Mesut Ozil has his supporters and they do put up a good defence

If you visit the many Arsenal forums, blogs, websites, YouTube channels etc you cannot fail to notice that Mesut Ozil is not popular and that the general consensus is that he should be sold.

I will say straight up, right at the start, that I am one of those that feel he should indeed be sold, that his attitude stinks and that he is a total waste of space who is no better than a Championship player for what he contributes.

But, anyone reading the comments on here will have seen that there are some defenders of Ozil and believe that he is being made a scapegoat for the whole team, that his wages are distorting the facts and that he remains our best player.

Now, I do disagree with that viewpoint but his supporters are entitled to their view, they are Arsenal fans like the rest of us and their opinions are just as valid.

In fact, some of them do make strong arguments which fuels debate and is worth listening to.

So, what are their arguments about Ozil?

I should say that because I am not one of his defenders that I am not able to articulate in the same manner as his defenders but I will try my best.

Mesut Ozil wages are not an issue.

The argument goes that even though he earns £350k a week he is, in fact, the highest generator of money out of all the players and we actually covered that here.

He is held more culpable than any other player when Arsenal lose

His defenders believe that when the defence plays poorly somehow Ozil is blamed just as much, certainly more so than any other attacking player, a viewpoint expressed here.

That his wages are always used when Arsenal play bad

It is true that his wages are mentioned a hell of a lot and that no other Arsenal players salary is mentioned when they play bad, no one says £180k per week Aubameyang missed a penalty that cost us three points. This one you can check on Google yourself.

Unai Emery does not pick teams to Ozil’s strength

The argument is that if Arsenal played to Ozil’s strengths that the team and the player would perform much better as articulated here by former Gunner Jeremie Aliadiere

Ozil is not surrounded by world-class players and his game drops because of this

When he was at Real Madrid he was surrounded by genuine world-class talent and the argument is that it is no coincidence that he played very well then but now he is surrounded by lesser talented players that his game is affected. This is covered beautifully in an article we published in 2017 and some will argue is as true today as it was then.

That he is not lazy

His supporters claim he is not lazy and that the way he plays and carries himself is just his style, that he has always played like that but only now does it seem to be an issue, which Nacho Monreal also mentioned here.

There is a lot more but I think you get the general gist of what is being said in defence of Ozil.

I am not going to take on each of these points, I will leave them there for others to debate and even for his supporters to elaborate on.

All I am trying to do here is say that there are two points of view and that not everyone thinks Ozil is a waste of space and should be sold, that some do feel he is harshly treated and could yet be a huge asset for us.

I suggest that you read this from the Independent, its headline says it all, “Mesut Ozil’s biggest crime at Arsenal isn’t the player he is but the one he isn’t” and it is a very good read that dismantles some of the criticism aimed at Ozil.

You may also want to read this great piece in defence of Ozil and how Arsenal are worse off without him.


  1. Yet another Mesut article… that’s got to be in double figures now surely!! No Admin, I’m not knocking it, as I love Mesut.. just stating a fact ?

  2. After 8 series and 69 hours of joy of watching Game of Thrones I can only imagine that it was Ozil`s fault for the shit ending!

      1. Thing is, Sue, is that many watchers/fans of GoT had rumoured or thought of great endings which were better than the writers ending and this weirdly correlates with Arsenal in that many fans have had better ideas of transfers/tactics/ formations etc than the owners/managers of the club on many occasions !

        When I have been to games I have not only supported the team, but always had an eye on the oppositions players as to wonder which one would be a good buy for Arsenal……… of those was Harry Maguire years ago who I thought was the classiest player on the pitch and cheap !

        1. Wasted in your van then, Le Coq.. should have been a scout ?
          Do you get to many games? Bit of a trek from Cornwall?

          1. Didn`t go last season, Sue and gave up my red membership in a lone stance against Kroenke for his lack of investment, as when you think about it we as fans even buying a £3 programme invest more in the team than the billionaire owner has ever done !
            We invest in the team and get something back other than cash, Kroenke invests in shares and would get an enormous multi million pound winfall if he sold………..if only !

            As for when I do eventually come up for a game it only takes 4 hours from Cornwall which for someone who drives for a living is nothing !

