Mesut Ozil should be exiled from the Arsenal first-team next season if he doesn’t leave

Mesut Ozil has no meaningful role to play next season

Mesut Ozil has become something of a nuisance at Arsenal this season. The German is the club’s highest earner, yet he is also arguably one of the club’s biggest disappointment.

He earned his money and that is the only reason why the club agreed to pay him that much, however, I think it is time for Arsenal to cut their losses on him.

The Gunners have tried to get performances from him over the last two seasons but he doesn’t seem to be getting better.

I expect Arsenal to try and sell him again when the transfer window reopens, however, if we fail, we have to take him out of the first-team picture entirely.

The fact is, Mikel Arteta doesn’t have Ozil in his long term plan but the German will think he is foolish to walk away from such a lucrative salary.

I have settled it in my mind that he would be staying on next season, but what I won’t take is for Arteta to try and force him into his plans.

There are several options for Arsenal, the first option would be for the Gunners to loan him out and pay a portion of his wage.

However, an even more radical path would be exiling him from the first team. Arteta would have signed lots of players in the summer and a creative midfielder should be one of his incomings.

So he can build his team around his players and send the German away.

An article from Ime


  1. COVID-19 has driven you to click bait by any means necessary. Ozil like anyone in that situation took advantage of an opportunity same as Ramsey with Juve right now.
    Ozil has definitely not been a nuisance – the only consistent offensive player on our books is Auba. Badluck with the clicks!!!

  2. Ozil will not leave at such high wages……

    hes still a quality playmaker if he plays seriously

    Arteta can drop him completely if he wish but at 350k per week and in a world crisis siutation who would want to leave?

    1. You are the kind of fans who delay the progress by believing that Ozil is a good player. Since joining Arsenal he has never played well in big games. Why are Arsenal fans indoctrinated with the Ozil factor? If it waa Maitland-Niles or Lacazette, the fans will say that they should be sold fot not playing good in two games

      1. Yeah PAL-and let’s sack Arteta for continuing to play him.He obviously hasn’t a clue has he? And exactly who would you play as a 10 in the side? Or how would you change the line-up ? Interesting to hear how you would change things instead of just gum beating

      2. Exactly T. G always said that about ozil he will play 1 great game out of 5, never plays well against a top team, and his body language is disgusting, and to think he gets more wages than..
        Saka.. Martinelle.. Auba.. Lacca combined is terrible..

    2. Ozil is the sole cause for Arsenal trouble what a load of shit soon you will blame him for the corona virus the guy sets up players brings other players into the game but still not enough because he does not defend well none of are defensive squad defend well it has been our weakness for over 5 years but you keep blaming the offensive players for it wake up you muppets pay peanuts you get monkeys

  3. First of all , I’d like to thank Jon Fox, Ken1945, Sue and others with a special thanks to Pat for concerns of my welfare. I can assure you i’m fit and ready to resume with Justarsenal. I’d also like to offer the hand of friendship to Martin with a gesture of no hard feelings. Ok got that over with, now Mesut Ozil, I know he’s got his critics but I still feel we’ve still looked a better team when Mickel plays him in that 10 role and to me under the Manager he looks a much happier player. The player we should worry about is young Saka, this kid’s the real deal and its important we get him signed up as soon as possible. One other thing I’d to mention, remember a long time ago that I told you it was the Scots that invented the modern game when at the turn of the century they came down and joined the newly formed professional clubs and bought a game with them simply called “The Passing Game”. Well you can now see it on Netflix, called “The English Game” its about the beginnings of English Football, fascinating, worth watching.

    1. It’s really good to see you back on here, Kenny – you’ve been missed!
      Hope you’re keeping well…watching plenty of old Arsenal games on the box? I’m looking for whatever I can find, whether it’s on sky,, YouTube or even my sky planner!! Really missing it!

      (Thanks Pat! 👍)

    1. Kenny, so good to see you back and sounding fit and well.
      Looking forward to debating with you once again and helping me remember what I’ve forgotten!!!
      Keep safe and well and as you can see, we still have a need for mature thoughts regarding our club!

