Mesut Ozil is “closer than before” to Fenerbahce

So the Mesut Ozil to Fenerbahce saga rolls on…. Last night Mesut Ozil said in his Twitter Q&A that he definitely wanted to play for the Turkish giants before he retired, which was a clear indication that talks were getting more advanced every day.

Although Ozil basically admitted that he was also keen on moving to DC United in the MLS, which is hardly a surprise as he is in discussions about opening a coffee bar in the stadium, but he reserved his highest praise for Fenerbahce and that remains his first choice destination I believe.

Now we have had a statement from Fenerbahce’s president Ali Koc last night, which is saying a deal is “closer than before”. Koc told TRT Spor in an interview after Monday’s 3-0 win against BB Erzurumspor: “Mesut Özil is still a dream. Not a single person from Fenerbahce has not made a statement.

“There are issues between Mesut and Arsenal. We are closer than before.

“There is nothing finished. It may or may not end. It is in our hands to come out of the news as it is finished.”

Well, with those two snippets from yesterday, we can be assured that the negotiations are ongoing. I wonder if the bartering will go on until the very last day of the transfer window…

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    1. No chance! There will be daily articles about whether we should have kept him or how well or otherwise he’s playing wherever he ends up. The living nightmare of Ozil articles will never end.
      Ironically, here we both are, commenting on this one….sigh….

  1. if he is leaving then i can only wish him the very best of luck. life is way too short to hold grudges, especially sport related grudges. i hope he will be happy.

    1. gerry, IN PRINCIPLE I canot argue with your comment about life being too short to hold a grudge.

      But we are human and therefore fallible and usually when someone harms the person or entity we hold dear, being human, we attack those who harm the thing or person we love. That may not get us into Heaven,one day, but it does prove we are human.

  2. Arsenal shouldn’t have extended a player’s contract based on his marketable value, especially if the player wasn’t productive

  3. Ozil has managed to con some fans and since they’re crazy about this foxy guy, I hope they leave us alone and support Fernabache when he leaves

      1. I remember the day we signed him and at the last hour too! Having gone many years with only dreaming of signing world class players I was in disbelief nearly for a week with all the fellow Arsenal fans i knew.

        The Man utd fans jealous was a cherry on top.

        Whatever happened after that, I still remember the feeling I had the day he signed for us. No other signing had made me that happy and I don’t think there will ever be again.

        1. I agree HH. It was a bit of a “where were you moment” for a lot of Arsenal fans. Makes me sad that it’s ended this way.

        2. Spot on, HH. Was so happy when it was announced that I had to message all the Mancs I know – We got Ozil, you got Fellaini hahahaha!!
          Just like Trudeau, I am gutted it has ended this way 🥺

  4. Ozil makes a simple 5 yard sideways pass, Ozil fans wet themselves! Please take them with you Mr Ozil.

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