Mesut Ozil move to Turkish giants derailed for obvious reason but his wife wants transfer

Mesut Ozil is one player that Arsenal wants to get rid of as soon as practicable. The German is the club’s highest earner after he signed a new deal at the Emirates in 2018.

He has struggled for form since he put pen to paper on that contract and his Arsenal career is almost certainly over with in terms of playing.

Mikel Arteta had given him another chance when the Spaniard became the club’s manager but Ozil didn’t return that show of trust with performances that Arteta was looking for.

He has entered the final year of his current deal at the Emirates and the club would be happy if a team came in to take him off their wage bill.

A new report from Bild claims that the World Cup winner has been approached by Turkey’s Fenerbahce, but he turned them down because they won’t be able to match his current Arsenal wage.

It claims that his wife, Amine Gulse, who is a former Miss Turkey is the driving force behind her husband’s move to Turkey as she hopes that they can return to their native country where he is adored by the fans and remains good friends with the President.

Ozil has become a controversial figure at the Emirates, and his current exile from the first team might drag on until the end of his current deal.

He does appear determined to collect every last penny of his wages no matter what.

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  1. He’s a mega star. So the big Turkish clubs would surely be able to make more than 350 K per week out of him, by selling his merchandise and using his image for TV deals etc

    He still has massive followers outside Turkey, so the monetization potentials are almost limitless. Unless they don’t want to gamble with the commercial prospects of Ozil’s arrival

  2. Why does everyone avoid the obvious fact that Mesut is not playing because he refused the COVID paycut..
    He was given a chance with Ma. For how many games?? After that last pretender of coach had not allowed him playing time.
    And how uncreative is our team but he doesn’t even make the bench
    . What a joke.

    1. It isn’t obvious to me at all. Why would Arsenal cut off their collective nose to spite their face? Either Arteta thinks Ozil is fit and able to start or he doesn’t.

      1. I dont think it has anything at all to do with him not taking a pay cut but 100% due to his attitude and lack of desire to work for the team.

    2. For a player that played 11 out of 15 games in all competitions when MA 1st took over and he registered 1 goal 1 assist doesn’t really add any value to you comment and the part about the non pay cut is just ridiculous. Another ozil fan boy that doesn’t have a clue or understand the direction the club is trying to move in the man is a lazy leach is the reason he doesn’t make the bench the sooner he’s out of our club the better and you can take a plane ride with him my friend.

      1. We are all fans of Arsenal it’s pathetic fans like you thinking are more fanners than others. You can take a stagecoach with your more fanners as well.

        1. Says someone, “Highbury Hero” who on another article wants Arsenal to lose the FA Cup Final to Chelsea!

          1. So we can focus on the league. Arteta is not experienced enough to play in 4 competitions and get results.

    3. I have been mentioning this also but people here choose what to read. He is far from Arsenal problems. He has not played since restart and how has that do us good? I don’t see any improvement when we are 10th in the table. All mentioned improvements are just made up lies so people can justify their hate for the guy.

      1. It is the FA Cup, the oldest and most prestigious knock out competition in World football. Some EPL clubs have never played in a final, let alone win one, yet you don’t want Arsenal to win it, just because it means playing in Europa League next season. A trophy in the hand is worth any number of “might be’s”.

  3. Do you really think ozil would be able to put in the defensive shift the whole team put in against man city and liverpool. NO CHANCE AT AT!!! he is past his best, no longer creative as some would make out, and doesn’t posses the traits required for the current set up. That is OBVIOUS to see. He had his chance with MA

  4. I don’t believe that his wages is the problem first of all Arsenal could pay part it,anyway the guy is revered in Turkey,with sponsorships TV adverts,TV appearances,shirts sales….and don’t forget he is a business partner with our own Flamingo whose company is estimated in the billions my point is that he would make more money over there without the abuse and his wife is all for the move, so what is it?

    1. It’s no coincidence that he was left out of the team after refusing the paycut. He was playing regularly before. It’s your choice to be in denial but it’s that obvious.

  5. I am not an Ozil fan but the fans just bash him for salary/paycut and his back ground, if Ozil was English it would have been different.

    He has strengths and weakness and could have played a better role with different coaching than Emery and if fans have not kept scapegoating him.

    He will leave and Arsenal would stay longer, I hope fans would start to be more objective critisizing players and give some support before we go to Championship because players are always pressured and lost confidence.

    You attacked Giroud, Ramsey, Arshavin, Gnabry, and you bashed Xhaka, Sead, Laccazette, ..etc the list is too long to put in one comment.

    1. Ba, you have destroyed your own argument with the players you have mentioned.
      It is the right of any football supporter to criticize or praise any player depending on their view of that player’s performance. Why should any player, even Ozil, be exempt from criticism?
      Arteta doesn’t select Ozil, it’s because he doesn’t want a revolving door in midfield.

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