Mesut Ozil reacts to Arsenal’s loss to Everton

Mesut Ozil has been unable to help Arsenal on the field this season as he has been sidelined by the club, but he is still feeling connected to the team.

The German has not been registered by the Gunners to play in any competition for them in this campaign.

He has watched from the sidelines as his teammates have been on a poor run of form.

Arsenal’s Premier League performances have been dismal and their 2-1 loss to Everton last night is their eighth league loss of the season.

They are currently 15th on the league table and as close as ever to the relegation zone.

One thing that they are lacking is creativity, and Ozil is arguably the most creative player that is on their books at the moment.

The German has insisted that he wants to help and that he isn’t looking to leave the club.

However, the Gunners don’t seem interested in getting help from him despite the obvious need for his skills. As he watched his team lose again, he took to Twitter to react to the loss.

He posted a heartbreak and a crying emoji as a reaction to Arsenal’s latest defeat and some fans took to the comment section to ask for his return again.

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  1. Having watched that midfield yesterday it’s obvious that we are missing creativity .
    I’ve lost all hope that Ceballos will come good and watching him scrape his studs down Minas leg he should be shipped back off to Madrid ,if VAR hadn’t helped us out we could have been looking at a bigger loss .
    Time to bring Ozil back Mikel ,that’s if he’s still in a job come end of January

  2. We are in turmoil, the lowest we’ve been as the arsenal.I am sure though that we won’t be relegated.Its unbelievable, we are now in the relegation battle just like last season. Needles to say we have a problem in the management.Someone isn’t just doing the right thing for the club.
    The moment I saw so many dead wood remain at the club after the Summer, l knew we will have it rough.Until we move on this spend forces including Ozil and recruite a new battalion, I am a very worried person.

  3. This is not the way ozil should be threted, he should be given every support from the management as an arsenal player. So that to encourage big players to come to the club.

  4. Ozil’s mind games will never work. When given a chance he doesn’t show that he’s connected to the team as you say. Let him rot there where he is. He’ll fool most of the people but he can’t fool us all the time

    1. Once again, we have a fan who just doesn’t want to look at the situation.
      Tell me, Armoury, what player have we currently got, who is capable of opening defences such as spuds, Leicester, Everton?
      What exactly, does it do to have the major share of possession, without having a clue what to do with it?
      Where is the creativity, the chances, the assists coming from? Ceballos? Willian?
      Who have we signed to take the place of a player, who though on the decline, has more skill and who can change the course of a game in seconds?

      Mind games?!?! Isn’t he just thinking the same thoughts as the fans? Unless you are happy with the situation being served up to the fans?

      Let him rot you say… meanwhile the club are plummeting into a real relegation battle and playing the worst football in decades – it’s you who is being fooled by thinking that, having Ozil in the squad, would not change that dismal fact.

      1. Ken As I said to Sean, in a post further down this thread, since Covid arrived in March when he played his final game in our shirt Ozil had been little but a passenger, creating and scoring virtually nothing for the last two seasons prior to him being dropped for good and ineffective well before that too. Why don’t you live in the present, not the long ago past?

        And while we are at it, why do you choose not to see ANY of the ample evidence of his drastic decline in effectiveness from his peak back in 2014/15/16? You are choosing to live in the past, in a fanciful, long ago vanished scenario, that “once upon a time” WAS the case.

        1. Jon, I suggest you take a look at the majority of views regarding Ozil – the plain and simple fact is that YOU are in the minority and are living in the past.
          Did you watch the game yesterday, or the last five come to that?
          Tell me who is creating the chances, unlocking defenses and supplying our forwards with chances?
          If you have watched the games, you know the answer is NO ONE, but you can’t admit it.
          Further down, you complain about another Ozil article and say what about the present players… what about them Jon?
          What do you find so appealing about the way they are playing?
          The sideways, backwards, no shots on goal kind of attractive football?
          Where are these super heros you say are needed – the ones that should defend, attack, play in the midfield and create goals?

          This is what you were telling everyone was required at the club – how UE AND then MA were the answer…. so tell me Jon, when was the last time we were in this kind of position?
          How much of kronkie’s money has been wasted on the kind of players you insisted MA would bring to the club?
          Yet you tell me I’m living in the past – NO I’M LIVING IN THE PRESENT and our club is fighting for survival, while Ozil and Salibas are left out for the likes of Willian, Pepe and Luiz.

          If, as is plain to see, the current squad of deadwood and dross players (to borrow a ridiculous quote) are not delivering the goods, anyone with an ounce of common sense would realise something needs to change.

