Mesut Ozil has to be considered against Liverpool

There are many reasons that Mesut Ozil should be left out of the Arsenal team to face Liverpool at the weekend but that is taking a far too simplistic view of the situation.

When you play away at a top-six club you need your big game players, these are not the type of games to take too many risks and Ozil is a big game player for sure.

Dani Ceballos performance against Burnley was impressive without a doubt but a home game against Burnley is a whole different world away from a game at Anfield against the European Champions.

Joe Willock is improving all the time but he is still on a learning curve and while he has featured in huge matches it is still a baptism of fire walking out at Liverpool to you’ll never walk alone for any youngster.

Same with Reiss Nelson, who did struggle at times against Burnley and if there is a game that you need to be 100% it is away at Liverpool on a Saturday evening.

I am not saying that any of these players will let Arsenal down and there is an argument that Ozil does go missing against the big teams but I cannot see how a player with so much experience at the highest level is not in the mix when Unai Emery decides who he will be starting with.

Ozil has an ability that few players in the Premier League possess, yes, he goes walkabout, yes, he can appear lazy and he is certainly not as keen to track back when he loses the ball but he has a vision and creative streak that can rip open any defence at any given moment and when you are counter-attacking you really need that final ball to be spot on.

Ozil has that in his game and no player at Arsenal comes close to him in that regard.

Let me put it this way, I would feel more comfortable with Ozil starting than not.


  1. Wow Admart-this is certainly a change in direction from your normal thoughts on Ozil.Normally you write how you want him out of the club because he is no longer effective.Now it seems your thoughts are suggesting he is invaluable to the team and he must play in one of our toughest away games of the season.Why the change in your thought process after the team has won two from two without him?

    1. Phil, call me an old cynic, but I don’t think adminmartin has really changed his views.

      Rather, he’s giving the Ozil haters another opportunity to tell the world how he is the symbol of all that’s wrong at the club.

      When you read the coments below, it’s obvious that:
      if he’s picked and we lose…it will be his fault:
      if he’s not picked and we win…UE has proved we don’t need him
      if he’s picked and we win…he still will be pilloried for not running round like a blue assed fly:
      if he’s not picked and we lose…it will be because h’s earning too much money, wasn’t fit and/or pulled a sicky:

      I’m just pleased that he’s at least back with the squad in full training, ready to go and UE wants him to stay.
      Like all the players, he has to perform, unlike all the players, he is damned before he’s even selected!!!

      When he does leave, I wonder who will be the next “victim” of their hate campaign?

      I actually feel sorry for them, because I am loving the present situation we find ourselves in at the club, they are still throwing tantrums at the very mention of Ozil, if he goes or if he stays – if he plays or if he doesn’t…as long as The Arsenal are winning, I’m as happy as a pig in s**t!!!
      I thought that was what being a supporter or fan was all about, getting behind the players the coach/manager selected, seems UE has got it wrong yet again!!!!

    2. I have not changed my view Phil and do believe he should be offloaded but I am talking about one specific game at one specific point in time, the alternatives right now are two inexperienced youngsters and a loan signing untested in the EPL away from home against a top-six side. It is about horses for courses. In fact Phil, and you will not like this, I would have considered Iwobi rather than Willock or Nelson in this game. It is one game only and you use your best available players for that one-off game, that is all I am saying.

      1. Well that’s a flawed argument as far as I’m concerned AdMart.Why would you play,in your words,”Your best available players” in a game against a top side but not other matches?You are basically saying play Ozil against the Top 6 teams but not against the lower teams. We both know it doesn’t work like that.And if you put your best players in the side you tend to win more games.
        In regards Saturday I totally agree with Ken in that no matter what the result or performance Ozil will always be held accountable for the result no matter what.Personally I can’t see him being in the starting line up due to lack of game time.Its bench to begin and see what happens.
        And just another final point-Why would you want to sell one of your best players?If he is good enough to play in your team against a Top 6 side why would you want him sold?A bit confusing that

        1. Maybe my choice of word was wrong, best available option as opposed to best available player. As I said this is a one off situation and not a whole season and context needs to be taken into consideration. Ozil does not do it over aa whole season but in a one off game like this I would prefer him to Nelson.

      2. AdminMartin, so what you are saying then is…that against the European Champions, the team that finished just one point away from city and the supercup winners are a challenge that Ozil should be considered for, as he is better than willock or Nelson?

        If that’s the case, why would you not use him against inferior opposition, let alone a top six side?

        You want him “offloaded”, but see him as good enough to play against liverpool, because we have two inexperienced youngsters and a loan signing, so what do you do if he is offloaded, as you want, before the end of the transfer windows and we have the same scenario?
        It’s not a one game scenario then is it?

        1. One-off game Ken, Ozil cannot be trusted to do it over a whole season but under these circumstances when he is fresh, has a point to prove he would be a better fit for me than say Nelson.

          1. Wow! I think this is the first time I am in agreement with ken1945.

            He’s right in what he’s saying. If Ozil is to be considered for arguably our toughest fixture we’ll have all season, then he must be a shoe-in for all other fixtures, as they won’t be as tough.

