Mesut Ozil leaving Arsenal is now a very real possibility

It was thought that the chances of Mesut Ozil leaving Arsenal before his lucrative contract expires were minimal, however, that may no longer be the case.

The repeated security threats to him and his family must be having some effect and if anything is going to force the German playmaker into a rethink over seeing his contract out, it would be his family and their safety.

It is also being reported that representatives of the 30-year-old will be jetting off to the USA next week to begin talks with DC United over the possibility of Ozil replacing Wayne Rooney.

That in itself is not as straightforward as it seems, it would involve pay cuts, Arsenal subsidising Ozils salary and so on but it is obviously being considered otherwise talks would not be scheduled for next week.

When a player cannot play football because of security then there is a huge issue and that is exactly where we are right now with Ozil.

You couple that with a potential move to the USA and all of a sudden it does not look to far fetched that Ozil could be on his way out of Arsenal far sooner than most of us anticipated.

Another factor could be that the lack of first-team opportunities comes into play as well and that is also a real possibility that Ozil will have to weigh up.

All things considered, I do feel that Ozil could soon depart North London.


  1. So then why isn’t Kolasinac mentioned?? Will he be departing too??
    No it’s just Ozil…?
    I don’t always believe what is being “reported”….

    1. The ‘security threats’ are more worried about Kolasinac and are not going anywhere near that beast.

    2. Sue, that is because adminmartin wants this to happen to Ozil.

      I have pointed out on numerous occasions how Ozil is always mentioned by him when discussing players who could/might leave, so it’s no real surprise that Kolasinac doesn’t feature in this theory of his.

      If this does actually happen, I wonder if adminmartin has even thought about the consequences to the game in general?

      Any player could be targetted and his/her family also, but if the end justifies the means, it seems nothing else should be of any concern.

      1. Regardless of our views on Ozil and Kolasinac as players, lets hope the “low life” individuals who threaten them are locked up for a long time.

      2. Ken, But surely Admin Arsenal is merely bringing news that I was unaware of til now, which -assuming it is true news- would surely indicate serious discussions are about to take place. The hold up incident will be bound to have deeply affected Ozil’s future thinking,esp since he now has a wife to consider, as it would to any other normal person too. Wouldn’t you agree? It can’t be sensibly dismissed as just Martins wish, even though that wish for Ozil to leave is shared by many on here. It would be an appalling way for it to happen though, I freely accept. On such serious matters, his and his family’s health and welfare vastly outweigh mere football playing concerns.

    3. My lovely Sue
      I knew I’d find you here defending Ozil??
      Don’t worry, I don’t think he’s leaving either, besides, it was reported this evening the police now have two suspects in custody.
      Ken, I thought I was the only who noticed AdminMartin frequently mention Ozil in any post which includes leaving.
      Everyone with their choice..
      I’m looking forward to our opening game, I just hope Emery doesn’t field a defensive team just because it’s an away game

      1. The latest is that Kolasinac’s wife has left the country, and the interesting newsabout thearrests isthat they both have very turkish names – giving the possibility that they were sent by the other gang to help protect the Ozils? Just a theory….

      2. I think this is the most annoying and daft post I have ever seen. It doesn’t have any bearing with reality, rationality or even common sense. Am not defending anyone but Admin please treat people who come to read your posts with some respect. We are not stupid. Any player can leave any team at any time, but please treat people here with some dignifying information.

    4. Ummm, could it also be that one is not a wimp while the other is? One is draining the club’s finances (£350,000) while having as much influence and contribution as Elneny.
      So financially it makes zero sense. It also makes no sense for the team as he contributes next to nothing for the majority of the time. Now he can only play against poor teams at home.

      I think those two points are the difference.

      1. Goonster, As someone who has long wished Ozil out, I deplore your unthinking and unfair use of “wimp” in the context in which you use it. I have called him a “wimp” and much else besides, for his on field perfs. But to call someone who sensibly did not get physically involved more than he could help, a “wimp”, IN THIS CONTEXT, is silly, immature and unthinking. PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR WHOLE ATTITUDE TOWARDS THIS DREADFUL SITUATION. This is peoples lives we are talking of here, not mere football perfs, which pale into insignificance by comparison.