          We have a player who, up and until the covid lockdown and pay cut saga, was a 100% selection for Arteta and we were undefeated from January till then.
          He couldn’t do any worse than this squad is currently doing – just THINK and then tell me if Ozil was/is to blame for our recent relegation battles?

          I’m sick and tired of the way he is being treated, when our club has sunk to the lowest level in decades and yet fans like you think he wouldn’t be any better than what we witnessed yesterday?

          The club, MA and the minority of fans like yourself have been proved completely wrong – I’m not bothered about said fans, but my club has become a laughing stock and you and your personal agenda against a player are one of the causes.

          So, if the answer isn’t Ozil Jon, why don’t you tell everyone what your answer is to the problem?

          1. KEN , More predictable self fooling Ozil fantasy , instead of seeing this long ago busted flush for the fraud he is. Why you even imagine I care at all for the childishhysteria shown by so called self proclaimed “fans” on here is laughable! I do not . But then you already know that.

          2. But, as a so called realist, your “solution” to the problem is as unrealistic as your belief that you think you are always in the majority.

            You haven’t got any reasonable suggestion as to how to solve our current situation except to hope kronkie might sell out?

            That’s it then Jon – nothing about our tactics, players, back room staff, transfer and/or contract policy?

            Just hope that kronkie sells up before it gets any worse?

            Well, I’d like to say it’s been an overwhelming insight into the mind of a true realist, but to be honest, it’s so underwhelming in its originality, I am amazed you bothered to answer.
            I assume you do care about the childish hysteria of fans on here, because you always include them as part of your vast majority when trying to tell everyone that your opinion is just that… and I understand how you feel when it becomes patently clear that is not the case.

            What is being suggested, is that Ozil is recalled, simply because we are being found out in every game for a lack of creativity.
            It hasn’t worked out since he was dropped from the squad and the senior players brought in are, at the moment, not any kind of improvement…. some might say they are a downgrade.

            Now, as I know kronkie has not the slightest intention at the moment, of selling his club, why would the idea of bringing back Ozil be any less unbelievable than your solution?

            At the moment, we are playing some of the worst football in decades under MA, so it makes complete sense to utilise every player under his managership to try and halt the slide…. unless, of course, you don’t really care what happens to MA and the rest of the season?

      2. Ken1945
        You are telling the truth, seeing, things as they are. Ozil is still and Arsenal player, could be in the squad from January and would be more likely to create goal scoring situations than our other bigger frauds. I am far from being an Ozil ‘fan’ but I am a realist. It is only a Kroenke/Arteta bout of self-harm stopping them using Ozil. Insanity.

    2. Let him rot? Well in case you forgot the club is rotting while he is collecting 350k/week.
      Is that a good enough price to satisfy your hate for the player?

      1. In order for arsenal winning mentality to get back to it peak,I suggest Ozil should be introduce in the squad because virtually all arsenal players have lost confidence of playing.

    3. If Ozil wasn’t frozen at the end of last season,Auba could have been the league top bro know that we really miss Ozil’s service.let’s use him from January and atleast we bring in creative player who are even cheaper in all aspects such as Isco from Madrid,calhanogul from AC Milan or Lukas Okampos from sevilla.we deserve to think positively of our team

    4. in another post i mentioned that Ozils best form gives an average of 2 goals and 3 assists of late. So we are 1/3rd of the season so 1 goal and 1 assist from Ozil is expected. With say 2 wins or 2 draws with his projected contributions we would never make it top four, so lets close this Ozil case.
      well from his post i recon he must be broken hearted knowing next Dec he won’t be here drawing 350K, hence the tears

      1. Here’s another one of the fans who cannot face reality
        So tell me Loose Cannon, what are the stats for Willian and Ceballos, the two players brought in to replace him?

        As for crying because he won’t be here next year, don’t worry about his finances, although it always seems to bug you doesn’t it?
        The club still has to pay him up until June, as per the contract they offered him.

        The way things are going, I doubt he would want to play in the championship anyway.

        As you seem content with the current style and results, let’s carry on the way we are…. is that your solution then?
        Just sit back and wait for relegation?
        As the recent poll indicated, you are in a shrinking minority, thank goodness.

        1. Ken the topic is Ozil, not Cabs or Wils and trust me as poor as they both are, I never wanted both, and add Ozil to it , we have the CAM three musketeers. Add Elneny, Torrera and Xhaka and you have three more musketeers.
          Add Soares, Bellerin and Chambers, 3 morw for RB. Mustafi, Socrates, Luiz and 3 more in CB. Luckily Tierney does not keep company with Kolasinac. Pepe, Nelson, Willock are worse than Championship, so what can Arteta do? Jose, Brendon, Allegeri turned us down knowing the mess of players we have. No wonder we are 15th and might end up 17th. Maybe Wenger would be pleased with the bottom 4 tropheee

          1. You really make me smile Loose Cannon.
            You start off complaining to me it’s about Ozil and not Willian or Ceballos and then go on to name NINETEEN other people. 😂😂😂
            Where is your proof that the three people you mentioned turned down the chance to manage the club?
            Same place as your claim that fans were comparing Ozil to Bergkamp… in your head?

