Mesut Ozil makes it clear that Arsenal are totally united and are on the right track

You couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate Ozil’s 200th game for Arsenal than to see him score an absolutely amazing goal and help Arsenal to another three points, which in an away game is an even bigger bonus. The German’s response to the ridiculous rumours that there were problems between Emery and himself was perfect by showing that he has adapted to his tactics and contributed to another win.

And he made his thoughts clear after the game when he said: “I’m happy. The most important thing was to take the three points here,” he said. “Congratulations to the whole team on playing very well. I know that Newcastle, especially at home, are very good and aggressive, but we showed character, gained the three points and we’re happy now.

“I’ve said in the past that I’m very happy to play for Arsenal. The new coach knows what he wants, the team have accepted that and the whole team supports him.

“We have a good relationship with him and you can see that especially today as well. When we score, the whole team is happy, even the players who don’t play so many minutes.

“You see we are one team that wants to reach our goal. We are happy to take the three points.”

So the media are now going to have to stop trying to destabilise the team as it is obvious it’s all lies. Arsenal now have three wins in a row, and the important thing is they are fighting to the end and playing as a unit. Things can only get even better and as a united team we can only get better…

Onwards and Upwards!

Sam P


  1. Phil says:

    While it was good to win and get the three points I really hope Emery got in the changing room and dished out a few slaps for allowing yet ANOTHER soft goal in right at the end.Unmarked header at the far post from a cross that was put in far too easily.
    Until we stop conceding we will never challenge the better sides and again it highlights how easily teams can score against us.Who allowed Clarke to get a free far post header after running unchallenged into the area?Punch him in the face Emery and stop this happening every week please.
    Harsh but true I’m afraid

    1. Pires says:

      agree PHIL
      we are defending like a conference team.Even though that it was overall better this time around.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Phil and Pires, I am just not a fan of zonal marking; not tracking a player like Clarke always becomes someone elsrs fault
        Also with Koscielny injured the defense lacks leadership and tends to tune out at the wrong times. Stephan Lichtsteiner should be able to provide this.
        Torreira should start.

        1. Phil says:

          OG-It would be easy to say the defence doesn’t just lack leadership it also lacks defenders.But that’s probably a bit over the top as most of our defence have performed reasonably well so far this season.But Leadership is not something we seen to possess at the back.Even Cech is guilty is not shouting instructions.Should he have seen Clark’s run?Also that cross was in the air a long time.Should Cech have come for it?Not necessarily blaming Cech as I haven’t seen the goals on anything bigger than an I-Pad screen yet but surely if we ask questions of the defence we have to include Cech?
          Let’s take nothing away from what was a very good cross delivered perfectly to the danger area.But Why was Monreal left with two players to mark on the left?He lost his header but then had to try and get over to stop the cross.Whose job was it to pick that spare man up?Sometimes it’s easy to blame the defence for any goal but it came from a cross that was unchallenged and finished by a header that was unchallenged.Both players ran into space but were obviously not picked up.
          Your right about Leadership though-we could have been 10-0 up but if Tony Adams was left exposed to a late goal like that to make it 10-1 he would have had quite a lot to say about it in the dressing room.That is Leadership.

    2. Raphael says:

      I agree, our defense is very prone.but I’m impressed by the way Socratis is taking charge.

    3. ken1945 says:

      Phil, once again thanks for the opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
      I note, however, you were quite ready to put the blame on me if we lost in your post to Sue. Thanks pal!

      With regards to Ozil: Let’s forget the first half, because the team were nowhere and Emery, to be perfectly honest, got his team selection wrong yet again (in my opinion).
      The second half was totally different and Ozil was at his best.
      His running off the ball, his vision, his commitment and his joy at scoring for our club was there for all to see.
      I hark back to a previous post regarding bias reporting of our club and his interview at the end was THE PERFECT EXAMPLE of what it meant.
      The substitution at half time allowed Ozil more freedom to express himself and show just what he can do, given the opportunity.
      Well done Unai for making the call, brilliant work by Torreira to take control as he did, Mustafi a no-no for me, Bellerin needs time out, Abe was awful and, if anyone should be criticised it’s him. Welbeck did more in his little cameo than Abe did for up until he was substituted.
      But this post was about Ozil and, make no mistake fellow gooners, this man is also a gooner and his goal was sublime in its taking after the scramble preceding it.

      Will you let me join now Sue and Phil…please?

