Mesut Ozil issues a clear warning to Arsenal ahead of transfer window

Arsenal’s German star Mesut Ozil, must be the most frustrated player in the Premiership right now. Our most talented midfielder is on record as creating around 180 chances for the other Arsenal players, but only seeing a measly 19 of them converted into goals, leaving him one short of the Premier League record currently held by Thierry Henry.

Now the season is over and he is over in Dubai at an Arsenal Soccer School, and he is obviously hoping to beat that record very easily next season, but he can’t do that unless Arsenal invest in some “strong players” that can be a bit more clinical in front of goal. He has also made it clear that he won’t start discussions on a new contract until after the Euros, by which time he will know whether Arsene Wenger is serious about aiming for the title next season or not.

“I think we dropped a lot of points we shouldn’t have against smaller teams.” Ozil told Gulf News. “That was a point in the season where we weren’t strong enough as a team to take a point and continue, especially after the Barcelona game.

“It’s a long season and a lot of things must go right, one factor is injuries and on the other hand we have to focus more, and focus on getting stronger players, to be competitive for next season.”

“I think we have a good strong team with players who have good character,” he continued. “Other teams will prepare for the new season with new transfers and be stronger than last season. We will also be stronger than last season. New players will come in to make the side stronger than this season. But this is a decision the people who are responsible for the club must make, not by me, so we will see what happens.”

So could Ozil have made it more clear that he wants Arsenal to match his ambitions? Regarding his contract talks he said: “I still have two years left on my contract with Arsenal,”

“We will be in talks with the club and see what happens in the future but now I want to concentrate on the Euros, which is very important for me and my team, after the World Cup,”

“Later on we will see what I will do with Arsenal.”

I seem to remember Ozil saying thing last year about Arsenal strengthening last summer, but we all know how that went. Let’s see if Wenger listens to him this time around shall we?

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  1. Ozil and Sanchez will both stay. Not worried. Our only concern should be who we’re buying this summer. Season only finished yesterday and the window still isn’t even officially open for another 2 months, but let’s see a signing already!

    1. Bayern Munich have already signed Hummels and Sanches yet the window opens in 2months time,we must act quickly and sign players now so in July it will only be about making it official!

  2. Ozil and Sanchez will leave if we don’t add some quality players in the team. As simple as that.

    I wanted him to beat Henry assist record but it just didn’t happen as we were poor collectively in most part of second half of the season.

    I want them to stay. Wenger, please show us (fans) some love.

  3. Yes, top players have to put pressure on Wenger to sign top players CF, LWF/RWF, DM, and CB, otherwise no contract extension as simple as that …

    1. @Sam, that’s actually the players we really need but I won’t complain much if we end up just 2 but world class players, CF is a must.

  4. For the last three years, Arsenal were climbing the table ( from fourth to second) but again declining in terms of overall points collected (from 79 to 71). What does this mean?

    1. I have a thought on this,the EPL is the most competitive league in the world but the top teams in the league which are Chelsea,Man City,Arsenal,Man United,Liverpool have all dropped their levels which is why none of them can compete in the champions league against the likes of Real Madrid,Barcelona,Bayern or Atletico,as great an advert it is that Leicester won but it’s a serious indictment on the big teams that they won!

      1. Leceister deserved to win… 3 losses, two of them against us. That’s a serious accomplishment regardless of their points total.
        I think it’ll be a few seasons before any prem club will be at the level to mount a serious CL challenge.. No rest period, every league game is a serious drainer and there’s a serious gap at the latter stages in terms of condition. But the PL is becoming more and more attractive… The more big-name players that come will only attract more.

  5. Top players shouldn’t have to put pressure on wenger if he can’t see there is something wrong with the squad then he shouldn’t be in the job. Well in my opinion he shouldn’t be anyway. A clean sweep is needed to make way for several additions to the squad.

  6. Even Giroud himself mentioned something like we needed another striker the other season but does Wenger listen?

    The man wont listen to you Mesut, save your strength, other key players have left in similar circumstances no one would blame you if you did.

    OT: @ Fatboy you were right about Carzola’s kid, just seen the video, no doubt whose legs and brain he has inherited in the family. Wenger must be rubbing his hands, can he sign him at 5 0r six? Lol

  7. Either Arsenal defend better and turn into Athletico Madrid and in this league turning into them will rather help the team into winning the league or buy some serious players like a goal machine which can generate some form of confidence. Arsenal should strengthen the attack with Milik who plays for Ajax or Lacazzete from Lyon are 2 good options for the team who are not very costly. Purchasing Kante and Xhaka will be masterclass to say the least.

