Mesut Ozil rejects transfer despite wage increase

Mesut Ozil has turned down transfer offer to join Al-Nassr, after Arsenal agreed a £5 Million fee for his signature.

The German has fallen out of favour in North London since football returned following the Coronavirus pandemic, not featuring in a competitive match since.

The manager insists that the decision is down to the team not needing him, and he has most recently been excluded from their squad for the Europa League, signalling that he has likely played his last match for the club.

Despite Arsenal’s stance, the 31 year-old is believed to be refusing to exit the club, despite the offer of an increased offer to join Saudi Arabian side Al-Nassr, as reported by Mexican journalist Cesar Luis Merlo.

Ozil angered the club further most recently by offering to pay club mascot Gunnersaurus’ wage after the club made the decision to sack him.

The dinosaur has been a part of the club for over 20 years, and is believed to be held in high regard, as highlighted by the fans reaction to the decision taken by the club, with Paul Merson telling his column at the Daily Star claiming that it proves that Arsenal’s owners care more about money than the fans.

Ozil always insisted that he was going to see out his contract at the Emirates, but given the offer of an increased contract, and the fact that he is clearly unwanted in North London, has to pose questions about his integrity.

What could possibly be worth turning down the move?


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  1. Why does it pose questions about his integrity ? He has a contract that he is seeing out . Nobody talks about Arsenal who haven’t honoured their own part of the deal, we have become a classless club. For once a person stands up against the club and their non transparency yet the club manage to brainwash fans it is the player’s fault. Why don’t you question the club owners ‘ integrity first ? Evil happens when good people turn aside and everyone else stays on the fence. Whatever you all may say about Ozil history will remember him for being bold and forthright. It may take time but the truth can’t be pushed aside forever . There is no football reason that justifies his treatment and the club should act bigger and with some class. Honesty is never to be negotiated.

    1. @ Jon Higher I couldn’t have said much better – the club as whole together with Arteta managed to brainwash fans because they also enjoyed it when they paint ozil as a bad person- soon or later all the pain they caused to him it will be seen – he had many offers when he was about to leave Madrid and before arsenal contract extension but chose to be loyal – for 9 years arsenal were without the trophy the same Arteta who is puppet failed to help them till ozil, joined now he has been treated unfairly – ozil, must rejects all the offers and see out his contract to teach them how to treat people –

    2. 100% Jon. Well said mate. Ive loads of fans talk the crap about his attitude and desire to play all along of tosh its purely the salary cut issue and this is all.kronekes doing…

    1. @Oyama- seriously PAL. What would YOU do if you were fortunate enough to be in Mesut Ozil’s position?
      You were awarded a THREE YEAR CONTRACT on a ( reportedly ) weekly wage of £350,000 per WEEK. On top of that the Club included ( again reportedly) a bonus of £8,000,000 ( YES EIGHT MILLION OUNDS) provided you stay for the whole THREE YEARS OF YOUR CONTRACT.
      So PAL, are you telling me that you would just up and leave and completely ignore the legally binding contract that was signed by both Club and player? I don’t think so PAL do you?

      1. What if it is you who is paying that bill and the person you are paying is not parforming as was, what would you expect? dont you know that clubs are doing business in one way or the other?

      2. @Phil for the love of the game, Ozil should reconsider. I think Ozil wants to prove a point to the Arsenal hierarchy, I really sense this is personal. He can go to Saudi Arabia and earn more whilst playing.

        1. But why should he- he has nobody to force him out do he will decide what’s right for both him and his family. Which is the correct thing to do in my mind

      3. @Phil. Ozill’s position is really a fortunate position. However, if I had to choose between money and football, I know what my choice would be. Where’s the place of passion in this “fortunate situation”. Alexis position was about £500000 per week at Man U. That’s £2Million per month. Everyone could tell how much Alexis love the game by the efforts, shifts he puts in even on an off day. This cannot be said of Ozil.

        Ozill’s passion is no more. Desire gone. Work ethics empty. Energy dried. Ability diminished. (I’m sorry these are what he’d be remembered for). Yet racks in £350k every week and will yet get paid £8Million at the end for doing complete nothing. This is unfair. Where is the place of honor and passion?

        That young man is just being classless and he is a terrible example for younger players.

        1. @Stephen- if Ozil was being disruptive around the rest of the players I’m sure Arteta would not have him training with the squad. I don’t believe this has happened.If Ozil was not training properly Arteta would be fining the player and again I’m not aware this is happening.
          Forget about the wages, contract and bonus, If Ozil was not making himself available and trainsing as all professionals should, do you not believe we would have been told this by now?