      1. Wow, replying on the phone now Ken, just watching this drama” The English Game on Netflix, fantastic, did you see my first post I done from the computer, the old way. Check it out

    2. KENNY welcome back old chum and we are ALL, I guess, so pleased that you are back with us and FIT and WELL.

      A few months ago I had some time away from this site for personal reasons too and was heartened by most folk who were concerned where I was. On the flip side, there was one “human” who called himself “Jon the missing Fox” who thought he was being clever, while merely showing how juvenile he was. I of course sorted him out in my own verbal way and he promptly disappeared , fearing further embarrassment.
      But Kenny, the vast majority of humans, as you will know better than most, are kind, concerned and anxious to help, esp at this bleak time when so many older and frail folk are terrified and panicking, even though hiding that panic from their friends and families, as the stoic older generation so often do. Your passion and wisdom are hugely welcome back on this site and I sincerely wish you and all your loved ones a safe and long lived future. Welcome back, FRIEND!

      1. Lovely words Jon, thanks to you all, Jon, Sue, Ken, Phil, Pat and everybody. This is a time we should all stick together through Justarsenal. At these difficult times Social Media plays a big part that’s why I decided resume. Once Pat got in touch I realised I’d made lots of good friends on Justarsenal and with so much spare time on my hands now, never hesitated to return. Unbeaten this year, Who would have thought that in December. Definitely got to stick with Mickel, got to say wasn’t my choice at first but apart from one or two draws he hasn’t done too bad. Excited with some new prospects like Martinelli, Reiss Nelson and just love young Saka, just can’t wait for the resumption with a fit left back, either Kola or Tierney when we can push Saka forward to his natural left wing position, He’s going terrorise defences in the future.

        1. Stick together to support guys like Ozil who doesn’t show interest in what they are being paid for? Lets not call spade a shovel

    1. @Ime, who penned this terrible article is a constant reminder of this site’s weakness. Yes, let’s exile Ozïl from the first team and then send the German away! 🤦‍♂️. We’ve got enough doom and gloom around at present and I come on here for some light relief and read this stuff about a perfectly good human being being pilloried by a keyboard warrior who never contributes to the thread having been asked to explain himself about his stupid articles.
      Stay safe and well everyone 😍

  4. I think it’s best to just let MA decide if he wants him in the team. He knows the player very well and will decide if Ozil fits his plans going forward.

  5. Arteta is using his heart instead of head to select the starting line-up. The number 10 jersey which was worn by Dennis Bergkamp and RvP is now being hung on a tree

    1. PAL- your a big of a knob with your obsession of Ozil being the sole cause of the problems at Arsenal, problems that are certainly easing since Arteta came in, and Ozil starting EVERY Premiere League game.
      Do, as I asked earlier PAL, how would YOU make things better?What needs to be done?
      Or is it that being just a trumpet gob is as far as you go as you actually have no ideas of your own

  6. Anyone who still defends Ozil’s contribution on the pitch, clearly cannot be taken seriously, not only as an Arsenal fan, but as a fan of football in general.

    A wet sponge would have more of impact than Ozil! Seems like a nice guy off the pitch, but an arrogant, disrespectful, waste of space on it.

    1. Ok so let’s look at the “non-impact” Ozil has supposedly not made on the pitch since Mikel Arteta took over.
      Ozil has played every single Premiere League game from the start. I wonder why Arteta even considers starting him if he has zero impact such as you suggest? Perhaps it’s because the Manager knows Arsenal are a better team with Ozil playing than without. A fact proven by the results Arteta has produced.
      Of all those Premiere League games Ozil has started, Arsenal have lost just ONE. And I would add Arsenal were 1-0 up and coasting at home to Chelsea when the manager took Ozil off and we lost 1-2.
      The system Arteta brought into the a club immediately tightened us up at the back, and we became a more resilient side, and certainly more difficult to beat. That side included Ozil every game. Why do you think that was?
      The team seem to be improving every game, growing in confidence and certainly with a far clearer understanding of how the manager sets up the side and how he wants them to play. That side continues to include Mesut Ozil.
      So by your reckoning PAL, and your words were “ anyone who still defends Ozils contribution on the pitch,clearly cannot be taken seriously, not only as an Arsenal fan but as a fan of football in general” puts you clearly on the spot. You are obviously suggesting YOU know more than Mikel Arteta, and Arteta does in fact, know nothing about football.
      Can’t wait for your answer on this one PAL, or do you just let your trumpet gob sound off when asked to back it up?

