Mesut Ozil joins Arsenal fans in social media attempt to bring back Serge Gnabry

Mesut Ozil might be on his way out of Arsenal but the German seems to still have the club’s best interest at heart with his latest gesture.

Ozil has divided opinions since he became an Arsenal star and he remains one player that some fans love to hate.

He has about 14 months left on his current Arsenal deal and he seems to have accepted that the club will not offer him a new deal, however, that hasn’t stopped him from trying to help the club.

Acting as an agent, the German seems to be trying to lure Serge Gnabry back to the club.

Gnabry left Arsenal before breaking into the first team fully and he has become one of Germany’s best players.

He scored four goals against Tottenham in London in the Champions League this season and followed that up with yet another two goals against Chelsea in the same competition before the suspension of the competition.

Arsenal fans have been looking for a way to bring him back and Mesut is doing his bit.

The German posted an image of Gnabry on his Twitter account with the Bayern Munich man wearing the Arsenal away kit.

Ozil captioned the post as cited in the Sun: “Once a Gunner – always a Gunner? @SergeGnabry”

The post delighted Gooners who posted a number of comments hailing the German for trying to bring his compatriot back to the Emirates.

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  1. If Gnabry wants to take a huge step backwards in his career, and join us, I would welcome him with open arms!

  2. Arsenal fans want Gouendouzi to be sold, only to be bought at a higher price later on. Give youngsters to develop before you think of selling

  3. Thi sis just another , in fact number 390, of your longer running than Coronation Street, Ozil saga articles. It is not about Gnabry at all, as not a single Gooner worldwide thinks he will be so daft as to want to come back to us. As this site knows only too well! Which reminds me, Coronation Street, despite being fiction, MUST be more in touch with real life than most articles on here.

  4. Probably get a lot of stick for this but someone started the rumour and it could have been Serge himself.Sometimes happiness is more important than success. How do we know where his head is at, He spent a long time growing up in London and just may love our city. He certainly seems to have enjoyed coming back and smashing Tottenham and Chelsea with six of the best. So who knows, he may have just told a friend, “I’m desperate to go back to Arsenal” It really would be some coup, should never have let him go in the first place

    1. Agree with you Kenny, but we didn’t let him go though did we?

      There was a contract on the table which he had, reportedly, agreed to sign.

      He changed his mind and AW reckons Bayern Munich approached him illegally, with a promise to buy him later.

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