Mesut Ozil is a distraction that Arsenal simply do not need

Arsenal has to prioritise the sale of Mesut Ozil next summer.

Arsenal is in an important stage of their evolution at the moment, the club will want to give Mikel Arteta a good number of years at the helm and avoid a hire and fire sequence.

There have been marked improvements under our former captain and hopefully, it will only get better as he continues as the manager.

I believe that changes at Arsenal have to be wholesome with no stone left unturned.

While those changes will take some time, I feel that we have to start with player recruitment and contract renewals.

For a start, Arsenal should try and do everything in their power to offload Mesut Ozil.

This is because the German’s salary as a low-performing player continues to have a huge impact on the renewal of deals and signing of new players.

Players like Pierre Emerick Aubameyang surely must think if Ozil can earn so much he should command the same amount or even more.

Getting Ozil off our wage bill would avoid players using his monstrous weekly wage as a reference.

It will be hard for Arsenal to get rid of him with the German openly claiming that he intends to see out his current deal at the Emirates. There is not exactly a queue of clubs looking to take him and his wage on. Wonder why that is.

However, Arsenal can force him out on loan by subsidising his current salary or use him as a sweetener in a swap deal.

Ozil will continue to divide opinion among Arsenal fans and the longer he stays at the club he will remain a distraction.

If Arsenal wants to be able to negotiate reasonable contracts with certain players then having Ozil hovering in the background simply undermines those negotiations.

Why would players far more productive than the German accept wages below what he receives?

The sooner he goes the better it will be for Arsenal in the long run.


    1. Gunnerforlife, it will be interesting to see how long Ozil’s “genuine signs of improvement under MA” lasts due to the low base, from when he downed tools under Emery and how long MA “likes him” if he fails to contribute to the team performances.
      I hope Ozil’s can return to the heights of his first season for MA.

  1. It was a different story when Arsenal wanted him to stay! After Sanchez went everybody begged him to renew!
    Stop whinging about his wages! His brand earns Arsenal as much as they pay him.
    This is a new era! Let’s stop jealous bickering and move forward together.

    1. Yes.

      “Why would players far more productive than the German accept wages below what he receives?”

      Players’ agents know salary sizes are complicated and don’t always reflect the actual quality.

      I mean Ramsey is reportedly Juventus’ 2nd best paid player even though he’s just a backup.
      Kola earns more than Leno and much more than Torreira because he was free agent.
      Ozil’s case was similar – his salary includes the amount it would have cost to replace him just like Kola’s salary includes an amount that would otherwise have had to be a transfer fee.

      Ozil staying for another year is fine. Arteta will get more out of him than Emery but bench him if he doesn’t perform regularly. Better than paying someone for him to play elsewhere.

  2. Another Ozil article. Simply ridiculous! Now, you’re comparing Aubameyang wages with Ozil, but have you bothered to check the total capital outlay the club spend on both players? Arsenal got Ozil on a free while the club paid over £60m for Auba. Now add his wages and then tell me that Ozil cost the club more than Auba.

    Ozil is a distraction for who? Is the club or the Manager complaining about him? You really think you know better than the club administrators?

    1. It would help you more to have some knowledge of this subject. Ozil cost Arsenal £42.5 million, he was not free. I think almost anyone knows more than the clubs administration considering the utter mess they have made of player recruitment.

      1. He didn’t cost Arsenal 350.000 when he signed his first contract. Admin, you should stop cherry picking and rather get your own facts right.

          1. I was referring to his weekly wages. When he was signed for 42 million pounds, he did not receive 350k a week. The moment he signed the new contract, his signature has cost the club ZERO pounds, but his salary increased to 350k a week. That means that the big money went to the player instead of e.g. Real Madrid. Not too hard to understand, I find..

            1. Well, not quite correct, he has cost the club a little more than zero pounds when he signed. He was actually paid a big wage then as well. Not £350k but a decent amount. I doubt he was the only professional footballer in modern history that played for zero pounds when he signed.

          2. Cheer up Martin as I am firmly on your side with Ozil. I think him a waste of space and havedone for over four seasons. Getting a “PAL” from Phil at least means you have got to him. He only uses “PAL” when he has nothing to argue with. I had had many “PALS” AND EXPECT MANY MORE!

            1. We have had 450k comments on here Jon and I can assure you that Phil using the word PAL and Ken using words like ridiculous, embarrassment etc are hardly going to sadden me in any manner. I get a whole lot worse that any of you see because the filters kick in. In fact, I just cleared the bin of over 600 of them. I have noticed a pattern though. certain players really do get comments that are quite bad. Ozil is one for sure from his supporters. I am just thankful Iwobi has been sold. Now, there was some real below the line ones when he was ever discussed. Imagine what it was like when Wenger was in his final years.