  2. A shame what’s happening with his family. Personally I would hire private security, he has the money.

    I understand it’s easy to comment when my family is safe, but I would take every option available to me.

    What a scumbag to go after someone with knives and a metal pole. Gets me so furious people would do such a thing. Examples should be made of these scum. Hopefully police apprehend these lowlifes and they get their just rewards.

    They are cowards, we all saw how they ran when the Bosnian Hulk fought back.

    I always thought Ozil favored Los Angeles, they have 2 clubs. Maybe Stan can work something out seeing how his Rams in Los Angeles now.

        1. TMJW, well then, let’s just hope that these thugs don’t tartget Iwobi or Lacs or Abau or Luiz, or what about UE…you must be really odd if you think this is a good thing!!!

          Organised crime gangs going around and threatening those who some call “deadwood” makes criminal activity acceptable then?
          I respect differences of opinions, but this is society gone mad, let’s hope your views are accepted when you emigrate to Australia, I somehow doubt it!!!

          1. What on earth are you on about ken1945? Deadwood is players that offer nothing on the pitch. When did I mention anything about our players being attacked? When did I say the criminal activity is acceptable? You seem to have taken offence out of something I haven’t even said!

            This is what I said:
            “If we can convince a club to take Ozil off our hands, then Raul is an absolute genius!”
            “Yes! Few more weeks to get the rest of the deadwood out.”

            How on earth did you get that I want our players, or anyone for that matter to become victims of crime, from what I said?

            I would expect this from Dan kit, but not from you, because that is slander, and I expect an apology. If I do not receive one, then I will inform admin, because it’s a disgrace what you have said.

            We often disagree on matters, but this way below the belt. Wanting a player to leave based on his performances and attitude at our club, has got absolutely nothing to do with his private life. I hate violence, and criminal activity, and feel terrible for anyone who is a victim of it.

          2. Ken , I must say that I fully support what Third Man has said to you in his post, (without a reply option attached). We all need context here. We are far too mature to let this dreadful incident be used in the mere context of our differing opinions about his playing usefulness. Your assumption about Third MAN JW was uncalled for , unfair and unworthy of you. I have come to the conclusion that your support for OZIL as a player has blinded you to others right to the contrary opinion. Ironically , you have called me out on this same thing, in the other direction, with much justification too. Context please, KEN. I also need to take my own advice and freely admit it. It is at times like this, where lives are at risk, that we need to get our priorities right and despite Shankly’s famous phrase,(generally used out of true context by others) football can NEVER be more important than life and death. I know you are with me on that last comment, whatever else we may differ on.

          3. rumour has it that this whole ozil security scare scenario is stage set. all false and planned. it is a way of ozil leaving without him losing face.that knife attack was set up also, kola defended but was not at all in jured. think about that for a moment. ozil is on his way , there will be many tears i know , but whatever is best for the cv
            lub, not whatever is best for any one individual. as soon as mesut goes the darrk cloud of mr. wenger will be gone forever.

        2. TMJW, this article is about Ozil (should include Kolasinac as well) being targetted by criminals who are threatening both players and their families.

          AdminMartin has stated that this could lead, indirectly, to Ozil leaving the club…you stated that “If we could convince a club to take Ozil off our hands, then Raul is a genius.

          As you were replying to this article, I asked you if that is how you REALLY see the situation and you replied “Yes! Few more weeks to get the rest of the deadwood out”.

          So was your comment timed at 12.23 anything at all to do with this article?

          If it was, you are supporting the situation that these two players find themselves in by your comments…
          if the comment has nothing to do with the article, why on earth would you make a comment completely irrelevant to the topic, that insinuates your approval at the very least and invites a reply such as mine?