  2. As much as I’d rather Ozil had furthered his career elsewhere if he was not going to get game time, HE IS ABSOLUTELY ENTITLED to stick the proverbial 2 fingers up to going to a club or country if he doesn’t want to.

    Whether you think he has been treated appallingly or is a drain on the club’s resources, the fact remains that he is ENTITLED to what he is receiving

    Going over the same ground over and over again just splits the ‘Arsenal family’.
    It isn’t newsworthy anymore and is just so tiring

  3. I was hoping I’ll read a direct translation of the Spanish tweet. Maybe anyone who understands Spanish could help with that in the comments.

    And btw, integrity is how you chose to see it. Many of us hailed the club on how we treated ATM on the TP transfer by going behind them to contact La Liga with the RC payment at the last minute. Many of us thought that they deserved the treatment due to the way they tried to play hardball with the TP transfer.

    Integrity should be both ways, ain’t it? Does Arsenal deserve the cold-blooded treatment MO is giving them due to the way the club is treating him?

    1. They offer him a millionaire contract for two seasons, but his intention is firm: for now he does not want to leave even though he is not taken into account.

      Thank heavens for google translate, Maxis 🙂

    2. Maxis, Arsenal did not go behind ATM. If a player’s release clause is triggered by any club, there is no need to talk to the parent club. You only talk to the club if you’re negotiating for a lower fee.

      One might argue that we owed them a courtesy call, so that they would find a replacement in time.

      About Özil articles, am tired of them. I shall leave it at that.

  4. so to clarify ?
    Ozil , called a theif , etc has turned down the chance to earn more money elsewhere ?

  5. I wish the separation between the two could have taken place and benefited both parties.
    That said, I hope this will serve as a lesson to the club not to find itself at an impasse where it is loosing money and mostly to conduct business transactions with honesty and mutual respect.

  6. What ever your slant on this, answer this question. WHAT IS OZIL DOING TO EARN THIS MONEY FROM ARSENAL?
    Whatever your feelings on Ozil, the answer is NOTHING AT ALL.
    His attitude stinks and he is a nasty piece of work.
    And no i dont think he should go to Saudi Arabia if he doesn’t want, i support him on that but i would like him to either contribute on the field or do the right thing and dont take something for nothing. His contract is legal and binding but he isn’t fulfilling his side of the contract fully. If i did what he does, i would be sacked.

    1. Reggie- how can he contribute on the field if the manager does not pick him to play? Or am I missing something here?

      1. Forget all the conspiracy theories that have been invented. Arteta isnt picking him because he sees he isnt trying. You only have to listen to Arteta to realise Ozil is not buying into his philosophy. Remember Arteta has been a footballer, he knows the crack, he picked Ozil to start with. Ozil produced sterile performance after sterile performance, he let Arteta down, who put his faith in him. He turned up and just went through the motions and Arteta and most knew that wasn’t anywhere near good enough. If he put some real effort and desire into his football, he would be in that team. Are you going to try and tell me Arteta is going bite his nose off to spite his face, if he thought Ozil was good enough. He wants success and he knows Ozil obviously doesn’t, or cant now.

        1. What conspiracy theory did I mention PAL- Answer me this Reggie, because you obviously have all the answers that every one of us can only speculate on.
          You are the Manager of a side that gets to the final of the FA Cup at Wembley. Win this trophy and the Club gets Europa League football. Lose, and it’s zero European football, even less revenue, less chance of keeping your best players, and little chance of getting better players to sign for the club. That makes this a pretty important game to win I would have thought.
          The manager names what was probably his strongest side, bearing in mind his tactics, his lack of trust of the defenders he inherited, and the fact that he himself realised the importance of winning this trophy.
          He names his substitutes, and picks an 18 year old holding midfielder, with very very few minutes of first team playing time on the pitch, yet leaves out a player who was fit, injury free, and a player who could have made a difference if called upon. That’s not a theory PAL, that’s a fact.
          So you seem to have all the answers, with your obvious inside knowledge and connections, so look forward to your reply

          1. I would have liked to have replied to some of you other posts today, but quite frankly your tone is so intimidating, I’ll pass

          2. Phil, I notice you haven’t had a reply to your very sensible and reasonable question , regarding a player who is now on loan at Swindon Town, where it is claimed he is proving his selection was correct, by scoring a goal and making an assist…well that was the reason given to me… couldn’t make it up could you?
            Unless, that is, by being called a “fool” answers your detailed question and that is normally par for the course when it comes to giving a sensible reply.