          2. Well I take my hat off to you for doing that, Le Coq.. I don’t think I could.. I’m also red..
            4 hours is quite a trek, bet the journey home is a pisser, after a loss!! ? although there’s alcohol to help with that & then look forward to your Missus beating you with your Arsenal slippers ?
            I live near Oxford, so not that long on the train!
            I can’t see Stan ever selling up ?

  3. Mesut Ozil should be sold simply because he hasn’t performed.There’s no real agenda against him but when you play for a club like Arsenal these things are expected.Hence look at how some Utd fans talk about Pogba as if he’s the problem.We were wrong in giving him that contract and I was against it even at the time because I believed he wasn’t worth it.Arsenal acted cowardly instead of selling him to a rival and reinvesting.Its not about being a selling club but it’s about selling and reinvesting wisely.Hence why a club like Athletico Madrid will continue to compete at the highest level even if they sell their best players.I hope the new management doesn’t make the same mistakes again.I recently read stories about how Arsenal were planning to offer Auba and Laca new bumper deals and felt it would be a regrettable decision.

    1. Spot-on kev. I hope the board of directors and Arsenal’s management remember how their players always worked extra hard in the field just to get new contract

      Walcott and Ozil did that to get huge increase, then slacking off. Sanchez and Martial also did it to Man United, then become cancer to the club (I hope they enjoy the karma from taking Van Persie and Sanchez from us)

      Imagine if Aubameyang and Lacazette get a nice bumper for their salaries, then stop putting in extra efforts in the field. We would have three passengers in the front

      1. has auba even put in extra effort to begin with? Giving him a massive bumper would be a huge mistake.

  4. Ozil and some other players have been playing poorly in the last three seasons, therefore they must be sold as soon as possible

    These underperforming stars have been blocking the youngsters from promotions. The coach has to select them because of their influence in the dressing room and their high wages would be a huge waste if they don’t play

    Had Emery used a winger instead of a no 10, the result could be different. Unfortunately we have to accommodate Ozil and Mkhitaryan in that position again next season

    1. I’d accommodate Ozil in the U23s squad until he leaves on his own terms. 350zil, please leave. We need to strengthen the club to at least win the top 4 trophy.

  5. Can any ozil supporter tell me the last time Ozil played 5 good games , How can anybody defend this liability ? Man Utd fans wan pogba out and he scored 15 goals and 12 assists this season .I have always said it that Most people you see who support Ozil online are not Arsenal fans .Anybody can look good in Madrid , That was 7 years ago .

    1. I’m a big fan of Mesut Ozil.I also follow Arsenal Football Club.I missed a total of 5 games last season and that’s Home Away AND Europe.But as I like Ozil I’m not a fan according to you.Is that what your saying PAL?I believe I missed 4 games the season before and only 2 the season before that.But I’m not an Arsenal fan?
      I bet I’ve missed more games that you have seen from the comfort of your armchair.Get your posts in context before you sit in judgement PAL

      1. Phil, I actually looked good in Madrid when I was on holiday, just getting the record straight.

        Andrei has a very short memory span when he asks for five games that Ozil played well in don’t you think?

        Wasn’t it five games in a row when UE selected his four best players, Ozil, Ramsey, Lacs and Aba that saw us win five games on the trot?

        Another great comment from gotanidea as he gets on Ozil’s back once again:
        “The manager has to select these players because of their influence in the dressing room”.

        1.What influence would that be gotanidea?
        The fact that the other players respect him and what he brings to the team perhaps…please explain further.
        If, after all, Ozil was the reason the team was losing, would they then NOT be influenced by him?

        2.”The manager has to select these players”.
        Is it because he has no idea how to handle players?
        Is it because he sees the value of the players concerned?
        Is it because he knows how much the player earns?
        Is it because he feels obliged to select him because of what he earns even if (as you see it) he hasn’t performed since his salary increase?
        is it because he wants to sell him?
        Is it because he wants to keep him?

        Please don’t come up with the excuse that, due to there being no one else available, he had to play him, even you couldn’t come to that conclusion could you?

        Would you rather have seen him running off the field, skipping and laughing, shaking his team mates hands, slapping UE on the back for substituting him and sit back down on the bench, waving to the fans?

