Mesut Ozil gives his reaction to Arsenal’s Community Shield win

Despite being left out of the Arsenal team that beat Liverpool to win the Community Shield on Saturday, Mesut Ozil has shown fine sportsmanship by congratulating his teammates.

The German has been frozen out of the Arsenal first team for some time now and it seems that there is no way back into the team for the former Real Madrid ace.

Mikel Arteta had been generous with him when he first became Arsenal’s manager and he was given lots of opportunities to impress.

The ex-Germany international, however, failed to take advantage of his chances and Arteta became frustrated with him.

He has now been axed from the Arsenal first team and he faces a tough battle in regaining his place.

The club is keen to offload him this summer, but he has made it clear that he will see out the rest of his deal which expires at the end of this season.

In his bid to show that he is still a part of the team and cares about them, he took to social media to congratulate the players that played for the Gunners in his place.

Ozil, 31, tweeted:

He is hoping to fight his way back, but Arteta seems to have moved past him now.

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  1. The true sportsmanship is shown in the field of play, when Ozil helps his teammates to win games. Not by social media

    1. He has literally just congratulated his team mates ,that is all .
      I didn’t see you post anything yesterday and congratulate the team ,but as soon as there is a Ozil post you are straight on it .
      Just surprised you haven’t mentioned Williams age and Arteta as a assistant coach .

    2. Sportsmanship can be shown both on and off the pitch.
      While he can’t force the coach to play him, he still does the right things off the field of play congratulating his teammates each tine they are successful (what a certain Guendouzi hasn’t done). He hasn’t done anything wrong for all the bad treatments he’s been receiving

        1. If the coach decides not to play him, how is that Ozil`s problem? Ozil wanted to leave but the club forced him to sign another contract. Ozil being lazy, really? As the 2014 Brazilian world cup team, they`ll tell you!

          1. Ozil is lazy, he refuses to track players, doesn’t drop out and defend and coasts in and out of games when it suits him. When he is playing to his ability he is the first player on any team sheet but it has been a long time since he played even remotely close to his best football. You refer to 2014??? He wasn’t at Arsenal then and was part of a dominant German side so I don’t know how that has any relevance to how he is underperforming now for us?

      1. I feel you really don’t follow arsenal really well, remember what happened at warm weather treatment in Dubai, Guendouzi lack respect for teammates as well the coaching team. He is a bad looser yet losing is part of the game

  2. Jon Fox, what is your problem? It’s an ok article that elicit response.

    Don’t know why Ozil has lost interest in playing after taking his big contract. Seems like he’s prepared to pocket his wages throughout the season without playing. MA’s train has long left the station for him to rejoin

    For Ozil, it’s all about his wages

    1. Howard, what makes you say he has lost interest?
      If he’s not selected, how can he play?
      Just a little reminder, everyone thought Elneny would never play for Arsenal again, led, of course, by Jon Fox!!!

      1. Typical KEN moving the goalposts of what I PRECISELY and actually said, as you well know, so how underhand of you KEN.
        “Competitive,” remember? Not pre season friendlies but Prem games. We will see at the first Prem game if I am right or not. and NOT before then. Understand KEN?

        1. So Jon, the Community Shield was not competitive? The first chance of winning something in the 20/21 season and klopp selected his best eleven players and wanted to win it, just as much as we did?
          Did you actually watch it Jon?
          Didn’t the reaction of the two sets of players at the end tell you that both sides were desperate to win it?
          Did you hear what both Arteta and klopp said before and after the game?
          Try telling Auba his penalty to win the game wasn’t really of much consequence as, according to you, it wasn’t a competitive match.
          I UNDERSTAND completely Jon, once again your 100% prediction about something has come back to bite you in the bum my friend – just stop wriggling and admit that Mikel Arteta knows more about his players than you ever will…despite being a young whipper snapper!!!!

          I should add, Jon, the vast majority disagree with you as of this post and also with your view that the Community Shield was a friendly – including Mikel Arteta, who we are all 100% behind.