            1. But that’s it Ken don’t you believe? Until ALL THE FACTS are known, then none of us really understand what’s gone on in this saga. What amuse me is the ones who try to make everyone else believe what they spout is what’s gone on. They actually know as much as you and I. NOTHING. But one day Ken…….

        2. @ Reggie I thought you got football brains sorry . For the players Arteta picked the.m up out of 💯 special on the midfielders only 2 percent of them . Hope you watched the games and heard Ian Wright complained about lack of chances creates -nobody does what ozil does with the ball shut up . Arteta has been told not play him , stop been brainwashed .ozil will see his contract to teach them lesson and arsenal will get their punishment

          1. You are the one who is brainwashed pal. So you are saying Arteta is a puppet who is not making his own decisions. Dont be silly!

    2. Will he pick himself? How some of you think amazes me? He is training with others, if the manager doesn’t choose him, how is that his fault? Sentimental fans everywhere

      1. Truth is he is on easy street and fools cant see that he is single handedly drain this clubs coffers for zero effort on the football field.

  7. Interesting! I honestly think this is Ozil’s last pro contract. His actions lately point to a person who’s on a mission and doesnt give a s*** about competitive football. I strongly believe Ozil will retire after this, I mean 8 months plus without football and he still wants to see out his contract? If his wish is granted then we’re talking 18 months without football! Sounds like retirement to me. I think Ozil’s entitled to every penny Wenger and IG offered him BUT from a footballing perspective it just doesnt make sense to me.

    1. I think you have a point and it loosely crossed my mind too. Plenty of other interests outside of football suggest this

        1. Seriously lcw
          I’ve mentioned Beckham before as a similar situation
          Both great players but with too much external stuff getting in the way
          Ozil could be in every way as successful in business and philanthropy as Beckham

    2. He’ll go to America, Turkey, or Saudi club. Shirt sales would be through the roof. His value is solely in his name now. Nobody is interested in him for actual football reasons. So why should Arsenal?

  8. He’s just been paid an £8 million loyalty bonus on top of his monster salary. All part of the contract that twat Gazidis gave him.

  9. So hypothetical player XYZ gets an agreed bonus amount as part of his contract (legal and binding contract that is) and also turns down a transfer that would give him more money, yet he’s branded a thief? What a silly notion if one looked at it with unbiased eyes and thoughts.

    This hypothetical player refuses to go to a country with laws and traditions that belong to the dark ages, probably taking into account his wife and baby and how said country views and treats its female population, yet he is accused of being filth and betraying the club he presently has this legally binding contract with, just because said club want him off their books, or so it is reported anyway.

    This all proves, we are told, that he’s not interested in playing football anymore – the logic of that statement is as daft as expecting him to move just because his present club want him to!!!

    He is training every day, turns up every day, keeps himself fit, respects his contract, doesn’t diss the club in any way and is praised by the manager as part of the group of players doing everything asked of them in training.
    He is keeping his end of the contract and will carry on doing so, as he has reported time and time again, until it runs out.

    So, I would suggest it proves said hypothetical player is mentally strong, doesn’t go where the most money is, thinks about his family and puts playing football as secondary to all the above…as most decent people in the world would do as well.

    Unless, of course, someone would take his family to a country with such a record against human rights and disregard a contract signed in good faith…for a few dollars more?
    Hypothetically speaking, that is what some fans expect a player should do – would those said fans do it themselves I ask myself?!?!

    1. I’m sorry to disagree but who has suggested he should go to Saudi Arabia on responses to this article Ken? The nearest I could find was RSH who has said Saudi plus two other destinations

      I’m not nearly knowledgeable enough about football to know whether the fitness level Ozil has will be sufficient for a top level club or league next summer but it’s good to know that he isn’t slouching on the training ground

      Bringing up the name calling in an article where there has been virtually none to speak of is as tired as the Ozil articles themselves

      As for a football career after Arsenal-I agreed with James that he may not be interested. It isn’t a crime to retire

      Hopefully we can agree to disagree

      1. SueP you say “Bringing up the name calling in an article where there has been virtually none”.

        So if I might ask what is in your view the difference between virtually none and none?

