Mesut Ozil is stronger now, but is that good for Arsenal?

The German midfielder Mesut Ozil has been on the treatment table for the last three months, but it seems that he has used the opportunity to build up some muscles and has come back to the squad looking bigger and definitely more beefy. This has been so noticeable that Arsene Wenger has decided to give his thoughts on the matter, and he is not too certain that the effects of a lot of time in the gym can be all good for a quick midfielder.

“He has worked hard, I think he has taken to the fact that he wants to be stronger,” Wenger said on “You have more time to focus on it when you are injured. Every day he is in the gym and he can work on it and as well you don’t have the fatigue of the games. And it’s better when you look in the mirror!

“It is not only down to pure strength when you play football. It is down to when to switch your strength on and the timing of your switch on.

“I know players like Claude Makelele, for instance, were not monsters, but when he went for a challenge he had the technique to use his strength in a very efficient way. It is a technique more than a power.

“A guy who spends a bit of time in the gym kills his co-ordination and becomes more rigid. Winning a challenge is down to flexibility and co-ordination, switching on all the muscles on at the same, right, time. That is not down to lifting weights.”

So basically Wenger is saying that you can have too much of a good thing. The extra power will definitely help him to cope with big Premiership defenders trying to push him off the ball, but will it slow him down when he tries to burst past the same defenders to set up his next assist?

Wenger seems to have his reservations, but hopefully we will see the positive side effects when Arsenal take on Brighton tomorrow….

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  1. The technique will always be there. if he trained while incorporating sprints the pace will improve. I think if he continues with the training he could become the best #10 in the world. Being the best also requires a great shot and with the added strength I feel that part of his game will greatly improve.

    1. Well said dude 100% agree with u I just want him to be the best #10 which he is he capable of and he needs to compete with fabregas for the highest assists and beat him next season because this season it is impossible and hopefully win us the league next termby helping us with highest assist maker which is my wish coyg…….

      1. Nothing is impossible. He will score 2 assist per game on average. Just to prove you wrong after reading your comment.

    2. U right kaka,I see it as the same thing that Pires made,he was so waterlight when he arrived from France,he realised it and worked on it by going to gym…thereafter we all remember he went on to be crowned EPL player of the certain we will see the glimpse of real Ozil this season but we will see the real Ozil next season,I luv Arsenal to death.

    3. Thank you very much @Jim A. I get the feeling that Wenger is complaining and I don’t understand why. It is not as if the guy is bulking up to become a weight lifter or the next Mr Universe. Clearly it hurts Ozil that Arsenal paid so much hard earned money for him and yet he has not delivered. So he has absorbed all that criticism of being lazy and unable to play for 90 minutes and tried to do something about it during his rehabilitation. And what does the boss do? He criticises him further. Wenger just likes his players to be light weight mama’s boys that can be pushed around at
      Will by Stoke type teams. Please leave Ozil alone. Ozil realises that he has a major battle in his hands to break into the starting eleven. Bless him for trying to improve on his weaknesses.

  2. He will be less mobile with more muscels but instead he is going to be able to shield the ball better and also play better in the defense.

  3. Comments like these are what gets fans riled up by AW. What’s wrong with a little muscle in the EPL especially ? The guy already has technical ability and a little more toughness would do him good . How I long for the day when we look ominous before a football is kicked ….

    1. Just a thought that maybe Jack Wilshere after a good breakthrough season bulked up and now I feel he cannot run past people in the same way. This maybe more to do with his injuries but maybe this is why Wenger has pointed it out.

  4. none of us have seen any change in mesut , this season is critical for him,
    hes our most expensive player ever- could be our biggest mistake also-its down to him-
    what bugs me is him getting a let off because he is mesut ozil, we are not used to having world famous superstars, so we let him off from poor performances.
    enoughs enough- lets see what he does

  5. What a load of sh1t!
    Wenger can really roll it out.
    So gymnasts, who are stronger pound for pound than any competitor I can think of and spend a lot of time on strength exercises, aren’t flexible???
    Strength and flexibility training go hand in hand, it’s not as if Ozil would be benching one rep max sets and aiming for a Mr Universe title!

