as the fans would be went bananas as Alexos had already made his mind up the summer before, which we could of got 60m from City also but nope the club messed that up.

    It’s all changed now behind the scenes, gazidis gone, Raul in etc… we have new players for Ozil to play with in Laca, Auba & Pepe. Mesut on form will have a field day and he actually does like being at Arsenal.

    Unai to go before Mesut but it could be very Ironic if Mesut steps up his game, starts doing what we know he can for the team and we start performing, he could be the one to save Emerys job… until his contract runs out in the summer anyway I guess.

    With Mesut on the pitch defenders know what he can do an will always be wary of that attack, something we have lacked since he has been frozen out.

    Big win needed over wolves just bloody start Mesut and have him feed the PALs. Couldn’t be any worse than what we have witnessed so far this season.


  8. He should be on the bench but come on a bit deep in the second half. He can be vital now that Rambo’s gone.

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