            As poor as Nelson has been, Ozil wouldn’t be a better fit as he’s not a winger. It’s been proven, time, and time again, that he cannot play on the wings. At least Nelson has been doing some defending on the wings, which Ozil refuses point blank to do.

          2. I do agree with you. The magnitude of the game demands hearts, the likes of wjinaldum, fabinho, Henderson can bully Willock and co. an Ozil can hold his own and do have enough subtlety to get fouls. Games like this requires more brains than brawns, more tactics than strength

  2. I don’t think putting Ozil in against Liverpool away for his first start of the season is a good idea. We need are midfield to be sharp and to put in a shift. I know Mesut has excellent running stats and covers a fair distance but he does not put pressure on a midfield/defence and tends to become a bit of a passenger in these games. Also if we are to play 4-3-3 which I think at the minute is our strongest formation there is no role for him

    I really think we should be starting with a Cabellos in an 8/10 role and then I’m kinda torn but it would be two of Willock, Torreira, Guendozi and Xhaka playing at the base of the midfield with Pepe Auba and Laca ahead of them.

    1. No way. We need an energetic midfield.
      I would go in with Cellabos, Torreira and Willock/Guendouzi

      1. I would go with guendouzi n torreria n ceballos. That will provide us more defensive cover n mobility plus all three are good passes of de ball as well.

  3. Bad idea Admin. Past glory has no stake in today’s game. Stamina and pace will be key for the Liverpool game. I called it quits on Ozil in Baku when he was substituted and patiently waiting to hear of a deal for him somewhere else in January.
    I won’t risk the slow, not enthused and soft Ozil for those hardy boys at Lipool.

    1. No way Jose!unless you want an Arse kicking.He would be swamped.need players with energy,stamina,guts & character all traits he lacks in abundance.still haven’t forgiven him for the walloping & shameful performance he put in not long after we first had him.5- 0 with him being brushed aside like a powder puff.If Emery plays him Saturday he should be sacked on the spot.

  4. You can give all the reasoning you like but Oezil doesnt belong in epl. I want strength, speed, passion and determination and he provides none. I would do everything I could to offload him. It does not detract from the fact that he has skill. You would be a fool not to recognise this. But it belongs in Italian football.

  5. To play Ozil would be a big mistake. Firstly he hasn’t been playing and is not ‘Match’ fit. For Liverpool we need dynamism, and energy. Ozil has not got it….and the man ‘sulks’ all game when things go wrong, instead of fighting back. Ceballos, Guendouzi, Torreira and even Willock will be more combatative. Ozil, sadly, is past it. De facto. We need to wake up to that.

  6. Ozil could play left back… left back on the bus.
    I know it’s bad form to laugh at your own jokes but if I don’t nobody else will.
    We don’t need to worry about whether or not Ozil will play because the chances are he’ll have a dicky tummy or a sore toenail or a yeast infection by then.

  7. No. Ozil hasn’t played this season and it would be foolish to start him.
    Play Ceballos in Ozil position with Torreira and Guendouzi/Xhaka behind or play Torreira, Ceballos, Guendouzi/Xhaka with Pepe, Lacazette and Aubameyang in front in 4-3-3 formation

  8. Did I just read this? Ozil IS a big game player…seriously? Oh dear lord! We start him in what will be our toughest/second toughest away fixture of the entire season, and we’ll be a man down.

    None of our current central midfielders deserve to dropped. They are in the team on merit. If one were to be dropped, then only Torreira should be considered as the replacement. Has the author of this article not learnt anything over the years from watching Arsenal? Some of the major reasons we keep failing, especially in big games, is because we never have enough work ethic, aggression, and intensity in our team. And the writer wants to bring the one player that has none of those attributes!

    Ozil always goes missing in big games, especially away from home. Willock barely had any time on the pitch in the EL final last season, yet outperformed Ozil. He’s continued his progression into this season, why drop him? Ceballos cannot be dropped either. Ozil also slows our attacks down. If you watch him, he very rarely sprints, so opposition players catch him up quickly. Ozil then usually does a 360 spin, allowing the opposing players to get goal side, and back into position. Ozil will then make a very simple sideways or backwards pass. You’ll almost never see Ozil making a Cesc style early defence splitting pass from deep, because he holds onto the ball for too long. What I also love about our other midfielders at the moment, is that when they get tackled, they fight to win the ball back. Our winner at the weekend came from Ceballos giving it away, then immediately winning the ball back, which lead to Auba scoring. Could you imagine Ozil doing that? No! Instead he’ll just collapse to the floor, then look at the ref, demanding a foul, whilst waving his arms about.

    Yes Ozil has this amazing technical ability, but we very rarely see it. So why do fans keep mentioning it? We’re all happy to get rid of the likes of Mustafi, Jenkinson, Elneny, etc, because they don’t add anything to the team, yet for some unknown reason, Ozil gets chance, after chance, after chance for some fans.

    The most telling fact in all of this, is that Emery actually proved that we do not need Ozil, from what we saw last season.