        Or could it just have been that he was pissed off with his and the teams performance, along with UE taking him off and reacted in the way most every other player would have done, knowing he would be collecting a losers medal and not playing in the CL next year?
        After all gotanidea, win or lose he was still going to get his salary wasn’t he?
        So why DID he react in the way he did???

        1. Ken-The sort of post only you could write.And I would say that over the past two years you have written enough of these to defend numerous players ( and a certain manager that I will not name as I’m sure Mr Wenger will continue to dominate headlines through the years) not just Mesut Ozil.
          The replies won’t come back Ken because they unfortunately do not have the intelligence to actually answer their own posts.The word “Clickbait” is used a lot on this site.Im not even sure it’s a proper word. But it really does highlight the fact most contributors on this site really do need to think before they send in their posts.
          Take Admin Martin (do you not feel it’a bit like a Roman Catholic Priest the way we have to name him?Much preferred Pat.Not sure Father Martin is the write handle but I’m sure you get my meaning).AMart said from the beginning of his article what he thought of Ozil.Its not the first time he has advised us of this opinion.Yet the article actually gave everyone the opportunity to read articles that supported the player.I read them all and the one from the Independent was a very well written piece.Did any of these other Ozil detractors have the sense to read these.Of course not.Thats what makes their own replies so meaningless in my view.They are convinced it’s Ozil who is the problem and that’s it as far as they are concerned.Thats why they never get any respect for anything they post.
          Ken -let’s face it Mesut Ozil failed to live up to expectations last season.You and I know this and have NEVER argued this fact.There are many others on this site who recognise that something is wrong somewhere when a supremely talented footballer is not performing to his undoubted abilities on a consistent basis.We recognise this.We struggle to understand the problem.What we refuse to accept is this all the players fault.Lazy.No work rate.Thinks only of his money.Dosent care.Its pathetic that the same old things are spouted out by all these so called experts.And let’s face it we all know who they are.
          Anyway I could go on all morning Ken but congratulations on submitting a reply that shows there is an argument to everything if written the correct way and you yet again have my total respect for how you have given all those posters you aimed at something to think about,The problem is that’s far too hard for most of them to do -THINK.
          Now -on to Father Martin.What can we do about that?

      2. What is your point really ? The question is has he performed for the last two seasons , Did you see Pogba stats last season despite not been a form , Did you watch the final ? Did you see the way ozil performed? How many times have we seen that type of performance in the last 2 years ? Are you so deluded that you think he will perform better next season all of a sudden ? Ozil is done on the big stage .

        1. Andrei, sorry but you are backtracking on your first post that you wrote and the question you asked!!

          1. The question was NOT has he performed over the last two seasons, go back and read the article, click on the relevant articles supplied within and debate the issues arising from them by professional writers and ex-players…not your so-called “online supporters”.

          2. “When did Ozil last play five good games for The Arsenal”…that was answered fully and yet you ignore the answer!!!!!
          3. “Most people you see online are not real Arsenal supporters”….Phil gave you his stats, can you come even near to that level of support?
          Would you not accept that, with that kind of knowledge of our players, his views might just be worth reading and digesting?
          If you do not agree with him, identify the areas of concern and then debate with this “online supporter”, who will no doubt explain further and in great detail what you might be missing…of course you could persuade him otherwise.
          By the way, Phil and I debate and disagree on quite a few things, as his post indicated, so it will be a lively and worthwhile exchange of views!

          IF YOU attend any of our games, please explain the support given to Ozil by the fans, who sing his praise?
          After all, THEY are not online supporters are they?

          I’m not concerned about Pogba or manure and what they did last season…the fact they finished below us and didn’t appear in a european cup final was a great source of enjoyment, especially as (according to you) we have been carrying ozil for the last two seasons.

          To ask ANY Arsenal supporter if he actually watched the final???…yes I saw Ozil and the rest of the team underperform, did you just watch Ozil then?

          Was you pleased with the performances of lacs and aba, for example, who couldn’t score a goal between them, while we relied on a brilliant cameo performance by Iwobi to see us score?
          Perhaps you missed that, trying to follow every move Ozil made?

