Mesut Ozil shows support for another social cause

It has been a long time since Arsenal fans saw Mesut Ozil do the talking on the pitch. The German hasn’t played for the Gunners since March just before the Premier League was suspended.

Before that time, he was one of the players that Mikel Arteta trusted to start every game, even though he was struggling.

Arteta’s emphasis on team pressing means Ozil will be left out since the German doesn’t really do pressing, certainly not to the level expected by Arteta.

While he has hardly done his job on the field, he has been outspoken about social causes around him.

Previously, he angered the Chinese government by criticising their treatment of the Uyghurs.

Arsenal had to distance themselves from the player’s actions when the Chinese authorities expressed their displeasure.

The German has not stopped his advocacy and he recently joined his voice to a number of players and popular figures who have condemned police brutality in Nigeria through the #Endsars Hashtag.

The German Tweeted: “Horrible to hear what’s been going on in Nigeria. Let’s make this a trending topic everywhere #EndSARS – My thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected. #EndPoliceBrutality”

It is unclear if the Gunners will again distance themselves from him.

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  1. What I am desperately keen to know, even pine to know, is what Ozil had for brekfast today! Anyone who knows, please write a long article on it, as I am passionately interested in all the minute details of everything that ever happens in Ozils life. Mind you, I may be lying!

    1. Brilliant. I’m also interested. Maybe we create a Big Brother show for him, so we can be watching his every move…lol.

  2. What did he have for breakfast? On £300,000 a week probably gold pancakes, scrambled eggs from a golden goose, while being serenaded by the Philharmonic orchestra.
    Basically anything he wants, I would imagine.
    Sarcasm aside, I do admire his charitable contributions and all he does for those in need. Not only the millions he freely gives away, but his efforts to make a difference in the lives of people most of us overlook; myself included.

    1. Nice to see that some of us, not driven by hate, jalousie or religious bias, recognize the positive Intentions behind Ozil’s actions.

  3. I read about the #Endsars online, even AS Roma made a tweet about it. Weldone Ozil, that’s a good cause. I love what Wilfried Ndidi said about it ‘#EndSARS for the safety of Nigerians… we are scared to visit home because the people who are meant to protect us are killing us. Looking good with dreads is not a crime..’ (Wilfried Ndidi) Hundreds die daily in America because of racism, even here in France the government just advised us to not visit some countries because some French aid workers were among eight people killed by suspected fighters at the weekend, so when I see someone who is truly fighting police brutality, racism or terrorism I always try to encourage them so weldone Mesut.

  4. I’m a nigerian and currently resides in Nigeria and can say that it’s not a funny scenario, having first hand experience in 2016 where a colleague of mine was shot dead just few meters away from me by the so-called SARS men, they have little or no regards for humanity, all they care about is extorting money and killing innocent youth, I mayn’t be an oil fan but glad he lend his voice to the #EndSars movement

  5. His words will reach the many… including the few of us now who avoid the majority of social platforms out of choice

    I’ve no problem at all with MO voicing support on matters of interest to him. It’s his choice to show his solidarity with whosever and whatever he sees fit. I just do not get the reasoning behind yet another post with his name on it

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