Mesut Ozil SHOULD NOT replace Cazorla in the Arsenal First XI?

Why this Returning Arsenal Star Must Be Made to Work For His Place! by AT

According to the latest Arsenal team news, it seems as though the Gunners’ record signing Mesut Ozil will be back in the first-team picture following the trip to Anfield this weekend. The German international had damaged knee ligaments prior to the international break in October and seems likely to make a return earlier than expected.

But will he walk directly into Arsene Wenger’s starting eleven once he’s fully fit? In all honesty, I am one of those who think that the former Real Madrid man’s £42 million price tag has a lot to do with him starting almost every match when he’s available. In addition, the player seems to be aware of the fact that the Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger will be very reluctant to drop him even after a very lacklustre performance.

While I will not claim that he takes advantage of his more or less assured place in Arsenal’s starting eleven, I think it is safe enough to say that perhaps Wenger can get the best out of him by letting him know that there is no slot nailed down for him in the Arsenal side. There is a reason why Santi Cazorla has hit immense form once Ozil was sidelined, the Spanish international is fighting for his place and making his point to the manager.

Besides, Arsenal don’t have any shortage of options at the playmaker position. Even with Jack Wilshere injured, we still have Santi Cazorla who is in great form and there is also Tomas Rosicky, who has done the job for Arsene Wenger so efficiently over the years. While the veteran midfielder may have been overlooked so far this season due to the abundance of creative talent, you would know that Tomas would grab an opportunity with both hands.

Anyway, my point is, no player deserves a first-team spot nailed down for him. If Ozil doesn’t perform, Wenger should be brave enough to drop him and look at his other options in that area of the pitch. Personally, I feel that the club can get the best out of Mesut Ozil by making him work for his spot, irrespective of which club he came from or how much money he cost.


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  1. MARTIN ØDEGAARD should sign for us. Ozil and Santi should play who ever is fit and in form to play the game. Simple as that.

    In the todays time something like 40m are nothing. Mata is 40m but manure doesnt moan and cry to much about the price tag as we do. We fans do act like having some small team mentality who go crazy bec of numbers.

    I wish all the players to gain their best form as possible, as in the end of the day we need everyone.

    1. Manure had a drop of 10% revenue this year only. Edward Glazer sold all his shares in Manure (30 mils) and yet the club is in debt with yet another whopping 362 million. They better win the title unless they may do a Leeds.

        1. Is it? Because on October 9th UEFA told them they are next in line for a huge fine (like City) and other penalties for the (back then) 350 mil debt. Now the debt went to 362 million. So, you see, even if the qualify for UCL they may face some rough time ahead.

            1. They won’t because they don’t have to. Should they not be able to service their debt then Glazers will sell most probably to yet another oil sheikh who’s going to wipe clean the books. Same thing can happen with any big club in Europe. There will always be a buyer. Of course, there will be turmoil for a while but these sheikhs want the shinny trophy to light their palace. City has to win a UCL pretty soon otherwise Mansour will lose his patience.

              1. And nothing is wrong with that. The diff is always the name behind the team. City is a plastic team where Manure is the bigest team in England. They will always prevail.

                Usmanov was eager to help the club out with paying off some of the debts, but team Stan and his champion Wenger said no.

                With Wenger gone, the board wont stand a chance, Stan will deff sell his shares to Fatman sooner or later, that i am sure.

  2. it feels so long , waiting for an Arsenal match……. Maybe its my mind playing games with me *yawning & stretching my arms*

  3. Like i always say. Fans tend to be stupid. X player can go with having 5 man of the match performances and be labeled as sh%t in the end bec of one bad game. The other x players can have 5 shocking games, only to be labeled as good bec of one good game in the end.

    Wenger will be labeled as sh*t from the fans for missing on the Epl and Cl ( possible), but named good again for reaching the 4th place on a close call, which gives fans something to hope for the next season.

    Its a never ending circle. That for Wenger saying judge me in the end of the season. He knows how fickle we are. Compared to the mayority of us, he is way more smarter.

      1. What matters is to challange him not to treat us like idiots. Like i said, we arent all a bunch of idiots.

  4. No he shouldn’t. He needs to earn his place. Whatever you do Arsene, don’t play them simultaneously (Özil on the wing), it won’t work.

    1. Looks very good. But Chambers has never been tested as a DM before. And Ramsey and Flamini are ahead of Cazorla and Chambers respectively in the CM role.

  5. I hope this injury does Ozil some good. Put a bit of anger and fight back into him no one likes not being able to play I’d be itching to get out there kick some ar$e. Let’s all hope he’s been hitting the gym and comes back stronger !!

  6. Cazorla should continue until ozil get match fit and hit form, then both of them should be rotated according to opponet

  7. I’d much rather Podolski take Ozil’s place in the XI to be honest. Both players are being criticized for not doing enough defensive work. But in my opinion, Podolski is able to offer roughly the same amount of assists as Ozil (check out his first season) + he guarantees goals. He also lives up to the big occasion (see CL game versus Bayern and FA Cup versus Liverpool). Wenger has often opted to play Ozil on the LW, which is a decision I don’t understand. Although he’s left footed, he hardly crosses. Besides Podolski has played the LW role all his life. I’ll have Cazorla centre, Walcott on the right, Sanchez/Podolski on the left.