          1. YOU ARE LYING KEN ABOUT WHAT I SAID,AS YOU KNOW VERY WELL I REFERRED TO OUR FIRST GAME AT FULHAM; I EVEN SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED IT IN ANOTHER POST. WHY DO YOU PERSIST IN LYINGABOUT WHAT I SAID! To me, I have been consistent in saying over many years that the Community/ Charity Shield isjust pre season friendly, over hyped by some as a torphy when it palpably is not. Of course both sides want to win but THAT does not make it a trophy. But if you wish to keep pointscoring then go ahead. I have a life to lead and will not further waste it by arguing stupidly with you. I will though and finally say this; do not misreprsent what I SAY ANOTHERTIME or I will cease debating with you. I do not respect liars!

          2. Yes a pre season friendly but with a bit of kudos and charities gaining from it all. WIN WIN. Lets hope we can get into next seasons curtain raiser and have the same debate again.

    2. Howard, welcome to the site.

      We have had many many articles on Ozil, lambasting him from every direction and My friend Jon Fox, has never missed the opportunity to tell us all his views.

      The last two Ozil articles have, I believe, shown a different side of the man (this one and another about a baby being named after him) and suddenly the subject is becoming boring?

      I’ll leave you to make sense of that situation – this one was about a player congratulating his team mates – HOW DARE HE!!!!!

  3. Ozil has done nothing wrong… but bombastic “fans” like Fox hate him!

    (Ozil has not lost interest in playing. The management want him out to get the wages off the books. Ozil knows this, and it is not his fault or problem.)

    Ozil in the middle with the weapons now available will see us in the top five. If the new players in the books are half as good as Giroud in the air, there will proper use of Ozil, but those type of moves on the field are dangerous and should the role of a center forward. What Arsenal needs is someone like Giroud back in place of Laca. Even Giroud himself…)

    But, hey carry on hating Ozil! That is what happens when there are “fans” who also hate Wenger!

    1. Lmfao Giroud??? Girouds lack of pace was detrimental to Ozils play as he couldn’t get onto through balls. Ozil in this current side would hold us back as he refuses to pressure the ball, does not track back and only wants to come into games when it suits him. He only wants to stay because he knows leaving means taking a significant pay cut and he has business interests in London. Don’t for a minute think he wants to stay for his live of the club because he hasn’t strung together a decent run of form in 2-3 years for the club certainly not since getting his massive contract extension. The club are considering buying his contract out but that’s got nothing to do with saving money it’s got to do with freeing up the squad space for another player and removing someone that knows he isn’t wanted from possibly causing disharmony in the dressing room the same reason Guendouzi needs to be sent packing also.

    2. Chai!!! This is the height of it.
      When we had Giroud, the excuse was that we don’t have quality strikers that’s why we are not seeing Ozil’s best. We got to quality strikers in the persons of Laca and Auba in one season, you are now wishing we have Giroud? My Bro Ozil has run out of excuses. I dare say even if you give him Messi now, he’ll still not perform. He’s done!

  4. Ignore the footballing side of things just for once :

    This man oozes class when it comes to the way he conducts himself with regards to our club and his teammates.

    His reaction to both the FA cup and Community Shield wins – no sulking, no negatives, just a message of congratulations to the players and club, is so full of class.

    Good on you Mesut, I wonder if Guendozi will follow your example?

    By the way, if all the negatives regarding this player are deemed suitable for “Just Arsenal”, why are the positive articles deemed a non article?

    1. Guendozi is a good lad who also has come to love Arsenal. He should get a second chance, he is so young. Yes, taunting opposing players in the way he did was wrong, and he can apologize to those players and move on.

      I like Guendozi for trying hard and being so passionate about being in Arsenal, win or lose. If he bulks up a bit and get better ball control, while also knowing the field better to anticipate moves, he might another viable player to grow with.

    2. Full of class semes a bit much in my eyes. Congratulating team mates seem pretty standard to me. Not that he has done anything wrong by this either. The whole article seems a bit of a pointless gap fill in my eyes

    3. A left field and maverick view of him which is fast dying out, even among his few remaining diehards, led by Ken 1945. Rather like Corbyns remaining admiration for the Venezuala President, scorned by almost everyone else.