      1. Have you watched any of these games? How many times did Ozil have an impact? Just because a team wins, or doesn’t lose, doesn’t automatically mean EVERY player was outstanding. How goals has he scored, assists, and chances created? Even his one solitary goal was because of a huge error from the keeper!

        In regards to the Chelsea game, Ozil faded so badly, that I wasn’t sure he was even playing. Clearly you didn’t see that game, because if you did, you’ll remember that it was all Chelsea the second half, and when it’s backs against wall time, the one player you definitely cannot rely on to put a shift in is Ozil.

        Ozil has slightly improved under MA, but it’s still nowhere near good enough. The only real reason MA is giving him so much game time is that he doesn’t have anyone else for that position, and he knows what a headache it’ll be to permanently drop him.

        Clearly you feel I am wrong, so please debunk me then. What games has Ozil been outstanding in and why? I back up what I say with facts all of the time, will you do the same?

        1. Tell me one single player, with the possible exception of Aubamayang, who you could say has been outstanding? Not one. What Arteta has done is brought shape and discipline through whatever starting 11 he puts out, with the results showing immediately. As I say, Ozil is a part of that team, and as such, is as responsible for the upturn as anyone. But you still haven’t answered the question PAL. Let’s take Ozil out of the side, what would YOU do? How would you set the team up? Who would you pick to play? As you have already implied, Arteta is wrong picking Ozil, and therefore, again as you state, hadn’t a clue about football. So what’s your answer?

          1. Well you didn’t, or should I say, couldn’t debunk me. Not to my surprise, as facts trump opinions. This line kills all your credibility though – “Ozil is a part of that team, and as such, is as responsible for the upturn as anyone”. Wow! Are you being serious?

            Football is a team sport, so it’s almost impossible to single out just one player for being responsible for poor results. Every player offers different levels. But to suggest that Ozil is just as responsible for our improvement as the likes of Auba or Saka for example, is beyond delusional!

            There are many players responsible for our poor season, not just Ozil. The only reason I am focusing on him right now, is because this is an Ozil related article. Xhaka, Luiz, Bellerin, Laca, etc, have been poor as well.

            In regards to how we set up, anything without Ozil is automatically a step up, because we’d have a 11 on the pitch then. I would like to see MA be a bit inventive, and go 442.

            Cedric Luiz Mari Tierney
            Pepe Torreira Ceballos Saka
            Martinelli Auba

          2. Phil, sorry to interrupt your conversation with the “prophet of doom” TMJW, but you did fail to answer one of his questions…how many games have you actually watched?
            Or an even better question would be, how many games have you actually been to, in order to have this opinion?

            As for those saying he has to play Ozil, well TMJW has just given you the answer with his team selection – so it’s
            obvious MA needs to go immediately, if he chooses Ozil.

            Just for clarification, TMJW once stated that Lichstinier wasn’t a bad buy, because we only signed him for one year
            and, secondly, came up with the theory that all the other premier league clubs decided to let The Arsenal finish second to Leicester because they didn’t want to!!!

            So now you know the kind of expertise your up against and please can you just answer the question regarding the amount of games you have watched/been to?

            By the way, TMJW’s team selection has two players out injured, one, seemingly, going back to his parent club, one refusing to sign a new contract, while holding our club to ransom and one we haven’t seen play in a senior match to date – just by the by factors, seemingly not worthy of consideration, as long as MA doesn’t pick Ozil.

          3. I have missed your drivel ken1945! Nice to hear from you again.

            Phil, you should take note of ken1945. He is brilliant at spin, which is what he is doing right now. Not to mention the outright lies. Like when he tried to smear me, saying I approved of the attack on Ozil, when those two guys tried to grab his car.

            Like yourself Phil, ken1945 never answers when I push him on something, he only gives vague answers, or just avoids. But clearly I got it wrong on Ozil didn’t I ken? Haha! He’s been brilliant the last 3 years!

