Mesut Ozil massive wages are not a problem he earns every penny

It is time for some perspective in regards to the huge wages that Mesut Ozil is paid every week no matter how he performs and I will state up front, he earns every single penny of that massive salary.

Ozil is a brand, his face and name are far better known than any of the other players, you can argue all you want that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette are well known but they are nowhere near to the same degree as what Ozil is.

Let’s take shirt sales, who do you think is the number one Arsenal player when it comes to shirts sold?

Yup, it is Ozil as published last October

1) Mesut Ozil
2) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
3) Lucas Torreira
4) Alexandre Lacazette
5) Bernd Leno
6) Henrikh Mkhitaryan
7) Granit Xhaka
8) Aaron Ramsey
9) Stephan Lichteiner
10) Matteo Guendouzi

I recall reading about David Beckham being worth a hundred times his wages because of shirt sales and it was reported back in 2013 that his value to clubs was over £1 Billion in shirt and boot sales. Name recognition really matters and just like Beckham, Ozil has the name recognition.

Who have UEFA plastered across their posters to promote the Europa League final, yup, Ozil, in fact, I did initially struggle to find some with Eden Hazard on them or Aubameyang (Yes, of course, I did find some eventually).

When Arsenal tour who is pushed out front and sent to meet and greet dignitaries? Again yes, it is Mesut Ozil.

Who do you think most of the fans want to see play when Arsenal do those money-spinning tours, it is not Mustafi or Xhaka is it?

Ozil may well not be worth the money based on his performances but he is worth so much more to us as a club because of his image, his name, his brand and that cannot be left out of the return on investment when it comes to calculating Ozil’s worth to the club.

Shirt sales, boot sales, merchandise, tours, sponsorship, promotional events, they all make a huge impact on our earnings and at the very centre of that is Mesut Ozil.

You may not rate him anymore, he may not be world class, he may not even deserve his salary based on his displays on the pitch but take it to the bank that he is worth every single penny he earns because of his value to the Arsenal brand.


    1. This is the most idiotic article ever. Mesut is NOT paying his way. Arsenal shirts are 150 quid, apart from the 30M they got from Puma Arsenal makes 10-15% of a shirt’s sale. So let’s say 20 quid per shirt, Ozil makes 17.5M per year from Arsenal. That’s without bonuses and with just 2 assist for the WHOLE year I don’t think he gets any, but apparently if we win the EL he will get 500K. So Arsenal has to sell 900,000 Ozil shirts to break even.
      Ozil is very popular in Muslim countries, hence the large shirt sales.
      So if shirt sales is our primary goal, let’s get the most popular player from China and one form India., with close to 3B people our shirt sales will go through the roof!

      1. BTW the numbers are from last October! last October. The beginning of the season, not after a season where he did absolutely nothing.

        Ozil would be a decent option to open defensive teams at home if he was on 100K but at 350K he is simply not worth the money, specially since we cant afford it.

    2. Admin, when was the last time you heard a club ever called successful based on how many shirts they sold? My guess is never. A football club’s success if based on performance on the pitch. It is the same for the players. If Arsenal are going to count shirts sales as the basis for evaluating whether or not they have been successful in a season, then the company should re-register itself as a marketing company and not a football one. Then they can go employ top-notch marketers who will help them move loads of shirts and achieve their objective. Tom Hilfiger moves a lot of shirts and if he put his name on a ball he would move a ton of those but no one would call him a successful football company. To be called successful a company’s line of business must align with its achievements in it’s professed business. Arsenal is not in the business of selling shirts. It is in the business of winning football trophies. To put it another way, if Arsenal considers shirts sales as more important than football trophies then the recruitment team should just focus on finding moderate players from China and put them into the team. Just the prestige Chinese people will feel from having one of their nationals playing for Arsenal will move 20 millions shirts for you easy as cheese.

      1. Chris One of the most sensible , to the point and well put over posts I have had the pleasure to read. This whole shirt saga is a complete red herring and distracts from his own unreliablity on the poitch, which is however made more damaging by the huge net loss we make on him , aftter deducting any profit his sales make from his grossly unearned wage on THE PITCH. WHERE IT MATTERS!
        I also firmly believe certain people who refuse to see his lack of value on THE PITCH, choose to bring up this shirt sale issue to save their faces when they surely know, deep down, he is a club liability. The club are certainly looking to move him on if they can, in my view. Whether or not that can be achieved with the millstone of his huge wage, remains to be seen.