      1. Jon, led by ken1945??? You do the fans above this comment and who disagree with you down once again.
        They have their own views, but because they don’t agree with yours, some long forgotten labour leader and a president from a South American country are used to denegrate the views of those who disagree with you.
        You might feel that you lead the way with your views Jon, but I have never thought I spoke for anyone but myself and my personal views.

        1. Mken Our relationship on here is fast regressing, so for a time I propose to call a halt to let tempers cool ,on both sides. I do not appreciate and am blazing mad that you choose to misrepresent my posts on Elneny. An apology and explanation would be a good idea. Otherwise…..!

      2. God you whinge like a old lady seriously and your views are not the be all end all of all things Arsenal it’s just YOUR view and it’s not shared by all on most occasions I read on here. Instead of telling everyone they are wrong because they disagree with YOUR view how about you just share yours like a normal person and read the others?

    4. “OOZES CLASS”?Oh dear! Likie refusing a wage cut that his teammates accepted when he could most easily afford it but chose not to. “Class”? What a sick joke!

        1. Oh dear – so congratulating your team mates on winning the first trophy of the season has something to do with your salary and not accepting a wage cut?
          Those rose tinted glasses really should be applied to those who, for whatever reason, want to link these three things together.

      1. Strange as it may seem, i cant give a toss what his social media clap trap says. I want to see a liitle effort to show he is actually earning some of his salary actually fighting for his place, not only in the team but in the squad. As far as i am concerned he is a disgrace to the Arsenal shirt, which he cant even muster an effort to try and get on.

        1. I really hope the club just buy his contract out and move on from him. It’s clear he isn’t going to go on his own free will and I’d rather the club free up the squad space and remove someone that’s clearly checked out on the pitch from the squad because I see it having a negative effect knowing he is not getting resigned. Time to cut our losses and move on from him.

    5. Who wouldn’t maintain class earning cool 350k per week for the next one year whether I play I not? Esp, when I no longer have interest in playing and I no I don’t have to play?

      Come to think if it, how do you define class? By some 2seconds tweets on tweeter saying congratulations?

  5. Please do not post any articles about Ozil utterances. He doesn’t deserve our time. An out and out excuse of a man and a professional footballer.
    Zero pride, if he had he’d leave and his comments are made to stir up shit and destabilize the club and manager. He is a negative influence for our younger players and we should just buy him out. It would be money well spent. Let’s take the hit and move on

  6. I fully feel mesut did really well, in supporting his teammates. Remember he was once MAs teammate and the coach knew him well before. The problem is the board who needs him off the books coz of his wedges, not performance but let’s remember he is now fighting for his benefits which anyone of you guys would do. Leave him alone. Wenger bought him for who he was at Real Madrid, I. e final killer passes

          1. Perhaps the fact that they were both signed under the reign of Arsene Wenger, along with Nelson and Ozil, the man you say the footballing world passed by.

            Heres a interesting fact for you to digest (thanks to Chris and paul35mm on Untold Arsenal):

            Nine of the side that won the Community Shield were signed under the AW era or were part of his academy players – only three players who saw action in that game were signed by someone other than Arsene Wenger – passed him by??? MA must be thanking his lucky stars he was fortunate enough to have inherited such wonderful “deadwood”!!!!

      1. Wenger might have lost support in his last few years but what he done to this club is beyond anything that ours fans could have ever wished for ,I say leave the past in the past and let’s look forward to what Arteta can do for us .
        We will never see another manger in the mould of Wenger as Arsenal fans and fans of the premiership.

          1. Thanks Declan for that insight ,i will stick it in my diary as to not make the same mistake again .
            Cheers bro 👍

          2. Oh and BTW I live in a county where we have 6fingers and toes and regulars still call it Division one 👍

  7. Ok to my friend JJ pawn i think you have followed all were this rain started to rained our lovely player Mesut Oezil bt remember every coach neaded to be respected and even club has it’s rulles to be followed and respected accordingly so let’s give board a chance to solve it, anyway i like & love your contribution thank you

  8. Mesit Özil is the best footballer at arsenal by a long shot, there is no one in that team that can do what he can do. In fact there are very few in the world that can. Our creativity and chance creation are rock bottom and he is not even in the squad, it makes no sense at all! As for congratulating his team mates when he is being frozen out the squad, I think it does show class. Many others in his situation would be sulking and would have said F all

      1. Provided Ozil has two tough physical midfielders to do his tackling and ball winning for him. Without the ball he is a revolving door in midfield.