          It seems that every other poster understood the articles contents and what was being said, so where was your post relevant to the conversation?
          That is why I asked “REALLY” in my first reply to you, as I didn’t believe that of you!!

          1. Jon, your first post timed at 12.07 – “news that I was unaware of”…so that didn’t mean deadwood then did it, as you are always banging on about it!!

            Jon, your second post timed at 12.29 – the “context” quote…by that I assume you mean the “context” of the article?

            Read through it Jon, then tell me how TMJW’s comments could have been interpreted any other way, especially as he was replying to this specific post?

            It seems every other post has referenced to the significance and criminal actions (as you have twice), so in what way do you feel the “context” of my replies were wrong, especially when I asked him if that was what he “REALLY” meant?

            Off to watch the game, it’ll give you time to answer these questions and for TMJW to explain his post as well.

          2. One of the main reasons that people inside/outside the club want Ozil gone is because of his performances. That’s what I was talking about, yet you purposely spin it into something else. You have also conveniently ignored the fact that so many people sometimes make comments that are slightly off topic, although I didn’t in this case. We were talking about Ozil leaving, and his performances, and wages, are the main reason for that.

            As I have already said, nothing I said could have been interpreted as me supporting the awful situation he was in.

            I didn’t expect an apology from you, so I will be passing this obvious slander onto Admin. I am not sure if they will do anything, but fingers crossed you get warning. I love a good debate, and we never see eye-to-eye, but your comments were out of order. A bigger man would have apologised…says it all!

          3. TMJW, if you could only stick to whatever the subject is and not, time and time again, bring in what you see as relevent then this wouldn’t have happened.

            Nowhere in the article did admin talk about performance – salary – or anything OTHER than the outcome of these attacks on Ozil and his family.

            As usual, you come in, both barrels blazing, completely of subject and expect people to understand you.

            In both your first response and then the second (when I asked “REALLY”) you didn’t mention salry or performance did you?

            So it follows that you must have been talking about the article, at least it does to me.

            A bigger man would have accepted that he put the wrong post in on the wrong subject matter, just refer back to the thread of other posters…it was all about the attacks not your one eyed view of the player that you feel the need to repeat time and time again.

            We even had the USA mentioned as a safe haven, personal bodyguards etc etc so what has that got to do with salaries and performances?
            Stop digging and move on.

    1. Haha Eddie! Nothing surprises me anymore on here, where Ozil is concerned!
      Imagine the euphoria if he was to go to DC.. jeez we’d probably have an article every day on it, for at least a month!
      What also makes me laugh in the article is when it says about lack of first team opportunities!! ??? sheesh!!!!

  3. I want Ozil to leave but not for that reason. I don’t wish harm on anyone and don’t want any players to be scared for their lives

    That said, I don’t believe that they are in serious danger. They had a horrible incident. Thankfully they were not hurt. I don’t believe it’s a major issue until I see more evidence.

    I think Ozil is content sitting the bench and taking home £350,000 per week salary. He’s lazy and doesn’t feel he has the need to prove himself.

    He doesn’t play international football so doesn’t NEED to play 90 minutes every match. He doesn’t defend or try to get the ball back which also shows his laziness

    So I think he will stay here until his contract runs out. I don’t see him taking a pay cut.

    Kolsanic makes a lot less money so it’s possible he could leave for any reason. But I hope he stays

    1. Innit, it appears that the criminal gang involved in the initial attempted car jacking are still harassing Ozil, Kolasinac and their families. As Durand stated in an earlier thread the original attempted car jacking of a £100k motor vehicle, appeared to be the work of organised crime. Just think how do you dispose of such a vehicle. Other crimes on mopeds have occurred throughout London.
      For Ozil to leave for financial or footballing reasons, I one thing to be forced out by criminal thugs is another.
      If high profile personalities aren’t safe, how are things for ordinary people?

