Mesut Ozil still has some options open to him after Arsenal axe

Arsenal has now made it clear that Mesut Ozil has no place with them after they axed the German from their team registration for both domestic and continental competitions.

The German will now have to keep himself match-fit by playing Under23 football if he is interested.

Arsenal’s recent decisions are not their first steps towards discarding him as they have made it clear to him for a long time now that he needs to find a new team.

The Gunners haven’t featured him in any game for the club since March, yet the German chose to stay.

He has now been publicly ignored, but all hope is not lost and the Star has highlighted four options that the German can take now.

The first option that Ozil can take is to get a subsidised loan away from the club in January. If he can get Arsenal to agree to a deal for him to join another team while they pay some part of his wages.

The report also suggested that Ozil can also take a chance on himself and make a move to MLS.

The final two options are for him to move back to Turkey where he has strong ties to his country of origin.

And finally, he can just sit at the Emirates and see out his current deal with no football involved.

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  1. He had options all summer. He will see out his contract because it’s exactly what he had always planned to do regardless of playing time.

    1. Exactly, now he wants to make out the club and manager as the bad party..
      Exactly why arsenal is better off without him.. besides the good progress and level of competitiveness that has been achieved without him, he’s negativity ect isn’t needed in our squad.. We wanne grow and become winners, not become has been and washed up parasites

  2. OT.. Dennis Bergkamp’s son, Mitchel, has been at London Colney working with the Arsenal U23s. He is currently a free agent.

  3. Why is Ozil craving and generating so much attention? Socratis was axed too and his wages are pretty high too plus he is decent but I don’t see him on the news every day. This marriage was headed for the rocks a long time ago. Ozil should just let go and not allow bitterness burn the remaining love fans have for him.

  4. Well with this move (by not registering Ozil), Arsenal has put the ball in Ozil court and have far more chances of him leaving in Jan window (and saving some wages) than if he would have been named in squad of 25.

    Arsenal has publicly declared Ozil is not in future plans. They are clear and vocal about it now. Right or wrong, msg is Cristal clear.

    Ozil now has to act! Don’t mean on tweeter but has to show what are his priorities in life. How much he loves football? What all he is willing to do to be on field? And if he cares about football and that’s what he wants to portray to fans then he has to move away from Arsenal.
    If he is still here in Feb then it’s a clear signal from his side to all watching that he is, if not happy then atleast content to collect wages and doesn’t care much of playing football.

    Arsenal will get all negative publicity is short term but in 10-14 weeks negative could turn is their favour either financially or from fans support. Off course assuming that infield Arsenal is doing ok.

    If Ozil still stays at Arsenal post Jan window then what will fans say? What will Ozil say….. Staying to fight for my place in Arsenal team (and not being named again in squad!). Staying because I love Arsenal ? Staying because I want to respect contract despite Arsenal not showing loyalty? Staying because Arsenal is not releasing me to join another team and humiliating me by keeping in reserves?
    Because no one came forward to offer me contract ?

    Will be interesting watch……

  5. Ozil has countless options open to him. He can buy a yacht and afford a crew to sail him in luxury wherever he wants to go. He can buy a football club too with his wealth. He can start a foundation in his name to give active help and millions of pounds to disadvantaged humans who really need money and help, instead of boasting that he will help pay Gunnersaurus’ wages. He can retire from football officially, instead of unofficially as he did four seasons ago.

    The only thing he seems unable to do is actually help the club that he lies about when he claims to love it, while harming it immensely!

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