Mesut Ozil time at Arsenal could be ending sooner than we thought

Mesut Ozil could be on his way to Turkey in January

The untenable situation between Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery could come to a conclusion in just two months time if reports from Turkey are accurate.

According to Turkish newspaper Takvim, the Fenerbahce director of football Damien Comolli has already opened talks with Arsenal. Apparently, the talks are about a loan deal with Arsenal picking up some of the German’s wages.

This sounds very familiar to what happened in the summer, and a deal could not be agreed then. However, circumstances have changed significantly and a deal may well be more possible this winter.

Ozil is clearly not a part of Emery’s plans and has basically been dropped from the entire squad. The 30-year-old is so far down the pecking order now it is hard to see a way back.

It has never been an easy relationship between the player and coach and a parting of ways was always on the cards. It is, however, a bit of a surprise that it could be as soon as January.

Emery made it clear publicly what he expected from Ozil and that was to work harder, in better words, trackback.

That is not part of Ozil’s game and it was always going to be asking too much for him to change his style at this stage in his career.

But Emery is not interested in whether players change or not, he only wants players that play his way.

It will be interesting to see if this one has any legs to it.


  1. Let’s be honest on here Ozil has been the biggest flop of the Wenger era…Anyone who deny this is deluded…It’s not that he’s talented but he has never found with US the form he once had at Mdrid….

    1. could not agree more with you PIRES. he is the biggest flop ever at our club, bar none.he obviously has no morals at all as he draws his huge salary each month. now , lets be prepared to be devoured by the three billy goats gruff who troll this site for all anti ozil comments. they will show up , dont worry about that . it is a wonder that the most senior billy goats gruff has not stabbed you yet. lets wait and see, lol. gream comment altogether by you sir.

        1. the three billy goats gruff is a story about trolls living under a bridge , and they attacked anybody. there are three gentlemen on here who remind me of the goats being honest. now i wont name them, i think most people would know who i am talking about sue.they were grumpy old goats , and they would not let anybody pass over the bridge unless that person agreed with their point of view. scarily like the three gents i am talking about . it was like a grimm brothers fairytale , but not a fairytale .

          1. Yes, I’m familiar with the story, gerry 😂
            If I’m being totally honest, I’m amazed at your ‘beef’ with one of them (as I think he’s a proper gent and one of the nicest fellas on here!)

          2. Gerry maan, come on mate, we are all gooners in here and indulge in banter at times with no malice. All of you are wonderful people, so let’s not carry hurt over a debate. Earlier I saw some bad blood between TMJW and Dan Kit, and I think we should move past it. Let’s all learn from Sue, who is friends with everyone while she says her piece.
            Can we all peace out and argue away please?

          3. I would imagine it’s me ,Ken and Phil.
            To be honest why would that bother me anyway ,wanting a player in the squad to make our team better seeing that’s what we are crying out for at the moment .

  2. Bye bye to Ozil come January transfer, very sorry for him that he can not fashioned his play style to suit Emery’s ball

  3. With respect Pires, I think your assertion is wide of the mark.I can think of at least ten players off the top of my head who are more qualified for that “accolade” than Ozil.Yes he has been a big disappointment during the past 2/3 seasons but to accuse him of being the biggest flop in the Wenger era is way over the top.

  4. losing Ozil can only be a plus

    We will have £350,000 per week to give to 1 or 2, maybe 3 players

    If he was worth £350,000 or even close to half of it ie Lacazette wages, then I’d be fine with him staying

    I supported him in 2015-2016 when he scored 19 assists and 6 goals
    But it’s been over 3 seasons now and he’s gotten worse and worse ever since the huge pay raise

    Ceballos and Wilock, Smith Rowe will be fine until next summer when we can get a better CAM. Getting a Top CAM should be a priority next summer

    1. Or no need to get new CAM at all. Ditch all no 10 formations such as 4-2-3-1/ 3-4-1-2 and start to adopt 4-3-3

      Most top European teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City and Liverpool don’t use no 10 anymore

    2. Innit, so it’snot his talent that bothers you then, it’s his salary?

      That sums up your problem then, not talent, not commitment, not playing time – just his wages…so if he earnt what Lacs earnt, you would be ok with him staying…even though he’s got worse since the huge pay rise?

      So tell me, how would dropping his salary by half, help his stats? Also, at what cost to get a better CAM say like Cabs?
      Who do you have in mind, what transfer fee do you think would be involved and what salary would the player expect?

      £350,000 divided by three equals £116,000…so please bear that in mind when you say we could sign two or three players, what level of player are you looking at, remembering that Jenks was on a reported £70,000 a week.