          I might be deluded in thinking that UE and Ozil COULD just perform better next season, along with the rest of the squad.
          Then, if we qualify for the “big stage” you and I will see what happens.
          As we haven’t qualified, your personal view that he is “done on the big stage” holds no relevance whatsoever does it…so what is YOUR point really?

          1. My point is moving forward , Ozil is inconsistent, easily nullified in games , His fans always raved about stats , That is gone now. I Don’t think his going to get better .Silva is smaller than Ozil in terms of size and still adapted his game to the Premier league , Ozil has shown that he can not be motivated , he can’t up his game, I think we can agree on that .Next season if he will continue to be targeted by opposing midfield, he will continue to be nullified in games , This man can’t even play away from home .We are all Arsenal fans here and we want this great club to grow but we need to stop blindly supporting players that have fallen off .There is no shame in admitting that this man is not what he used to be that’s all I am saying .

    2. I have no problem with what Mezut Ozil is paid; I do have a problem that his output and contribution to the team on the field are not commensurate with his salary.

      1. ozziegunner, could you not apply that to every professional player in the world?

        What footballer is worth £35,000 a week, let alone the reported £350,000 a week that Ozil earns, from their output and contribution?
        Why pass judgement on one man, when the whole obscene sporting arena is made up of overpaid, underperforming, god given talented people who, like all human beings, accept what they are offered for the “work” they do?

        I most certainly do have a problem with what he is paid, along with Alexis, Ronaldo, Messi etc etc.
        Is (purely as an example) Jenkinson worth the reported £35,000 a week for his output and contribution…or Alexis for his reported £500,000?
        Two examples of how football has gone completely nuts and the unfortunate thing is that if The Arsenal don’t go along with it, they will become obsolete.

        1. ken, I don’t disagree about over payment of professional sports men and women; my point is I compare the performance of Ozil, Jenkinson et al with players playing the same positions and the salaries they are being paid.

  6. you’ve got players like Ndombele calling Spurs a “big club”, meanwhile we are STILL debating whether a 30 year old with 2 assists, on 350k a week is good enough. We’re hopeless, smh.

    1. We have such player available in the market but Arsenal is busy with Praet. We are clamouring Xhaka should be sold but I’m scared about his replacement.

  7. Unfortunately I think Ozil came down with chronic case of Walcott syndrome.

    Symptoms include
    1. Uptick in performances as contract expiration nears
    2. Predictable bouts of invisibility in key moments of matches
    3. Loss of strength and coordination causing individual to stumble and fall with the slightest touch of opponent
    4. Bouts of indifference and complacency

    Symptoms can often be temporarily relieved by an increase in wages.

    Unfortunately there is no known cure, however tests have shown that isolation or relocation can keep the disease from spreading.

    Recent reports also indicate that moderate success has been seen with swift kicks in the backside, rockets, and hairdryer treatments.

  8. I get it that he has his fans, they like other aspects about him, but going on what we see purely on the pitch…how can anyone defend his performances?

    And yes, his wages ARE important! If you have a player on a low wage, then you don’t expect much from them, but you do expect a lot from your highest earner, and one of highest earners in the entire league!

    Ozil has had more than enough “chances”, yet he was given one last chance with Ramsey’s injury at the end of the season. Ozil almost never steps up when we need him, but he had a great opportunity to help us secure CL football, and win the EL. As always, he did absolutely nothing in the run-in! Most other Arsenal players were very poor at the end as well, but at least we can say that most of them contributed at some point during the season, whereas Ozil has been a ghost!

    His attitude is a disgrace! Terrible role model for young players!

  9. Unai is the problem not Ozil. When you walk into a club,play to the strength of the players at hand not your strength. Y attacking players like Henrik and Ozil suffering under Unai?? His still not sure he can field both Auba and Laca. I wld ve thought having Auba and Laca was well thought of by Wenger,and Ozil,Ramsey or Henrik were to complement them upfront. But he prefers Iwobi. We took the wrong turn in Unai.

    1. @ Ian people like you surprise me . Miki had his best season under Emery and he didn’t have a better season because of Ozil played in his preferred position , Ozil on the under hand has been a finished article for 2 seasons now no need to hide that fact , I will repeat this not because of bias but plain truth Iwobi was a better player than both last season and if you fill otherwise your knowledge of football is either questionable or you have a thing against the player . if MEsut and Miki where so good am sure buyers would be at our doorstep for these players have you heard even a chinese club show interest even for free .And Mesut played 35 games last season with 2 assists untie with Mancity Goalkeeper.

