Mesut Ozil has not earned the right to have a go at anyone

Mesut Ozil reaction at the end of the Brighton game was out of order.

One of the talking points from the 2-1 home loss to Brighton was the Mesut Ozil rant at the end of the game.

No one is sure who he was venting against but vent he did, however, according to former Man Utd and England international Owen Hargreaves, the German playmaker did not do enough in the game to warrant his outburst.

He said, per the Sun: “You can’t play that way and be critical of the coaching staff.

“If he plays with his heart on his sleeve you could accept it, obviously if Freddie say that he wouldn’t be happy.’

“I don’t think it was aimed at Per, it was aimed at Freddie.

“He didn’t do enough, Mesut Ozil.

“To have that reaction… I love Mesut Ozil more than anyone, but he didn’t do enough in the game to warrant that reaction.

“I love him in a functioning team, he’s one of the best creators and best passers we’ve had in the Premier League. He is, he can do that.

“As a football player he’s a beautiful player to watch but his intensity levels aren’t good enough at this level.

“Too many managers have accommodated that and that’s why he struts around and plays that way.

“But essentially if Freddie is going to say ‘I’m going to play you, Mesut, but I need you to lead’. He didn’t, definitely not.

“If you’re a manager at some point there’s got to be consequences for the player. That’s unacceptable.”

I make Hargreaves 100% correct. If there was anyone that deserved to be ranted at it is Ozil and his teammates. Yet again, he never showed up when he was desperately needed. He was not the worst player on the field but he was still woeful.

All that screaming and stamping of feet by some fans to get him back in the team has only shown how poor he has become.

I know some of his supporters will take umbrage to those comments but I will just point to his performances since his return to the team and say, there you go, that is what you wanted and look how he has repaid you.

Arsenal needs fighters in a game, not someone throwing a tantrum after the game.


  1. Wow. Ozil has the right, just as anyone else to express himself. How do you have the nerve to criticise the guy, when don’t even know what his beef is and who, what if anyone it was directed at…This criticism for every petty action is a bit over the top…

    1. Actually he doesn’t have the right, because of his consistently lacklustre, passionless, extremely expensive unproductive performances. What have we been paying him of late? 5 million per assist?

    2. Over the top, but not unexpected is it NY-Gunner?
      Damned for, supposedly, showing no feelings to the fans and club, then damned for showing his feelings after yet another awful team performance.

      Wouldn’t it have been nice to see at least one other player showing his frustration on Thursday night?
      No, they just trudged off, heads down and feeling sorry for themselves – not Ozil, he was livid and rightly so…wasn’t every single fan as well?

      This criticism follows on from freddie stating that the team were, once again, scared of the opposition, with players out of position, better players on the bench, luiz caught out yet again, the team as woeful as ever, a half empty stadium, fans at near desperation level, poor old freddie out of his depth, new coach still to be announced and our most expensive signing sitting on the bench.

      Dear old Hargreaves, the ex spud just like cundy, knew they would have a ready audience to agree with him.

  2. One of the biggest mistakes Wenger made was to sign Ozil to a new contract.He had himself to blame for putting himself in a situation where he would possibly lose both Ozil and Sanchez. He chose the easier option rather than lying the bed he made and allowing both to go.
    Anyway Ozil was average in the last game but wasn’t helped by being played at LW. He’s already past it so he must be played in his proper position. He seemed frustrated all game and he finally took out his frustration on his teammate. I can see what Ljungberg wants to do but the players he’s picking are a big problem

      1. True that but Ljungberg doesn’t help himself by starting him out wide and then later moving him centrally when it was obvious he wasn’t going to do much at wide.
        A shame because I see what Ljungberg is trying to do but the team he’s picking goes against his tactics.

  3. Current coach candidates as things stand are; Arteta, Howe, Vieira and Marcelino.
    Rodgers to Arsenal is off as Leicester have moved quickly to tie him to a new deal with a higher release clause.

    Eddie Nketiah will be recalled from his loan at Leeds and most likely join Bristol City. Hertha Berlin, Augsburg and Hoffenheim are all interested in loan deals for Smith-Rowe whilst Mavropanos is a loan target for Augsburg and Olympiacos.