            What can Arteta do?
            Stop offering three year contracts to over thirties – stop playing out of form Senior players and select in form players instead – decide to play attacking football and not defensive, boring, mind numbing rubbish – decide on his first eleven – bring some discipline in – buy players that he intends to play – stop buying Chelsea cast offs – stop dilly dallying in the transfer window and pay the asking price – bring back Ozil and Salibas :

            How’s that for starters?

            If he tried to do the above, he might just have a chance of finishing in the top four and win a cup.

      2. Why fans focus on what ozil collecting every week ? For getting what he can do ? What about other players collecting 150;180;100;120; doing nothing in the squade to help team ozil should also included then we judge him we are busy jugge a player out of the squade are we insane we all know in football sometimes a player perform well some other time perform poor let me remind fans that even King Thierry Henry sometimes he was going up to 3games no goal let give everyone chance redeem themselves please

    5. When he plays , you only noticed Ozil on the pitch of when Arsenal won a set piece. He has virtually won everything in football , give room for dedicated and creative players. Cebalos is used more as a defensive midfielder rather than being given an offensive midfield role

  5. Mesut is the only person who can transition from midfield to create a chance going forward into the final third with one pass… we cant do that over 90mins with 11 players on the pitch, where as even if hes playing bad at least creates chances by himself in those 90mins.

    He is an attacker, a luxurious one at that but one none the less who wasnt bought to defend that’s why you build a very strong base with 2 CBS & 2 CMs to do their jobs and let Mesut do his.

    Matteo another who should’ve been aloud to play and get back in the fold, he has abit of balls about him and that’s something we lack in abundance without Gabriel or Partey tbh and they have just arrived!

    It’s no coincidence all this creative negativity around the club is the way it is since we didnt even replace the player who we froze out and needed like for like replacement.

    Mikel needs to go, we need an experienced winner as much as I like Arteta its just not the time for him and needs more experience.

    1. Sean, You write about Ozil in the present tense but were you a realist like me and many others, YOU WOULD KNOW TO WRITE IN THE LONG PAST TENSE.

      The ample evidence from his three or four seasons prior to Covid back in March, when he played, mercifully too, his last ever game in our shirt, shows only too clearly how MUCH out of date your fanciful first two paragraphs are!

      Perhaps you also think Queen Victoria is still the British monarch! Do let me know, by letter if necessary, as up to date matters so clearly distress you.

      1. Hi Jon. Cmon man your telling me any of our players can do a better job than Ozil when the stats speak for themselves. Somehow even though Mesut has not played in ages but he is still one of highest creative players by stats in the squad and hes barly kicked a ball since last season?

        Tell me how that’s not facts.

        He was not bought to defend he was bought to unlock defences & needs a squad built around him defensively to flourish, the set up we have atm would suit him and no reason has ever been properly given but to be not in any of the squads was suicide and look what’s happening now!!

        On Ozils bad days yes he is awful and so frustrating but he is miles better than what we have now on one of his bad days!!


    Of course the REAL answer, as most already realise, is everything to do with getting posts on this site and Ozil is a sure fire __winner in that regard- unlike in any other regard- so, as several hours have gone by today without the obligatory Ozil article, the Admins once again trot out their sure fire post gatherer, irrespective of the JA fatigue that this leech and his opinions causes us thinkers and realists.

    1. Sorry Jon, but your views on Ozil and MA tell everyone that you are the complete opposite of what you claim you are.
      You don’t think, you just keep repeating the same old tired nonsense with regards to Ozil.
      If you were a realist, you would REALISE that we are in free fall, have no creative senior player in the team and need to try and rescue the season.

      You just keep your head in the sand and waffle on yet again about Ozil, meanwhile Rome burns.

      The club have tried without Ozil and Salibas… It hasn’t worked – anyone but a few dullards can see that… but good old Jon sees it completely the other way… SO WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION JON?!?!

      1. SAM E OLD QUESTION WHICH I -rather foolishly actually- repeatedly answer Ken- A NEW OWNER – but it never penetrates your brain. Yet you still accise me of never answering.