  8. Is anyone actually surprised by Ozil’s comments?
    I doubt it… I am surprised that Sanchez hasn’t said anything yet! ? His probably too busy looking for a way out!

    There’s no way that wenger will sign the kind of player’s that would keep Ozil and Sanchez happy.

    Unless a big offer comes in for Ozil and Sanchez,
    I’m sure that we will still be seeing them at Arsenal, for one last season, i doubt that either will be extending their contracts though.

  9. OT: Sorry admin.

    On the topic of transfer rumors, one player who has gone under the radar lately is Mane, surely he would be an upgrade on Theo, Ox and Campbell on the right.

    Has EPL experience and his quit an explosive player, just recently Bayern and Man U were sniffing around him. I bet he would definitely push for a transfer to a CL playing team. Give Southampton Theo back and they can have some loan players too plus cash.

  10. Is that surprising & would you fault him?
    He & Sanchez are clearly committed to being a Gunner, extending there stay and enjoying success (big trophy) in the process! Both are in there prime & wants to win simple as that. If the squad come back the same for them it’s a clear sign of a lack of ambition to some degree & an inability from Wenger & the club to learn from there mistakes!
    How many assists would he have if it was a marquee striker in front of him? Over 20 that’s for sure! And how many goals would Arsenal have probably more than Walcott, Giroud & Welbeck return combined this season…which would’ve gotten them enough points to be closer to Leicester!
    A DM seems to be on the way and hope to hear an official word on it soon!
    A ST & CB must now come as well!! This time please Arsene don’t get it wrong, get Kroenke’s backing (as you’ve alluded in an interview), stop looking for “deals” & try to go for your 1st or 2nd option ASAP before somebody more ruthless comes into the fray!!
    By the way there’s plenty of ST from less affordable to more: Aubameyang, Higuain, Cavani, Lukkaku, Morata, Michy.

  11. Other club managers are making efforts to provide what their teams need,Wenger is waiting to be threatened by his players before he tries to do what’s needed……….its funny

    1. Wenger has never been that great with transfers, Arsenal needs a guy who can take over transfers and get things done quick.

      Gazidis is that man… Shame he is sooooo poor at it that everyone looks past him and to Wenger still.

      Arsenal need someone better than Gazidis to do our transfers and it shouldn’t be Wenger, we should hire someone who is great at doing that kinda stuff.

      Silent Stan should hire more people to take some of the responsibilities away from Wenger, put Wenger into the situation he was for the 1st decade with us.

  12. Wenger had 3 seasons now to add 2 or 3 players. This is arsenal, the revenue is there, we’re not lacking any money here but we have a stingy manager who’s deluded and an owner who couldn’t give a penny about football ‘soccer’. Wenger is one of the most respected managers in the game, just imagine for a minute all the players that are offered to him every transfer window. Its almost as if you had girls throwing themselves at you so you never see any value in any of them. I truly believe this is exactly the case, wenger could get any player in the world who currently isn’t playing for bayern/barca/real/psg/Chelsea or man u, for obvious reasons.

  13. Not the 1st player to hold back on signing to see what the clubs ambitions are.

    RvP done the same and so did Nasri, lets hope because Ozil cost so damn much that the board will spend rather than risk losing him for a loss.

  14. Wenger didn’t sign Welboke, it was the board, I think some fans need to learn that Wenger doesn’t have final say.

    Wenger knows we need a top CF, he isn’t going to slander the players in our team though, of course Wenger will back Giroud… Even if Wenger is thinking about replacing him, he will still support the player, like he has several times in the past to players who was sold.

    1. Last summer we were making a financial loss due to existing player contract clauses (deferred payments to players old clubs). No outfield players bought. Was it due to wenger or kroenke not willing to release funds from reserves?

  15. Seems clear that ozil is waiting to see who is coming in the summer before signing a new contract. If he does not sign then he will be sold next summer. Same probably applies to sanchez.

    Seems that ozil and us fans are singing from the same hymn sheet. The question is will kroenke change the clubs aims from top four to winning the PL. Will players be brought in to strengthen the side, particularly strikers. Will the manager be able to inspire the players to win the PL, not just motivate them when top four in PL or last 16 in CL is threatened.

    I do not know, but seems like Arsenal are at a critical point, strengthen and show ambition to win the PL or face losing our best players at the end of next season. In other words, back to how we were when Nasri and RVP left.

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