    1. No Pochettino and Nuno?

      Howe can only beat Wenger once and he is never able to beat Emery, hence I doubt he can improve Arsenal. We need a manager that knows Arsenal’s weaknesses

      1. Dude let it go with Howe, stop judging managers like that. How many times did Wenger ever got the best of Mourinho despite all the games between both of em?
        How many times did Wenger beat Pep Guardiola’s team?
        Apparently you expected Howe’s Bournemouth to turn Bayern Munich on us? Bro we’ve always had the better squad and everything better than Bournemouth. Stop making it look as if Howe’s inability to beat a certain managers in our history takes away his abilities. Every manager have their one nemesis in another manager.

        BTW, stop expecting Poch, I’ve told you Poch ain’t interested in the job. He’s interested in United’s job.

      2. Nuno ain’t coming and neither is Poch.

        Out of those mentioned we know Vieira is not good enough yet.
        Howe has done well if you consider financial circumstances. You think Pep would get top 4 with a Bournemouth squad?
        Marcelino I like based on things I read about him – e.g. how he got rid of the Mendes influence that Nuno brings with him. But the language and a new league issue?

        My preferred order among those 4 would be: 1. Arteta, 2. Howe, 3. Marcelino 4. Vieira

  4. Arsenal need a scary manager like Alex Ferguson to handle those divas and social media celebrities, not Mr Nice Guys like Henry and Ljungberg. Had Alex Ferguson managed Arsenal, he would have given a hair-dryer treatment to Ozil-Mustafi-Kolasinac-Xhaka gang

    Had Simeone had an EPL experience as a player, he would be the perfect candidate to bring the discipline back to Arsenal

  5. What I can’t fathom out Admin Martin is why you love a player who you yourself say is not working hard enough. To my straightforward and logical mind, ALL players who refuse to work hard enough are cheating the club, the fans, their teammates, the game and themselves. I do not get sidetracked by peripheral nonsense about “he can do this or can do that”. If he doesn’t work his socks off, then for me , no matter who he is, I want him gone. Lazy players are cancer in any team game. Imagine a lazy rugby player and ask yourself how long he would last! HE WOULD BE SORTED OUT BY HIS TEAMMATES, THE SAME DAY, IN THE DRESSING ROOM. Football matches are battles, not vicars tea parties and we need battlers, NOT cake makers or flower arrangers! In other words, MEN!

    1. Martin, I owe you an apology. On properly reading your article again, I realise it was HARGREAVES, NOT YOU, WHO SAID HE LOVES OZIL.

      1. Jon I thought Owen made it clear and simple? That “He loves Ozil in a FUNCTIONING team?”
        I ain’t creating any excuse for Ozil, but my point is I don’t think you should question or be lost as to why Owen said what he said.
        Everyone of us can agree Ozil is now a luxury player, who can properly function in a balanced team. It’s just a thin line between understanding and misunderstanding Owen’s statements

        1. The excuses for him are too many. I remember a period in 17/18 where Ozil was bossing it
          That season Arsenal were really bang average yet Ozil showed he could perform even when the others around him were average. Even in 15/16 where he was great our strikers weren’t that great yet you could see his impact and how good he was. I’ve also watched him play average in so called functioning teams. The guy is past it but because the other player’s around him are poor some pundits shift the blame to the system rather than consider his actual performances

        2. Eddie You say “everyone agrees…… who can properly function in a balanced team” Well I am a person who does NOT agree. Ozil has been too lazy for his entire time here and had only one top season out of his six. He is idle, has no fight, no passion and is a player no balanced and HUNGRY side – which all too sides need to be- could afford to carry. He is a luxury passenger and no use to any side. He is frankly a has been these days . People keep caling him a world cup winner. WELL, SO WAS BOBBYBY CHARLTON AND NO ONE SAYS HE IS STILL A TOP PLAYER. Same with idle Ozil, in my view.

      2. So Jon-everyone knows your opinion on Mesut Ozil.So how did you feel back in 1971 when George Graham was in the side.A player who openly admitted he never believed in applying workrate to his game as he felt his best work was finding space and working only in the attacking half of the pitch? This a player who left the field with his kit as clean as when he started.Did your blind hatred extend to GG? Or is it only something you dredge up for Ozil?