    1. One bottle for you on THIS well written comment..was written as if you where in my mind,just don’t like spending much time typing comments so when someone does that for me I can say Well done

      To me hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard its as simple As that

      1. Thanks a lot. I would prefer to give shorter answers to save me time, but I like to give my reasons for disagreeing with someone.

  9. Play ozil and we are 80% sure to loss..
    Can’t believe a fan still see’s ozil as
    A big game player can’t remember last he
    Won us a big game or earn man of the match
    Accolade in a big game/match maybe not in EPL

  10. Totally agree with must of y’all post but at least he could be an option from the bench especially if we r chasing the game (hopefully by a goal) or looking for d match winner. He was also great against Barça a few weeks ago

      1. @NONNY
        Ozil shouldn’t be frozen out completely but an option from the bench at least. Any game against Barça can’t be referred to as “training” for any player especially for the player who assisted auba’s goal

        1. Ok from the bench if we are leading 6-0 with 15 minutes left on the clock or else the good work done by 11 others would be undone by 1.Fact!If the lad had any self respect he would have put in a transfer request after the Baku game

  11. When u play against Liverpool
    It’s not about playing big game players. Ask bacelona!.
    On Saturday we need players who r going to be on their toes all 95 mins and I bet ozil is one of those players.
    Even as a sub he is going to useless.
    I think it’s time to let ozil go from our minds.

  12. Did the author just say “Big game player?” Joke of the day in that. I can’t recall him being that.

    Ozil = Lazy, not match fit
    Willock = Inexperienced but I would rather have him started
    Torreira = Not 100% fit but I would give him the nod ahead of Ozil
    Dhaka = Lower back and leg bruises (Hope he recovers much faster b4 Liverpool clash.
    Guendouzi = This kid has improved massively
    Ceba = Must starter

  13. Ozil should be on the bench vs liverpool. No way he start because even peak ozil got mauled by Liverpool pressing. He did show a different better form this pre season so he raise his level, he will definitely start home game vs non big 6 teams in place of 1 of the defensive mid.

  14. I can not believe I am reading this piece. OP I guess you are living in the past, because we have moved on since. Ozil is dispensable.

    1. Monreal cannot deal with Salah’s quickness, Kolasinac should start and have Monreal come in when Salah is burnt out. I agree with the others.

  15. In truth Ozil has a role to play in this game. He should be brought in as a 95th min sub, and not a min before.

  16. Ozil should not come near the bench let a lone playing. A very lazy player who has passed his prime.

    If we must get a point or maximum points, Ozil shouldn’t be considered at all.

  17. Ozil as never been the reason we lost , fans just use the fact that he’s out highest earner to scapegoat him..
    His goal and assist record at arsenal as been good despite what people may say , I’ll admit that his body language makes him look lazy but he has always been like that throughout his career.
    Ceballos is good but he’s no replacement for ozil,he’s more of a no 8 than a no 10. Better still he’s more suited to a 433 formation..
    Ozil as looked good in preseason but I wouldn’t start him tho., he’d be a very valuable option to bring off the bench if we are behind in the match ..
    Amn luiz sokratis monreal
    Torriera xhaka(guendouzi if Xhaka isnt fit , the boy is too lightweight for this match)
    Reiss aura kolasinac.

    Bench : Martinez, chambers , guendouzi, ozil, pepe, willock ,lacazette.

    1. I am sure if we get beaten again , somehow fans will blame it on ozil or the next highest earner.
      Football is a team game of 11 players not a one man game like tennis.

      1. Brainbox, never a truer two sentences have been written.

        If we do get beaten (god forbid!!) I really do hope that UE doesn’t put Ozil on the park.
        Not even in the 95th minute, because he will be blamed for the previous 94 minutes that’s for certain.

        1. Ken1945, the blame game is already getting too ridiculous from our fanbase .
          If he plays , he gets blamed
          If he doesn’t, he gets blamed
          if he gets injured ,he gets blamed.
          I do hope it reduces this season, all our players need as much support as they can get cause I am tired of the europa league..
          I am hoping we can suprise everyone against liverpool , but our past isn’t giving me too much reason to be optimistic..

    2. Nelson should not anyway near the bench talkless of starting. he is just an overhyped player with no contribution to the game

  18. Had another look at Burnley game to study individual performances and team shape…

    Have to say that AMN decision making needs to sharpen up for the weekend but overall I have to give credit to midfield – generally passing and decision making was spot on!

    Therefore I would go with following team for Liverpool..

    AMN Sokratis Luiz Monreal
    Torreira Wilock Guendouzi
    Aubameyang Laca Ceballos

    Yes I believe Wilock is somewhat controversial but believe to early to release Pepe as we need to be very careful of fullbacks overlapping and need our wingers to protect. Not sure Aubameyang is dong that consistently so would try to initially shape up with 4-4-2 with Wilock and Ceballos to cover wings…

    As for Xhaka I find him too slow and poor decisions on positioning exposing our back four.