        1. Where it matters?
          So if Arsenal fail to earn enough to pay wages etc… You know, where it really matters! Then Arsenal will suffer.

          Where it really matters…

          Seems like you meant to say “Where it really matters to narrow sighted individuals”.

          I am not saying that we should get a team of shirt selling people who can’t play football, Ozil can play football. For some reason, you can’t appreciate what he does because he doesn’t run around like a headless chicken. Do you want Theo back Jon?
          He could run around like a headless chicken. You called him that often enough.

          Ozil earns his wage where it matters most. On the pitch AND off it. Football has evolved since you was a kid.

      2. Who said shirt sales = success on field?
        Not in article.

        Wah wah wah… about something which wasn’t the article.

        Did you even bother reading it?

  1. Why don’t we just sign retired beckham so we can have even more shirts sales and while we are at it, lets sign ozil to a lifetime contract so we can continue to enjoy the shirts sales. Even if we don’t win any league title in decades, even if we’re underperforming, at least we can say we have one of the highest shirt selling players in the world. I do hope he becomes the highest shirt selling player, that will be a proud day for us Arsenal fans.

    1. Lupe, now your being greedy.
      How do we know how much Ozil is worth to the club?
      Didn’t bother manure as they racked in the reported £1 billion did it?

      Sounds like you and Martin area sucking lemons, just enjoy the fact that Mesut Ozil is paying his way, both in merchandising revenue and on the pitch. ..just ask lacs and aba

      1. Ozil is paying his way in merchandising revenues only

        He is barren of ideas in this season. Only produced two assists in EPL and could not even assist our strikers

        1. Got an idea, didn’t see Iwobis name in the list, so how do you suggest he is paying his way?

          1. There it is again! The desperate Iwobi/Ozil comparison. What next…Elneny is doing nothing compared to Xhaka, let’s keep Xhaka! Come on Ken1945, I thought you were better than that?

            1. the bar has been set so low. When we have been having Iwobi/Ozil debate all season there is a very clear issue in the quality of players. It doesn’t even matter who is right. The fact this discussion even exists is an indication enough.

      2. Ken I find your reasoning that he “is paying his way” to be strange, saying the least. We were a football club trying to win honours the last time I looked! As such, we need players who earn their salaries ON the pitch! Otherwise, why not sign any world famous pop star and put him or her in Ozils shirt but with THEIR name on it. Putting the cart before the horse is your thinking!

        1. If we want to sell more shirt we should go for Messi and Ronaldo. Isn’t that interesting

        2. Jon, why I delight in this article is because of fans such as TMJW, GAIdea, Yourself and so many more who, at every opportunity try and browbeat anyone who has a different opinion and claim to be the majority.
          We are told that we are a dwindling minority as everyone who uses their own eyes and not stats, can see he Ozil is a shadow of himself…..
          And yet Jon, here we are discussing official figures from our club that state completely the opposite, regarding Ozil’s dwindling popularity within the fanbase and worldwide.
          Why do you think that is Jon?
          Is everyone who has bought a shirt and decided to put Ozils name on the back deluding themselves and cannot face the truth?
          Or could it just be that they have the correct summary of the player and it’s you that’s wrong?

          I am not claiming that because he sells the most shirts, it automatically follows that we will win anything…I just find it hilarious that those who try and preach to others about his fading popularity, now have proof that they are completely and utterly wrong…just as Sue, Phil and so many others have been saying for so long.

          As for “Ozil haters”, if those who commented on him in such derogatory and insulting ways, the word would not be used in the context I have so done…it counteracts those silly “fanboys/girls” that youfind acceptable.

          1. It’s not the difference in opinion, the ridiculousness of your argument comparing Iwobi with Ozil!

          2. Well said Ken but I don’t think you can use reasonable arguments with the Ozil hate mob – in fact they remind me more of a typical unthinking lynch mob. Our best games are seen when Ozil is played behind Auba and Laca but they choose to ignore that. So who would they play instead of Ozil? That’s a mystery as none of them seem to know.

