Mesut Ozil living in cuckoo land with his latest comments

Mesut Ozil is deluding himself if he really means what he is saying.

Mesut Ozil continues to divide the Arsenal faithful, though taking an unscientific view on fans opinions I would suggest that the vast majority cannot wait to see the back of the 31-year-old.

I was tempted to refer to him as the German playmaker as opposed to the 31-year-old but if there is one tag that does not belong on him, it is playmaker.

Anyway, Ozil has been discussing his future with The National’s Jon McAuley, a Dubai based media outlet and he came out with this beauty.

“After this season I have one more year, so after that, I will know because I can’t see the future. The thing I can do is give everything for the team, for myself, to be successful and let’s see what happens.

“What I know is that I will give everything for this club, for my teammates. We’ve had a difficult season, but we want to win games again, to take points, to maybe be in the top four at the end of the season.”

OK, where to start? Well, there is no chance he will be an Arsenal player after his contract runs down. It would not be justified on so many grounds and contribution to the team would be smack bang at the top.

How he can say he will give everything for the team is beyond me, if there is one player that fails in that department almost religiously, it is Ozil.

In fact, the only consistency we have had from him is his failure to deliver.

The headline will no doubt upset his few remaining supporters, that is their prerogative but as far as I am concerned, he really is living in cuckoo land if he thinks he has any sort of future at Arsenal after his ridiculous contract expires and he is kidding no one without blinkers on that he will give everything for the team.


  1. Im afraid Ozil has us by the short and curlies and he knows it. It doesn’t matter how much effort he puts in or not, he knows he has 18 months of jackpot joy. He has no ambition that is obvious and he isnt going to change overnight just because we pay him loadsa money for basically nothing to show for it. I personally don’t blame him but he has a right cheek. No assists this premier season and one goal is absolutely diabolical.

    1. Ozil is going no where. He had always given his best to Arsenal and either you like it or not, ozil truly loves the club. To say he had no ambition is ridiculous. Ozil had won titles and trophies that so many other players could only dream of. He is a world champion.

        1. Plus if he had “got” ambition, he wouldn’t be playing for Arsenal. He is here because he is on a good thing and living it up in the best city in the world.

        1. Leno,Martinez,Okonkwo

          Well for me I would retain this great looking exciting and passionate 25 man squad next season. Then raise around 200m buy selling this 10

          Elneny,Mkhiyaryan,Ozil,Lacazette and Aubameyang

          Imagine the wage bill reduction!!!
          Then let Arteta add 3 world class players in the positions he most requires and play the 433 he prefers

          1. So what wages would you expect to pay for the three world class players who, by your own definition, could choose any club in the world to play for – in otherwords, the club that offers them the most money?
            Do you think The Arsenal fit that scenario? Cloud cuckoo land.

      1. I don’t think his best is good enough these days regardless of whether he is happy and buying into the MA revolution.

        I should wait and see if he puts in a storming effort against Newcastle after this Dubai trip. I’m not holding my breath even though on occasions I have seen a better Ozil since Arteta’s arrival. Being better than he was isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement.

        His salary is meant to reflect his status and ability. The fact that Özil is so divisive says much about his best these days not being good enough. I totally agree with Reggie and everything in his post

      2. lets be brutally honest. If he had ambitions, he wouldn’t have stayed at Arsenal to sign a new contract. No matter how absurd the money. This guy got his payday and is coasting.

      3. fella you are on cloud cookoo land, the only thing ozil loves is himself and the £350’000 perweek arsenal pay him.
        the quicker he goes the better,atleast then we will have 11 players on the field,,you must be watching a different ozil to me fella, he is overrated, overpaid and over the hill. biggest waste of space arsenal have signed in years.