        1. Ah, the mere mention of George Graham


          Stoic, disciplinarian, stubborn , organised, 4 4 2 man who won a pot or two- then he got greedy (shouldn’t have gone there George).

          1. @AJ-He certainly had a completely different stance on discipline and workrate as a manager than he ever did as a player.Just waiting for Jons thoughts though.

        2. Introducing red herrings like GG, who was lazy, are irrelevant to the Ozil debate, as you well know Phil. Ever thought of becoming a politician ; that is what those frauds do, try to change the subject when their argument is beaten. You refuse to see the all too evident idleness in Ozil that many GOONERS DO AND STILL , EVEN NOW, REFUSE TO ACCEPT HE IS A PALE SHADOW OF THE PLAYER HE ONCE WAS. He suffers from Walcottitis; lack of spine, lack of passion and an addiction to an easy comfortable life, not seeming to care whether or not he plays. He is a young newly married man with more money than he can ever sensibly spend, living in vibrant London and, unlike us lot on her, NOT a fan of the club. In fact, most players are not fans either, as realists know. In a perverse way and as he has no real love for the club and its success, I can hardly blame his idleness. If I were in his comfy position but at a foreign club I did not passionately care for, I would probably do the same. Except that I have personal pride!

          1. Well Jon/how do typical of you. You have no answer so try to spin it so nobody noticed your most obvious contradictions. Nothing less than expected.

          2. George “Stroller” Graham as a player, still did well enough to contribute to a team which won the European Fairs Cup 1970 and Arsenal’s first League/FA Cup Double in 1970/71.
            As for George Graham as manager, the majority of the current squad wouldn’t survive under him. If he couldn’t sort out this Arsenal defense today, then no one can. Bring him back to help Ljundberg.

  6. How do you say a certain player doesn’t have the rights to rant or vent after a game the team loss? Anybody could be in that mood, even Willock could be in that mood after that game and there’s totally nothing wrong with it.
    What, are you guys expecting him to laugh and celebrate off into the sunset?
    Like you said, he wasn’t the worst player on the pitch, even if he didn’t do enough, I’m sorry but as long as you’re not the worst player on the pitch you have every right to vent and get mad.
    It’s normal, I don’t see why we’ve been making a fuss out of the Ozil and PEA getting mad issue when we have a lot more going on around the club.

    According to what ive read from this guy i trust and he’s been over 80% right most of the time regarding Arsenal. We’ll be getting a defender this Jan, a big money signing, ONLY if we get a coach before then. Apparently it’s a promise they’re making to each manager so far. I dunno who TF takes over two weeks to seek and interview managers midway thru the season.

  7. If our players are scared, they should all just defend as a team against W Ham. Includinh Aubameyang. Therefore the team would release pressure off of fragile defense.

    Defend as a team, build up confidence. Its probably mentally draining going 1-0 down inside 30 minutes.

    Defend as team, and it will be easier to start an attack.

  8. Freddie plays the same mob of players and expects a different result. Why not drop some?

    Try Chambers and Mustafi rather than the 2 clowns, they couldn’t be worse.

    Try PARKING Luiz as a DM to shield the 2 CB’s; a roaming DM has not worked yet this year.

    Try Laca on the LW not Auba, Pepe on RW and play Auba as the Striker; at least Laca will track on the LW.

    Drop Willock for Guendouzi, in CM.

    I hope Freddie tries new ideas, and not repeat Emery’s mistakes hoping for a different result.

    1. Mustafi comes in to play one match and he looked worse than Sokratis looked all season. Pukki was just walking through him against Norwich. Lest we forget that Mustafi and David Luiz as a pairing is a ticking time bomb. I don’t rate Sokratis or Luiz either but I believe Sokratis should make way for another CB rather than Mustafi

  9. I’ll start Martinelli or Lacazette in the number 10 position for the next game.

    ___Saka Martinelli/Lacazette Pepe
    __________Xhaka Guendouzi

    We need width and need to play an aggressive #10

  10. Glen (if I was an ice cream I’d lick myself) Hoddle has weighed in as follows, this after Brighton ;

    “Well, stop moaning and get on the ball and do the business on the pitch.