    2. If Ozil sold a lot of shirts, why didn’t Arsenal allocate the profit for bigger transfer budget?

      I know his salary is massive, but that should be nothing compared to his jersey sales money

  2. Here was I being told that the Ozil fan base was dwindling…put your shirt on him being here for the next two seasons and thank goodness UE has seen the light.

    Let’s grab him by the shirttails, cufflink him to another contract, collar him before psg try to sign him again and allow the experiment to continue to flourish.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if his shirt sales pay for 50% of his salary, his world wide shirt sales see him 5th in the rankings. s, I know shirt sales don’t win titles, but let’s celebrate the fact that we have the 5th most popular player at our club…even if some see him as lightweight, mentally frail and with a body language akin to a dross player.
    Thanks Mesut Ozil, for everything you bring to our club.

    1. Last October’s numbers. He did nothing the whole season. 2 assists, and he is playing behind Laca and Auba. People used to blame Giroud, including myself. You put any number 10 in the PL behind Laca and Auba and they’ll have more than 2 assists.

      1. Wrong! For most of the season he was NOT playing behind Auba and Laca – only one of them. UE only played an attacking line up containing Ozil, Auba, Laca and Ramsey 5 times. Arsenal won all 5.
        I think UE has now seen the error of his ways (i.e. picking defensive line ups) so let’s hope our line up is an ATTACKING one against Chelsea. On the other hand if UE picks a defensive line up for the final then Ozil should not have even made the journey to Baku.

        1. Why are you including Ramsey, I said he played behind Auba and laca. Even if he played behind just one of them, he should have had many more assists.
          We used to blame Giroud for not being mobile enough for Ozil, what’s the excuse now with two super mobile forwards?

          1. He used to play in defensive formations behind just one forward. That forward would be marked by 2 or more defenders, so what’s the sense in passing to that forward?
            Who would YOU like to see play in the no. 10 position behind Auba and Laca?

            1. Silva, DeBrunye, Christensen, Havertz, etc… But we dont need a number 10 if we are going to play with two forwards. We need a Ramsey type player.

              Two assists the whole season. I dont even understand what the discussion is. He had a terrible season. That’s 9 Millon quid per assist.

              1. You may not have noticed but ‘Silva, DeBrunye, Christensen, Havertz, etc…’ don’t actually play for Arsenal.
                Your comment ‘I dont even understand what the discussion is.’ says it all. Most of the Ozil hate mob don’t understand either so you are not alone on the anti-Ozil bandwagon.

    1. Stubill, I have no idea, but isn’t it great watching the Ozil haters try and make a disaster out of a great story.
      I’ll be getting my ticket for the Emirates cup tomorrow, so when I’m on the phone, I’ll ask the question.
      It would actually be VERY interesting to know if this forms part of his contract though. ..something tells me that kronkie would have been looking at this ready made money maker.

      1. So even my mature friend and decent, worldly wise good man now uses “hate” about people who disagree on such a trivial matter as any mere footballers value to a club. ! I give up! Aren’t we oldies supposed to set an example of using correct language and NOT misusing the evil, dreadful “hate” word? This saddens me a great deal as someone who has spent much of my life actively opposing REAL hate at far more relevant level than mere social media, important though social media be.

      2. Ken, it’s somewhere between £3.60 & £7.20 per shirt, more than likely somewhere in the middle, and that’s regardless of whose name is on the back.
        As for some of the other streams of income mentioned in the article, a lot of that will be eaten up by the payers own image rights.

        1. Clubs will traditionally receive an annual fee – for example, Manchester United receives £75 million per year from Adidas, Chelsea receives an initial £60 million per year from Nike, and Arsenal receives £30 million per year from Puma – and then 10-15% of the revenue the kit manufacturer generates from shirt sales.

          Adidas now for Arsenal. That nice increase in our shirt deal, yup… Thanks to shirt sales. If we sell more then the next deal could be for another increase, if we lose sales then we may not be able to bargain such a nice deal next time.

          I feel you may have missed aspects of shirt sales in your attempt to dismiss Ozils shirt sales.

          1. Just to add to this.

            Talksport – Arsenal sold on average 835,000 shirts globally per year from 2011/12 to 2015/16

            Mirror in Feb 2017 – Arsenal 1,225,000 (shirts sold)

            If Arsenal sell 2 million (nearly double last figure i found!) shirts then the £60 mil paid to us would be kinda like each shirt earning us ~£30

              1. You’ll find the best copies in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, 200 Baht (about a Fiver), Absolutely perfect, can’t tell the difference and they’ve already got the new Adidas kit available.

