Mesut Ozil sends a not so subtle message to Mikel Arteta

Mesut Ozil has been frozen out of Arsenal and the club made it even clearer that he isn’t in their plans when they omitted him from their Europa League team, but the German wants Arteta to remember that he is still a good player.

He hasn’t played for the club since March and it appears that it will be the case until he leaves or his current deal expires.

While Ozil is struggling to get into Mikel Arteta’s team, it was not always like that. When Arteta was named the club’s boss initially, he backed Ozil to get better and he fielded the German in most of his team’s selection.

Ozil didn’t repay the faith that was placed in him and the Spaniard has relegated him to the bench again.

He didn’t play any games during Project Restart, and despite claiming that every player at the club has an equal chance to earn a shirt in this new season, Arteta hasn’t picked the German so far.

Ozil has now taken to twitter to show the manager what he might be missing.

A video compilation of Ozil’s display under the Spaniard was posted on Twitter by the user, OzilThings, and the German retweeted it with the caption:

“#startof2020 ⚽️💥 #throwback #M1Ö #YaGunnersYa”

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  1. Shame it’s come to this really with Ozil ,but putting it all to one side I expect him to start against Man City ,couple assists aswell

      1. 😂
        Sorry I forgot you are a pro better that never actually wins any bets .
        I was being sarcastic for a start ,honestly some people .

  2. You claim Ozil never repaid Arteta’s faith in him, don’t you think he is being left out because of another reason rather than his performance on the field? So classless of Arsenal management. Ozil remains the most creative, most calculative and best passer in this current Arsenal team. Arsenal would be better with him in this current Arsenal team.

    1. So you think Arteta is being told not to play Ozil. So Arteta according to you is a puppet and he is ok with being told who he is or isn’t allowed to play. REALLY!

      1. @Reggie
        To think that any of the midfield players MA has played are in the same class as MO, you must be having a laugh. Regardless of what’s being shown during training. So, something smells fishy here…

    2. Get over your head big man Ozil is not that good as you think,Arsenal is better without Ozil, we are now a team and work together as a team your so call Ozil is not a team player it’s all about him, the team working for him, know more Arsenal now is not about that and trust me Arsenal have way way pass that,get use to it

  3. get him out of the club, how many times i saw him playing for arsenal was like we only had 10 men on the field, no desire, no hunger, no ambition, and that i blame the club for, £350,000 per week plus an £8million loyalty bonus ,please please, then needs to send a twitter video of his best bits under arteta,you had your chance ozil to do it on the pitch, time and again you let yourself and the club down,please move on from my club and am being polite,will be glad to see the back of this waster, go and enjoy your easy money in saudi arabia.

  4. So what reasons necessitated Wenger(later years), Emery and Ljumberg to drop him also? Was it Ulghur or Wage Cut during their time?

    Let’s be clear, Ozil past it, no more interested in football, he’s retired.

  5. We need someone who can mark and intercept so well can oziil do such? Premier league is now harder that ozil’s creativity…if you are creative you must have pace stamina thats the potential of the new league called premier league

  6. There is something going which we don’t know but if the truth be said, Ozil is one player Arsenal needs right now.. on his day he can curve open any defence in the premier league. Now With Partey coming in to the dirty work in midfield it would have been nice to see Ozil slicing those passes to Auba and Lacazette

    1. We dont need Ozil now, we are more solid and defending as a team with 11 players not 10. He is no longer required as showed with the FA cup.

    2. Yeah, it’s silly to think that a team needs 11 defenders lol. Just need a few good ones. Ozil didn’t have a place before because Arsenal didn’t have good defenders and defensive midfielders. Now if Ozil isn’t playing with Partey in and Elneny in good form, then it wouldn’t be for footballing reasons. And Ozil’s defensive contribution was getting good under Arteta, which was supposed to be his glaring weakness.

      1. Well, he is not supposed to defend, he is not supposed to tackle, he is not supposed to score than what is he supposed to do? Stand like a lamppost in the center of the park? And does not Bellerin or Saka provide those killer passes leading to goals? We do need a creative player in the mold of Nasri or Fabregas or Rosicky, a skilled fun to watch player. At the moment, Ozil is not that player. Rest your case. Mikel is wining games, nothing to worry. Don’t force Mikel to repeat the Emery mistake of succumbing to fan pressure and jeopardizing our prospects and getting sacked.Enough is enough.

  7. Give him a chance to show funs his capabilities in the field as we know his passes and assists, personally I miss MO in that midfield

  8. Arteta did give him chance under 23. Dont say no. So stop the bullshit, Ozil fans.. He’s no longer team player anymore, when you against your club..

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