        1. Thank you. No its not Ozil who lives in cookoo land, its the few of his supporters on this site who think he is the player he was 5 seasons ago, but, I do respect their opinions as that indicates their passion to see Arsenal progress upward. The mans past his best and has no interest to play with passion, even Mustafi changed his agent! We have to “enjoy” his presence for the next 14 months, I’m afraid and then only will Mikel and Arsenal move forward. Till then expect a no. 10 finish if not worse. The earlier he is benched/binned, the better for Mikel and Arsenal. After all Arsene, Unai and Freddie could not get a result from him, best of luck Mikel.

    1. That would be me and on this one occasion, I will allow the use of the term muscle head, however, rein in the abuse and critique the actual article. Most long term regulars on here know they can disagree with me or any of the writers or each other but when their only contribution is to say nothing about the actual article or opinions in a comment and just have a go at the writer then I delete. Not because I cannot take criticism, I can and do regularly but because I want a constructive debate that actually contributes to the comments on an article. You may want to take a leaf out of Ken1945 who disagrees with me vehemently on this subject yet is able to put his point of view across that actually adds a contribution.

  2. Well Martin, I’ve read what he has said three times and I can’t see where he is stating anything about being at the club after his contract ends, because as he states, he doesn’t know the future.

    What I do read, is that he is going to see his contract out and then look at what the next step is for him – so once again, he has re-iterated that he will be here next season, so that should put an end to all the rumours…but of course it won’t.

    i still see no problem with regards his commitment by the players, or indeed MA himself and the dressing room seems more together than they have for thirty six odd months.
    I haven’t seen such a happy, smiling group of Arsenal players for a long time.

    Have you read what he says about MA and his tactics, how the players are buying in to what MA wants and is demanding?
    If he gives his all and that’s not good enough for MA, I’m sure you will get your wish and the saga will end for us all.

    So it will be interesting to see what team MA selects for the Newcastle game and, of course, all true supporters will be behind his selection…Ozil or no Ozil, isn’t that so?

    As for the headline and the “vast majority”, it doesn’t matter one little iota really, if MA is the coach that I believe he is, he wouldn’t even think twice about either, as he has already proved with his selections and backing of players that the “vast majority” deem dross – xhaka and mustafi for example – long may it continue.

    1. Ozil was successful in the German world cup winning side that scraped a win in the 119th minute v Argentina in 2014. Ozil basically has lived off that one win ever since. Now he picks up 350k p/w for the next 70 weeks a mere 25 mill plus endorsements. It is what it is. Actually Ozil is still the best AM at Arsenal while our second best is playing for Roma. Emery got the best out of Ozil for a year as the team missed 3rd by just 2 points. With
      9 new additions to strengthen the squad no reason why Arteta can’t finish 4th and win the Europa League with Ozil playing a significant role.

  3. FFS AdMartin-when are you going to stop sitting on the fence and let us all know what you really feel about Mesut Ozil?

      1. Do you really think your “job is to sit on the fence” as Phil sarcastically asked, Martin? If so – which I know is NOT the case – how do you explain your firmly one side of the fence , though totally accurate, put downs of Ozil!

  4. Admart, I’m sorry you are the one on cukcoo land if you expect him to say he is not to give his but seats on hiss ass and collects paycheck or that Arsenal has given up on finish his in top four. I’m sure he does your article on his interview will be more derogatory than this. What I don’t understand his who does article like this favour besides you. I’m disappointed to getting this kind of garbage being written about our club by the custodian of the club. We have all sort more than garbage being thrown at us by the outsiders. Why should our own fans do such under the disguise having an opinion How does it help to lift the club up. You don’t like him, fine that is no problem but constantly writing garbage about him reek jealousy and hatred. It is not your own personal money the club is paying him. In fact, how much of your money is the 350k is he collecting maybe someone can get him to refund it

    1. No idea why you are having a go at me. I am not the one damaging the club and bleeding it dry and putting in championship level performances. You should aim your ire at him. I have the best interests of Arsenal in my heart and I will call out anyone if I believe they do not and are abusing the club. That goes for players like Ozil and fan sites like AFTV. I cannot understand why anyone that loves Arsenal and wants what is best for this great club tolerates that man. But if it makes you feel better to defend him and attack me then that is fine, I have broad shoulders but I also have a love for this club that was there before that man was born and it will be there for decades after he has left and I will never apologise for that and because that is how I feel I will never allow anyone I believe is damaging the club to be allowed to do it without saying something. Now, I may sound like a broken record but I will repeat my offer nonetheless, if you want to write an article praising him and highl8ighting his contribution then I will publish it. It is so strange that no Ozil supporter takes me up on that offer. Maybe it is because they do not fancy being at the end of the inevitable backlash that will follow.