              2. 😛

                I assume the figures I quickly found (not deep searching) are for official sales and not knock-offs, no matter how good they may be.

                I wonder how much Adidas sell our shirts to retailers for. Retailers are going to want to make something on it so Adidas are not getting RRP price when selling bulk.

                I got to hold my hands up as well to some simplistic thinking, I didn’t include the production costs per shirt for Adidas, if they sold shirts for £30 then £1.99 is going to some child sweatshop worker + materials… effects the maths.

    2. FOH and what have we done with said such shirt sales? Have we gone on to challenge for anything with his shirt sales. Man I’d rather you give me the last placed shirt seller on the list but the hardest performer on the pitch period and I’d still buy that mans shirt because of what he does on the pitch and not just because of who he is…this is not a popularity contest this is a contact sport gawddamit

  3. If the fans are happy having celebrities, heart-throbs or idols like Ozil and Beckham in their clubs, so be it

    Beckham’s ineffective performances were the reasons Real Madrid didn’t thrive at that time. They only won one league title and that was because of his teammates’ talents, such as Zidane and Raul

    So if Arsenal fans prefer to see a trend-setter/ singer/ actor in the field, instead of a technically-gifted athlete, it is their choice. But I predict Arsenal would never win another EPL title as long as inefficient footballers such as Ozil is still occupying the starting spot

    1. Gotanidea, pray tell me when you have seen Ozil as a trend setter/singer/actor?
      Inefficient football? Don’t tell UE that, he certainly only wants technically gifted athletes in his team and that’s why he selects him.

    2. Gotanidea, Beckham is a legend, great crosser of the ball and incredible free kicks. High work rate, never hid and good looking to boot. I don’t think you ever saw him play. Next thing you’ll say George Best was a useless drunk who couldn’t play football.

      1. Declan, you’ve been hilarious lately! What are you on?! ?
        Just for the record – Becks never did it for me, in the looks department!

      2. Had him in the cab several times Declan, always drunk, however could still have a football conversation with him but best of all, a blinding tipper

  4. Even if he did bring enough money to cover his wages

    His salary restricts our wage bill, and prevents us from signing other potentially World class players. If not one World class player, we could essistially have 3 top players for the same price

    I would happily sacrifice the shirt sales for squad depth and increase out ability to challenge

    A stronger squad would have got us top 4!!! It’s not just the pay check, we lose and pay in other ways

  5. Yet another Ozil article so soon… ? I was dreading looking on here ?
    I totally agree with this – love him or not, he’s absolutely huge, one of the most well known players on the planet, and I am so glad we have him!
    Be interesting to see what you come up with tomorrow, Ken 1945, regarding how much AFC earn for every shirt sale..

    1. Sue, i have been wanting to ask you, do you think Ozil is still as good as he once was? I’m asking because I agree Ozil is technically one of the best players to play for arsenal and in the epl but i think he’s past his best and we can do better than him just like a lot of our other players. To me he’s past his best and that’s not a shame because it happens to every player but what i can’t understand is do people truly believe he’s still that same player he was or they just can’t seem to separate his present performance from his past.

      1. Lupe, You already know the correct answer to your own question extremely well, which is exactly as you outlined to Sue. Surely this was only a rhetorical question? Please assure me that you DO know the answer, even though I KNOW you do! It is something of a self ” tragedy” that so many on here , including Sue, Phil, Ken1945 and other respected Gooners still refuse to acknowledge his steep decline , even to themselves.

        1. Jon, it really baffles me because they seem to think he’s still a great player, he WAS a great player not anymore. Look at Iniesta and xavi, two of the greatest midfielders of all time, even them had to leave when they were past their best, no player says great forever so why is it that when you state the obvious, you are labelled a hater or a “headless chicken” lover. Me thinking Ozil isn’t the player he was once doesn’t mean I prefer Iwobi as a starter.