          1. He is a revolving door in midfield. He doesn’t tackle at all and refuses to press or track the ball. I’m not sure what player you have been watching but it seems it isn’t Ozil if you think otherwise. Wenger, Emery and Arteta all dropped him for those exact reasons and I think they know a lot more then you when it comes to football.

    1. I don’t dispute that his passing game is world class…but when did you last see him even perform like that for us?
      He refuses to press the ball which Arteta wants from this team, he doesn’t track players or drop out to help defend and he walks around the field half the time picking and choosing when he wants to inject himself which for his pay cheque is not good enough.

  9. Ozil WAS class. Just not up to scratch anymore. Shame but TRUE. I know many find it hard to accept however I am not one of them id love PRIME ozil back but wont happen, saying that id love PRIME HENRY AND VERIA back too. They WERE great. But i doubt they would be up to the task either. The same sentiment applies to both situations, some fail to acknowledge that.

    1. GunnerDev, you are confusing two issues.

      This article is about his reaction to his teammates winning the first trophy of the season – he congratulated them, a very classy reaction in my view.

      His ability as a footballer has been discussed many times and I am still to read from anyone that he is the same player he was, when he won a world cup winners medal…two different subjects completely, can you see that now?

      1. I am no confusing anything. I said congratulating team mates is standard but ozil fan seem to think it is amazing when he does this. Its not a bad thing but nothing worthy of all these comments and the article.

        My comment on his ability was in response to other comment who brough up his ability.
        Separate replys to different matter. No confusion at all.

        1. GunnerDev, so where is the message from Guendouzi, if it’s a standard thing to do – or Martinelli’s – or Chambers – or anyone else who missed the game?

          Surely you can see a difference with someone who has been, it seems, frozen out but still has the class to congratulate the players and the club?

          As for bringing in his ability, it was the second reply that started the ball rolling, despite others trying to stay within the articles remit

          As you brought in Wenger, did you have any response to the players who were out on the field yesterday and who signed them by the way?

          1. Anyone who doubts Ozil’s relevance should go and watch the very last match he played for Arsenal before he was frozen out.
            He may not be that young football wise but he is still in his prime ability wise.
            I think all them Ozil non likers who take every chance to demean and humiliate him here are just keyboard warriors engaging in mere verbal exercise.

  10. This continuing saga with Ozil is clearly the result of a poor decision by Management two years ago to overpay the player in excess of his value to the Club, in order to appease the fans after they bungled Alexis Sanchez’s transfer decision; this decision is still haunting the Club today.

    In this context, I am keenly watching the ongoing debates regarding Auba, Lacazette, AMN, Bellerin and especially Martinez and Leno and just wondering if, in two years from now, we will be regretting any of these decisions. Willian’s deal is included here too.

    I am also assuming the Club will survive for another two more years, at least, paying players more than they are worth.

  11. Ken1945
    We all know how he performs on the field of play. He’s an average, all his creativity gone. Performed poorly under Emery and was dropped. Rehabilitated by MA and continued his downward trend.

    1. Howard, so do we ALL KNOW why Arteta played him for every premier league game in 2020, unbeaten of course, up and until the coronavirus lockdown? His rehabilitation seemed to be going very well, as Arteta’s unbeaten side from January to the lockdown shows.

      However, this article is not about his play is it? It’s about the man and his reaction to our two great trophy winning performances without him – no sulking, no tantrums, just a message of congratulations…so please tell me just what is it that you feel he has done wrong here?

      1. Perfectly put Ken
        It was just a post congratulating the team nothing more nothing less .
        For some reason the post by Martin as now bought out the lions to scalp what we posted

  12. Ozil got £350k for this weeks contribution to Arsenal, congratulating his team mates playing for a team, that he should be playing for. I take the view that i couldn’t give two figs for his social media activities in his front room. I want the guy to earn his crust or do the RIGHT thing and take his leave from ripping Arsenal and its fans off.