  19. I think arsenal is lacking the coordination and chemistry in attack and emery despite having the greatest attacking talent since henry/bergkamp/pires days has still been unable to unlock their true potential .. Reason anyone ? if you still cant work it out , watch the liverpool game closely , i bet he’l drop ozil and play ceballos at #10, ceballos is a mighty good player and might come up trumps but I feel he still has to work on his final third decision making and final balls/shots etc. where as if ceballos is deployed in the pivot as cazorla once was and if ozil is playing in the attacking third between the lines getting the balls, we’l be opening teams up like a dream…. but thats what i am right now … “dreaming” , cause unai emery aint gonna fulfill that dream and unfortunately the chances are we are going to lose by the same margin of 3-4 goals (my personal opinion unless we attack them)…


  20. Loads of Ozil comments on here but what I note and much endorse is that ALL, save only Phil, Ken and Le Prof would not pick him to start. That percentage reflects almost exactly the recent poll on here where well over 80% wanted him gone. My view is that UE will not pick him and correctly too; maybe on the bench only. Entirely the fault of the lazy one himself, whose laziness only a few wilfully blind Gooners refuse to see. I have never denied he does not have great talent but once again make the BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS POINT that talent without desire is useless.

    1. How about the recent shirt sales compared to other Arsenal players ,what was it “4 times more than any other player “now I’m not a maths genius by any means but doesn’t that mean more supports have him as their favourite player than any other at the club .unless Ozils been buying all the shirts .
      Also didn’t Addidas use him as the face of the new shirt launch.

      1. HAHAHA! The shirt sale argument!!! Really!?! We only joke about Ozil fanboys actually using it to defend the useless clown.

        1. That’s because you can’t answer the questions posed can you: PLEASE SEE BELOW and then try to be a little more mature in your quest to be seen as an adult clown.

          Why did adidas use him by the way, a “useless clown” to promote millions of pounds in revenue?

          1. This is absolutely pathetic!!! His on-pitch performances are embarrasing!! This is the worst argument for keeping a player. Maybe you care about shirt sales, but real Arsenal fans want results on the pitch and don’t give a hoot about shirt sales if the player on the shirt doesn’t pull their weight. Seriously re-evaluate your views.

      2. so ozil is our number one shirt seller , instead of our number one number ten is what you are saying . hold onto him because he sells more shirts than any other of our players. makes so much sense, nooooooooooooooooooooot.!!!

        1. The argument is that no fans want him here and my post shows that not to be true ,maybe read it through before typing on the Keyboard and making no argument .
          Nowhere did I say he was our number one number 10 .

          1. RSH, the point I am making is that on this site, ridiculous claims are made about players not being this or being that and using the “vast majority” claim to support their individual arguments.

            You say that shirt sales have nothing to do with The Arsenal, yet in other posts say that the majority of fans want him gone, ignoring his popularity (proven by the shirt sales, unless you can throw a new light onto why his name is so popular?), to bolster your personal thoughts.
            Absolute rubbish that needs to be called out for the fake news it is.

            You try to make Dan kit’s comments a joke, but it’s you who just doesn’t comprehend exactly and correctly what he is trying to educate you on – the popularity of a player…not his abilities as you always try to spin it.

            Here’s a stunning revelation for you to try and digest: popularity and ability are two separate things and cannot be debated under one heading, if one wants a sensible conversation.

            However and I have never said otherwise, shirt sales have nothing to do with Ozil’s ability, something that you seem to have inserted as my views on how I judge the player. Not true and you know it!!!

            As a player, Ozil has not justified his salary since the ridiculous increase awarded by kronkie and gazidis. UE made it clear to him what HE wanted from the player and, from what UE has subsequently stated, Ozil delivered.
            So much so, that I won a £100 bet with Jon Fox on him being here this season!!!
            UE further proved this by selecting him to play, making him captain and, when using him in tandem with Abau, Lacs and Ramsey, won five games in a row.
            I have every faith in UE, who works with his players every day and knows them inside out – much more so than either you, me or any other poster on this site.
            If he didn’t pick Ozil for the rest of the season and we won the premiership, do you think I would give one iota? However, if he did select him and we didn’t win, I know for certain, that you would see Ozil as the culprit, because you do not think about your prejudice any further than the blame game.

            Why don’t you ever take into consideration what UE and the other players say about the player?
            Rather than do that, you jump on the bandwagon that says we should never take any notice of what players say, but listen to fans who see him for 90 minutes, or watch highlights on m.o.t.d.

            I dont know if you are a s/t holder, but I assume you aren’t, simply because you refuse to acknowledge the support given to him by the crowd.

            THe biggest HaHa for me however, is that you call me a fanboy and think I will be bothered or upset if Ozil leaves the club…if he does leave it will be because UE and his backroom staff believe he needs to go, not because of fans like you who will never see anything good in the player.

            Stop putting words into my mouth, read the posts more carefully, digest exactly what is being said and you might just find we have a little more in common than you think.
            The original post was being discussed because of what adminmartin said and then Jon jumped in and, once again, tried to make fools of others.
            That was why the shirt thing was brought up, so have a go at him, if you need to let off steam.
            A red herring? Most certainly 100%% correct…IF AS JON HAS DONE…deliberately misquoting what is being said, something you have also done before and now.

