Mesut Ozil – Once a Gooner…

Love him or hate him- he is still a Gunner at heart!

Mesut Ozil may have departed Arsenal after a long drawn out war, but there is no denying that his heart is still with the club and always will be!

Fans were and always will be split on their opinion of the German, but one thing they cannot deny is his love for Arsenal and hatred for our North London rivals Spurs.

Given the opportunity, anyone who is anyone, namely fans, will always grab the chance to make fun of their rival teams where they can, but to see it from players is a more subtle and rare thing. Yet in turn is quite refreshing to see.

So after Spurs continued their 13 year wait to win a trophy, their not so shock defeat to Manchester City in the Carabao Cup Final thanks to an 82nd minute Aymeric Laporte goal ensured they are still waiting for their trophy cabinet to be opened.

And Ozil was one of the first people to congratulate Spurs on their wait, via his social media account, his dig did not go unnoticed:

The only thing Tottenham got away with was that it was only 1-0.

Now it would have been even sweeter if Jose Mourinho was in charge and they lost, but we already had the news he was sacked/left whichever makes him happy to say, but with or without Mourinho Spurs are still rubbish, and I know we have not been the best over recent seasons, but at least our trophy cabinet gets opened and filled every once in a while.

And I hope we manage to open it again at the end of this season to top it up with yet another trophy! Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Forever in our shadows!

Shenel Osman

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  1. Doesn’t mean a thing. The man is a mercenary who morally stole millions from AFC! Lazy, arrogant, and completely obnoxious. He may have took a tiny swipe at Spurs, which many players and fans probably did, but the swipe he took at our club for years on end was wicked and nasty. How could anyone in Islington ever like him. Our club was as stupid with him as he was obscene with us. Always a Gunner? You must be joking!

    1. Most fans are so pathetic, Ashley Cole left us for big pay cheque, we complained and called him names, same with Van Persie and when Ozil signed for fat pay cheque he became our enemy (by morally stealing millions for AFC). Aubu is the next victim because of his contract, if he read comments here, he will be demotivated forever.

    2. Man you need to get yourself a dictionary !mercenary?he stuck with Arsenal when he could have not renew his contract like Sanchez and many more before him and leave but he showed love loyalty and was rewarded with constant abuse as for stealing he negotiated his new contract which the club agreed to it he didn’t force them noe that he is gone the same fans have now found new scapegoats Auba Willian Luiz.. you also conveniently forgetting that he stayed until it was made clear to him that he would never play for us again and the fact that some fans expected him to help Stan a billionaire save few bob is unbelievable and
      hypocritical lastly i have a question where are all those fans who were telling us that everything would” magically” get better on/off the pitch as soon as he and others would be gone??

    3. Spot on , even though fantasists and self foolers will attack your realistic post. They cannot stand TRUTH!

  2. Another post claimed that we still play him part of his wages, so no wonder some post after that match. He should be ashamed as our European shelf is empty and dusty too, he had a chance to make history,with an out of the world performance that nigh at Baku, but sadly disapperared and the super sub Alex scored a goal and saved it from being a trashing and that too by our very own neighbors.

    1. Last time i checked football is a team sport what about the rest of them do they not carry any blame?as for Arsenal still paying some of his wages only confirns that the narrative pushed by the British medias that Arsenal had the best January transfers window was just a big lie sure they were a lot of outgoings but if people cared to look more closely they’d have realised that despite the loans the club didn’t make or saved much if any money they paid off the remaining of several contracts didn’t get loans fees…but Ozil the thief /mercenary agreed to let Arsenal spread their payments over 3 years!πŸ€”

      1. If Iwobi could score a goal, than one must wonder what stopped the genious from scoring one or assisting in one? When he provided those assists in the first seaon, you drub him as “assist king”, when he did not perform “footall is a team sport”. Double standards.

        1. I wonder why you said “If Iwobi could score a goal” as if you couldn’t quite believe it yourself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. The PR machine still functions in Istanbul.
    How is Arsenal a big club, when people revel in the failures of opponents, rather than in their own success?

    1. The easy answer is not to read his comments… it amazes me that “fans” who have abused him for so long, still find the time and the interest to read and comment on what he says 😊😊
      I’m just laughing at how his comments must rile the spud fans, who are still smarting over yet another trophy less season?
      MO’s observation on their dusty trophy cabinet, sounds perfect to me – good on you Mesut.

        1. Ken and Sue, doesn’t it concern you that so many Arsenal supporters are so happy to wallow in the misfortune of Spurs, when our Club, the Arsenal, has fallen so far and has so many issues?
          Banter is one thing, but basing relative success on the failure of a rival, is very negative.
          Arsenal, to remain a big club in the UK and Europe, has to concentrate on getting its act together and the results will come. The trials and tribulations of others should fade into insignificance.

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