Mesut Ozil savages Tottenham to the delight of Arsenal fans

Mesut Ozil has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently, but the German may have won himself a new set of fans today after savaging Tottenham on Twitter.

The German has been axed from the Arsenal starting XI for some time now and he only returned for the preseason game against Aston Villa last week.

He will be hoping that he impressed Mikel Arteta enough to earn a place in the team when the Premier League season resumes.

He may have earned some enemies with his recent bad press like refusing to take a pay cut when the team needed him to, but the German may have won a legion of fans back.

He made himself available for a Q&A session on Twitter this week and fans took the chance to ask him some of the questions that they had in mind as reported in the Sun.

The German tried his best to answer those that he could answer and one of them was a knockout blow to Tottenham.

A fan asked him if he will play for Spurs or retire and he replied:

“If I don’t want to win a cup, I should go there.”

That felt so good and Arsenal fans couldn’t help but respond, one fan said:

“I take it back, he’s well worth the £350,000 a week.”

Another added: “Give this man a statue already.”

Yet another added: “This guys a proper gunner and you lot want him out”

Yet another said: “Ozil just earned his spot back in one tweet”

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  1. KO shot from Ozil. It definitely brought a smile to my face. Never seen fans talk so much trash yet never have a trophy to show as spuds fans. Despite our struggles we managed a FA Cup to end the season.
    Spuds claim to fame is they finally finished above us.

    1. Perhaps spuds should change their mascot from that super chicken to Old Mother Hubbard and her empty cubbard

    2. Haha i thought this geeza had already retired ..let alone play for spurs ..been stealing a living from you mugs for years 😂😂😂 personally I would love to wake up everyday to go to the best training ground in the world , to train for one of the most successful managers and biggest personalities in the game , playing with 2 truly world class players in son and kane and then go off to play in the best stadium in the world as opposed to a library. Ffs We even got tom hardy to narrate our documentary. You would probably get that utter that piers Morgan to do yours if anyone wanted to see it in the first place. I definitely think you should offer ozil a new contract so he can mug you off even more , give him a pay rise while your at it 😂 dont worry you have your squad with maybe only one truly decent player in his prime and your fa Cup and your truly embarrassing fan tv which lets face it is head and shoulders at the top of the muggy scale…whoopee hahaha

      1. That’s 6 FA Cups more than the spuds. I’m sure you’d be celebrating winning an actual FA Cup, instead you get F.A Cups every season to keep that echo going when the dusty trophy cabinet is opened up 😂

        There’s a reason they have a cock on the crest of the shirt you adore, now you have the manager to go with it. If they don’t win anything next season, big daddy Kane will be off and you’ll be left with the son – your other ‘world class’ player.
        I was going to have a laugh and watch the doc that Tom Hardy narrated – All or Nothing… but we know with Tottenham, it’s always nothing 🥔 👎🏼

      2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thanks for that chasanddave… great way to start the day, with a smile on your face (after a huge belly laugh!!)

      3. I think you lot should be thankful Arsenal are in North London! At least you get to witness our trophies up close. As for your best players, come back here when they match Kallstrom’s haul of one FA cup.

  2. That’s the bottom truth. If you don’t want to win a trophy🏆…. Kindly go to Spurs.😀😀😀

  3. Also asked who is the best player he’s played with @ Arsenal. He replies “I go for Mathieu Flamini 🐂😁 (two goals vs Tottenham 👀).

  4. So angers me when an underperforming player and a greedy selfish one at that seeks to shake off criticism by cheap comments.7 years of total no effort and a cheap comment justifies his wage.Sorry the man is totally overrated.

    1. So don’t let the truth stand in the way.
      Ozil at Arsenal

      2x English Super Cup winner 2015-2016
      4xFA cup winner 2020-2017-2015-2014
      33 Goals
      59 Assists.
      We are happy with our overrated player.
      Name just one of yours that comes even close.

      1. @Icw

        There is absolutely no correlation between trophies and being a great player.

        By your own flawed logic, that must make Lucas Vazquez, one of the, if not, the greatest winger in world football hahaha!

        La Liga: 2016–17, 2019–20
        Supercopa de España: 2017,[39] 2019–20
        UEFA Champions League: 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18
        UEFA Super Cup: 2016, 2017
        FIFA Club World Cup: 2016, 2017, 2018

        1. How many trophies did Liam Brady win at Arsenal? One FA Cup 1979; one runners up medal UEFA Cup winners cup.
          PFA Player’s Player of the Year 1978-79
          PFA Team of the Year 1977-78, 1978-79, 1979-80
          Arsenal Player of the Year 1977, 1978, 1979
          Brady was a proper midfielder, who gave 100% for the shirt. Did his talking on the field.

        2. Actually Vazquez is a pretty neat player. Not world-class but not bad either. I see mostly praises for him in Madrid Forums. I think he was trying to make a point to the spurs guy above.

        3. You are missing the point. My response was to this comment: .”7 years of total no effort and a cheap comment justifies his wage.Sorry the man is totally overrated.”

          Also what is your definition of great players?

    2. @tc

      Couldn’t agree more. Although it was enjoyable from Ozil, if taken out of context, but I am not sure if he’s in the position to banter anyone, being one of the biggest jokes himself!

        1. Did, your finally seeing a section of the so called fans we have… I called them the prophets of doom and/or the grim reapers.
          The spud fans on here must be splitting their sides with laughing at us… they haven’t a clue what “supporting a club” means.

      1. WOW you must be very sure and proud of yourself calling another person a joke.
        You must be something special like a genius or a very rich person or a successful business man or an inventor. Oh wait, those are the traits of people who know better than calling people they don’t know names.

  5. Give him a new contract. Those spurs fans are comedians, Harry Kane is the only striker I know who score over 20 goals every season and yet no trophy to show for it😂😂😂.

  6. Brilliant, off the cuff remark that all Gooners should repeat time and time again.

    I hope he’s in the team when we play them, just to see and hear the reactions of the spud fans.

    Rank this as good as Walcott holding up two fingers at them, when he was carried off injured😂😂😂

  7. Laundry Boy, closest he’ll get to donning those Hallowed colours, if it aint in Europe or a Premiership, just another Tin mug, still in our shadow you Spooners

  8. Here we go again.. although I’m stunned there aren’t more comments! You know how people love a good old slate Ozil fest 🙄 I’m sure there’ll be another article later, so you can tell us all again, for the umpteenth time how much you want him gone etc etc

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