    “He went missing. Most of the time I watched the game I couldn’t see him. The only time I saw him was taking corners and set-plays.

    “I’m thinking: ‘Get on the ball, you’re the No 10, you’re the one who can open teams up.’ It looks to me as if he’s lost his ambition.”

    Agree / disagree, or simply not bothered what Hoddle has to say.

    1. Is what he saying untrue? Look beyond the personalities saying these things and consider whether their comments have merit.
      Trouble is, so many outside the club can see some of the problems. At the moment this team needs people who are going to give everything on the pitch and Özil is not that player. There isn’t enough quality or grit elsewhere in the team to allow for a luxury player like Özil.
      For him to be having a go at other people would be laughable if the situation was not so serious.
      His passion should be seen on the pitch when playing; not having a public bust up with other team members or coaching staff.
      I’ve just seen Everton put in a dogged display against Chelsea such that I have not seen by Arsenal for a long time. I would suggest people watch the game and compare with Arsenal’s recent performances.


      1. Well I do not agree-and I would be pretty certain of knowing a bit more about football than you.Again, its very easy to jump on the bandwagon but I seem to find it very very easy to find flaws in your opinions. Try giving an answer- what was your opinion of George Graham in 1971. Not too hard for you.Is it?

  11. Did Iwobi’s biggest fan leave Arsenal website and go over to Eve website, what ever happened to that guy, good luck mate at least we know now that you weren’t our unlucky charm, we still need to find the jinx. I went away for a while and stopped any pre match ritual to see if it was me, but no, it continued, and Xhaka was taking out of firing line but we got worse, it’s not him either, nor Mustafi, we are getting closer to finding the little bugger though, any day now, any day now, we shall be released. It has to be just the one jinx, I think Admin mentioned something about it in an article the other week, about the spot of trouble we’re in and us being cursed or something. We football fans are a very superstitious bunch, most of us are anyhow. Anyone have any ideas on how to break this thing, does anyone know any Wicca women, or what about a new username created this season, maybe burn some incense as we delete/change it.

  12. Ozil and his attitude are symptomatic of Arsenals problems. He isn’t on his own but he isn’t giving this club value for money, he is over payed, over played, over hyped and totally underwhelming.

    1. Interesting one.

      I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the theory that the modern disease of player power and cliques have taken a firm grip in our dressing room.

  13. OT..Seems like the new manager bounce works for everyone except us!!
    Glad for Everton and Big Dunc though.. they needed that after Wednesday.
    I hope we see a reaction on Monday!

  14. I’d rather talk post-Auba situation. The guy is the sole reason we’re not in the relegation battle and he is sure to leave in January. As in, bookies should ban betting on it.
    So, what do you guys think should be done with the money?
    What defender can come to the Emirates for 50 million quid?

    1. I will take Luca Jovic any day plus Money for Auba or direct swap with no cash involved the main problem at Arsenal for the past 10 years has been prayers balance on 1st 11, not a Coach or manager, main problem our defence, DM, playmaker and lethal finisher like Jovic apart from Pepe, not body in our forward can shot from distance even out of penalty box and EPL does not suit Toreirra and Saka, Guandozi and Willock they are not ready and, EPL is a big boy league if we are not done with experiment lets keep trying until we find out we are fighting relegation.

    2. Well I will gladly accept your bet that he will leave in Jan. As you think it a certainty you will give long odds to me when I BET HE WILL NOT LEAVE IN JAN. Shallwe agree on a grand at odds of two to one that he will stay. That way I collect two thousand from you on Feb 1st. HOWEVER I am firmly of the opinion he will leave next summer. I will let you off the bet, if you admit the silines of your above statement about the club allowing him to go in Jan, given that he is the one most likely to save us from relegation with his regular goals.

      1. Wow-are you still betting Jon? I would have thought you would have given that game up after your last embarrassment.

        1. My main income is made from betting Phil. I have been a professional bettor for many many years, so I flatter myself that I can put all bias aside, unlike certain others, when assessing likely outcomes. I do not only bet on sport either. Like all humans, I am sometimes wrong but I am proven right financially proven too, right far more often that not. Unlike you and certain others, I have known and freely admitted to myself, long ago, that Ozil is bone idle. He is a Rolls Royce lookalike but with a clapped out an misfunctioning Fiat Punto engine. REALITY!

