Mesut Ozil leaving Arsenal in the summer is a pipedream

The chances of Mesut Ozil leaving Arsenal this summer are almost zero if you believe his agent Dr Erkut Sogut.

Speaking to, Sogut spoke about Ozil’s charity work and lifestyle off the field of play, however, it was his comments about his German clients future that was particularly interesting.

“I think [Mikel] Arteta is a very good manager and he learned from the best coaches in the world. He was on the sidelines with Pep Guardiola for years and I think he knows what he is doing,” he said.

“Ozil is more than happy at the Emirates Stadium. He loves the club, he loves the fans and he loves the city. This is his seventh year as a Gunner and he loves being a part of the Arsenal community. That is his home.”

That sounds fairly convincing to me. I know that you cannot take anything for granted in football but that is a very strong comment from Sogut and in all fairness, makes sense.

From a financial perspective, Ozil knows he cannot get a better deal than what he has now and from a footballing point of view, what major club would sign him? Wherever he goes he would be taking a step down from Arsenal and he lives in London, one of the greatest cities on the planet.

There will be speculation and Ozil may still end up departing the Emirates in the summer but I would say it is very unlikely and he will be an Arsenal player for another season.

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  1. If one reads what Ozil says, along with so many other squad players, regarding what they think about MA’s tactics, man management skills and his vision for the club, then it’s no surprise every player is going to stay.
    Auba, Bellerin, Mustafi, Martinelli, Xhaka are some who give their thoughts on our clubs progress under Mikel Arteta.

    As for being a pipeof dreams, those who still entertained any thoughts about him leaving, should really listen to what MA says about the player and, as a fan base, should start smoking the pipe of peace and get behind MA and his players.

    To read the article about MA and his players, go to football.insider for official quotes from the players – a really good read.

  2. Though personally very sad about it, I totally agree with you Martin. This current contract may well turn out to be the last for many years to come of these ludicrously awarded salaries and at ALL CLUBS,not merely ours. The virus will now force financial reality on us and others, where so far all else has failed, regretfully. Ken referred to this as a silver lining and I much agree with him.

  3. That’s certainly true! 1001 incoming CB fake rumours and an Ozil article a day. More predictable than rain in January!

  4. Wouldn’t it be a great gesture if the club’s top earners donated a percentage of their earnings towards feeding and clothing London’s homeless during this ghastly epidemic?

      1. Thanks Sue. With all the pubs and restaurants shut it makes it so much more difficult for them. This crisis will pass in time, then we can start talking about and enjoying football again.

        1. I must admit Andrew, I’m a little disappointed that something hasn’t happened along those lines already to be honest.

          Ofcourse, we know that individual players donate to their own specific charities and The Arsenal already support the local communities in many ways, but if Watford can offer their ground to the NHS, surely a controlled emergency shelter for the homeless, with a hot meal supplied, at the Emirates would be a wonderful gesture by the club?

          With your added suggestion from the players, it would be such a great thing to do, at least and until we get over the nightmare of this virus.

          1. Ken, I feel certain that before the Kroenkes our club would have already reached out . We were always a proactive and classy club and here is a great opportunity for the board and the players to show that we still are.

        2. Andrew
          There was a headline that the club has already donated £100,000 to local charities Not a fortune but a start in the right direction
          Bellerin and other PL players are aiming to raise £100,000 too which is to be welcomed but is a spit in the ocean compared to what is required and that lots of these players earn close to that in a week.
          I’m with you, that the PL has been slow off the mark in terms of showing any altruism at all
          Hats off though to Abramovitch and Neville/Giggs. Hopefully more goodness will appear soon to help in this crisis

    1. They may be doing it offline as some players are very charitable (Ozil included) but would be also happy if the top earning players played with the same desire and output as Saka and Martenelli (players on a low wage) then we would be challenging Pool and not Burnley and Palace

  5. Is this the 50th or 500th article about Ozil in the last couple of months? Afraid I’ve lost count. The needle is firmly stuck in the Ozil groove.

    1. Mezut Ozil loves the salary, living in London and the lack of playing pressure (competition for position). Why would he choose to leave?

  6. Wenger’s fault. Idiotic thing to do to pay him £350,000 per week who didn’t deserve it

    Ozil would be a moron to leave that

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