Mesut Ozil sends out a unity message ahead of Liverpool game

Mesut Ozil takes to Instagram calling for Arsenal to stand together.

Mesut Ozil has called on Arsenal to ‘stand together’ ahead of their match against Liverpool on Wednesday.

The former German international midfielder has been out of the spotlight for much of this season as Unai Emery has picked him just twice all season, but he looks set for a return to the team against the Reds.

In Ozil’s absence, the club’s fans have found a new scapegoat in Granit Xhaka and the relationship between the Swiss midfielder and the club’s fans reached a new low at the weekend when he told them off while being booed off the field.

The whole episode has created a toxic atmosphere at the Emirates and Ozil has added his voice to those calling for calm.

Taking to his Instagram account, the German posted a picture of himself in training ahead of the Liverpool game and used the caption to send his message across.

“Big game ahead. No matter what – the only way is standing together as one,” He wrote.

Ozil’s absence has coincided with a serious lack of creativity in the Gunners’ midfield, however, he seems to be the architect of his problems with reports claiming that he doesn’t apply himself well enough in training and that is why he doesn’t get picked.


  1. Özil still has influence at the club, like it or not. He is a senior and respected player, and even if he is not currently performing to his abilities, and he has actually not for some time, nobody can take away the World Cup and Euro Champ medals he has.

    He is calling for unity in spite of being trolled and had his character assassinated by so-called fans. Let us respect him for that whether he plays or not.

  2. I hope it’s not just a lip service, because he needs to prove those big words by helping his teammates in getting the ball back

    Any player can say about unity or teamwork, but it will be useless if he just waits till his teammates give him the ball

  3. “Big game ahead. No matter what – the only way is standing together as one,”
    Unless it’s helping out with defensive duties. Pulls out of challenges so he doesn’t mess up his hair. In fact will shy away from any physical tackling. If gets does dispossessed he will stand there or sit on the ground with his arms in the air looking at the ref instead of chasing the ball down to win it back.
    He has a sense of self entitlement around him.

  4. Ozil away at anfield does not fill me with great excitement i’m afraid,but a win there would hopefully give the fans and club a lift after a difficult week.

  5. Statement below was made by Pep about Messi I think it can be related to Ozil.
    “Right now, you need to ask Messi to make short bursts of effort. He can’t run for the sake of running, no way. If Leo ran like he ran in his first season with me he’d be injured every three months. Managing legends of 30 and above is the hardest thing for a coach.”

  6. Emery’s team doesn’t fill anyone with hope, so if a player is trying to cheer everyone up I guess he is doing it in vain, or he has some hope. And Ozil is more experienced than Emery when it comes to Liverpool. The man that is supposed to head the team is clueless and likes square pegs round holes. I wish us luck!!!

  7. Yay! Ozil the savior is here! I really hope Ozil does well today, otherwise he’ll be smoked by y’all as usual. He better play like he’s on steroid today.


    Ozil is not meant to be a casemiro or kante or Torrerria. Mesut Ozil is Mesut Ozil. He isn’t the type of player that will track back to win balls. I never said he souldnt but I hardly see where Barca fan will ask messi to go win ball or Juventus ask Ronaldo to do a gattuso. Yet they di that OCCASSIONALLY. We need to stop making Ozil look like Gattuso or Viera or Makalele.

    When mesut was at real Madrid, he was not tracking back nor was he doing that in the German team. All he does is just link up the midfield with the attackers. Let Torrerria and Gwen do the tracking. That’s solely there jobs and leave Mesut for the supply. It’s just as simple as that.

    Ozil didnt had 19 assist some seasons ago by tracking back. And none of you fans here asked ozil to track back then.

  9. Some fans here are ignorant and too blindfolded with their hatred towards some certain players.

    Weather Ozil play well tonight or not. Even if he is shit from the start to the end. I am 100% sure he cant be as shit as the boring midfielders we have been parading all season (bar Guendousi).

    The last time I enjoyed watching arsenal was the match against Watford. Funny enough, I only enjoyed just 65min of play and aftwr that we all know what went wrong. After that, its has been boring boring boring again.
    I rather lose with Wenger’s(Charmark, Sanogo, Frimpong, Bendtner, Djourou, Senderous, e.t.c.) team than lose with Emery’s ( Aubumayang, Lacazette, pepe, shaka, Gewn, Cabellos, willock, etc.) Team. WHY: BECAUS LE WENGERS TEAM PLAYS GOOD FOOTBALL AND EMERY PLAY RUGBY WHERE ALL THEY DO IS RUN AROUND WITOUT END PRODUCT.


  10. It I about freeing Ozil actually as his position in the team belongs only to him. I wouldn’t know what Emery is seeing in training to actually feel he isn’t doing enough until I actually see it on the field of play. I know for sure with Ozil behind Lacazette ,Auba and Baba,were bound to see some exciting fottball but what do I know?? Emery knows it all as it is.

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