        1. Well actually lcw having looked through the posts there was one only expressing an opinion in a forthright manner

      2. SueP, the article said the club in question was Al-Nassr and I am replying to the article, both in whole and to suggestions by other individuals responses thereafter.

        For instance, not wanting to go to Saudi Arabia or China, where human right violations are well documented, doesn’t mean”he has no interest in playing football again” – or does it to you?

        Refusing to go where his reported salary is guaranteed to be exceedingly more than the reported one he is now earns, shows that he is not driven by monetary issues, despite being called a “thief” on many occasions – or does it to you?

        The question asked by Patrick was “What could possibly be worth turning down the move?” and he also questioned the players integrity – I believe I have answered the question he posed thoroughly and also shown that his integrity is not in question if/when one looks at the broader picture involving the country (plus China of course) and it’s views on human and women’s rights.

        The very first comment by Jon Higher regarding “integrity” sums it up perfectly for me.

        As to your point about retiring, I have no idea, but if the rumours about the USA, China, Milan and Al-Nassri are true, I guess those who think he is a money grabbing thief, who is lazy, mentally frail and filth, will carry on playing as long as he possibly can, after honouring his contract at The Arsenal.

        Not sure what his retiring has to do with the article anyway and I agree that name calling is tiresome, but sometimes playing fire with fire seems to be the only way to counteract such fans…but hey ho, let’s hope these last few months fly by and all will be peace and serenity amongst the fans at last.

        1. Ken, if you keep an eye on Turkey, you will see that Erdogan is trashing the modern secular Turkish State established under the great Attaturk. It won’t be long before Turkey is not dissimilar to Saudi Arabia, given the gaoling of disodents, intimidation, “restructuring” of the armed forces, closing of newspapers and killing of journalists etc.

          1. Australia mean while has destroyed its native people… and put refugees in camps. What does that prove?

            1. JJPawn, if you visited the country or checked your facts you would know there are more people claiming Aboriginal descent today, than estimated to have populated the country at the time the British arrived in 1788. As for refugees, do you believe than any country should have open borders and allow anyone in? By the way Australia has more people flying in on Jumbo Jets and overstaying their visas, than arrive on refugee boats. They are detained until their vera fides are checked, not have their boats sunk and turned into shark or croc feed.
              Also in Australia, we can have “black lives matter” and pro or anti refugee protests without fear of being shot or incarcerated (provided the demonstrations are peaceful, without damage to people or property). As far as I am aware the rest of the world believes Australia is a democracy, with free and fair elections.

        2. Ken

          I have never suggested that he should go to a country with highly questionable human rights to play football The article posed the question and nobody agreed

          The paragraph below that is borderline irrelevant to my post. He can ply his trade and negotiate whatever contract suits him after his career at Arsenal is over. It suggests nothing to me at all

          His integrity is another matter In terms of fulfilling the terms of his contract he is without fault. He shows a very great deal of compassion to those less fortunate and is extremely generous. I’ve no reason at all to see anything bad. I can only question his involvement in the mascot issue which was a dreadful PR stunt. You will no doubt put that down to his generous character. I’m afraid I saw that as a classless act to embarrass his employer during a difficult relationship between the two. None of us knew the fact that the sacking/redundancy was not exactly as reported but a lot of us jumped on the anti Arsenal bandwagon as a result.

          As for retiring, I think that is a possibility. I raised it after reading another post and he could further the business side of his life and take a greater role in philanthropy. There was nothing sinister in my suggestion.

          1. SueP the article itself asked the question – I’m answering the authors question as to why he wouldn’t/shouldn’t go.
            It seems that you are agreeing with me regarding the questions I asked you, so the only problem it seems, is the name calling – all I would say regarding that, is the following – if the words used to describe a player were challenged at the outset, then perhaps we could move on, but they are not.
            Oh and on the retirement bit, I, once again, responded to another post, so I’m not sure if you are saying I should ignore that as well?

          2. SueP: Tendencies dictate belief.
            So to you Ozil’s action regarding Gunnersaurus is a PR stunt. However in fact it could be because he would regularly invite underprivileged or sick children to his box on matchdays at Emirates Stadium with Gunnersaurus a regular visitor to enhance the experience.

            1. This gets silly and this is why I generally prefer not to discuss Ozil in a manner that gets that kind of comment lcw
              Have I ever said he isn’t kind? No
              Do I think that was a PR stunt? Yes I do

              1. SueP: It is either a PR stunt or a kind gesture because he cares about the kids. You can’t have it both ways. So that kind of comment is spot on.