          1. Lupe, can you please tell me one player who had an outstanding season at Arsenal. (Guendouzi is the only one, considering where he started from and his age and he added quality to the team at times ) not even the manger. The best anyone scored him was 6 provided he wins the Europa League then maybe more. Our performances are not based on one single player. We did not produce many players in the departments (only Aubameyang joint highest goal scorer). Defence, crosses, tackles, clean sheet, saves, (more than 56 goals conceded), passes, goal created, chances created. The list is endless. So everything should be in perspective. What people have to say about Ozil is his salary and today we see where the money is coming from. The board are not stupid, every business is out to make money

            1. Lacazette had an outstanding season, didn’t score as much as Auba but his performances were consisitent. I’m sorry to break it to you, some of the decisions this board have made suggests otherwise. I also never said Ozil should take all the blame, i’m saying i don’t understand what he gives us on the pitch anymore, i could mention more players but i guess we all know the players that need to leave, Ozil is just one of them.

              1. Yes I must admit Laca had a good season. But Ozil isn’t going anywhere until the end of his contract (according to his agent) so for now we (who likes to see him) will just have to continue enjoying his football. ❤️

                1. I don’t think our squad’s quality is beyond him. So for me he is still a plus. Our manger included. A better performance will bring out the best in all our players. I support all our players everyday. Even Welbeck (I know he is going) I just hope our manger can improve them.

                2. I don’t think our squad’s quality is beyond him. So for me he is still a plus. Our manger included. A better performance will bring out the best in all our players. I support all our players everyday. Even Welbeck (I know he is going) I just hope our manger can improve them

                  1. Jon Fox no personal attack please. Talk to the issue not my person or personality. The man himself said it.

                    1. Ozil had 2 assists the whole season playing behind Auba and Laca.
                      As a number 10, who is known as the assist king, the season for him was beyond dismal.
                      He doesnt deserve half the salary he is getting.
                      It was a typical Ivan, Arsene panic decision, and now they are gone and Arsenal is stuck with an aging, lifeless, soulless, effortless, heartless, useless player.

          2. Lupe, Glad to see you also love proper perspective and the clear truth, as I always do too. Refusal to see what is crystal clear in front of you is akin to wilful blindness, just as Wenger refused to see the crying out loud need for a quality, proper DM for all those years since Gilberto left. It took the new regime a mere few days to fill that huge hole with Torreira. That is what happens when some folk CHOOSE to be wilfully blind. I never do!

            1. You yourself have chosen to be totally, ‘wilfully blind’ regarding Ozil. Your refusal to see what is ‘crystal clear’ to those of us who understand Ozil’s value to the team when UE plays an attacking line up is obvious. Aligning yourself with the hate mob (no, not the ‘dislike’ mob, that is far too feeble a word for them) brings you well down to their level, from your self imagined lofty perch as the only one on here who has ‘proper perspective’. I’ll once again try to make it very, extremely, absolutely etc clear to you and the mob:
              1) Play Ozil when there is an attacking line up
              2) Do not even put Ozil in the squad if there is going to be a defensive line up.
              Is that ‘crystal clear’?

              1. You could not be more wrong! If ANY player cannot be picked in ANY game against ANY opponent, because he is not reliable , then he is no use at all, IRRESPECTIVE OF WAGES, to us.It is not to criticise Ozil that I post,- even though I certainly DO criticise him – BUT to stand for the VITAL principle of ALL players earning their wages, large or small, in every match they play. I had hoped that was obvious. Clearly not so.

                1. But it’s not because he was not reliable is it? He was extremely reliable in attacking formations. And who mentioned his wages? Only the Ozil hate mob mention his wages, those who see his value to the team never do – as you will have seen many times on here but choose to ignore.

                  Anyway the question for Wednesday is this – if Ozil is useless then who should play in the final? What is YOUR line up?
                  Hope you don’t chicken out like that other well known Ozil hater ‘gotnoidea’ who said ‘Ozil would have the key role as he would most likely start as the CAM’.

                  This after slagging Ozil off in every post he could and telling us all that ” let Iwobi-san fulfill his destiny by channeling his inner Bergkamp in Baku. Coz his name sounds like a Japanese name and his spirit in the field reflects a samurai spirit . . . I always imagine Iwobi wears kimono and carries a katana to do a ritual before the football game”.

                  That’s the type of person you have aligned yourself with – good luck with that!