        LOOK, FOR ONCE, AT MY ANSWER: A NEW OWNER and not Ozil, Never, ever. He will be gone next June and as you honestly think he is better than what we have now there is no point ANY further Ozil discussion , so this is the last time I will debate him with you KEN. Finished no more! Get that?

        1. I did look at your “in-depth” answer Jon and, unfortunately, kronkie selling up is not a realistic solution at the moment is it? We could be in the championship before this happens!!!!

          Perhaps if you had discussed tactics, player selection, transfers in and out and contracts etc the term in-depth analysis might have been attached to your solution…but kronkie selling up is the answer of someone who hasn’t a real answer – and ignoring the one player who MIGHT just turn our fortunes around because of your personal dislike of him, shows how YOU are putting player before club.
          Let’s wait and see what happens in January and how we fare for the rest of the season Jon and if I’m wrong, I will gladly admit it – will you?

            Hard luck Ken, I am my own man, a free and independent thinker and if you want to force people to agree with you, then how about you owning China or North Korea! Its expected there!

  7. I am not an Ozil ‘fanboy’ at all, let’s get that clear, but if he is not better than Elneny, Xhaka, Willock, Ceballos, then the world is crazy. This club and it’s manager are f***** up, in a hallucination. Ozil is still an Arsenal player. and he could get us a couple of extra points to keep us up, especially at the Emirates. I fear Arteta is a self-harmer football wise.

    1. The reality Sean is that players do not stay at their best for ever. Most people would say that when a one time great player has been performing like a lazy and uninterested novice for several years, then that player is way over the hill and non effective, as his previous three seasons prior to March showed. TALK ABOUT LIVING IN THE PAST!

  8. Play Ozil. Whats the worse that can happen ? No matter who we play in that position currently, they cannot create like Ozil. He is undoubtly the most creative player in the Arsenal camp and at 350k a week, the highest paid. Next summer another team will pick him up for free and that WILL come to haunt us.

  9. When you realise that some managers do like the idea of creative players..Emery, Mourinho and recently Arteta..they think they should be out there defending instead of creating chances…Arteta is a terrible manager who has made terrible decisions about some players.To think that Mykhitaryn,Ozil had there better days in an Arsenal shirt under Arsene Wenger..And our forwards have had their worst run of form under this current Manager.its no coincidence..even under Emery they were still scoring….If Arteta is not scaled as soon as possible..we would surely get relegated.. You can’t give what you do not have for about a year now since Arteta took over at the Emirates…how many goals has Aubameyang scored? We are only going to get worse….never getting better under Arteta…he has been saying the same thing since the start of the season and nothing has changed..

  10. I was and still not a fan of Ozil but I think he’s far better than the mediocre we have now. How can Willian be getting game time while Ozil is frozen out. Mo is only good for a squad player, same goes for Xhaka and Ceballos and Pepe should not be anywhere near the team.

    1. So Jon Fox- very few on this site actually do not want Ozil back in this side. They all feel he could not possibly be any worst than the players we have that Arteta, your “ saviour” selected for his EPL Squad. Any comment from you when asked for real input where the problem lies never happen. You spout off as though you know it all but you know nothing.
      You are the Captain Mainwaring of Dads Army of the Just Arsenal site. Except he probably is taller, had more hair, and definitely knows more about football than you

          1. Be fair Phil, Jon has given his in depth answer to our predicament, kronkie needs to sell up!!!
            So sit back, don’t worry about anything, it just needs SilentStan to agree to this and, meanwhile, to keep Ozil away from the squad for everything to be solved….cloud cuckoo land!!!

    2. We are in trouble something need to done very quickly, I think Arsenal is the poorest performer on the pitch at the moment, the way we play I don’t see us winning against any team at the English premier league.

  11. Opinionated mules from both sides so cocksure about what they think of Ozil.

    Can you all see the future?

    You all say it like you know everything but the truth is no one knows for sure how Ozil would fare if he is played?

    Those for Ozil say he can’t be worse than what we got. Well he can be worse. Ozil when he doesn’t turn up is worse than what we got. Doesn’t make things happen. Doesn’t show effort. It’s not like we haven’t seen that before. It’s the reason why he gets so much stick.

    Those against Ozil say he’s past it and doesn’t care when he loses the ball. When you are a goal down and desperate to score, you throw in the kitchen sink. You try all available attacking options. Why can’t we gamble with Ozil when desperate? Whether you lose by one goal or five, it’s still zero points.

    Respect the views of one another because none of those who keep saying like it’s so obvious knows for sure which Ozil will turn up. That’s the one thing that is obvious.

    1. Wrong assumption Cph.
      Those who are asking for Ozil to be reinstated are doing so because of the football being played – no creativity – defensive mentality – no idea how to break down opponents etc.