      1. I’m not saying you shouldn’t criticize Ozil or any of our players but how does that help getting us out of the mess we are in and to what end. You have a voice with this blogg and enjoin you to use towards the good of the club. We all know where we are. We see it every weekend and constantly have an earful of it from the media so we don’t need be reminded of that by our own fans and the club custodian like JA. What we, the players and club need is positivity and not twisting and ordinary interviews and making a baseless accusation like the one you just said about Ozil destroying our club.

        1. I do not believe it is baseless for one second and when the players and club consistently, over years now, underperform then there comes a point when they must be held to account. Look at our league position, if they are not held to account now, when? You will also notice that over 95% if not higher, articles on Arteta and the difference he is making are positive. When I see it is positive I will say so, when it is not, I will say so. You have the right of reply on here via comments and therefore you also have a voice, which you are exercising.

      2. Martin, the reason that I haven’t written a positive article about Ozil, is because there are so many opportunities to put my views across on the player when replying to the negative articles that you, on a regular basis, put out.

        Already on this particular article, we have someone reciting the same old message about what he supposedly earns, what it costs the club etc etc and in the end one gets thoroughly bored trying to explain that, as the owner of the club, kronkie is quite happy to do that – of course it is an absurd salary, but it is what it is.
        To keep regurgitating the same figures, as if it’s a sudden revelation is numbing in the extreme…especially when none of us know what the terms of his contract are, just the same old same old negativity.

        We have another saying that he doesn’t contribute anything…while not posing or discussing the question of why MA and his team mates seem to see it so differently – just the same old same old negativity.

        Regarding this article, you have read what he says as pure negativity, bordering on delusion.
        I see it as a player giving an interview, answering a question about his future and how he currently feels about MA, what he feels he can offer and how he loves the club. He is very positive in what he says, admits times have been hard lately, but that MA has breathed new life into the club…isn’t that what the vast majority” that you quote have also been saying on here?

        As for worrying about an inevitable backlash, I have just submitted an article that, if published, will give me just that, so please don’t think that’s a reason – no, you keep on feeding the negatives and I will show the positives – all in the spirit of us both being gooners to the core, with different opinions.

        1. The wage cannot be separated from his performance Ken, that is why it is constantly brought up. If he was on say 30k a week then his performances would be in line with that sort of wage, however, he is not and therefore the wage is critical to the criticism of his contribution.

          You regularly say that no one knows what is in his contract and so forth and you advise that no one jump to conclusions, fair enough, however, that is exactly what you do when you say his teammates and MA love him and value him. There is literally no proof of that and so all we are left with his is performance on the field of play.

          I ask you honestly, are you really deep down satisfied with his contribution to the team, this season and last and further back still? Do you honestly believe he is justified in taking that amount of money out of the club i9n relation to his performances?

          The negativity is based on one reason and one reason only, his performances. No one would care if he played brilliantly, but he does not. He is a highly paid, highly talented player and Arsenal deserve far more from him.

          This is not personal, I would say the same about any Arsenal player and I do regularly, as does almost every other user on this site but Ozil is held to a higher standard and rightfully so, in the same way that Pogba is at United. Highly-paid players are expected to perform to a certain level, no matter who the manager is or what system they are in, I can list endless players that perform to a high standard under poor managers, surrounded by inferior players, for example, Hazard at Chelsea.