                  1. I refuse to take seriously the intellect of any fan who falsely accuses me of ” hating” any player, let alone the admirable(as a human, not a player) Ozil. To believe and strongly state a view that a player is not right for Arsenal is not to “hate” him. It merely not to rate him as a top player fit for our team. I pray you never come across in a personal capacity, someone who practises REAL HATE on you personally, like violence, terrorism, bigotry etc. I hope that a more mature intellect can one day show you, peacefully, how wrong it is to misuse “hate”. I really DO so hope!

            2. And you think Torriero is the answer to our DM.. The few times I have watched him play I don’t think he has the quality to handle the position effectively

      2. Lupe… first of all, is it a crime that he’s my favourite player??!!
        I’m not going to lie, I’d love to see him assist & score more (maybe on Wednesday, hey?!) but I just want him in the team (especially when I visit the Emirates) so I’m sorry if this angers some people on here, as they don’t agree with me, but tough!! ?

        1. Sue. You haven’t given a single reason WHY he is valuable to the team. Like you said he hardly assists or scores. He doesn’t defend or try to get the ball back. What does he do that makes you love him so much?

          WHY are you happy he’s with us when he’s completely useless on the field?

          1. Omg didn’t we go through all of this last week???
            So what if I’m a fan of Mesut Ozil’s… not exactly hurting anyone is it??
            That is your opinion… not mine! I’m entitled to like certain individuals, you know… I don’t have to answer to anyone on here, as to why it is that individual… now if you don’t mind, I’m done with all of this… and tbh I don’t want to say something I might later regret ?

            1. Lmao… Baby bunny Sue calm down, calm your nerves. I couldn’t contribute much, I’ve been ill for the past few days now, down with cold and really can’t do much, most of the time I feel nauseous, so I don’t sit too comfortable with my phone, but take it easy, don’t let anyone ruin your mood.
              Pat I’m sure you’ll always have her back, it’s what you goonerettes do on here

              1. I’m calm now, Eddie!! Taken a little while, but I’m there!!
                Oh no.. get better! .. no fun feeling rough!
                Goonerettes – ooh I like it ?

                1. Haha,Sue Goonerettes is what I’ve always known female Arsenal fans as, it has a fine tone

    2. Sue am here!!!!!! Coming out to support you. The problem is that I don’t care what anyone says. I like the player. Period. Now some who think he is earning too much can at least leave that part of the argument alone. The man pays for his own salary (football is business), simply because people like him. He is a good footballer (that is why people want his shirt), I understand he hasn’t done a lot this season but so is everyone including our manger. Sue let us hope for a better season. And yes the Europa!!!!! And then my glories should get ready before the end of the summer ?????

      1. Phew!! Thank god for that, Pat ?
        I believe we’ll have a great season next time round ! I can’t wait for it… and I can’t wait to hear news about your babies!! ?

        1. Sue, these Ozil dislikers (is that better Jon?) are running around like blue ar**d flies trying to deflect what is another marvellous stat for Mesut Ozil.

          So much so that Jon has even gone back to dredging up Arsene Wenger and his perceived willfullness in not replacing Gilberto in a bid to change the subject (and then compares Torreira to Gilberto as a further miscarriage of justice).

          I love the irony of it all, the fact that Midkemma has actually worked out what the club receive from those shirt sales and Ozil still gets no credit!!
          Instead of admitting they got it wrong, they bring in pop stars, actors, singers, Gilberto and Arsene Wenger!!!

          All those fans who paid their money to have his name on their shirts must be wetting themselves laughing at the self delusional “I know better than you” brigade…after selling all these shirts, he should be called Mesut- the shirt you don’t iron-Ozil.
          Do you realise that we haven’t won the premiership because Ozil was too busy selling shirts Sue? What a unpopular player he is.
          Did you see iwobi on that list Sue?

          1. This drives me crazy, Ken.. every bloody time!! Jeez I went through all of this last week & quite frankly, wanted to bang my head against the wall ??
            They can all get on with it, Ken… next time there’s an Ozil article (which will probably be tomorrow!) I might post a comment but then never return to see who’s answered me.. although I have a pretty good idea who it’ll be!! Telling me he’s useless, why do you love him, did he ever score/assist this season, he doesn’t do anything, why is he paid so much, he’s lazy.. you get the idea, Ken!! I find it sooo boring now..although I have to admit, I don’t like the tone of a couple on here!
            Haha Iwobi will never be on that list!! ?
            Guess who I’m going to have on the back of mine, Ken? ??