        2. go go gunner, NO that is not what I am saying is it?
          I am asking why so many of our supporters want to have his name on the back of their shirts…nothing more and nothing less. Can you not see the difference?

          But neither you or RSH can bring yourselves to answer the three simple questions simple question.

          RSH immediately says his on pitch performances are embarrasing and states it’s the worst argument for keeping a player, but just like you and Jon Fox so carefully do, you evade the question completely and know that is isn’t what is being said…but you wriggle and twist words to come up with answers that have nothing to do with the questions…absolutely pathetic behaviour.

          I’m not comparing his performance, his salary, his body language etc etc neither am I saying the number of shirt sales govern a match result – hope that is clear to you all – now re-evaluate your answers to coincide with the questions being asked, rather than ducking and diving away from the only logical answer that you just cannot seem to admit!!!!!

          So, to try and elicite a direct answer to a direct question, once again: Jon, RSH, go go gunner;

          As of the last figures given out by the club,
          1. Why do so many fans put the name of Ozil on the back of their shirts?
          2. Why is he the fifth biggest name on the back of football shirts in the world?
          3. Why did adidas use him in their promotional ads?

          As you called him a useless clown, unless you can answer a direct question, what do you think it makes you look like?

          Give it a go RSH, as this is round two and you still cannot come up with an answer….Dan’s in my corner, so seconds out!!! JUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AND DON’T PONTIFICATE IF THAT’S POSSIBLE:

          1. Well Mr Corporate shirt maker, AKA KEN, you may well be right that the Ozil shirts which so obsess you are more likely, mostly in far flung places from London N5 too, to carry the hallowed name of OZIL! Well I am sure that makes the load of Gooners who attend Emirates feel a lot better when this bone idle player once again coasts through his games. But it matters nothing, because we can all look at the shirt sales table and celebrate we are top. Whoopy! RED HERRINGS LIKE SHIRT SALES ARE THE COWARDLY REFUGE OF FOLK WHO HAVE CLEARLY LOST THE ACTUAL ARGUMENT. Which, to non shirt company owners on here at least, is about how he plays on thee pitch and NOT about how many shirts he sells. Your ” why don’t you answer the question” technique makes you sound like a too self important political commentator interrogating a hapless politician on TV. NO ONE OUTSIDE of Kroenke, you and the corporate bean counters cares a jot about shirt sales. Why can’t you understand that !

          2. Ken, the fact you think shirt sales indicate on-pitch performances is EMBARRASSING. You should be ashamed to even say such nonsensical stuff. You have absolutely not point to this argument besides say that Ozil is a popular player amongst worldwide Arsenal fans. That has NOTHING to do with his performances on the pitch. He was one of the most popular footballers before he even went to Arsenal. As usual, you come off as an Ozil fan instead of an Arsenal fan.

          3. Ken, I officially only see you as a joke after your serious backing of the shirt sale argument. You need to check yourself.

          4. See RSH this is your problem you don’t engage your brain before typing (like you did on Saturday to me )
            Go back to the top post from Jon and see what he was saying then go through the reply’s very very very slow for you brain to take in what this discussion is about .not what you want the post to be about ,I see you only jump on posts to do with Ozil.

          5. Dan, you are missing the point. When discussing Ozil, shirt sales should NOT be part of the discussion in ANY way, shape or form! You and Ken are not even WORTH listening to, and as I said are EMBARRASSING!!! And if you really think I only comment on Ozil posts then you clearly are not on this website a lot. You are just one of the few bootlickers of one of our trash players and need to be called out of it every time.

          6. I am reading Jon’s post and he is SPOT ON when he says shirt sales are a red herring, and cowardly argument. It is YOU who has no point AT ALL.

          7. Jon, once again you try to belittle others with silly billy comments like Mr Corporate shirt Maker AKA KEN… OR…COWARDLY REFUGE OF FOLK WHO HAVE CLEARLY LOST THE ACTUAL ARGUMENT…when the actual argument you are talking about is the direct question concerning shirt sales…as you so clearly pinpointed in your AKAKEN quote.

            Firstly, what you have, at last, admitted is the fact that the “vast majority” do actually support Ozil, as his shirt sales confirm, at least we can lay to rest the unproven claim you and others make that “the vast majority” who want him out is wrong and just a figment of your imagination…GOOD.

            Secondly, you state that the “load of Gooners who attend the Emirates”…well, that knocks you out of the equation doesn’t it, so how can you speak for them yet again?
            One of the questions that both Phil and I have asked you on numerous occasions is this: Did you witness and join in when these “load of Gooners” were chanting the name of this bone idle player as he coasted through the two live games you watched?
            Another question that you fail every time to answer – WHAT ABOUT KNOW JON – did you hear it or not? I presume that, as Phil was there also, he will bear witness to your reply?