          There are just far too many excuses made for Ozil when it comes to just one simple basic equation. Does he do a good enough job?

          It matters nothing at all what I feel about, you, Phil, Sue, Jon, Mikel Arteta or Pierre-Emerick Aubamayenag, that is irrelevant, all that matters is what he does on the field of play once that whistle is blown and I honestly do not feel that you deep down believe for one minute that what he contributes is anywhere acceptable.

          Finally, because so much more is expected of him and because he can offer so much more it is inevitable that more articles are written about him, not just from me but from almost every single Arsenal site, Youtube channel, sports programs and general sports websites when he fails to deliver.

          The media, us included and fans are all fickle, when a player performs brilliantly he is applauded and praised, Gabriel Martinelli being a classic example and even Mustafi recently, but when they do not they are criticised. Ozil only has himself to blame for the criticism. I would genuinely love to write nothing but positive articles about him but he just does not provide me with the ammunition to do that, just the opposite.

          Don’t shoot the messenger.

          1. I like your length response to Ken but you haven’t answered my own question. How has the constant criticism of him and other players benefit us all. What has it changed really. I get bored of us because we all say the same with different words and say all what each and everyone knows. All mostly is derogatory about our club and players. I want Ozil to leave the club for his sanity sake and I may or may not have said once and I don’t need to repeat it in every of my comments because it will become a nuisance. Admart, you are very intelligent person but you have allowed your dislike of Ozil clouds your intelligence by some the statement you made above. Ozil didn’t agree to that contract but present and club did and not at gun point. So whether he is justified to earns is that much is inconsequential and shouldn’t be fans problem. I could remember Malouda case at Chelsea. He was on 175k at a time when Chelsea confined him to play reserve football. No single fan remember him till he left. I feel your problem is not with Ozil’s salary but the fact that he is in the team. You can’t just stand and it is obvious. So I say wait till the end of this season or next, you will have your wish

          2. This reply proves my point exactly Martin… 95% of what is in there, you have already said many times before!
            Let’s look at what is new though:

            You say there is no proof of the players and MA supporting him? Then I suggest you ask yourself why players like Willock gives him credit for his advice and why martinelli and pepe cite him as one of the reasons for signing for the club as reported, of course, on justarsenal!!!…oh and what about MA selecting him for every premier game since his arrival?
            Come on Martin, you are ignoring the facts to further your own agenda. I do have the facts about his support within the club…so in return, can you give me the exact details of Ozils contract – all the clauses- bonus structures-appearances etc etc.
            If you are judging him by his earnings and you say it is a critical part of your criticism, you have to know exactly what you are basing your opinion on.
            Because, I presume, you actually have no idea what his contract says, the critical element is based on an irrelevant figure and nothing else, unless, as I say, you have all the details.

            Just to reiterate, once again Martin, I find his reported salary, however it is made up, grotesque, abhorrent, sickening and unjustified…as I do most of the reported salaries these professional players earn and, furthermore, I have not seen one comment on here that says otherwise, so your point is?

            Are we sure that this £350,000 reported salary is not made up of so many different clauses, just as Auba’s recent contract revelations revealed?
            Following your line of thought regarding the player, if there are performance related or selection clauses, you have no monetary concerns have you?
            The problem is, Martin, you don’t know…so you are speculating in a way that furthers your personal opinion of him.

            You also say that you are judging him on what he does on the pitch, so the “albatross around the neck”, the mark of 2 for his performance (which you didn’t correct) and all the other “positive” headlines are doing that are they?
            Will they change his performances or his contract?

            Of course I want more from him, just as I want more from every other player that has underperformed in the last three and a half years, but I do not let monetary issues get in the way of judging anyone – they all needed a kick up the jacksie and MA has done that – something that Ozil alluded to in the anwers to questions asked of him.