      By the wayDurand, if your reading this, how did you manage over there? Hope al lis well.

      1. Sue says:

        Of course you can join Ken ?

        1. Phil says:

          Your in Ken-Don’t be too flattered it’s just that Sue and I are desperate.?
          Sue I think we should give Durand a free membership don’t you?

          1. Sue says:

            Sure thing Phil, the more the merrier!!

      2. jon fox says:

        I loved “Bellerin needs time out”, Ken. So true. I suggest the rest of his career out from Arsenal. How this totally hopeless so called “defender” gets anywhere near our team, esp with Lichtsteiner on the bench is one of lifes great unsolved mysteries.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, it’s an interesting one with Bellerin.
          He certainly needs to improve on his defending, but there were times yesterday when he was left with two men to deal with.
          He also caused Newcastle problems with his forward play by the way.
          I would play Lich. if only to take Bellerin out of the firing line for a couple of matches and watch Lich. actually defending.

          We are all premier league managers in our own minds, but it does seem strange that Emery has not used Lich. yet in a premier league game.

          The two biggest let downs for me though, was the play and attitude of Abe. and Mustafi.
          I try not to be negative about our players as I believe the manager has more of an insight to their capabilities than any of us.
          But some of Mustafi’s mistakes were awful and Welbeck certainly showed more fight and commitment than Abu.
          Wellbeck is another player that could become a great asset to the club, if Emery sees a different role than just a striker.
          Just needs the fans to get off his back (along with Ozil and Bellerin) and give Emery the time to coach them as he wants them to play.

          Sue and Phil, if your desperate, then I’ll only join if I can wear THAT T shirt.
          I’d suggest Chiza, but he doesn’t give a fig.

          1. Sue says:

            Oooh THAT T shirt hey?! ? I’ll go with that, not sure what Phil will say ?
            Love the fig comment Ken…. brilliant!!!

          2. Phil says:

            Not THAT shirt Sue surely?Are we THAT desperate?

          3. Sue says:

            ? I still have mine too ?

  2. Andrew E says:

    First time I’ve heard Mesut Ozil interviewed in English!!
    Torreira has to start, he totally bossed the midfield when he came on and he can pick a pass as well. Such a positive player.

  3. Zaidy says:

    Who is our EDEN HAZARD!!! We need one!!

    1. rkw says:

      Ramsey of course … also our de Gea our van dyk, our Pogba, and our salah … a remarkable player all round … now back to the real world

  4. gotanidea says:

    Happy to see him score again and I hope he can improve as a right winger

  5. iffybright says:

    Which one is Amazing Goal…..
    Admin, just continue to hype Ozil…..
    I think the goal has to be the goal of the season….

    1. ken1945 says:

      iffybright, why are you criticizing this goal?
      Did you not see the scramble before and the number of players between Ozil and the goal?
      Did you not see the way he selected and passed the ball through that melee and kept his cool to put us two up?
      Who cares if it’s goal of the season? It was THE goal that put the game beyond Newcastle and secured us three points.
      Hype up Ozil? Nooooooooooo let’s just keep hammering away at the guy, because some people don’tsee and/or want talent at the club do they?

    2. D says:

      Yeah, it’s almost as if an Arsenal supporter is actually supporting the players in our team, how truly bizarre! I honestly cannot believe that you are moaning about Arsenal fans encouraging our players. What a negative dickhead you are. You are not a true Arsenal supporter (according to the very definition of the word).

  6. aubamezzette says:

    after Torreira gets into d XI… can we now. drop Mustafi FFS!

    1. Tas says:

      I’m realy suprised after Mustafi playing well now for a while he still gets stick

      1. Abel says:

        Did you see his slip that almost cost us a goal. Just like the slip that cost us a goal in the match against Athletico when he could easily have cleared Griezman’s shot of the goal line (after Kocielny’s brain fart) if he hadn’t slipped as usual.
        He simply cannot handle pressure and panics in the face of pressure which is a normal autonomic reflex for us but not for a seasoned professional.

  7. Sue says:

    Nice one Mesut!

  8. Taiwo says:

    Mesuti Ozil scored but he is still our soft spot though i agree it is more of an innate thing and very little can be done about it and I’ll take the three points anyday.

  9. Sean says:

    Ozil is a wonderful footballer when on song & he’s gaining confidence, as are the squad, to battle for Unai and puts all this arguing nonsense to bed. We are fine under Emery so far, things can only get better. Put Torrera & Xhaka behind Ozil so he can freely play his attacking football feeding Laca & Auba.