      1. Gizzle, if Iwobi was as good as you say, can you name the buyers on our doorstep making enquires?

        In case you have forgotten, PSG wanted Ozil on loan in January, but he told the club he wanted to stay.

        I do agree that Ozil is the finished article however, as his cv points out quite clearly.

    2. Do you watch matches? I’m not defending anyone but if he had used Ozil in place of Iwobi in most games,we would have ended 10th. Iwobi does not score goes nor is he as talented as Ozil,but he plays his heart unlike unconcerned Ozil. He is lazy and mostly uninterested when playing.

  10. Us Gooners know very well that Ozil and Mkhitaryan played crab football for Arsenal last season and even in the season before the the last one in the PL not contributing anything significant to Arsenal efforts to enabled the club to finish in the top-four places in the PL table. And ozil was missing in the game for Arsenal in the Europa League Cup final against Chelsea that Arsenal should have won had he played very well in the game for Arsenal and take control of it for Arsenal. And Mkhitaryan abstained himself from the match under the pretext of his country still technically at war with Azerbaijan where the final was played despite that Arsenal are not playing against any Azerbaijani club side in the final that could cause tension to rise in the stands among the Azerbaijan club side fans if Mkhi’ had played for Arsenal more so if he had scored for the club.

    Anyway, can Ozil and Mkhi’ if for once next season regain their lost top form for Arsenal to play incredibly for the club contributing to the Gunners effort that could see Arsenal win titles next season, and be back to favour at the club and among us Gooners? For the pair becoming advancing in age and couple with the fact of Ozil regularly falling sick every winter to miss many games for the club, and Mkhi’ becoming injury prone than ever since his arrival to the Emirates Stadium. I for one can’t trust the pair to regain their lost form for Arsenal next season. Even if they manage to do it, it may be very temporary and not last.

    But which elite club side in the Europe’s 5 top League will be prepared to sign on Ozil and Mkhi’ this summer window on their current wages at Arsenal? Honestly, I can see any elite club side in the top 5 European Leagues that will sign these Gunners pair on the wages they are earning now at Arsenal.

    Therefore, Arsenal could against the club wish be forced to still keep the pair at the club next season. Save if any Chinese Super League club sides popup to make a bid for them to be transfer to any of them and be prepared to pay them their Arsenal wages. Are these duo Gunners laughing at Arsenal knowing that the club could be forced to retain them next season for not finding any suitable buyers for them this summer? And consequently they will still be nicking a massive living at Arsenal.

  11. Phil, now listen PAL, it is obvious to anyone who knows about football…
    It was those six games you missed in the last two seasons that defined Ozil as a lazy, disinterested, overpaid, untalented, disgraceful attitude of a player and that’s why your opinion is not worth digesting!!!

    What on earth can you possibly see in this man, whose mental fragility and body language singles him out as a complete failure?
    He doesn’t even run up and down the pitch and gets upset when substituted in a cup final, he didn’t even smile aand wave at the fans as he came off…what a disgrace to our younger players.

    All those morons and dullards who decided to put his name on their shirts are just like you…armchair critics missing six games in two seasons – what do you know PAL?

    I bet you have renewed your season ticket in order to see him again next season and support kronkie in his quest to destroy our club and lose him a fortune while it happens…get a grip PAL!!

  12. Ken, you’re so funny! Take a bow, Sir.. that was bloody brilliant ???
    Love your chats with Phil – as he’s bloody hilarious too!!

    1. Sue-that’s just no stopping the man when he’s on it.And not too many of Ozils hate mob have replied have they?

      1. Too right Phil..Ken’s responses are superb! Says exactly the right thing, has an answer for everything.. says it all in such a cool, calm manner & pretty much shuts everyone up!! Bit like you, Phil! ? brilliant!! ?