            Let’s get back to this article, keep to the point as you say:

            Do your words “mesut ozil is deluding himself if he really means what he is saying” have anything to do with his on field performances?
            No they don’t and neither do the words he spoke, he was explaining, when asked, how he sees the rest of the season under MA, but you decided to look at it another way.
            You first of all bring up his contract, that he never mentions, then try and belittle him when he says he doesn’t know what the future holds – perhaps he should have asked you, as you are certain he won’t be offered a new contract at our club!!!
            Interestingly, we were all informed that he would be gone by July2019 and that was also a 100% banker!!!

            Your final message to us all is that anyone who disagrees with your opinion, should take their blinkers off…so I assume that you are including MA and the players mentioned?

            If MA decides he wants to let Ozil go, that’s fine with me – likewise, if he wants him to stay that’s fine with me as well.
            It seems that, until Ozil does leave, you are caught up in a never ending spiral of criticism bordering on hysteria that includes this article, which actually, was very informative regarding MA, the atmosphere and Ozils own thoughts-you turned it intoyet another circus!!!

            As for not shooting the messenger, you wrote the article, so expect the responses when delivering it.

            1. I did write the article and your long reply proves my point entirely. You simply cannot bring yourself to admit that he is below average, not Arsenal quality and bleeds the club dry. You make excuse after excuse up to try and justify his presence at the club. You go on about MA picking him and the likes of Willock praising him as if that somehow justifies his abysmal performances. Yes MA picks him and those wins have sure been racking up as we fly up the table. Give me a break, MA is unproven and a rookie manager and relying on Ozil in any form shows his inexperience on a huge level. If you honestly think any player will come out now and say that Ozil is poison you are being very naive, that will happen when he has departed the club. What they say now is meaningless, I mean, the same players that are criticising Emery now praised him when he was in charge. There is a bottom line here and everything is just smoke and that bottom line is that a ridiculously highly paid player is useless and I use that word very carefully. Before you say go to Specsavers I already have my glasses and I see very well and what I see is that Ozil for years now has been an absolute burden to the club and liability and from a financial sense is the worst buy in our history. I hope that one day Ken you will look back on your defence of him and admit you was sorely mistaken and that Arsenal deserved so much better. I 100% belive you love Arsenal and want what is best but your defence of that man is a massive contradiction. It makes zero sense my friend. While ever he is at the club I will continue to hold him to account, if he plays well I will say so, if he does not, which is almost every game, I will say so. Do not blame me, blame him, turn your guns on the one that deserves it, not the one that is putting the club before a single individual.

          3. Admin Martin, this post of mine is in reply and homage to your own truthful reply(below) to the deluded but “barrister clever Ken”. Ken has been using this clever but dishonest tactic of trying to pretend no one knows Ozils contract andso we are speaking in ignorance . He ignores the constant comments by widely respected pro journalists like MARTIN SAMUEL, OLIVER HOLT AND HENRY WINTER, all of whom have berated Ozil on Sunday Supplement which I never miss and who regularly quote a figure of £350 k pw. Just as a any clever barrister or cunning politician never raises facts that gainsay their own view , so does KEN AND HE IS A MASTER OF DOING SO. I realised sometime ago that KEN is a hugely clever and able debater but has an aversion to the truth being aired and he tries to confuse the debate with clever but tricky tactics , eg no one knows for sure Ozils salary. That does not stop award winning journos regularly trotting out the £350k pk as facts , I note. I also note that there are laws against libel and slanderous remarks which hugely rich players can easily wish to take to law, If ONLY they had a case of course.
            Ken is again trying his usual bulls..t tactic of trying to muddy the water . Less worldly wise and smart folk then you and I will be fooled by Kens “apparent” wisdom. However Martin, I suggest that neither you, nor I ,not most others are fooled by an inability to see and state the plain truth and to pretend that black is white. Well done MARTIN, NOW HOW ABOUT THAT FAN POLL PLEASE?

            1. I responded about the poll Jon, I will be discussing it with Pat, it is not my decision to make. Pat will make that decision. Again, no idea what happened to the comment that has gone missing, I am baffled. It has not been deleted so no idea where it has gone and I will bring it to the attention to the bosses. Seems to me we need a new comments setup anyway.