            Then comes the classic Jon Fox sidestepping statement about how the shirt sales have nothing to do with the results –
            EVERYONE agrees with that Jon – only a dullard would assume otherwise.
            NOBODY has said differently Jon – only a dullard would say otherwise.

            But that is THE COWARDLY WAY YOU TRY TO DEFLECT AWAY YOUR CLAIM THAT THE VAST MAJORITY WANT OZIL OUT JON and you use this method time and time again.

            I have always answered any direct question fired at me, from anyone on this site – never ignoring others. Unless, of course, I have told someone directly that I don’t want to.

            You, on the other hand, because it suits your argument, do not answer questions, but try to humiliate others who do not share your opinions.
            It is you who tries to bully with words such as dullards, threaten to sue others, whilst hiding under the cloak of realism, free speech and maturity of old age.

            Here is THE REAL BUMMER for you Jon, I couldn’t give a fig how many shirts any player sells, but if one had an OUNCE OF SENSE, it would be perfectly clear that a person who sells more shirts than any other player in a team, MUST BE THE MOST POPULAR…in the world of realism anyway!!
            Your ridiculous claim that the “vast majority” were as one with your views ( AS NORMAL) needed to be disproved with common sense and that you have now admitted.

            I’m actually thinking of changing my name to “Mr Corporate Shirt Seller” Jon, it has a ring of authority, honesty and integrity about it don’t you think?

            O/T…s/t for the villa game might be available, are you interested?

          8. But Ken, What is your point??? What does any of this have to do Arsenal??? It is YOU who has latched onto shirt sales in Jon’s statement because you have ZERO defense for Mesut Ozil outside of him being a popular player amongst fans. Besides for that, you have NO POINT. What is the conclusion you are coming to? Stop trying to make the shirt sales argument something that is relevant and has any bearing on anything. Stop using it as an out to avoid discussing what a useless git Ozil is!

      1. And doesn’t answer questions that have been asked at LEAST FOUR OR FIVE TIMES!!!

        Also, doesn’t read posts correctly…where have I or Phil actually said that we want him to play against Liverpool…BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS IF YOU ONLY READ THE POSTS, ABSORBED THEM AND THEN COMMENTED JON!!!

        1. The reason Jon fails to answer questions Ken is quite simple.He cannot offer a reasonable response without contradicting himself,something he does time and time again.And I feel he was farcto eager to dig out Ozil without actually reading and digesting what the whole topic and various responses were about.I doubt very much Ozil will start on Saturday.He needs game time before playing from the start and he will likely be on the bench.It would be different if he gets a good run out this week with the spuds coming up but as far as I can tell the only person on this site who would actually start him is AdMart.

          1. Quite correct Phil, I think it was adminmartins statement to begin with that perplexed both of us.

            I actually hope that Ozil is not selected to start a game until / if we lose one.
            That way, he should be blameless, but probably not as usual.

            I notice we have another person in RSH, who doesn’t actually answer questions, but puts another spin on things, but I’ll try and see if we can get two straight answers to two simple and straight questions:

            1. Why do you think so many fans had Ozil’s name printed on the back of the shirts they bought?
            2. At the last count, he was the fifth best selling name in the world of football, why do you think that is?


          2. I never actually said I would start him, I said Arsenal should consider starting him and that I would be more comfortable with him starting than not and I qualified that by highlighting the fact that the alternatives are two inexperienced youngsters and a loan player that has had one good game against a mediocre side at home.

        2. Many fans in touch with player usefulness reality might well wonder why your and Phils “hero” is not top of both your wish lists to play at Anfield. Phil says he needs game time and I wonder why THAT can be! You say you actually hope he is not selected to start a gameuntil/if we lose one. So then, joint hero worship for this idle coaster but neither of you wish him to actually play this Saturday Some might think that is full of humbug! Especially as I am sure you both want us to win, as do we all. PERHAPS YOUR INNER THOUGHTS about his REAL Anfield usefulness and what you say on here are not in agreement with each other. THAT is what it looks like to me and I doubt I am alone in thinking so.

          1. Jon-you see this is where your responses are so contradictory and again makes you look rather foolish.I would have Ozil in the team EVERY WEEK. But I don’t believe Emery will start with him.That is what I said.Nothing more or nothing less.
            But let’s look at your “reasoning”.You call Ozil Lazy.Thats your thoughts.You still call Walcott “Weedy” and he’s been long gone.You are correct in previously saying Iwobi was not good enough but you accept he worked hard and gave his all.But his stats compared to Theo Walcott are light years behind.So you are basically saying that although Walcott has very respectable returns in both goals and assists he to you is still and always will be “Weedy Walcott”. Yet you acknowledge Iwobi as a “ trier”.””
            So you by your own words would rather have Iwobi ( who produced very little” over Walcott (who although just as flawed ) got both goals and assists.
            I would have thought most people would rather have 11 Walcott than Iwobi’s butvyou obviously are the other way around.
            So your thoughts and name calling make you look a bit silly don’t they?

          2. My pennyworth on your post regarding the selection of Ozil Jon, it was clearly explained earlier, I believe my second or third post to adminmartin – I guess you didnt read it properly once again.