      What is being said is that Ozil is contributing nothing at the moment, while sitting at home on match days.
      After this disastrous run of five points from thirty, something has to change – let’s see if Ozil is the answer.

      Just don’t let him “rot away” as has been suggested.

      Doesn’t that make perfect sense?
      If it had worked, everyone would be happy wouldn’t they?

      I can’t give you the reasons why those who want him sidelined until June think the way they do, perhaps they will explain their reasons?

      1. I don’t know what you mean by wrong assumption. I keep seeing comments saying Ozil can’t do worse than those in the team now and you say they are not saying that.

        They assume he can bring more creativity than those playing now. They say it like it is so obvious and certain.

        I am telling them there were many games Ozil did not create and did not work for the team, so don’t be so cocksure he will definitely bring creativity. Things can get better but it can also get worse. Nothing is obvious and certain. It is ok to give him a try but don’t say it like they know the future

        1. Cph, there are many DIFFERENT comments on here, I agree.

          But the main message from those who want Ozil to be recalled is because the decision to leave him out, as obviously failed.
          It is not claimed he will revolutionise the team, but that he should be given the opportunity to try… rather than sitting at home earning a reported £350,000 a week.

          So, I ask again, what are the reasons for those not wanting this to happen, are THEY putting a player before the club?

          1. Why the decision to leave him out obviously failed? How you know having him would have been better?

            You want him in because you think he may make the club better. Those want him out because they think he may not make the club better. They think like you but opposite.

            No one knows for sure.

          2. Who has said it will work?

            You are making up statements to fit your agenda.

            What is being said is this – why not try and see if it WILL work?

            So you think that the results to date aren’t telling us that the current squad and tactics are not working?
            Please tell me what results will tell you that the decision to sideline Ozil is working then?

          3. You are the one making up statements to fit your agenda.

            I said try and see but no one knows for sure. You keep saying it has obviously failed without him and it makes perfect sense to have him back. You are IMPLYING that it will work with him around. There! You see your agenda.

            I am telling you that you don’t how it would have worked even if there was no decision to sideline Ozil. Understand? Things could still be the same. You don’t know. I don’t know. No one knows what it would have been like if he was not sidelined.

            Please tell me how you know things would have worked if he was not sidelined? How you know the squad and tactics would be working if he is not sideline? You are the one with an agenda and go around saying other people who say they don’t know what could have happened have an agenda

  12. Don’t ever bring back this fire dump of a player. Please Arsenal, Arteta etc, keep scrounging deadbeat Ozil where he is. He is okay, comfortable and happy being where he is (sitting at home playing video games, social media PR STUNTS, playing victim and collecting his wages).

    The one thing that I am happy the club has done was getting rid of Wenger, Gazidis, Ozil.
    My get rid list was;
    Kroenke Out
    Gazidis out
    Wenger out
    Ozil out.

    Two are out, 2 to go..

    All the divisive figures need to be outed from the club.

    1. So when are you leaving Goonster?

      Since the first two you wanted out have gone, we have achieved what exactly?
      Top Four? NO…LOL
      CL League? NO…LOL
      FA Cup? YES…the 7 times AW did it wasn’t good enough.LOL
      C/S? YES…Not a trophy under AW, magically it is for MA.LOL
      Relegation talk? Yes , twice in fact…not once under AW. LOL
      Emirates stronghold? No, worst home record for decades and fourth home defeat on the trot. LOL
      Goals galore? No, just 12 scored, but 18 conceded. LOL
      Good start to the season? NO, the worst start in 46 years. LOL
      Good signings? No, Williian, Luiz, Pepe. LOL
      Red cards? Oh Yes, the worst in the division by miles. LOL
      Good contract negotiations? No, two over thirty year old players given three year contracts that mean they will be 35 when they leave the club. LOL
      Players picked on form? No, Willian, Xhaka, Luiz. LOL

      God alone knows how you think this has been a success, watching the football being served up yesterday, tell me where the tactics, the creativity and the leadership was? LOL

      All the above was “achieved” without Ozil, so the majority of fans are asking that he is brought back to, at least see if this tale of woe can be reversed – meanwhile you carry on enjoying what you see happening – the result of the poll on here (a reflection of the thoughts of all Gooners we are told) show how behind you are in your thinking, but that has always been the case hasn’t it? LOL

    2. GOONSTER Ignore Kens posts. He has a deep agenda to combat ANY criticism from ANY source against both WENGER AND OZIL.

      I want to save you from having the same battles, which makes the hundred years war look like a mere day long, by comparison.

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