      2. AdMartin-is this the beauty of an article you were boasting about last week? Your spouting the same as you always do PAL and the replies seem to back that up.
        It’s almost as if you can’t help yourself.

          1. You wrote it PAL, not me.And you haven’t quite got the overwhelming majority of replies backing you up that you said would happen.Dont you believe it’s because we have all heard the same from you so many tines before.

          2. Wonderful comment Admin MARTIN keep it up! You have really got to poor old daft Ozil worshipper Phil.

  3. Admin please stop distracting us!
    Let Ozil be! We need him.
    His issue will sort itself out (that’s if he actually has any issue).

  4. Priority must be to get him out of our club.1 assist & no goals all season not good enough.Strolls they games without adding anything.Rather see Ceballos or Willock whose progress he is impeding. Not to mention the drain on the club his wages have become.

  5. Much as I agree with your sentiments Admin,realistically ,there is very little chance of Ozil being sold, even freed, before his contract expires.

  6. I don’t care if he is paid 350k and is consistent in his match winning performances.The man is a disgrace, what he did at Baku was shameful.Ranting at Freddie was disgusting.His body language is sickening. No option but to watch AFC with him till next season

    1. So I take it you feel the same about Xhaka the do you PAL.What he did was worse by telling the fans to F*** O** but that’s ok with you is it? The fans that pay his wages.The fans that turn up week after week spending hard earned money following the club over the country and Europe.But your fine with Xhaka are you?
      As for Ozil in the EL final last season, I can tell you now PAL that I was at the game and thousands more fans were calling Emery and everyone else a lot more than that.Does that make me and the other fans a disgrace? When you grow up and understand what being a football fan is all about perhaps you won’t write such pathetic statements

      1. Phil, I was determined not to respond to this post, especially when I saw the picture.

        Is this site determined to keep splitting the fan base?

        What I find totally incredible, is its those fans who, obviously don’t spend a penny supporting the club, who rant and rave the loudest about his Ozils salary… of course they have an opinion, but to say the club is wasting their money is hypocrisy at it’s highest.

        Any money, in or out of the club, is kronkies and how he spends it is up to him – I suggest the Ozil brand is doing very nicely for him and those notes that were put onto the background of the picture, should be interpreted as kronkies windfall.

        AdminMartin, as for telling others that they should know what they are talking about…if Ozil left instead of signing the contract that kronkie and the new regime offered him, he would/could have received a reported £40 million signing on fee and kronkie would have had to buy another player out of the limited transfer budget.

        Anyway Phil, I plan to see you out in Athens, where we will be supporting our club, joining in with the chanting for the team and soaking up the atmosphere…flights and accomodation booked, tickets in hand, so come on you Gunners…by the way, your sooooo wrong regarding AW and I look forward to putting you right, while wearing THAT T shirt!!!

          1. AdminMartin, just giving you the same advice you gave Impenia about knowing the facts as reported at the time – the real problem is, of course, no one knows the real facts do they?

            After all, if we had kept Sanchez instead of Ozil (as some say we should) his reported salary would have been £500,000 a week – no it’s obvious that a club of our stature should only play any player £3,000 a week, as one fan on here believes, then we wouldn’t have any arguments whatsoever.

            1. Nope, one specific issue with one specific answer. Dragging other stuff into it to try and prove some misguided point does you no service at all. He said Ozil came for free from Real Madrid. I mean, give me strength. So, rather than acknowledge that mistake it gets twisted to suit some sort of narrative.

        1. Ken-I’m not sure they will let you into the country if you are wearing THAT t-shirt.
          And to say I’m disappointed in this article is an understatement.AdMartin promised us he had a beauty of a Headline Article lined up on Ozil but came up with this.Hardly new from him is it?
          Still, it keeps the reply numbers up I suppose.

          1. Ken and Phil 😆… you guys crack me up! I hope you both have a great time.. enjoy the game! And Ken, I’d love to see the look on Phil’s face, when you turn up in THAT t shirt 🤣🤣 Brilliant 👌

  7. Sue-I could be wearing high heels, fishnet stockings and a leopard skin thong and will still not get looked at as much as Ken if he turns up wearing THAT t-shirt.

  8. Sue, my daughter is also going over, so I will get her to take a photograph, with Phil throwing kronkies money up in the air It’s her 50th birthday treat and with help of my PAL, she is fulfilling one of her bucket lists early on!!!

    After yesterday’s great win, doesn’t it seem so ridiculous to print an article like this?

