Mesut Ozil slams Arsenal’s ‘loyalty’ and vows to fight on

Mesut Ozil has claimed that he will continue ‘fighting’ for his chance at Arsenal, while slamming the club’s loyalty.

The 32 year-old hasn’t featured for Arsenal since the Coronavirus pandemic put a halt to football back in March, making the bench on the very first match following the restart, before being overlooked ever since.

While there has been reports that his refusal to accept a pay cut amidst the pandemic were the reasoning, the manager has always insisted that the decision was about football, as he told SkySports after their fourth win of the season against Leicester. Despite training with the first-team all season, his status has diminished within the squad.

This has now been topped off by Ozil not being registered for the club’s squad for the Europa League last week, before the same decision being taken on his participation of the Premier League, leaving slim possibilities of featuring in the FA Cup or Carabao Cup only.

While the player’s future at Arsenal appears to be null, and is destined to leave the club at the end of the season when his contract is up, (unless he can be swayed to leave beforehand of course), he retains that he will continue to train ‘as best as I can’.

The player also takes aim at the club to question their loyalty, revealing his disappointment at the decision to drop him from their playing squad.

Should Ozil not have agreed to leave the club due to the ‘love’ and ‘loyalty’ that he has towards Arsenal knowing he was no longer needed?


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  1. Sometimes in a marriage, it doesn’t matter who’s wrong. It just matters that both parties would be happier alone. If Özil can get similar money elsewhere, let’s hope he makes it happen sooner rather than later.

  2. Wow, and I thought Ibrahimovic had a huge ego!

    Although the decision to exclude Ozil completely, is probably for non playing reasons as well playing reasons, clearly Ozil hasn’t the self awareness to accept that his performances have been dead for more than 3 years solid now.

    Add to that, Ozil cannot do what Arteta wants anyway, so what is the point of picking him? At the very core of Arteta’s mantra, is hard work, and defensive responsibility. Ozil just does not do that! If you pick him, and give him a free pass, then that will affect other players, and soon we’ll be back to where we were under Emery and Wenger.

  3. Arsenal are the ones that showed you loyalty by sticking with you throughout your inconsistent Arsenal career. They gave you one one of the biggest contracts in our club history. They gave you chance after chance but all you have done is underperform, and instead of knuckling down all you have kept doing since 2018 is play victim, undermine and disrespect your managers and club, social media propaganda etc..

    At any other so called big club you would have been offloaded long before 2017 due to your inconsistent performances.

    Just be greatful that Arsenal have looked after you since 2013. No other club in Europe would have given you the ridiculous £350,000 a week contract like our club did.

    Stop your victimhood.

  4. What a man!

    The unbreakable character with a will of a mountain! The human incarnation of Nokia 3310!

    Honest! Brave! Courageous! Bold! Daring!

    1. HH, You forgot “hardworking , physically strong, warrior attitude”!

      In fact, as we are indulging in some delicious fantasy, why not go the whole hog and say he is our best player”!

      There are SOME on here who truly believe that!

  5. Spare a thought for Socratis, Phil Jones and Danny Rose. Socratis played is a top Dortmand side five years ago – I think they made CL Final with him wrestling with their opponents. Danny Rose was starting for England in World Cup games. Phil Jones too. And now they’ve been cast on the dumpster for no other reason than they just aren’t very good anymore. I’ve heard they are really nice guys too.

  6. From the guy who just received an 8 mill loyalty bonus. Don’t make me laugh. Always playing the victim this guy.

  7. Ozil is a fine player. You just need to know how to use him. A team full of players pretty good at everything is not as good as a team with highly skilled players who are specialized for their positions.

    Sorry, but if a manager does not know how to use his top talents that is his failing. Ozil exposed Arsenal’s ridiculous hypocrisy and total lack of class during COVID and refused to take their money-grabbing pay cut which they promised would be used to save jobs.

    Kroenke – who saw his wealth soar by hundreds of millions of dollars during the same period did not lift a finger. The billionaires keep their money and get richer while asking everyone else to take cuts. Despicable and disgusting. Now the team completely lacks creativity and barely has an attacking edge at all.

    Keep managing like a mid-table team and that is exactly where you’ll end up. Respect. Arsenal. Values.

    1. Now that he received his £8 million bonus this month, is he now going to sacrifice £2 million for those 50 or so staff made redundant? I say put your money where you mouth is.

      Lets see how nice he really is.

    2. Completely disagree with the whole “you don’t know how to use him” argument. It’s the manager that picks the system to win games. Either he plays that system or doesn’t.