          4. TMJW first of all, glad to see that you didn’t deny making those comments about lichsteiner and Leicester, secondly, if you had been able to explain yourself better when I asked you twice if you were meaning what you had written about Ozil, the misunderstanding wouldn’t have occurred.

            In actual fact TMJW, you get quite a few things wrong – like insisting UE being the right man until even you had to admit that you got it wrong – that plus lichsteiner and Leicester hardly gives you a copybook record on which to call out others, including MA and his faith in Ozil.

            You preach how it’s a team game, with all eleven players giving their all – so tell me why you think that MA doesn’t see it like you do regarding Ozil?

            A very simple, straight forward question with no, so called, spin attached.

            You have supplied a team without Ozil in it, plus there is willock, AMN and guendozi to choose from, so he has plenty of options.

            So, why is it, exactly, that MA keeps making this dreadful decision?

            By the way, Phil is a s/t holder, goes to many away games and I am sure he will let you know how many matches he has watched.

          5. Exactly Phil, Shape and discipline, as important as team selection. When you have a world class payer unhappy as Ozil was under Emery the results are there for everybody to see , suddenly we have a happy player and now the difference is there for everybody to see

  7. Most would agree that Ozil is past his best but I certainly wouldn’t exile him. What a daft idea. He still has something to offer but not as frequently as I’d like

    The only reason that there are just so many articles about him is his outrageous salary versus his contribution on the pitch. His contribution doesn’t warrant his earnings but that is what the club were prepared to pay him so that’s that.

    Can’t say that many other squad members are worth their salaries either

  8. Let’s face the facts guys Arsenal as a Club are bereft of options when it comes to playing Ozil.The ball is firmly in his court thanks to the incompetence of our former Chief Ex. Gazidis who as I understand it had the backing of Mr Wenger.In his day Ozil was,and to a lesser degree, still is a fine ball player.From time to time he can create situations which others cannot, and if he was playing for a stronger side he may still be well regarded and effective.In the current Arsenal side he is unable to perform well on a consistent basis, but there again which Arsenal player can?Like it or not,in the absence of real quality, creative alternatives, Arteta has little alternative but to play Ozil in the hope that he can produce a spark to win games.To be fair to Ozil, he is working harder on and off the ball this season than he has done for some while.As long as he gives 100% I will not criticise Ozil, while the real guilty party plies his trade with continuing incompetence in Italy, a Country I adore to visit and where their citizens are currently faced with greater worries than anything associated with football.The virus has put real perspective into our lives and until a cure is found football and everything associated with it , is low in my list of priorities.Stay safe and well everyone.

  9. Ozil should continue doing what he does best, bringing others into play. The manager knows what is best for the team . et us leave him do his thing. Read the game and give us indepth analysis instead of just providing comments.

    1. I JUST NEED TO POINT OUT that Ozils contract is up in June 2021 and I do not foresee much live football being played twixt now and then , the way the world looks right now. Things are only just on the way down, by comparison to where they will likely be a few months hence. I see no real likelihood, therefore, of any live footbal before autumn and most probably none this calendar year.

      Put in that context and with the huge global financial hit and therefore widely spread new realities, a great number of famous names globally, beside just Ozil, may well never kick a ball in anger again for their current clubs. In his case, it becomes more unlikely as each week passes, so further discussion about him on here is at best academic, right now.

  10. These are good responses on Ozil’s situation, before, reports towards him were much more hostile. Since Mickel’s been in charge Ozil’s looked more like the world class player of the past however as SueP pointed out and Mickel seems to agree, using him for 75 minutes seems to suit his game

  11. Why does it never get discussed that Ozil has a huge following that would of certainly directly impacted our commercial dealings? One thing to say you care about on the pitch performances but then don’t bring his wage into it which seems to be most peoples main issue. If you bring the wage into it you have to then bring in the commercial revenue his new contract brought us. Your living in cloud cuckoo land if you don’t think Adidas cared very deeply about the fact Ozil has the biggest social media presence of our squad. It most certainly featured in their contract negotiations with us as just one example.

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