    2. Ken1945 I have no appetite for this childish name calling crap ’cause theres still a part of me that still respects you as an old man. It’s even more depressing when you realize this is a millennial taking the higher ground while a 70+ year old goes lower! What a shame! Care to show us any one single player who’s sat out of competitive football for 18+ months just ’cause he wants to see out his/her contract? We’ll wait. I’ll stick to my very realistic assessment: Ozil’s recent actions point to someone who doesnt give sh*t about competitive football. 18+ months without football? Come on Every intelligent person can see this except you (name calling is for the dumb and insecure btw!) We honestly dont care how you feel. Facts are stubborn, your passion wont alter them! Lastly Ken, respect is earned so is disrespect! I never thought I would say this to an old man but then again here we are! What a shame. Have a nice day Ken!

      1. James, I couldn’t care less whether you respect me or not, as to me your irrelevant comment about age sum s you up completely – any names I print have been used by those who want to denegrate another human being, so if you want to have a go at anyone…have a go at those childish and immature people.
        I actually don’t call anyone names, as I was taught to respect others – but when you come on claiming that he hasn’t played competitive football for eighteen months, I know that you haven’t got a clue what you are talking about.

        I really can’t be bothered to explain this, but just because I want to educate you a little regarding our club, Mesut Ozil was a regular for Mikel Arteta in every one of his premier league games up and until the corona virus caused the lockdown.
        In the season 2019/20 he actually played in 18 matches, 12 of which were under MA…so how you claim he hasn’t played competitive football for 18 months, sums up your argument completely – a total waffle without knowing the basic facts.

        Just one more little fact you probably don’t know, he created the highest chances for his team mates, with 37 to his name…three more than the next player, Pepe, despite playing fewer minutes (Source Google – check it out!!!).

        Sorry to embarrass such a young man, but I’ll put it down to your immaturity and wish you a nice day also James.

  10. Sincerely this current arsenal board/management ain’t doing anything bad in handling this Ozil issue. They continue to pay his wages and bonuses(he was paid 8M as a bonus and the club didn’t even broadcast it until ‘Athletic’ just reported it) or have you heard of a week Ozil didn’t receive his money??? so tell me how the club is treating him wrong???? Meanwhile they have the right/authority to either select him for a game squad or not!!!!! He doesn’t have control on selection in as much as what he brings to the club football-wise is not enough. It would have been another story if Ozil is currently offering as much as Auba or even Bellerin is offering, the manager won’t have any choice than to select him because he knows what he brings to the squad in terms of performance.

    Today’s Ozil with the lacklustre attitude on the pitch and inability to change/up his style and evolve with the new style of play and Arteta’s philosophy vizaviz his exorbitant wages and bonuses, every board/management wd be doing more than what arsenal fc is currently doing to ship him out.

    Let us be truthful and sincere to ourselves here, no matter how much you like or love Ozil as a person(I liked this guy that I even followed him on Instagram. The only footballer I can remember I followed on social media) but sincerely if I am at the helm of affairs at arsenal fc, I wd be doing more to get him out of the club for both business and football reasons!

    Wilshere came out to say he has been fit and available for the past about 8months yet he wasn’t picked at West Ham because they felt he couldn’t offer them what’s needed! Every manager has the right and power to select any player that fit into his play and philosophy and can offer him result in terms of his performance. My take is that Wilshere wasn’t doing enough to make the squad even though he was ready and fit just like Ozil wasn’t doing enough even though he always come out on media to say he’s fit and ready! Eleny is doing enough in everything Arteta is looking for and want him to do and he’s making the squad!! Let Ozil do enough and become indespensable and let see if the manager won’t pick him!!! Mind you it all started from the training ground!!!

    My first comment on here in my years of following this site.

    1. Moses, you should comment more often my friend, as you can say what you feel, without being abusive in any way.
      Let me ask you a question though, if you have read Phil’s post regarding Matt Smith, what is your considered response to it?

      By the way, no one has said any player is bigger than the club, let’s remember that – and also the reason why this article was written. It was questioning the reason that the player turned down a move to Saudi Arabia for more money.

      1. Henceforth, I will comment more often. I already picked interest.

        As regards your question, I haven’t read the Phil’s post so I can’t comment on same.

        My comment was not actually to answer this article. It was just a response to some fans comments on here over a period of time that the way arsenal fc is treating Ozil is bad and wrong which in my honest opinion it’s neither bad nor wrong.