      Why should we change our tactics to accommodate one player? He should go to a team that plays the system that supports his skills.

      Why not just let him decide where everyone else plays too? Seeing as we’re expected to bend to his will because we’re “using him” wrong

    3. Ozil has failed under three managers already so Ozil can’t be good and all the managers bad. Secondly, if we always have find a system to accommodate Ozil how do you accommodate every other player ?!

  8. I really don’t know why there is any issue now that MA has made the decision he has.
    Surely it has all become clearer and we know exactly what the outcome will be, so why continue to go over and over the same arguments and points?

    1. Ozil will get his weekly salary paid as per his contract.
    2. The Arsenal will have a player turning up every day for training as per his contract.
    3. The Arsenal have decided his services are not required for either the Europa League or the PL (at least until January).
    4. So the upshot is that both parties are disappointed with the other, both parties are set to continue to honour the legally binding contract and kronkie has decided that he can afford to continue this scenario.
    There is no winner in this situation, despite the trumpeting of either side as to who has got the moral high ground and, in fact, as far as I can see, there are only two losers.
    I sincerely hope that Mikel Arteta continues to take our club forward and that Mesut Ozil finds a new club in June.

    As Sue so wisely says, we could write each others opinions near enough word for word.
    Maybe, just maybe, we should all take a leaf out of her approach to this and act with a little more dignity and class ourselves?
    One things for sure, this bitching and one upmanship is music to the ears of the media and other clubs fans – aren’t we all getting just a little bit tired of the whole saga and the only winner is who exactly?????????

    1. Do Arsenal put Ozil on Garden leave or should Ozil leave to play elsewhere?
      Because whoever you are or whatever your opinion, he is done at Arsenal and he needs to be gone.

      1. So that we can all stop talking about something that’s not good for Arsenal at all going forwards. Its a bad distraction from the goals ahead.

        1. Reggie on your last sentence and, if it were up to me, now that the club has made it’s decision known, they should give him these options…if, of course, they want to solve the issue!!!

          1. Give him the opportunity to start looking NOW, for a move in the January window, with a view to supplying the difference to any salary offered (within reason of course) and as part of this agreement, he also stays away from the club and makes no further statements relating to the club and/or his position.

          2. Buy out his contract now, still let him negotiate with other clubs, but hold his papers until June and, as part of this agreement, he also agrees to stay away from the club and makes no further statements relating to the club and/or his position.

          3. Buy out his contract, , but with an agreement that he does not discuss the club and/or his situation, give him his papers and let him walk away

          Of course, MO could just sit tight and do what he has always said he would do and honour his contract to the final day, as is his right.
          No matter what anyone feels about this, it does seem to be his first reaction and his quotes about “loyalty” doesn’t bode well for a constructive agreement to me.

          That’s why I feel this situation should have been avoided at all costs but it is too late now – let’s hope that the two sides can sit down and decide an outcome that means both can keep their dignity and, no matter what the fans think, Ozil does hold the cards and is mentally strong enough to see the situation out if he wants too.

          Such an awful predicament and both parties have to work together if they have any chance of salvaging anything from this debacle.

          1. Ken, great reply, it isnt ideal for either party. I have just read a Statement by Arteta and he says it was all his decision and he has been communicating with Ozil for a long time, telling him what he wants. It has nothing to do with money or behaviour, it is purely a footballing decision. If that is the case Ozil should do all he can to play football somewhere else and both Arsenal and Ozil should be prepared to compromise to do so, in my opinion. I dont think it would look good on Ozil to sit out his contract and it would be good for him if he could go to say the MLS and shine. I just have a feeling that his desire for football left him two years ago and he will sit it out and just stop. That for me wont be good for anyone.

  9. Ozil is playing games. If he really wanted to play football there would be some club somewhere willing to pay (part of) his salary. Truth is Ozil doesn’t want to leave and doesn’t really care he was told he was not in Arteta’s plans.

    1. And how do you know this “truth” and he only knew he wouldn’t be in the PL list today, so why would he think he has to leave to play football?
      Arteta selected him for 12 games in a row, during which he made 34 chances for his team mates, so your claim is pure speculation and guesswork…unless you can supply the evidence that he doesn’t really care.

      1. Ken
        I think you’re getting some info wrong.
        Do you think Arsenal won’t be happy to pay part payment for Ozil to leave?

        You don’t expect Arsenal to find a club for him do you?

        But what I won’t support is Arsenal paying him off and Ozil playing for another club with another wages.