            I will take this opportunity to pick you up on you contradicting yourself and see if THAT is what it looks like (I doubt that I am alone in thinking so, but as I don’t need a crutch I will stand by my own thoughts and it can be read here anyway!!!).

            In an earlier post you wrongly criticised Phil and I (plus one other) by saying we were the only ones who wanted Ozil to play, but now you are criticising us for saying we don’t want Ozil to play!!!!
            Phil says it makes you look foolish, I can only agree.


        3. Ken It is pointless arguing further on Ozil. I have no intention of answering your questions because they make assumptions in their asking which I do not remotely accept. On the shirt sales argument, RSH has said it all and I cannot improve on his apt comments to you. I do not want a “war” with you, as you are a man whose life views I much respect, though on Arsenal we seem to differ on almost everything. I will no longer discuss Ozil with you or Phil again as it is pointless and I will no longer indulge in our long running “point scoring” off each other. You have your views, so does Phil and I have mine and it is quite clear that none of us will alter them. I am quite happy to discuss less contentious subjects if you wish but the ball is in your Court, so to speak on that one. I wish you, Phil and all Gooners nothing but harmony and peace. If that seems humbug to you then so be it.

      2. Phil, Ken, I will rather be a clown on this website and still be extremely accepted by the outer world and Arsenal fans. Adidas is a very big company and will not risk its business sense. There are almost 60,000 fans at the emirates and more than half wears this guy’s name on the back of a shirt they bought with their money. They can’t be wrong because talk is cheap. The people with the money to spend have spoken.

        1. Pat, therein lies the problem…it’s those that call others clowns who are really describing themselves…at least as far as this debate goes.

          Name calling and cheap jibes are the actions of those who think they can ride roughshod over anyone and everyone.

          Your post makes 100% sense, especially if one takes the time to read it within the context of the discussion…others who disagree will try to twist it to make it something it isn’t.

          One only has to read and digest, is that asking too much?

  21. To all the Ozil bashers, is there any game in football that is bigger than a world cup final? Ozil was a main player there. For all his faults last season he had a good preseason, and it’s unfortunate he missed the first two games. Liverpool game is the right one for him to be playing behind Auba, Laca & Pepe.

          1. You’re right. Regardless, I don’t think what Ozil did and didn’t do in the world cup is even relevant to what is happening today.

          2. Sue, hahaGOTEM…he appeared in every single game during the world cup and has a winners medal in his trophy cabinet.

            Your super memory puts those who think they are superior to shame, they haven’t a clue.
            Glad BFG also received a medal along with Podolski, perhaps we should be crowing about the men from The Arsenal winning the w/c for Germany HaHaGOTEM!!!

          3. Hey baby, how have you been. I have missed you so much but am coming out of my shell gradually. I hope do at least draw against Liverpool. Loves. Sue baby money speaks bull…t walks

          4. Pat ? I’ve missed you too, so nice to see you on here.. once every so often is good, hopefully it’ll get more & more! I hope you & Pat are doing well (big game the following weekend!) Although we’ve got this game to contend with first.. I’m not going to lie, it scares me, Pat ? I’ll be happy with a draw! Fingers & everything else crossed hey?!!

          5. Says a lot that the only victory you can take is Ozil doing something not even for Arsenal and FIVE years ago. That is your reason for him being relevant. Let’s sign up Klose as well then

  22. I have seen enough of ozil to know what he can do.
    His assist to uba wasn’t a defense splitting pass
    Was a simple pass uba had all to do also..he is
    Quality but against Liverpool hell No I will never
    Trust him

  23. First game of the season for Ozil against arguably the most industrious set of midfielders in Europe?I think not.To have a chance against Liverpool we must match them in terms of energy on and off the ball.Off the ball Ozil and for that matter Xhaka are passengers we simply cannot carry.I suspect Emery will surprise many fans by his selection against Liverpool by staying with Ceballos, Willock and Guendouzi and by playing Chambers in a defensive midfield role to stifle Firminho .He had a very good game against Liverpool in this role for Fulham at Craven Cottage last season and I see no reason why he cannot do so again After an excellent game against Newcastle he did not deserve to be left out against Burnley when we failed once again to keep a clean sheet.The prospect of Sokratis giving away a penalty in this match looms large I’m afraid.

    1. Once again Grandad, you are the voice of sense and reason. WOULD THAT THERE WERE MORE LIKE YOU ON THIS SITE. There are many bright Gooners with whom I mostly agree, BUT in your case I have never yet disagreed with anything you say. I am amazed that some still rate Sokratis. To me he is useless, a walking disaster, rash and clumsy and not tall enough. All he seems able to do well is to wrestle. And that is a penalty and/or red card waiting to happen. He invites it constantly! Chambers is far better and should play at Anfield. And as you so rightly say both Ozil and Xhaka are both passengers when off the ball. You cannot hope to win big games with passengers. Ozil is rarely anything else BUT a passenger and it grieves me that some otherwise bright fans still see him as a great player. He palpably is NOT! THEY ARE SIMPLY REFUSING TO LET GO OF THE LONG AGO PAST, IMO.