          4. Admin Martini have to jump on this since your “boatload” of crap continues.
            It is amazing that you continue to disparage Ozil when in fact he has been a class act when it comes to loyalty and
            never making any disparaging comments towards Arsenal his coaches or teammates. He has been a model player yet you choose to completely disregard all his qualities.
            Is it his fault that the CLUB never axed Wenger sooner and built a team aroug him and Alexis when they actually could win something?
            Or is his fault that the club hired an incompetent idiot like Unai that divided players and damage the club further?
            Seriously now you need to take an objective look and if you do you can understand Ozil’s partial decline.
            It is related to the environment , the players that surround him ,his playing time rollercoaster which does not allow a footballer to “get in form” unless he has clear
            understanding of what he is tasked with and then given the time on the field to accomplish that.
            This has not happened in over 18 months.
            Why did you nor write an article about Lacca whi has not scored a goal in a while? is his wage bill to low to allow him to be a non-contributor?
            Maybe we should pay Martinelli Lacca;s wages?
            You should know how this works and you moaning constantly abut Ozil to provoke a reaction goes AGAINST your self proclaimed love for the club.
            If you love the club support everyone and ask for change in the way Arsenal view winning and been succesfull
            It starts at the top

            1. I stopped reading at “he has been a class act when it comes to loyalty” I knew what was coming after that. Have a nice day

      3. Hi Guys

        I just.wonder, how many games did Ozil start before MA? How many of those games did we actually go on and win?

        Ozil is a player that wants to feel trusted and valued, then he shows his value.

        UE tried Willock in the 10- baaahhh, he tried different formations- baaah!

        So poor Ozil is made the scapegoat for a team that lacks complete fight and ambition.

        Talk about Guendouzi who plays the ball to the keeper when we trailing and its the 94th minute.
        Talk about Willock who has 3 options to play forward and passes sideways.

        Talk about AMN who can’t cross.

        Oh, lets not forget the likes of Nketiah, that run off the ball asif they have have been playing 120minutes.

        I get that we are frustrated, but singling out a single player is a bit Juvenile.

        I Love the Arsenal- but sometimes I believe the Arsenal don’t love us back with the performances.

        With our current squad we can do damage- we just need to start BELIEVING again.

        1. I think it’s a bit embarrasing that we are comparing Joe Willock’s performances to Mesut Ozil’s, who is supposedly a world beater. Ozil getting a start over Willock shouldn’t be something so praise-worthy, or even something of note, yet it has become so. Willock is Ozil’s only competition at the club. That doesn’t mean Ozil is doing an amazing job. Also, so many other players regularly get criticized by the fans. It’s only when Ozil is brought up that the narrative becomes the fans are picking on him. Mesut has contributed next to nothing since signing a new contract and I dont understand why this is so hard for people to admit. Nobody has ever blamed him for being the sole reason we are under performing, but he is part of the problem.

    2. I’m sorry for the typo. I’m just annoyed reading constantly negative articles about our club and players when we are supposed support them in this trial time. All they need is our support to finish as high as they can and reset for next season. And for those who don’t want x, y or z player in the club, you need to chill till the end of season. You might have your wish be granted start new season

      1. @Mobella.Great response to all that negativity in this forum.Tottally agree with you,those two paragraphs resume a very good response.

      2. I love Arsenal too and have done for 55 years. Articles that are positive don’t tend to get much response. People like to have genuine debate.

        I agree that positivity is good for morale and Arteta’s appointment largely brought that and this has shown in many posts.

  5. You all can complain all you like about ozil, but if he doesn’t want to Move, he won’t move!!.. All these noise won’t change a thing.. You will just have your say, not your way

  6. The expectation from some of the fans is that Ozil will either score or make an assist every time he touches the ball.

    Whatever you apply to Ozil must be equally applied to every other midfielder on the pitch.