    First that nonsense earlier today about the ‘dressing room changing his mind’ now this!
    I am thinking Bould, who has been more active and animated from the bench, had more to do with the defensive game we played at City and probably helped Coquelin a lot as well.

    I can imaging Bould saying to Coquelin “kid this is your last chance, do exactly what I say and you will make it!”

  6. You get muscles from your testees baby please
    He should eat more good fats for his testees to produce more testosterone. I have no idea what I’m talking about. Just wanted to say “Testees baby pleasee”

    Seriously, Ozil will be better with stronger muscles as he will be better equipped to deal with PL players and will improve his confidence, on the pitch and with the women.

  7. As Wenger mentions, Özil needs to get the balance right and not gain too much muscles as his flexibillity will decrease.

    Imo Wilshere gained too much.

    1. If Wack gained too much muscle it wasn’t in his legs because they don’t work so well!

      Apart from the fact that Jack isn’t good enough he still bounces off players like a kid so how did he build too much muscle?
      When something makes you lose games you make sure that thing doesn’t happen, Jack playing means we lose more games, not just now but for all of his career.
      Damning stat but true.

    2. of what i saw v stoke, ozil didnt look like he was slower. i was more worried about his match fitness. but tomorrow will tell.

  8. Campbell left out of Arsenal training today. Seems he may be part of the Gabriel deal surely a striker could come in cavani,dybala ???????? or some unknown French kid ?????????

  9. Local media: After yesterday’s training Gabriel Paulista said goodbye to Villarreal’s fans: “Thank you very much to all”.
    There’s an agreement with Joel Campbell & Villarreal. Just waiting him to sign AFC extension before he goes on loan.”

  10. Also Ozil lost his girlfriend mandy the beautiful capristo in that period when he was injured they had breakup so this might also had helped him as it saved his energy which might had lost in the romance and bed hahah just joking guys.. but now he is looking good physical which is good for him and arsenal and now he is fresh also so hopefully he will perform excellently….Coyg!!!

  11. I want my arsenal team to win the champions league may be this season or next and give us fans and wenger the trophy.. this is the only trophy which elude us and this is the biggest trophy of a.. This is my wish hope it fulfills in the near future may be this season NSHAA ALLAH who knows I just pray… And guys don’t mind my english as this is not my mother tongue after all I m pakistani… Real Arsenal Fan… coyg!!!!!!

  12. We are so close to having a squad that can perform against any team,get rid of deadwood like diaby, flamini,ryo and Campbell then sign Paulista,Schneiderlin and a top class striker e.g Falcao, Cavani, Suarez then replace Podolski with Dybala.

    I can’t wait until we reach that level.

    1. Mate u said it true summed it up nicely… This is every arsenal fan’s wish to get a top holding midfielder a top centre back a top striker and raise up to next level.. hopefully this wil all be done in this window and summer and we have top class team for next season and compete for all trophies and win double or treble hopefully because this is the sign of a top class team and we are to so close to have tht team…

  13. I want my arsenal team to win the champions league may be this season or next and give us fans and wenger the trophy.. this is the only trophy which elude us and this is the biggest trophy of all.. This is my wish hope it fulfills in the near future may be this season INSHAA ALLAH who knows I just pray… And guys don’t mind my english as this is not my mother tongue after all I m pakistani… Real Arsenal Fan… coyg!!!!!!

  14. Hope Özil starts producing now that he has runners around him, last season he had no one. This season he’s been played out wide. We’re yet to really see him play a game in his No. 10 role when he has people that will make runs so he can pass. We saw glimpses last season when Özil played with Walcott before his injury, but even then in was only a handful of games.. This time everything is in place for him to thrive, let’s hope he does!

  15. Ozil has neva being a fast player before so I dont see the extra muscles reducing his speed instead it will help him to shield d ball beta while looking up for players. that apart I think our chance of getting this FA is really high nw, Spurs, chelsea and city out already COYG

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