  4. London is not safe, but I believe the US is more dangerous. Because owning a gun is legal and mass shootings happened frequently

    Perhaps someone that lived in both London and the US can tell us about the security threats there

    If Ozil wanted to move for security reasons, he would have moved to one of the GCC countries. The big cities in those countries are much safer from and their clubs are able to pay his mega wage

    1. In this instance, the US would be a safer place, in part because he, his family, and any security he hires would have no difficulty getting guns. It’s one thing to go after an unarmed family or one only able to use a knife to protect itself. It’s quite another to go after a high-profile person who may be armed and whose bodyguards certainly will be. Is a car, revenge, or kidnapping worth being the risk of being shot and killed?

      Additionally, the US has a lot of gated communities, both inside big cities and in the suburbs, where wealthy people live that have constant security. Because there are so many embassies in DC and NYC, there is a lot of surveillance and security that most people don’t see in the areas where high-profile people and embassy personnel live and work. There’s a reason why you don’t hear of many attacks on those kind of people in the US.

      As for mass murders, terrorist attacks can happen anywhere (NZ, Norway, Paris, London, etc.). The madness going on in the States now is political and aimed at the masses or specific minorities in groups, not at gatherings of the well-to-do or high-profile individuals. You or I would have a better chance of being a victim of that kind of shooting.

      1. You’re right.

        For an average person the US is more dangerous than any country in Europe. Just look at statistics.

        But for the wealthy it’s very different for all the reasons you point out.

        But, Ozil will not leave Arsenal because 2 thugs had an argument with his security guards. He’ll just up his security. And he actually wants to stay at Arsenal, which has been repeated ad nauseam by him and his agent.

      2. American Gunner Fan, I agree with of much of what you sensibly write. HOWEVER, what stands out like a sore thumb and with which I can NEVER agree, is your use of “USA would be a safer place, in part because he, his family and any security he hires would have no difficulty getting guns”.

        In common with most Brits, I find this a scary and appalling philosophy on the sick American general mania for people to freely arm themselves. This madness is what drives the many mass shootings you have over there. Yes, we too have many sickos who wantonly murder people over here too- before you remind me – BUT arming the population with guns is the USA’S worst mass sickness. It is supported by the monster who is currently President and that alone should show you how mad and dangerous an idea it is!
        I fervently hope Ozil goes but NOT to USA and being honest , under Trump and until this gun sickness is eradicated I would not wish living in USA on my worst enemy(not that I have any enemies, nor, of course ANY GUNS, KNIVES OR ANY OTHER EVIL KILLING DEVICES. I do have kitchen knives though and that is where they stay, ALL THE TIME!)

    2. USA more dangerous, such nonsense. People speak of statistics but which type? Per capita? Based on what?

      Odd how people make blanket statements that don’t live in the States. We can talk FACTS but I won’t debate FEAR.

      Leave politics for a political site

  5. he should leave if we want to have character building in team.

    i never liked him anyway because his so called wizardry works when we have loads of possession against low teams. and i think Emery thinks the same hence not only Ozil was benched against bog teams but even in away games of lower teams.

  6. There are valid reasons why players should leave clubs,in Ozils case his huge wage and inconsistancy maybe but not because his personal life and family are threatened.

  7. My initial thought was, unless these security threats have been recurring, I can’t see how one isolated incident could make someone want to leave.

    Insensitive right??

    Reading between the lines, it looks like Özil was afraid for his family and panicked, while the Big Blonde Bombshell Kolasinac scared their would be assailants off.

    The part of London where the incident occurred isn’t very dangerous any more, in fact its become quite gentrified. I suspect they were targeted specifically for whatever reason.

    1. Imagine moving to the US from the UK because of security fears, lol. I have never heard of such a ridiculous statement.

  8. Off the pitch he is a really nice person; his performances on the pitch are not upto his calibre so i want him gone, but definately not for security reasons. The police should get to the bottom of this.

  9. It`s a sad state of affairs if football has now joined the world to be afraid of being run by terrorism !………..whatever happened to jumpers for goalposts ! 🙁

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