    1. It was a great win yesterday and Ozil never played a single second it. All in all a fantastic night, thanks for the reminder there Ken

      1. And the very same could be said for Lacazette, Torriera, Luiz, who also didn’t play a second. All first team regulars under MA4.Dosent this highlight the confidence the manager has in his young players? If that was a must win game, all would have played I’m pretty certain.

      2. AdminMartin, can you remind me who else didnt play and are you going to release an article on lacs, torerria, leno, amn?

        Of course not, simply because your obsession with Ozil is becoming an embarrassment to you and the site itself.

        So, as it was a fantastic night, why ruin the next day with your obsession and causing friction yet again?

        Do you think it makes any difference to the situation? Until the club and Ozil agree to part company, kronkie will continue to pay his obscene salary – let’s have some meaningful articles that we can all debate, without rancour and factually based.

        1. No, no need for articles on them because they not bleeding the club dry, playing terrible and generally being a waste of space. When they do you can be sure I will criticise them just as much. Thanks for letting me know I am becoming an embarrassment, so very appreciated. I take it you will continue to use that line as I step up my criticism of Ozil if he is still here leeching off this great club come Feb 1st.

          1. You just carry on then Martin, anything you say about Ozil is now just a continuation of the same old same old.
            Enjoy yourself writing about him and I am sure it will make all the difference to the performance and results of Mikel Arteta’s team, which as supporters, is what we strive to achieve.

            Just to clarify one point though Martin, the use of the word embarrassment was over the number of Ozil articles and that was quite clearly stated.

        2. Somehow old chum I rather think it is not Admin Martins wrongly accused “obsession ” with Ozil that is the matter, but the true obsession that such as you , Phil, Sue and certain others have with this clearly way past it coaster. He is more divisive than Brexit but will one day leave , just as certainly as Brexit has now finally happened(or will on Friday).

          Of course MARTIN IS “GUILTY” of constant articles about Ozil but that is because he knows you “hero worshippers” will jump to his defence without fail and so he can fill his site with comments. Just as such as I will jump to agree with Martins correct scorning of this one time top player;a tactic he knows will always succeed. HOW CUNNING AND HOW PERCEPTIVE, EH!

          Surely the facts are, which all of us who bother to think about it know, that Admins Martin and Pat have a financial need to constantly post articles and in the football world, nothing muchof note happens from week to week, games apart,let alone hour to hour, so articles have to be manufactured from nothing or else this site folds. CARE TO ADMIT IF I am being a realist “for once” by explaining this bald, plain truth, Ken old chum? And being the hypocrite that I am, plus almost every other normally functioning human on earth is also, I freely admit that I feel sorry for both Admins, despite being one of their worst critics. Worth thinking about I’d say! After all they do their best and no one is perfect. Except me, obviously!!!!

        1. I have said many times previously that I have no idea why, I have also said many times a new design is coming and hopefully that will sort it. I just work here, I never built or operate the software. Anyway, TWO of your posts have been restored. I will now go answer them.

    2. How nice is that, Ken?! Good old Phil (& his thong 🤣)
      That’ll be lovely having your daughter there too… have a wonderful time.. and let’s hope we win, just to make it even sweeter!!
      Look forward to maybe seeing pictures on here?!

      1. Sue-you have seen how strict AdMartin is.He would blot out the T-Shirt rather than expose all on this site to seeing it
        I better make sure I put the thing in the wash just in case though

        1. Well, vulgar language and comments that are rude and abusive will always be removed Phil. Sorry if any of your posts are then deleted but the rules are very simple. It is also an assumption to think I am the only one deleting comments that contravene the very reasonable rules as set by management.

  9. Oui, OZIL a bien été acheté 42 500 000 € et il a reçu un salaire bien inférieur à ce qu’il a aujourd’hui. Il a été, de suite, hautement rentable avec ses quelques buts et ses nombreuses passes décisives.

    Le départ de SANCHEZ lui a, énormément, profité et son salaire a connu une formidable ascension.
    Dorénavant, ses stats quand il joue (ça s’améliore nettement avec M.A.), sont bien moins “parlantes”. De très bon joueur, il est devenu un bon joueur et il est surpayé pour ce qu’il fournit, même s’il sait bien orienter le jeu. Dorénavant, il handicape le club pour se lancer dans d’autres projets qui pourraient s’avérer rentables, pour l’avenir.
    Qu’il parte le plus tôt possible ne serait pas beaucoup dommageable, mais on ne doit pas trop y compter, sauf à l’échéance de mai 2021 !!!
    WILLOCK (loin, de ses capacités encore) ou surtout CEBALLOS ne sont pas loin de le valoir aujourd’hui et ils coûtent beaucoup, beaucoup moins chers.

  10. Some words don’t pass !!! (Sorry to write in French)
    I meant : with this some goals and numerous decisives passes.

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