  6. “So he had 7 assists which likely should have been 107… journeyman.At 23 his best days are over” Phil.
    “In fact he has gone backwards over the past two years” Andrew Elder

  7. What amazes me is… been pretty quiet on here most of the day.. put Ozil in an article.. Boom!! Everyone wants to talk now! ?

    1. Ozil is pure comment-bait at this point. The number of articles churned out every week about him is just insane. The thing is most people already either love or hate him. We could talk about him till the next ice age but we’d never agree.

  8. Ozil is not as useless as trash
    Am supporting arsenal football club
    Not arsenal business club I don’t care
    About his shirt sales is that even the
    Reason he was signed… even iniester and xavi
    Dnt declain as bad as ozil before they left what are
    We talking even toure yaya was still producing for
    City when gadiola walked him out ….ronadinho was
    World best when gadiola walked him out of Barca
    Do we need players to reach there forties and milk
    Us of every penny before we can accept they are garbage…

  9. two points-anyone who mentions ozil and iwobi in the same sentence is a fool
    – ozil isn’t playing as he has done, however, the team isn’t as good at it has been. you could put Henry in his hay day in this team, do you think he would perform as well as he used to

    1. Mentioning Ozil and Henry is the same sentence is just as criminal. Oh, I just did it too I suppose, heh.

  10. I don’t care about his shirt sales. I care about his performances on the pitch. This is silly. If we care about shirt sales that much lets sign Ibrahimovic, get Beckham out of retirement. Smh.

    1. RSh, but his “grotesque salary bleeding our club dry” is posted at every opportunity and yet we can see just the opposite.
      The shirt sales give those who use these words a chance to reflect on that misconception.
      The post was not saying that his shirt sales meant he was a great player, but that the MAJORITY of fans who buy our shirt, see him as our talisman.
      I understand that you might not like that and will try to deflect the fact that he is the fifth most popular player in the world (based on shirt sales), but they are the facts and let’s just wallow in the knowledge that he is committed to us for another two glorious years and you can put your shirt on that sure fire bet.

      1. Ken stop saying your opinions as facts. How many Ozil shirt’s were sold? Because we need to sell about a million to pay his salary.
        Also, he sells a lot of shirts because he is a talisman for a lot of Muslim’s, which is what it is.
        So with two assists all year, Im sure we could get a popular player from China who will sell more shirts and most probably have more assists.
        You guys se one tiny bit of information from 10 months ago, and without even questioning anything, how many, at how much, what’s the profit? Nothing. no prrof at all, and all of a sudden ” Ozil pay’s his way”
        All BS with absolutely no thought put behind it.

        1. JimBean, the facts are , whether it’s ten months ago or not, that The Arsenal produced these figures.
          They are not my opinions, I am only cemmenting on those facts.
          The article was about the shirt sales and what Ozil’s name meant across the footballing world.
          As the fifth biggest name in the world of football, it must surely follow (sorry if you don’t agree with my opinion here) that fans love to watch him, appreciate what he brings to the pitch and show their personal support by having his name printed on their personal shirts.

          You say he has had a terrible season, forgetting the earlier games he missed, either through illness, UE not selecting him and the fact that when UE finally played him next to Ramsey and supplying aba and lacs, we won five games on the trot…but that’s not what this is about is it?

          Now UE has come out and stated (not my opinion again but facts) that Ozil is a very important part of his squad for next season.
          Are you saying that UE, as well as anyone else who loves to watch this man play the game of football, has got it completely wrong?

          As for “putting no thought behind it”, the facts produced by our club proved the point that his fanbase was not dwindling, his name bought in added revenue to the club (something that the astute businessman kronkie would be very aware of when offering him his contract) and therein lies the thought process, unless you want to disagree with the clubs statement?

          Do you know how many shirts he sold, do you know how much money he has bought into the club, do you know if this is part of his contract???
          NO of course you don’t, just as I don’t either…but I do know that, ten months ago, when the Ozil dislikers (ok Jon again?) were telling us that he was “bleeding the club dry, had a fading fanbase and those that disputed this were deluding themselves, THAT has proved to be utter and complete BS.

          Try as you might, Gilberto, Arsene Wenger, pop stars, actors, singers, muslims, hindus, christians atheists etc etc etc, you cannot deflect the fact that Mesut Ozil is our most popular player in the world of football…that’s all it is about, so just sit back and enjoy him while we can.

