Mesut Ozil reveals the changes he has experienced under Mikel Arteta

Mesut Ozil hails Arsenal’s positive change under Mikel Arteta.

Mesut Ozil has come out to praise the impact of Mikel Arteta on the Arsenal team just a month inside his management career.

Most fans and pundits were sceptical when Arsenal turned to the inexperienced Arteta as their new permanent manager with many claiming they have made the wrong choice especially after Carlo Ancelotti joined Everton in the same period.

However, Arteta has overseen a significant improvement in moods and results with just a single defeat in his opening five games.

Ozil has started all the Spaniard’s five games in charge and he has come out to subtly take a swipe at their former boss, Unai Emery.

He claims that Arteta has returned them to the Arsenal way of playing and his management style has brought smiles back on the faces of the players.

‘It is basically getting us back to the old Arsenal virtues,’ he said, as quoted in the Mail.

‘Fighting and having possession, being in control of the game, having the ball all the time.

‘These are the things that he is working on with us and you can see it — everyone is smiling, laughing, enjoying their time — it has made us successful.

‘I think he is the right man at this club.’

‘He can show us everything he has learnt in his long career. He knows exactly what we need,’

‘He knows what to say to us, how to give us a positive attitude and how to make us successful.

‘I can see he is really hungry but at the same time he is also very down to earth.’

I see nothing wrong with these comments from Ozil, everything he has said is true, we can see that from the majority of the performances under Arteta.

Hopefully, this good atmosphere continues and no one, especially the big-name players, do anything to derail the good feeling currently at the club.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Nice talk about Arteta’s hunger and the team’s fighting spirit

    But Ozil also needs to show his hunger and his fighting spirit on the field, not just in his fancy words

    1. Viju Jacob says:

      You’ll never ever change or be positive.

  2. Shakir says:

    John stones and frank kessie are not arsenal transfer targets confirmed by MA.I want to see who the next player the media will try to play with

    1. Sue says:

      I go by transfer checker also! And Kev and Eddie 😜

  3. Khadii says:

    This article is same with the 6th article.. Just different titles.
    Why the repetition… It just makes this site boring

  4. Sue says:

    OT.. So 3 games for Auba it is…. ☹

  5. Shakir says:

    Ya its not a good thing but i believe there can be positives from this outcome.Chances will be given to youngsters like martinelli and saka….

    And the funny thing is auba scored in 3 games out of 4 under MA in the PL,all of them which we couldnt win.And the one he didnt score is the man utd game which we won.”My point is if you cant see a positive,make one”😂😂

    But tbh he will be missed😭😭

  6. chukzenith says:

    I think Ozil disappoint many fans because of the type of player he is, I am an arsenal fan, I believe we were glad when Ozil came in few years ago.

    But we have forgotten too easily that he was never a fighter even before he came to Arsenal, I wonder sometimes why we expect him to change overnyt and become Kante/Alexander Song/ Vieira etc. type of player..

    But Ozil will remain Ozil.. Since we can not change him let’s find a way to support him till when the time comes for him to leave Arsenal some day…

    Ozil has spoken well of Arteta anyway… We can all see how true what he said is till now…

    I love Arsenal and who ever wears the shirt..
    It is a shame how arsenal fans drove many of their world class players because we condemned them instead of support them in good and bad times…

    1. Andrew Elder says:

      Like Ramsey who went for a free??

      1. chukzenith says:

        With due respect bro. The van.P, the Ade, the Nasi, the Song, the sachaze O.G, and others that we sold and saved money, how many glory /trophies did we use the money to buy..
        All of them came to hurt us in there available opportunity..

        Please i still preach we should susupport all our players while they are still with us.

        Thank you

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