Mesut Ozil speaks out after providing healthy meals to kids

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has worked alongside a team of his to provide healthy meals to children who need them in North London.

The German midfielder has been frozen out from the first-team squad in recent months, but that hasn’t deterred him from from helping those worse off than most, and one of his charities have been helping to feed families in worse off areas of London.

Ozil has now spoken out about how healthy food should not be a privilege, and that no families should ‘go hungry, as he vows to help out.

“This week, during the half-term, lots of kids are facing a tough situation with regards to food,” he told SkySports. “No child should go hungry. That’s the most important thing and wherever I can help I will.”

“There’s a real emphasis on making sure the food is healthy, nutritious and also filling. So we’re using the finest organic pasta which my friend Alberto Franceschi sent from Italy,” Ozil said.

“Healthy meals for children should be a given, and not a privilege.”

Marcus Rashford has also been working hard to help communities in these hard times, and was recently awarded an MBE for his efforts.

The striker will not be going head-to-head with his fellow fundraiser Ozil at the weekend however, after the German wasn’t registered for Arsenal’s quota for the Premier League.

The two teams will meet at Old Trafford on Sunday, with neither side in the best form in the league.

Which other footballers are doing plenty to help in the community?


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    1. Not according to you Reggie, as you stated that, as he isn’t allowed to play anymore, he is an EX-ARSENAL PLAYER.

      They would call you a “flip flopper” in the USA or someone who is “flip flopping” to suit an opinion…sounds about right to me.

      1. Do you really, not sure what one of them is or isnt and if all of us are or aren’t but im pretty steadfast on my opinions. Flip or flop, i will comment on the articles first and foremost and let the perfect people put me right.

  1. In the end Ozil s football achievements are evidence of his Divine gifted talent …..and his legacy as a human being is how many lives he has touched with his generous spirit. Much respect for being a truly wonderful human being. And for those who call him greedy , money grabbing and all other insults may they drop their heads in. I would bet the club owners have done far less for the needy and under resourced in the last few years than MO.

    1. SA Gunner, great observations – may those who have called him lazy, filth, a thief,etc etc hang their heads in shame.

      Just a footnote though: The club have donated an awful lot to the local community – let’s give credit where it is due.

      1. Thanks Mesut Ozil. The kits/families happiness is immeasurable. Despite your unfair exclusion from Arsenal squad, you are still focused and assists the less previleged. Stay blessed and safe. Hope to see you soon in the field of play.

      2. Why should i hang my head when it is true ken. I know you were pointing the finger in my direction but the shame is all Ozils.

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