        1. Moses, hope you take the time to read it then and then comment further.

          As for Arsenal treating Ozil badly, I believe that is up to Mikel Arteta to select his team/squad, so in that respect I agree with you.
          Again, out of interest Moses, do you think that Ozil has treated the club in a bad or wrong way and, of so, how and why?

          1. Ken
            So it is up to Arteta then to pick an 18 year old for a cup game?
            I thought it was a conspiracy not to play Ozil because he didn’t take a pay cut
            It must be very difficult to truly support Arteta if contributors consider that he is some sort of mouthpiece for the club to deliberately undermine Ozil
            I support Arteta and I have no problem with him making the difficult decisions on who he selects. Should he lose his fairy dust in the future then I will review the situation whilst being mindful of his role at the start of the rebuilding of our great club. As has been mentioned time and time again, no player or manager is greater than the club

            1. SueP, are you saying that I have said there is a conspiracy involving Mikel Arteta and Mesut Ozil?
              Have I ever said that MA a mouthpiece for anyone but himself?
              Have I ever said that any one individual is bigger than our club?
              I have no problem supporting MA 100% while discussing some of his decisions, while it seems you feel it is, what, disloyal to question anything he does?
              I really don’t have to wait for any “stardust” to fall, before I feel that, as a fan, I can question what he is doing – suggest you read the comments whenever a team/squad selection is put out to realize fans always have questions. and queries.

              What I have followed up with Moses, as a part of my reply to him, was his opinion on why a 18 year old rookie, with no real first team PL experience was selected to be in the squad, while a player who had played 12 times in a unbeaten run of games, was left out for no apparent reason for such a critical game?
              This followed on from a post by Phil, where his question was not answered.

              Now you have brought the pay cut issue into the discussion and yet the only other mention of a pay cut was by Marcus Vermin (third post in I think)… but you complained earlier about name calling being brought in to the conversation, when you said there was virtually none or only one example being evident – what is it then, one rule for one and one rule for another when you are discussing Mesut Ozil?

              What I have answered is ( regarding this article) why a player should not be deemed wrong for refusing to go to a country with awful human rights issues, turning down extra money by doing so and why that poses negativity over his integrity.

              If you decide to write an article about what you think it means to support MA 100%, or even an article on what not having an issue with MO means, I will look forward to reading them.

              1. That was a rather uncalled for response to be honest Ken. I didn’t accuse you of anything, only wanted clarification from you that Arteta really can pick his team without it being sanctioned from above.
                You are intelligent enough to know that it is widely regarded by those who want to see Ozil on the pitch again believe that there’s a conspiracy for not taking the cut and Arteta is therefore, complicit
                It was a really simple post but your reply covered everything bar the kitchen sink. The other matters had already been dealt with.
                And I can safely say that I have no interest in writing an article on Arteta or Ozil thanks

                1. What others may think, I have no control over regarding both ma and MO.
                  Those are their views and opinions.
                  Let’s just agree to disagree on how we view MO and remember we both support MA 100%.

  11. When Mesut Ozil retires, maybe he has fallen out of love with football and he will not look back on this lost season of not playing professional football. You are retired a long time, with plenty of time for reflection.
    Many players hang on tooth and nail, dropping down the leagues to keep getting a game. Others, when they can’t play at the top level, with the team they love, they simply retire as a player, Dennis Bergkamp being an example.
    Luke 12:48
    Mark 8:36

  12. How any fan thinks Ozil is doing good for this club and sticks up for him over our club, then they are not Arsenal fans. He is a snake in the grass and Arsenal football club will be better off without him than with him. The sooner the better for me.

  13. Nice of JA to throw some meat for the delusional ozil fanatics. Must be tiring to have nothing apart from stalking his social media all the time since he doesnt play anymore.

  14. Answer is easy. Ozil is not professional footballer anymore. Ozil knows that. Can Ozil ball holders pls explain to me what is professional footballer does?
    Yes, sleeping on the couch and fighting for right, not on the field but on the couch.
    Well, as I know, true professional footballer will do anything to get play time. Including taking pay cut, cancel contract, go to another club. All true footballer does is play football.

    Not PR stunt.

    So those support Ozil decision, pls don’t call ur self football fans. You are just a Ozil balls holder

  15. ”Evil happens when good people turn aside and everyone else stays on the fence” Arsenal do not care about integrity any more. Ozil should stay put and milk the owners. period.

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