    1. He’s the chief creative midfielder. He’s set a standard for himself at Real Madrid, and other seasons at Arsenal, and playing for Germany. I think the fans are allowed to expect more than 5 league assists since his new contract. Are we greedy for having expectations from so supposed world class talent?

  7. Admin Martin , is it not time you put this matter to bed by having a fan poll NOW, to see what vast majority – which includes me and you both, cant wait to get this lazy fraud and his hypocritically spoken nonsense, aired yesterday, GONE from our club. I predict well above 80 % want him gone But I could write, as can all of us, a list of regular names who will be in the less than 20%. PLEASE organise a poll again, now that opinions have hardened even further against this fraud! If only to shut up Ken, Phil and the other la la land Gooners.

    1. I will speak to Pat about polls, we stopped doing polls before for a specific reason but will certainly put your request to him.

      1. Much appreciated MARTIN. It does give us a true picture of current Gooner opinion on here. I realise that such as Ken will argue, AS HE HAS DONE BEFORE, that a fan poll on here does not represent worldwide fan opinion and as Mandy Rice Davis famously once said “Well he would say that, wouldn’t he”! Sigh!! KEN CAN FACE ALMOST ANYTHING BUT REALITY!

      2. First opportunity to respond to you from my last post.
        First of all, I notice that you dismiss willock and all the other players as irrelevant in the debate and then accuse MA of being a rookie manager…so tell me Martin, if he drops him, is he suddenly experienced enough for you?
        Or if Martinelli says Ozil is past it, will his statement be accepted?

        I trust you do read my replies, because I actually said that Ozil, along with every other player in our squad needed a kick up the jacksie, but you somehow interprete that as a positive sign.

        As for his contract details, including his salary, once again you ignore my reply…but no surprise, there is not a single breakdown of what it contains.
        If you are going to hang someone, at least have the details of the evidence first hand and not via this paper or that blog site…none of whom have any idea, as you keep proving.

        Once again Martin, if MA tells him to leave tomorrow, i support that decision, if he offers him a new contract I support that as well – what about you?

        By the way, apart from the club, the taxman, Ozil and his agent, does anyone know what his contract says?
        Some may see this as a cunning question, deviating from the debate, or even muddying the waters – yet it is such a simple question, so why anyone is afraid to answer it is beyond me, unless of course they think it destroys their argument as they haven’t got a clue.

        In fact, here is my answer…I haven’t a clue!!!!

        1. You are probably the only person, even among Ozil supporters, that question his salary. Literally no point debating that when you refuse point blank to accept what everyone else accepts. Then you question my assertion that Arteta is a rookie manager, seriously? You also know full well no player would ever come out and disrespect another player while they are teammates as I made clear in my earlier response yet you totally ignore it, again, what is the point of debating that point with you any further. When Arteta finally drops Ozil, which is an absolute certainty, then that tells me that Arteta is still a rookie manager but one that is learning his job well. The one single point and by far the most important point that you have not contested is his performances, you go around the block questioning and defending everything else that in the big scheme of things is irrelevant in what I regard as an attempt at distraction simply because you cannot, with any credibility, claim that Ozil is playing or has played at any sort of decent level in years.

          1. Martin, I know full well that if a player disrespects another player, he wouldn’t come out and praise him now would he?
            Yet our players are continually praising him, so you explain it away as them not disrespecting him in public?!?! Please Martin, think about it – that is complete double dutch.

            So, if he doesn’t drop him, he is a rookie, but if he does what you suggest, he is learning the ropes? Well Martin, let’s hope you can keep giving him the advice needed to further his career, as we all want him to succeed.

            Once again, you seem to think that if/when Ozil is dropped, it will be some kind of a death knoll for me – once again Martin, I will support whatever MA decides, rookie or no rookie…that is obviously not the case with you unfortunately.
            Ozil is not the first player I didn’t want to leave – David Rocastle and George Eastham spring to mind as examples.
            It’s The Arsenal I support, not an individual player.