    If we can manage Top4 or Europa win then Unai can get probably 3players to kick on next summer in an out & out tricky winger, same for a quick full back along with a CB. We need to get back into the UCL for Top Players to come to Arsenal. Bit by bit we will get better this season so just enjoy the transition as some wasn’t built in a day. Ozil in a good team can be deadly as he will get space & time, give Mesut that & your in alot of trouble.

    Plus, 1st time heard him speak a full interview in English so Kudos to him he’s shown commitment to Arsenal so we all should be backing him no matter what. He’s a gooner at the end of the day….

  10. Tekena says:

    It really annoys me to read everyday about how non-challant Ozil is and how he doesn’t give his all while the stats puts him at par with the best in Europe. The media are constantly witch hunting Ozil and Arsenal, when he plays badly they criticise, when he plays well like he did against Newcastle, then the Man UtD and Barcelona transfers start to surface. There is never any credit given to Ozil or improving Arsenal, how many teams won’t loose against Man City or Chelsea on their day.

    We fans must get behind our club and players, that’s part of what we signed up for when choosing clubs. We must not let our emotions or media get to us. The best way to build something that will last is to build gradually.

    1. Tas says:

      All do I still belive Ozil is highly talented player but I still think Ozil could do a lot lot better example at the 63rd mnt Ozil was tackled in our half and lost the boal instead of fighting for the boal back he just stood there while the player was still next to him instead he stood looking in the air, any other player would of at least pretend to win the boal back but not Ozil, I think when he signed his new contract he wanted 700K pw when he was offered 350K pw he agreed to only do half the work offence and no defence

      1. Abel says:

        Was making sense until your last sentence.

  11. ddkingz says:

    I missed the match, but managed to watch few extended highlights…all I can really say is that arsenal as I football team in the pasted five weeks is very much improving,….
    we all knew what happened last season, and probably seasons before,,,we couldn’t grind out any positive result away mostly when our opposition were all over us…so emery and the boys deserves some praise

  12. Jettoe says:

    Ozil and arsenal are constantly being criticized cos of the status of arsenal. An average ericksen gets praised for doing less than Ozil because Spurs are a small team to arsenal.

  13. Tekena says:

    Some people just criticise Ozil to make headlines, like who d f*** is Jena’s to criticize Ozil, Jenas didn’t even win the Carling Cup and he is criticising a World Cup winner just after a superb performance that he Jena’s could only dream off from his hospital bed.

    Ozil has the ability to slow time, that is a skill few players have, Ozil doesn’t need to track back always, he can do it sometimes not all the time cause he also needs energy to attack.

    Every palyer has his or her importance in the team, thats what coaches mean when they speak of Balance in the team. Defensive players can attack but not always, attacking players can defend but not always.

    As a professional playing 90minutes you must know how and when to conserve energy so as to maintain a high standard 90minutes week in week out.

    Messi helps in defending but not always, Pires well, let’s just say he gets there, but not always that takes nothing away from their potency in damaging the opponent. I bet Papastoupolous will prefer to track down loose balls from Ozil all day long so far as Ozil gives calm finishes like that.

    If you ask Ozil to defend, then also ask Papastoupolous to finish like Ozil.

  14. Ingleby says:

    Jenas is one of the few pundits worth listening to, in my view. Talks a lot of calm thoughtful sense.

  15. herb says:

    I am tired of fans always pointing out how the defence is poor whenever we concede a goal.

    You must understand that arsenal’s problems originate from the weak midfield. If anyone can tell me if the number of tackles and interceptions made in that by Xhaka, ramsey and Guendouzi were more than than 1 then it will be a miracle.

    This arsenal midfield without torreira is the no.1 source of all the defensive problems we are facing because they do not tackle, keep close distance nor track opposing players; opposing players simply have an easy ride in the midfield. Contrast this with the number of times defenders of other teams like manutd, chelsea, mancity, liverpool, have to defend fiercely. In fact the defenders have a lot of space ahead of them to look at the danger well in time while our midfielders, instead of marking and tackling they stay still and crowd that area ahead of the defence.

  16. reddb10 says:

    ozil seems to turn up when we are playing weak opposition in Europe.
    Among the blind the one eyed man is king.
    Hopefully Moronio buys him in January

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