  24. Why we still having this discussion? We all know he’s trash besides the usual fanboys. And Ozil could walk the ball into our own net several times, burn an Arsenal shirt and they would still love him. Big game player? He only had one top game all of last season. He needs to get out of Arsenal as soon as possible.

  25. I wonder why people say Ozil doesn’t perform against the big sides.He has scored against Barca,Athletico madrid,Chelsea,Liverpool,Man united etc…are these baby clubs?

  26. shady pines is definately beckoning for keg1945 and philip and one or two others here. all good things must come to an end fellas. i do hope, in earnest , that you all recieve visitors at shady pines, it can be a very lonesome place, i am reliably informed.i guess putting up posters of ozil and the disgraced former manager might make many a long winters night bearable for you guys. over and out.

    1. If Shady Pines is a golf course I must get there quickly.Still playing off 8 at 62 PAL.And don’t worry-I still owe you a reply that’s long overdue re the “Old Timers” on this site.Its just that being retired for nearly 12 years now and I still have too much on my plate.But it’s coming soon-probably International Break weekend when I will be in Dubai.It will be worth the wait.
      And just for the record I doubt anyone on this site detested Wenger as much as I did.So get your facts right PAL.

      1. so philip, that is one hell of a plate you have there, you seem to mention it regularly !. i think i could give you a run for your money regarding detesting wenger so much. although, knowing you sir, i doubt you will accept that , because tis your way , or , no way .but i still love you boy , despite our differences ya know .i like that you are original, and , dare i say it , one of a kind. by the way , shady pines is not a golf course, you should try looking it up .

        1. Shady Pines must either be a Golf Club or a Retirement Home.Surely you don’t mean………..?️‍♂️

  27. As my good friend who is a fanatic ManU supporter said 2 years ago, “Arsenal’s biggest problem is Mezut Özil”. I agreed with him then, and my view has not changed. Gunners did NOT play well against Barça, same old, side to side, back to keeper, no movement in midfield, etc. Without the 350kpw player, they are doing much better.

  28. PEOPLE

    Calm down with your comments attacking each other, no need for it.

    It cannot be that every time an Ozil article is put up that you turn on each other so quickly.

    1. AdMartin this as been going on for years now ,it is how it is ,fans have different options and it gets heated ,I for one couldn’t give 2 sh1ts if someone calls me a fascist,bootlicker(new one RSH ,well done )what annoys me more is the way some fans on here don’t actually read what is in posts before they start typing ,then we have new arguments about something that actually wasn’t even written in the 1st place .

      1. Perfect response Dan kit as usual.

        As a fascist bootlicker, your future employment chances might be a little tight and I only hope you are ASHAMED of yourself for bringing up 2 shi(r)ts again!!

        What about becoming Phil’s bodyguard as he roams around golf courses, swinging his nine iron, singing the ozil fanboy song and help him give out his “merci arsene” appreciation T shirts?

        You could set up a buggy race involving Jon Fox, RSH and adminmartin, with the winner being presented with a signed Mesut Ozil authenticated Arsenal top with his name on the back…a fun day out, with thrills and spills would be guaranteed PAL!!!
        I know they probably already have one each, but you could suggest they frame this one and send it to TMJW for when he emigrates as a fond farewell present from all of us at “justarsenal”, he will LOVE IT!!!

        The only drawback I can see is that you would have to read out the rules and regulations, as some might not bother to read them properly, while others will interprete them in their own fashion.

        If this job application fails, shoddy pine needles rest home is looking for a janitor and it seems there are some real nutcases who know about the place, so you could still organise the buggy race!!!

        If you require any further assistance and need a full time job, Ozil is asking for an experienced shirt ironer to start immediately as he has a backlog of orders to fulfill and until this has been cleared it will continue to effect his performances on the pitch.
        He can only afford minimum wage however, because he himself is also on the breadline…good luck you bootlickin, finger saluting son of a gooner gun!!!

        1. Haha
          It’s a shame none of them will have a laugh along with you on this Ken and blame your post on Ozils wages again .

        2. Ken many congrats on penning a most humourous post. No sarcasm either from me. It brings it home to us at times how silly the whole business of arguing on line with fellow fans really is, most of whom we have never met nor ever will meet in person either. IF I HAD HALF THE SENSE I SO OFTEN CLAIM TO HAVE I WOULD BE DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE RIGHT NOW, INSTEAD OF INDULGING MY EGO ON HERE!

          1. jon fox, may i concur with your comment above. i have seen the error of my way through ken1945 and his excellent comment. i apologise to one and all on here whom i may have insulted . it is after all only a game , and, as usual, i have taken things way too KEN1945,PHIL,DAN KIT, SUE,and, to anybody else i may have foolishly, and, childshly,berated , then i sincerely apologise to you all . it is my hope that i have seen sense , and, i will not enter into any future nonsense comments on this site.we well may have different opinions about different situations at our club, but,that is no excuse for me to make ridicilous comments , and , personal insults.please accept my very sincere apologies folks.

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