        So I think Arsenal did not want to pay him off because of that.

        So he plays or not, he leaves or not, Arsenal will still pay same amount, so what is the excess of letting him leave?

        If Ozil can get fun out of Arsenal, then let Arsenal do whatever they want with him.

        1. Bobs, I am a little stunned by your reply to me

          The Arsenal, if the rumours are to be believed, would do anything to get shot of Ozil and finding another club and paying some of his salary would be a good way of doing this.
          Aren’t Manure paying a percentage of Sanchez’s salary for example?

          I also think I did cover your other concerns, but it is all irrelevant now, as MA has told the media that they have no intention of terminating his contract and that is that

  10. For me this has nothing to do with Ozil and everything to do with Arsenal. If Ozil is everything some of us describe him to be then is Arsenal’s treatment of him the best way. Remember we were a club known for values and class both on and off the pitch and this current saga speaks differently of us, it makes me question if we still have those values in our club. Today it’s about Ozil, tomorrow who knows who will be next? All I am saying is that this isn’t how Arsenal used to be and if we all focus on Ozil we’ll be missing the big picture that something is going wrong with the soul of our club and if we fans can’t realise this then something is also going wrong with us. Btw for me this didn’t start with Ozil, it started with Kronke’s treatment of Arsenal supporters during the 2017 AGM and how it took a speech by AW to calm the crowd and his message was clear in that speech; our values as a club should not be compromised no matter what. Finally I state again, this has nothing to do with Ozil as I will feel this same way even if it was an Emmanuel Frimpong that was getting this treatment. Some people here accuse some fans of loving Ozil more than the club but I think they should ask themselves if their dislike (I purposely choose not to use hate) for Ozil isn’t making them pay less attention to the mistakes our club is making? Search your souls everyone cos players will come and go, coaches will come and go but one thing will last forever and that’s whatever legacy we choose to build at our club.

    1. I needed to scroll all the way down here to find someone writing with open eyes… for some reason people are strongly feeling ozils salary is going to their pocket if he leaves… or it will decrease what they pay for a thicket… no staff let alone a player who gave 7 years and was part of all the good and bad we’ve faced together as a club doesn’t deserve the treatment he got regardless of what people think about his quality or what he contributed for the team. Period. That’s the whole point and the way people choose to say otherwise especially on this site is amazing even when other clubs fans clearly don’t think so. Even spurs wouldnt pull this s##t. For what is worth, at least in my opinion arteta didn’t make the decision… the management did.

      1. Arteta is a liar then because he has made a statement completely the opposite of what you are saying. I have no reason to think Arteta is telling nothing but the truth.

      1. Yes Arsenal314, a great post by Chukwuma – especially the “they should be asking themselves” question.

        Trouble is, the lines are drawn and each side is entrenched with their views – but posts like this may just get to the root of the problem.

    2. There is nothing to argue with in the merit of your sentiments but whatever the Arsenal way or values are, there is simply no guarantee that those values can or will stay in place in the future. Un palatable but not a crime. Unfortunately, I see very little sentimentality left in professional football and looking at the way a new European football league could could completely blow away the whole idea of values that I was raised with , then I know that I am from a bye gone generation.

    3. Please can you define the word “Club Value”? cos I don’t understand.

      I don’t believe treating a player who is ready to give the club fire define losing your value.

      Or are you saying, what Ozil posted on Instagram about Loyality is what is best?
      But I know your reply, cos some people who support him love the way he’s giving it back but hate there club doing that.
      Imagine if that was Sokratis doing that to the club.

      Ken is the only Ozil Fan I can agree with cos atleast he defends him by not accusing the club.
      But keep accusing the club and believe what Ozil does by posting everything concerning the club on social media as the best.

  11. What I don’t get is how fans now complains about Arsenal players been treated bad instead of us focusing on been champions again.

    Do you know how many players is been treated right by the club when they should have been let go but didn’t just because we want to be a valued club? Walcott, Rosicky, Van Persie, Diaby, Almunia etc.
    Now Arsenal are letting players go if they are no use to the team and yet we complain.

    You complain Arsenal don’t treat players bad, but have you check how other clubs treat there players?
    Yaya Toure, Bale etc, does that make the club awful?

    Arsenal pay this players wages, so they are Arsenal’s property and they can do whatever they want with their property. And if you know you’re not happy the way they do their property, you can walk down to the Emirate and sue them.

    Our own opinion as Fans is to complain when the club is not performing on the field cos that’s what we paid for not telling the club or coach how to manage there players.

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