  15. We were really poor. The whole team played like shit.We didn’t make use of the crucial moments when we had space at the opposition half. IMO,playing willock was a mistake. He is not yet cut out for football at this level. He misplaced 3 key passes when he was in good positions. I’ve said it before. Luis and sokratis is a no no. We need a CB that is fast and comfortable on the ball. Midfield is in a bit of a twist now. More tactical awareness is needed. I hope this loss makes the club realize that we have to really fight this season. Coyg!

  16. Ozil has every right to not only critize the manager but also the team and fans.

    1) He is a playmaker of the highest quality. That means leaking goals behind him while not getting supply undermine not just his role, but leads to losses.

    2) Ozil has won a W Cup and FA Cup in England. He know the qualities needed.


    1. JJ Pawn, when did we last see the “playmaker of the highest quality”?
      Doesn’t everybody in the team, including Ozil, have to carry out defensive duties?

      1. ozziegunner, interesting thoughts from you.

        So, following your logic, doesn’t everyone have to be playmakers and goalscorers as well as defenders?

        Why do you seem to point out that it is only Ozil who should be doing all these things?
        When was the last time you saw Bellerin create a goal or Auba make a defencesive last ditch tackle or lacs make a clearing header off the line…I certainly haven’t, so why do you expect Ozil to do all these things then?

        In football, at every level, you have horses for courses, can you remember one instance when our greatest ever player, Dennis Bergkamp, was seen as a defender or “jack of all trades”?
        I was priviliged to see nearly all of his home games and would have been mortified to have seen him doing what you suggest Ozil has to do…of course he had the likes of Vieria, Petit and Gilberto doing that job for him…Ozil has Xhaka, Willock and Guendozi – enough said there then!!

        By the way, when did you see a defender, midfielder, forward of the highest quality at our club? Once again, it’s just about one man which is ridiculous.

  17. And now Chippy Brady ;

    Arsenal great Liam Brady urges Freddie Ljungberg to drop “lazy” Mesut Ozil.

    Arsenal legend Liam Brady has launched an astonishing verbal attack on Mesut Ozil and says the midfielder should not be anywhere near the Gunners first-team.

    “Have you seen Ozil? Have we seen Ozil? He’s on £350,000 a week. I know people go on about wages but he’s on £350,000 a week and he’s not really trying,” Brady told Premier Sports.

    “I would have a kid in the team who is going to run around and show some enthusiasm. I think Freddie thinks he’s a bit too big to take on as he’s only the interim manager.

    “You’ve got to make decisions. He should not be in the team. Emery bombed him from the team for at least two months and then backtracked and put him in the team again and I think that contributed to his downfall.

    “But I think Freddie is reluctant to go up against the big names in the squad. But if you are going to make an impression that’s what you need to do. Ozil should not be playing for Arsenal.”

    Hmm, Chippy has spoken !

    1. Better still, play Ozil in central defense! That is what Arsenal fans deserve, as their football knowledge is so close to zero.

    2. A J. Why an “astonishing “attack on Ozil? Seems a sound and sensible and accurate remark with much agreement among many Gooners who are realists too. Nothing “astonishing” about a well clued up Arsenal legend telling the plain truth, I’d say!

        1. Your point being ozziegunner?
          I’mm certain it takes Ozil longer to clean his trophies, medals and caps than Brady…isn’t that what professional footballers measure their personal successes by?
          By the way, he never defended the way you insist Ozil should be doing – funny old game!!!

      1. Hi Jonfox

        Sorry mate.

        The “Astonishing” para’ was part of the article commenting on Chippy’s comments.

        Perhaps I could have made that clearer.

        Far from “astonishing” for me !

  18. Liam Brady ,who I have the greatest respect for, is not the type of person who criticises individual players unless it can be justified objectively.I don’t know why Ozil reacted as he did but I’m glad to see him upset because every player should be upset and embarrassed after such a performance.Perhaps this show of petulance will encourage every Arsenal player to get “stuck in” when we meet West Ham , because somebody has to ignite the fuse to get us going again.In any event FL must be strong and leave out Sokratis and Luis if we are to have any chance of keeping a clean sheet.

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