    1. But he’s not getting picked Reggie so either Arteta dose not deem him good enough or the club want him gone .
      Let’s wait till season starts and then we can see what the outcome is .
      I don’t care what anyone says he is still
      Miles ahead of any attacking player we have at the club .

        1. I have no personal feeling towards the outcome either I will go with whatever Arteta feels is best for the club .

          1. Its a damning question, when we have to ask why isnt Ozil in the team and why isnt he showing more desire to be. I may be proved completely wrong but i think he is just collecting his money and keeping his nose clinically and cynically clean.

          2. Dan, unfortunately for Ozil, Arteta requires work off the ball as well as with it. When Arsenal is playing without possession, having Ozil in midfield, is playing a man short, ie 10 versus 11.

        2. That’s to simple a scenario for some to grasp Dan, if he isn’t selected then he can’t play…is that such a difficult thing to understand?

          But again, this article is about his support for his fellow players and the club – it was obvious that those with an agenda would turn it into his salary and his playing ability…and who would set the ball rolling as well.

          Dan, have you REALLY got 6 fingers/toes – man you crack me up when you get p****d off – I have this image of you now and it just won’t go away!?!?!?!/

          1. Herefordshire Ken
            World best Beef and cider but aliitle bit inbred( or so they say )
            .i live 4miles away form Weston cider if you have herd of it ?
            Great countryside ,Malvern hills on our doorstep and fields for miles and miles .

          2. And like I have said before ,I’ve had a season ticket watching hereford since 1996 ,nearly 400 games home and away .
            Might not seem much but watching a club play with crowds around 1000-2000 thousand every game you appreciate football a lot more

          3. Yes, I remember your love for your local team AND cider mate!!

            You must do a lot of travelling with the away games and I can only say well done for your commitment – it’s unfortunate that the premier league has priced so many fans out of actually being able to support their clubs.

            Up here in Scotland, a friend of mine has just got three season tickets for ST Mirren at a cost of £240 (I think that was the price). I adult and two children and that’s for Scotlands premier league – mind you, they have to give up their seats when Rangers or Celtic play them, as the club can’t turn down the extra revenue!!! It’s a different world, but I shouldn’t moan, as my s/t for The Arsenal cost me just £380 last season …getting older does have some advantages!!!

          4. I should have said Ken up till 2017
            I haven’t been for the last 3 years as they went into administration and got renamed .
            Only been twice since then as the boys have grown up and are doing their own thing .
            When you go to grounds and there are still hot food stalls in the seating corners rather than under ground and the stadiums are 20% full you know you are living the dream 😂

  13. Reading the vast majority of comments on the Ozil saga I decided not to comment unless I could offer a different slant
    I can’t on the question of him congratulating the team.
    He congratulated the team some weeks ago and the same pro and anti Ozil posts abounded – stacks of them
    Unless I can add something new to the debate – which I can’t and nobody else seems to be able to do, then good old Ozil for his congratulations, well done!
    I’m just gobsmacked that we are all repeating the same stuff over and over again

    1. ARE you truly gobsmacked(meaning very surprised) Sue P? Somehow I doubt that you or anyone else on here is. Ozil articles will appear and get comment on both sides until the week he departs next summer, They will not cease entirely even after that. Money for the site you see, so I am not surprised at all and know precisely WHY this site keeps regurgitating them. I believe you also know the same reason but just in case you did not, then you do now.

      1. I must admit jon, you are right and i get fed up stating the obvious about Ozil, every time.🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Jon

        I’m sick of discussing Özil
        I’ve only been following JA since last Autumn and regularly threw my 2pence worth in on him -always I hope without resorting to rudeness. The same people write the same stuff and repeat themselves over and over again. I won’t pass a negative comment again about him having had a reply which said… ‘You call players all sorts of dirty names my fellow gunner’ from an Özil related article. Özil isn’t worth me getting upset over and I’m amazed that he still has the power to extract such positive and negative emotions

          1. Stick to your guns Sue
            Like you said you are fairly new on here but you are in a few posters that I will actually take my time and read what you post .
            Very level headed without getting emotional.👍
            Always enjoy what you post and most of the time I always agree .

