Mesut Ozil not interested in awards – only trophies!

The Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has been nominated for the shortlist for the PFA Player-Of-The-Year, but was strangely left out of the Team of the Year, but the German has come out and said he is not interested in personal accolades unless the team wins trophies.

Obviously, despite Ozil having his best season yet in an Arsenal shirt, he will definitely not be getting any trophies this season. He was asked in an interview on whether he spent a lot of time analysing his performances after the matches, and he replied: “To be honest, I don’t really watch my games back that often. I’ve been in professional football for 11 years and I think it’s important to look forward rather than back. Otherwise it’s hard to move on. If I don’t have a good game, if I come out of one having not created any chances, of course I’m annoyed with myself.

“But I honestly don’t pay that much attention to the numbers. You become aware of some things, like being close to breaking the assist record, but I don’t play the game to smash records. I know what I can do and I know that I’m one of the best assist makers in the world. But it’s all about titles for me. If I have a great season but we don’t win anything, what does it bring me?

“I just try to realise my potential in every game. Of course sometimes that doesn’t happen but in general, this season I’ve done that. There’s still a long way to go this season and I hope that through my contribution, I can help us to finish it as successfully as possible.”

I don’t know when his interview was actually conducted, but it has only appeared on the official Arsenal website today, but I imagine it must have been at least a month ago judging by his statement. Let’s hope that he is not too upset that he didn’t add to his two FA Cup medals and is willing to stay at Arsenal. Maybe he will get a Premier League medal next season….

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  1. He should have been team of the year. The problem with this is that some players get votes because they’re homegrown or v. young. If ozil was English he would be in the team

  2. what is ozil doing at arsenal then if he is only intrested in winning trophies . he is lying through his teeth . and he does not deserve to be in the team of the year either , he is not a winner , nor is he intrested in playing for ninety minutes , lazy git .

  3. James Milner is beating Ozil for assists in 2016.

    I guess it’s because he has strikers who score more often than not.

    Ozil is a good player but I wish he could score.

    He said it right there folks, not about the personal tin pot accolades it’s about the titles. Maybe time to move on then Mesut???

    1. Imagine if he had better than the poor strikers we’ve got this season. His assist count would probably have been something like 30 assists. That would have been an astronomical stat -enough to qualify him as ‘a great player’.

    2. Assuming Wenger stays. We would need the star power of ambitious players like Ozil to force his hand in the transfer window.

    1. Statue? Not yet.

      I’d say he deserves more respect than he’s been getting though.

  4. I love that he is speaking with such confidence. Clearly, his confidence has returned full blast over the past year.

    ” I know what I can do and I know that I’m one of the best assist makers in the world.”

    Time and again, He has proven to be one of the very best (I’d say top 3 best) in the world at what he does!

    I care less about how much goals he scores. When we bought him, we knew what we was getting -Assist King of Europe. If Arsene wanted a goal-scoring machine he wouldn’t have passed on Higuain.

  5. Even I , personally ain’t interested in Awards………… MostLy Trophies

    Even Wenger in his decade of mediocrity has his entire Lobby decorated with Top-4 Awards

    Trophies don’t come cheap…….Awards?…..they are simply merited!

    1. LOL.

      I also am not interested in whether he gets a place in the team of the year.

      However, I really wish for him to break that assist record.

  6. Needed! Needed!! Needed!!!

    An AGGRESSIVE striker with a MEAN SHOT.

    Caveat: He must be cheap and affordable.

  7. Baloney D’or … anyone? ?
    Nudge, nudge, Wink, wink… Say no more, Ozil ?
    The only title Ozil will get at Arsenal is ‘ Mr Assist’
    It’s also funny how Sanchez finds his scoring boots,
    after hearing the interest from B. Munich. ?

    Wenger needs to make some serious signings to keep Ozil and Sanchez at Arsenal next season… It’s going to be an interesting Summer transfer window.

    1. @Fatboy……….tho i dn’t enjoy that line which says

      “Wenger needs to make some serious signings to keep ozil and sanchez at Arsenal next season”

  8. Assists are great but can he not learn to pass a ball into a goal and assist his team mates for 90 or let’s say 75 minutes?

    Top player and one of the best WE have but will the man ever win the ballon D’or?

  9. Can you put a name to the following

    1. Ambitions are large and unlimited, the successes so far are only part of the upgrading of the club to the ranks of those that can compete at tournaments in England and Europe
    2. If I have a great season but we don’t win anything, what does it bring me?
    3. If you wanted to win championships you would not get involved
    4. I say very little in public but my manager has a clause in his contract that pays him £5m if he wins the Champions League.

    In order it is Sheik Mansour, Ozil, Kroenke, Abramovich. Such a shame that number 3 is the Arsenal owner and no wonder the club lacks ambition.

    Will Ozil sign a new contract or will we sell him? Same applies to Sanchez. Judging by the above, Ozil would be more suited to manc or chelsea.

  10. :::Deficiencies:::

    RW/LW (Versatile winger)

    Looks like we need players in technically almost all Areas of the pitch

    But mr Wenger may probably just ignore the other areas and go for his hottest favourite (midfield)

    Half the whole time …season after season, he signs a midfielder…yet we still could not find the right balance (until the emergence of Le coq and probably EL-neny)…..expect him to go for more(whilst ignoring the other key areas….especially the CF), cuz that’s what a deluded man does best!

    Very unlikely we won’t be Back to square one at this rate!

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