          1. Ken At least you pay me the courtesy, this time, of calling me an “Ozil disliker” rather than “Ozil hater”, even though neither are remotely true. I have the greatest respect for him as a human being, though not as an Arsenal player, simply because I expect and am entitled to expect, ALL our players to give 100% on the pitch EVERY time.

        2. “All BS with absolutely no thought put behind it.”

          Wow, you critiqued your own post at the end, nice.

  11. Let me butt in here JimBeam, as you’ve been inching across the line gradually. Ozil is a Muslim so what? Beckham sold millions of shirts because he was a Christian? You make it sound like he is simply selling shirts because he a Muslim and the world has a large population of Muslims. Wrong analogy. People regardless of their faith love footballers who stand out regardless of what religion the player practices.
    Like it or not, Oezil is a world class player.
    Has he had a bad couple of seasons? Yes he has.
    Can he do better? Yes he can.
    Is he miles better than most of the players we’ve got? Yes he is.
    Is his ‘inflated’ salary related to his popularity and shirt sales? Yes it is.
    Back to you initial argument; Elneny is a Muslim, does he sell a lot of shirts for Arsenal? Tomorrow when Madrid signs Moh’d Salah, you’d say he’s selling lots of shirts cos he’s a Muslim. Never heard such tripe in a long time. BTW, I’m not a Muslim yet I find your train of thoughts repulsive.

    1. 80% of his shirt sales are from his Muslim fans that’s is the simple truth
      He has a lot of Muslim fan base I don’t know why or how but that’s fact
      And u sound like one of his Muslim fans too

      Ozil can sales millions of boots,shirts,cap,banners even an ozil branded car
      I don’t care when it comes to in field performance he is useless

      1. NONNY, I am not disputing your figure that 80% of his shirt sales are to muslims…but could you let us all have the link to this fact?

        If you can supply this, could I ask you what difference it makes?
        After all, the money shelled out by any individual, regardless of ANYTHING, is worth the same isn’t it?

        1. Ken though you and I differ on Ozils use on the PITCH, which is what actually MATTERS, I much concur with the point in this post about money being worth the same from WHOMSOEVER it comes, PROVIDED THAT it is honestly earned by the giver!

    2. Teams buy players from Japan sometime to expand popularity there, my point was, and all you have to do is go on twitter, Ozil, because he is a Turkish origin, muslim player has a large fan base in the Middle East. There is nothing wrong with that, and just like I said, let’s get the most popular Chinese player to sell shirts in the biggest market in the world.
      Just like when someone says something about Iwobi, all our Nigerian friends cry foul, football is pretty tribal at the end of the day.
      ANd Yes if MAdrid bough Salah, Madrid shirt sales in Egypt , the rest of the Middle East, and even Indonesia would go up, it’e a simple fact, nothing racist.

  12. I can think of a lot worse players in our squad who dont get the bad press Mesut gets, now if he were on £8.30 per hour like me some on here would be praising him !…………… should see the praise I get for my driving, I get saluted all the time, well thats what it looks like as my eyesight is failing !

    1. LCM you really are wasted on here… there are places for your sort (no I don’t mean a padded cell)….. or do I?!! Hahaha!!

  13. There’s directly contributing to goals and assists, and there’s also indirectly contributing to goals and assists/scoreline (every player does it could be argued but you know what I mean). If you add up everything, all the links in the chain before the final pass and then goal, we might be surprised by some of players involvement with our goals. I looked to see how many Laca and Auba helped each other out with on their best bits, not as many as I thought I was going to see. There could be one or two players that had a better season than we even realised. Kolasinac might be one, or he may not, I’ll admit I think he has got some room to brush up on his defending esp his positioning back there. Going forward he might be even more crucial than we realised though, or Ozil, Iwobi, Torriera could’ve been more important to those stats than we realised, it would be interesting to find out though.

  14. On the week of the most important match of our season, I find it sad that the matter of shirt sales should be considered appropriate to stir up a hornets nest when we should be examining what Ozil is likely to produce for us in the final.As for the comparisons with Beckham,it always amazed me that English fans considered him world class when his Club Manager during his time at Man Utd.did not.As for George Best, now he was streets ahead of Ozil and Beckham in terms of ability on the Football pitch.

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