Mesut Ozil sends out a heartfelt message to Arsenal fans

Mesut Ozil takes to Twitter to celebrate his 250th game as a Gunner

Mesut Ozil has divided opinion among the Arsenal fanbase for some time now but one thing that can’t be taken away from the German is the fact that he is very talented.

He has struggled to make an impact recently but that hasn’t stopped him from making 250 appearances for the Gunners.

Ozil seems to have enjoyed every bit of his stay in North London since he joined the Gunners in 2013.

Arsenal has tried to offload him in the past two windows but having negotiated a poor deal for the club, they are stuck with the German because of the wages he earns.

It remains to be seen if Ozil will leave Arsenal soon, but one thing is for sure, he loves to be an Arsenal player.

He recently took to social media to send Arsenal fans assurances about his love for the club and that has gotten fans talking.

Posting on his personal Twitter account, the former Real Madrid man admitted that his relationship with the club hasn’t been smooth, but he insisted that he has enjoyed his time with them.

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          1. AdMart- firstly congratulations on the new Site Layout. As Lord Jon would no doubt say ABOUT TIME TOO.
            Secondly – I don’t actually fish but still saw the funny side to your comment. And to think that some believe you have no heart

          2. I’ve neen following you since you are 16..congrats on 250 th game..i know your capabilities but i have to admit you only performing 50 % 0f your peak times and some times like a girl ypu are playing ..truth lost your apetite for the game

          3. personally I admit that ozil for sure he’s talented player not only in arsenal club but also in Europe. we’ll love u forever and ever ❤❤❤

        1. The “vast majority” do Phil and may I add my personal thanks to Arsene Wenger for having the vision to sign him.

          Three trophies, three community shields, so never mind the assists since he’s been here, just polish the silverware – more thanspuds and liverfool put together.

    1. Funny but that’s the truth, I love him all he got in him for this club..

      I pray to see more of u in this club…

  1. Love the new site lay out… had to take a second to make sure i was on the right page. Looking good!!

    250 for Mesut at Arsenal, nice touch too saying he never regretted joining the club after all the downs. Let’s see him put in a massive shift until the end of the season or maybe last 18months.

    At times its been a pleasure to watch him but at other times since he signed the huge contract hadnt really seen the best or most of him.

    Mesuts target this year should be winning the EL at all costs and get Arsenal back to the big stage under Mikel.

  2. I agree with others about the new site layout. I did a double take – huh is this really JA??!! The only thing that appears to have not survived is the latest comments part…
    Nice one, Pat and Martin 👍

  3. Great layout. I also had to log in twice to make sure. Good job. Proud to be part of this.

    Ozil. What class.

    But then, what an enigma.

  4. 50K a DAY for lazing around the pitch for three consecutive seasons! 250 PL games… and only 71 assists. This season, 15 PL games = 0 goal and 1 assist! That equates to 9 .2 million for one assist!!!!

  5. How does one even register or login to the site. Been using the guest comment box since. Checked everywhere but can’t find a register/login link.

    1. You don’t need to register at the moment. Any Arsenal fan is welcome and all comments are moderated by me and Martin. Obviously we are evolving so who knows what happens in the future, but ‘so far so good’ in my opinion….

  6. We’ve been very lucky to have him, remember when he joined we didn’t have any world-class player and in a dire situation actually. It’s a miracle he wanted to come here and from day 1 he’s never forced a move nor spoken ill of Arsenal. Classy!

  7. I would prefer a heartfelt performance to a heartfelt message. As for “classy”, “world class”, “pass master” I could not think of more inappropriate terms. World class is somebody who delivers on a consistent basis – hardly the Ozil I have witnssed. Taking a colossal wage for abject performances, “white washing” his image through fake social concerns for some muslims but not those muslim victims of his friend Erdogan, using our great club to drive his social media profile (no other club will have him) or to undermine our managers when it suits is anything but classy. Give me a player who fights for the shirt, even a water carrier, over preening, posturing Ozil any day. Cannot wait to see the back of him so that AFC can move on.

    1. I totally agree with you on this. He has passed his “best used by” time and needs to move away from the club.

    1. I love him always….
      Whether he plays for arsenal of for championship club…
      Same love I have for Asene Wenger..

  8. Please jack So you think 71 assist in 250 games is small or too small,please name 10 players in this modern game that have more than 71 assist in 250 games for one club apart from Ozil…. Am Waiting

  9. Ozil, this is my message to you, ignore ur nagative critics, know that your positive critics are more than the negative ones…

    Enjoy the 60mins per game for now, its not because u are not doing well, even Silver plays second half 15 for city in many games…
    Gundogan don’t play all the games…

    If u get a chance give us ur best as we will forever love u as one of us…

    What a class…
    I will look for the meaning of ur name and if its positive enough I will take the name for one of my son. Any one who have idea can help me out.

  10. The new UI is most pleasing to the eyes. About time too. The old UI lived in the good old days of glory. Hard to believe we are a mid table team now. Been your reader for ages and today I make my first comment.

    Hope Arteta can get something out of Ozil like he did on Xhaka. I believe with Arteta we are going to be seriously challenging for the title inside two seasons.

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