            His salary? Well, as you have stated that the size of his wages are critical to the criticism of his contribution, wouldn’t it be completely reasonable to actually know what makes up his wages, rather than relying on newspaper hacks and blogs.

            I not only say this with regards to Ozil, but to anyone who uses someone’s earnings as part of a criticism – why that seems unreasonable to you I fail to understand.

            Finally, as you say I keep dodging the point, yet again let’s address his performances.
            Let me ask you to go back and find any post, any comment that I have made that says I am happy with his performances under UE or AW in his last two years…I can assure you that the very few times I have it was deserved…such as the time that UE went five games unbeaten when playing his four best players at the time -Ozil, Auba, Lacs, Ramsey. something that you have forgotten when claiming he hasn’t played at a decent level in years…also it seems, forgetting that UE kept selecting, not selecting, making him captain, dropping him from the squad, recalling him when the team had lost three games in a row…hardly the way to manage a player and getting him to be consistent I would suggest.

            Neither have I said that he is playing to the consistent level I would expect or want – an accusation that can be levelled at all our players in the last thirty six months, but because I disagree with your personal victimization of him, you assume I see him as untouchable – your mistake not mine.
            Unlike you, I don’t see his salary as any reason to single him out as a further criticism, it has no relevance whatsoever.
            Unless you believe that if we paid him less, that would excuse him – or if we paid auba a further £100,000 a week, he wouldn’t miss so many sitters?

            I certainly see him as an Arsenal player, not as dynamic as when we first signed him, not as consistent as I would want him to be, not as big an influence on the side either, but that was over six years ago, when he was still a world class player.
            I hope that MA will bring some of that magic back and with the awful personal turmoil of the last year behind him, there can be no more excuses – MA will make the decision and I will support him 100% and just like me, I believe the money he is receiving will have no influence whatsoever, probably because he hasn’t bothered to include it in his critique of the players worth!!!

    2. 80% of the number of people who use this site is absolutely meaningless, as it obvious from the comments on this site that this figure will easily be reached. This figure will then be used to justify the reason why Ozil should be got rid off . Of course you do realize your opinion does not have any weight at all in the real world. What counts is the opinion of MA and the board of AFC.

      1. patH, what a true post, bravo for saying the obvious!!!

        The best reply I’ve ever read on here, but those who are not realists like us, the Jon Fox’s etc of this world etc, think it’s worth doing?!?!?!

        If you were my teacher at school, patH, I would be the teachers pet and bring you an apple every day, FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH, along with the vast majority…let MA get on with it and the fans support his decisions – simple really.

        1. Ken, I should be flattered at how often you ape my exact phrases in your posts which are clearly meant for my eyes, though other also read them. Oddly enough though, I am not flattered, as you so often misuse them. I HAVE GIVEN UP DEBATING WITH YOU DIRECTLY NOW AS I HAVE COME TO REALISE YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF SEEING ANY OTHER POINT THAN YOUR OWN. Your unique refusal, even among Ozil lovers, to accept his widely accepted salary of £350k pw is a perfect example of my comment.

  8. It is amazing that what Ozil said which btw was nothing else but a simple truthfull and well spoken
    response can be taken into such context by Ad Martin. It almost begs the question as to what degree some fans really understand what is reality and what is fluff or fiction.
    Questioning Ozil’s motive as to whether he loves Arsenal or gives everything for the team is nothing sort of a subjective speculative effort to create division and chaos.
    He may not be in the best form , but there are a lot of under performing stars in the squad, yet one single person Ad Martin (with Jon Fox great supportive rhetoric) has chosen to isolate Ozil as the single player responsible for what is wrong. And why ? Because Ozil has a big contract.That is what every footballer works for.
    OMG maybe look around. Bale in Madrid has a bigger contract and a very similar situation of not playing to his standards. It happens all around.
    Stop falling into this sensationalism bs from anyone who thinks they know what they are talking .

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