          2. A reply to Dan kit
            Thanks for that and likewise to you too
            It’s good to agree or disagree but still maintain a degree of civility

            I’m definitely Oziled out

  14. Ken1945 so if most of those player were wengers we should give him the credit for the fa cup win right?Laughable comment.

    1. Ken 1945 I am Happy to accept the good both ozil and wenger once did. I am also happy to accept they lost there way sadly. Its also sad many are not able to accept there decline and live on past achievements.

    2. No mate, credit for seeing the potential as “other passed him by” and he actually won 7 fa cups under his own name, four of them as “others passed him by” again. so there’s no need to take MA’s away from him is there?

      Come to that, he also won the four Community Shields his team played in “as others passed him by”, so before you ask, he doesn’t need to take credit for MA’s success in that game either.

  15. To be frank this is a useless/unnecessary article that I have yet to fully understand why the author singled out Ozil when Dani, Musti, Laca and a host of others(minus Matteo) sent out tweets to the team right before and after the game! To be brutally honest, this is no article but a long winded ploy to stir up emotions(?) again ’cause it’s good for traffic. We’re better than this.

      1. Thank you, James.
        I also thought Jurgen Klopp, although obviously upset with losing, was magnanimous in his post match interview.

  16. People say they’re fed up/bored with these Ozil articles, yet still comment… you can guarantee exactly who will comment and exactly what they’ll say, before the first comment has even appeared!!
    Me, I’m still buzzing over yesterday 🙂

    1. Sue, me too…buzzing that is…and don’t forget to let me know how your meeting with your workmates go!!!

      As you know, Phil has never missed a cup final since he started supporting The Arsenal, so he was really fed up missing the Chelsea game….guess what he did?

      Got to the nearest pub he could find to Wembley in the early hours and watched it on TV, so he can still say he has been to every Wembley cup final that The Arsenal were involved in!!!

      What a supporter this man is, we agree on most things, including Ozil, yet he and I argue like cats and dogs over AW – then we have a beer/tea afterwards and remain very good friends. I miss his telling viewpoints, as he always made one think about ones stance.
      I offered to lend him AW’s new book when it comes out, strange to say he declined the offer!!!

      1. Will do, Ken 🙂
        Aww good old Phil… should’ve known he’d do something like that, but what I want to know is… did he have a fag hanging out of his mouth and was he shirtless??!! 😄
        Yes I agree about what a supporter Phil is.. but I have to say the same about you, Ken! I bet you’ve missed that journey and can’t wait to do it again!! I know I can’t… went on a train last week – first time since March 7 😉 – wishing it was Emirates bound!!
        Soon hopefully!!
        Yes, loved the banter between you and Phil, especially about THAT t shirt!! One thing I thought was really sweet was one of his last comments on here, when he said you were his friend for life 😊
        Haha, I bet that book will be in his study, he just won’t let on 😂

  17. It’s still early to judge Arteta ability. As the two cups are just secondary importance, only good result(at least top 4) in the coming Premier League could show his managerial skill. Well, will see who has the last laugh at the end of this season, Oziĺ or Arteta.

  18. That’s class from him and am not even a fan of his antics .I hope he can find another team that will value him.

  19. What Orzil didnt know is that he is fully getting that big money with support from his team mates so it is his team mates who are fighting him by not scoring the chances he crated and the only way is for him to start converting some of the chances in to the net. This is what CR7 and MESSI are doing, When the players are not doing what they want then they do it single handedly. and this is where Orzil failed. so he should either accept pay cut to join another club or reduce his wages to 250k to convince his team mates that he is now loyal to the club, and that is the only way he can convince his team mates and the club who will then start giving him the support both in and out of the field. Other wise other clubs are watching what he is doing to Arsenal and for Arsenal both the good and the bad part of it which will tell the next club who HE IS.

  20. “In this country we’re obsessed with midfielders tracking back.”
    💫 “Ozil’s never been that player, he’s all about the final third.”
    👏 “He’s still world class if he gets a manager who plays to his strengths.”
    Andros Townsend says Ozil must leave #Arsenal to regain his form.
    So if the manager knows tackling and tracking back, why do they insist on pushing him to do that?. Dumb you say?

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