  13. I like most fans also think it is time ozil went and is not the player he once was.
    However I also get on board with a couple of the arguments.
    1. I believe with certain players around him and played in his natural position he could be a very useful player for us once again.
    2. The laziness thing for me is not an issue. It is just his style and again if he was paired with the right midfield to cover his ass and do that work for him it would allow him to be the player he was.

    Having said this I still believe we can get better but we have to accept that certainly this year I doubt he is leaving. Therefore we need players to compliment him allowing us to get the best out of him while he is still with us.
    I would suggest 2 hardworking cm/dms to cover his ass and skillful wingers where he can be that central distributer.
    Make no mistake since we lost carzola ozil is our best player at being able to hold the ball from the opposition and slow the game up or speed it up as needed.

    Conclusion we are not getting rid this year so figure out a way to get the best out of him while we still have him.

  14. IMO the lad is being let down
    1. All the years he had Giroud, Theo in front of him, now he has Laca & Auba – all are not of his standards!
    2. Sanchez crossed over to Manchester and got a whopping 500K/week, the lad remained “loyal” and got a mere 350K/week – demotivating!
    3. He has to put up with rubbish midfield and defense – in short the remaining 10 players around him are rubbish!
    4. He his not expected to defend, he is an assist creator – true, you do not expect Leno to score goals, how can you expect Mesut to defend!
    5. You expect him to score goals – yeah, does Auba save goals?
    6. The coach is “no coach” – Very true, check his stint at PSG. Arsene is jobless too. Ironically his favorite coach Jose is jobless too.
    7. EPL has no winter break – very true, how can you expect him to play every week. He has other commitments too. He is just a human. Leave the rest 19 teams x 11 players who play for their badge aside.He is a way too classy to be compared to them.

    Enough of Ozil debates, move him off the club or else let him train alone. He will set a bad example to the juniors if he trains with the U23/U18. Enough of the BS we have heard over the years. Nice person, poor footballer.Over and out!

    1. Crap….
      If u are expected to play well with 10 world best players around you how does that make you any good auba won the golden boot with bad players as u said… big players make the difference even if they play with under 21 team…
      Ozil has been so poor than am astonished how anyone will come in his difference saying unai is the problem no problem but am still trying to remember what he did to save Wengers job hazard perform season after season with different coaches most of whom Emery is better than…he can pop up with something special doesn’t make him our best player that people always say is he even better than xhaka hell no……
      Cazorla is 10 times better than ozil at his best

      1. Points 1-7, I have complied from reading all previous posts/apologies from the Ozil worshipers, the last paragraph are my views. As you rightly mentioned, the beginning of the end came with Carzola’s injury and final nail is with Ramsey leaving!Poor judgement from Emery to let him leave. And trust me we will look at some free bee as his replacement, while Ozil, Mkhi, Xhaka and Elneny continue to be on board for next season.

  15. Crap….
    If u are expected to play well with 10 world best players around you how does that make you any good auba won the golden boot with bad players as u said… big players make the difference even if they play with under 21 team…
    Ozil has been so poor that am astonished how anyone will come in his diffence saying unai is the problem no problem but am still trying to remember what he did to save Wengers job hazard perform season after season with different coaches most of whom Emery is better than…he can pop up with something special doesn’t make him our best player that people always say is…Is he even better than xhaka hell no……
    Cazorla is 10 times better than ozil at his best


  16. I’d just look at his stats. 5 goals and 4 assists in 24 games he played seems to me like a player that doesn’t deserve to be in the first team and definitively like a player that doesn’t deserve his wages. But, hey. Let’s defend him.

  17. Reading most of the defense about Ozil is Crinkum-Crankum,this higi- haga will continue to spell doom for the club by the new season at hand, l have come to the conclusion that, anyone in support of retaining his service at Arsenal, is a mediocre with low medulla oblongata. I will prefer even our academy players if we don’t have enough liquid ratio to purchase the desirable players.

  18. How many clean sheets did we have on the road this year? Our defense is trash. We play from behind way too much. Ozil cant play all 11 positions and get closed down super quick cuz they know the players behind him are not good enough. Xhaka and Mustafi take turns giving games away losing the ball in their won half. Its a mess that starts at the top. Leadership sucks, they spend their money foolishly and expect a garbage defense to keep us in games. Ozil is fine we need better players behind him that dont play like trash.

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