    1. Podolski is not a winger or natural wide player – he is a second striker and therein lies the problem as we don’t play a system to use him properly. Not sure why Wenger ever bought him to be honest as he was never going to play him in a position/role that maximised his ability. To suggest he is as creative as Ozil may be stretching it a bit, as does the idea he “guarantees” goals. Still think that if and when everyone is fit and in-form (but I don’t expect that day to come in my life time) then the best starting XI in his mind will be a front 4 of OG/TW/AS and MO. Don’t understand why people who have consistently moaned no strength in depth (not aimed at you Twig) start fretting about top quality players being benched – can’t have it both ways.

      1. Well I do think if Podolski is played consistently he does “guarantee” goals and assists as well. He’s the best finisher at Arsenal and perhaps even in the EPL.

        1. Don’t get me wrong – I love the guy. Hasn’t played much at all recently but he looks committed, genuinely engaged with great attitude when he does. No sulking with the Prince. But still think he is bit of an enigma – something has never been quite right with his time at Arsenal.

  8. Santi has just started looking good. I liked how our midfield looked in last game. Im sure against liv it will be tougher though including Mezut wouldnt be an answer, we need to think about Flamini pos. A tough talented ball winner beside Ox would be great business. I would leave Santi there, going forward he rarely loses the ball whereas Mezut with all his great passing does still make sloppy ones which liv will counter upon. We should introduce Mezut when we are at home against lowly teams who defend their box.

  9. considering theo not yet fit…
    welbeck .. ozil …. sanchez

    this line will tear apart any team if well synched.
    I would love to have schinderlin in our team as dmf which is our weakest point. with him i’d love to see this line
    welbeck …ozil …. sanchez
    sanchez…ozil ……..ox

  10. OZil is an amazing number 10. Just look at his stats with Madrid . Wenger simply doesn’t use him in the centre. It’s ridiculous to expect him to be a WC winger. He is an central attacking midfielder

    1. Its a myth that Ozil played no10 for real madrid most of the time he was on one wing and Di maria was on the other,he doesn’t score anywhere near enough goals to be a genuine no10 for me

  11. Cazorla is our best midfielder / No10.. If he plays well we always get something from the game…He has improved lots this season in his work rate too, all he has to do is be more clinical on goal, that’s his weak area now…

  12. What’s wrong with rotating them? Wenger will bring Ozil back into the team slowly and we should have a good 10 players to rotate throughout the season (hopefully that will fund our coming FA Cup run).

  13. Oh my goodness, think about it, who will start when Ozil, Walcott, Ramsey, Cazorla, The Ox, Welbeck, Wilshere and Sanchez once all of them are back?…

    Will Walcott take Welbecks RW position?

    Will Ozil take Cazorla’s No10 position?

    Ramsey is a given he starts..

    To me I think Welbeck, Cazorla, Wilshere and The Ox will be dropped and become bench players which will not go down well with any of them at all.. I can see Cazorla, Welbeck and Wilshere asking to be played or moved on, The Ox is chilled and still childish so he will be fine with being a sub..

  14. AW had that ridiculous pattern called 4-1-4-1. Now with Ozil and Carzola it makes pretty good sense.


    this is just because AW is a stubborn creature and will not change a lot of things but i would trust Ox with the DM role…But if i was choosing, i would go with following UNPOPULAR pattern…damn right Debuchy has proved all you guys wrong and just had one of his best outings for Arsenal – As a centre back!!!!

    Here is my hated line up…
    ….Debuchy, Martesacker, Konsienly

  15. Give the start to the HOT HAND, or in this sport, Hot Feet. If Cazorla’s productivity drops due to being overplayed/fatigue or whatever then we can give him a rest and start Ozil.

  16. Haha I’ve missed the old chap too.

    Ps tell fat Santa we want
    Hummels or Varane + Kondogbia or Wanyama !!

  17. What kind of nonsense article is this?
    What do you mean there isn’t any shortages – tf?
    Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can’t they play together like last year? Or how about play whoever is in form?

    Sick of this stupid debate. Both players are talented and both bring something different to the team and neither deserve to be kicked to the side.

  18. Really hope mesut has used this break to bulk up a bit , can’t imagine he got the time to do it between the World Cup and start of the season … It’s what he needs !

    But 100% agree with the author , nobody should be guaranteed a place , earn it or get out !

  19. Ozil every day for me? Santi is a very good player, Ozil is world class. Wenger will know what’s best and will make the correct decision .

  20. Ozil has to be playing and so does Walcott too to be fitter and gets to a high level of form. I support the boss to start Ozil and Walcott at Anfield if they ‘ve been medically and fitnessly certified okay. The boss should not unessarily delayed them getting game starts or game time because they were injured. Kudos to Arsenal medicals and Fitnessters? I should think so as they have gotten Giroud, Debuchy and Ozil back ahead of time. I hope the same timely recovery will be extended to Jack Wilshere. Watch-out for my Arsenal Ploy for our away game to Liverpool after the boss had done his weekly Press Conference when he would have given the Gunners update.

  21. OZIL must make up his mind, is he an ARSENAL player or NOT….let’s call it as we see it,regardless of being played out of position by Le Prof, he lacks ambition, he needs to sweat the shirt the same as his teammates, I don’t expect him to be a Sanchez, but dammit he needs to vamp his game… he was never the same after the loss (massacre) to Mancity when after the game BFG complaint about his attitude towards the Fans.

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