      1. @Ken1945
        Yeah? Well the great, Real Madrid-bound Erikssen is on a reported £70,000 a week too! Anyway, if I may ask Ken1945, where did you get that Jenkinson 70k figure? The newspapers like the rest of us? Coz you have repeatedly given me and many others hell in the past for quoting such figures.

          1. QD and Lenohappy, yet again I must ask you to read my posts carefully before trying to catch me out:

            I will quote exactly what I wrote: “remembering that Jenks was on a…REPORTED…£70,000 a week.

            QD, the figures that were wrongly given on here as FACTS came from this site and, if you remember, Dan kit raised the question about clauses etc etc.

            So gentlemen, do I have to spell out exactly what “REPORTED” means, or are you satisfied that you got it wrong yet again?

            Lenohappy, I can assure you that I will answer any sensible question put to me, so you, once again, made yourself look a little foolish.

            I just wish that you had the same criteria for yourself that you apply to me, as I can assure you that is not the case.

            So, I assume that you will both respond in kind, it would be interesting to see your responses and I can assure you both I respect your level of judging others will see a response that I will read, digest and think about before I respond…thank you.

  5. Sack Emery! He will get nothing for Arsenal..!
    Özil revival possible with an attacking minded coach..!
    Return beautiful football to Arsenal!!

    1. Is this the beautiful football that we have been producing for the past decade and delivering a few cups and no epl

      Loose the the tag of having soft underbelly would be a start and if that means grinding out horrible results then I would take it

      1. @Allanball98
        That was during the time AW experimented with the British core. We see how that turned out.

        1. NY_G, you know why? Under the new rules about having a certain % of homegrown players, other than British players, Wenger thought far ahead of the rules. That’s why.

  6. Pepe would most likely be the next one under scrutiny. Unlike Ozil, he is still highly sellable

    I still have a high hope in Pepe, but he has to work harder as Sanchez in his first season. He can’t expect his teammates to do the rough work for him, otherwise he could end up like Ozil at the end of this season

    Maybe start Nelson ahead of Pepe on the right wing, to wake him up

    1. gotanidea
      It is far to early to start judging pepe
      As mentioned before I remember robert pires..First season he was pretty poor. needed to time to settle in to a new country new way of life new fast pace
      Season 2 onwards and the rest is history. He has the attributes to cause mayhem which is what I am looking forward to seeing

    2. gotanidea, Pepé will come good, class is permanent, form is temporary.
      By the way, Nelson is injured and out till sometime in November.

    3. Yes I agree that Nelson should be started ahead of PEP if that would make PEP think and be motivated for better performance. Fans don’t have patience this days over a non performing player. U Emery should not be sentimental bcos they bought PEP at a huge cost; getting results is what matters.

  7. If you judge players on their wages yes ozil is the biggest flop.
    Can anyone tell me the last time he had a good game against a top team or had 2 or 3 good games in a row ,

    1. Certainly Jim:

      Last season when we won five games in a row, before UE dropped him along with Ramsey, after he selected his best four players in Ozil, Ramsey, Auba and Lacs…I know it seems a long time ago after watching the kind of football we are witnessing at the moment, but it really was just last season.

      Of course, if UE had selected him for 2 or 3 games in a row, I could give you more examples, but as he hasn’t, I can’t, despite him making Ozil captain just three weeks ago…so it seems the salary didn’t make him a flop in UE’s eyes does it?

      1. I have said this fact several times, but the standard response is “Ozil must go”.
        When I point out that Ozil played in the 22 game unbeaten run as part of Wenger’s Deadwood, the response again is, “Ozil must go”.
        When I point out that Ozil is second only to Monreal in terms of distance covered, the response is “Ozil must go”.
        When I pointed out that he gave s through ball to Pepe but he overran it, “you can’t blame Pepe”. This was in Watford game and ever since all the passes Pepe received was with his back towards the opponent’s goal.
        Cherry picking statistics will show there was only two assists last season, but will never show big chances missed by forwards.
        He is shown to have played in 24 games last season, but four were from the bench.
        Now let’s match all this with Xhaka.

        1. Ozil simply needs to go to where he could enjoy football again. It’s obvious that it’s not here. Even when it happens and he performs well there, I don’t expect he goes back here, you probably know why.

          1. Let him to go on loan(6 months) in the next window for him to recover his physical form and he will be back for next year when another coach take charge because a think that Emery will no get another contract.

        1. Jim, not sure whatyou mean – the only time we wnet on a five match unbeaten run was when Ozil-Auba-Lacs-Ramsey played together…UE then dropped both Ozil and Ramsey.

  8. Once we see the back of Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Sokratis then we can think of being consistent in the champions league.

  9. My wish list for more than 4 years:

    1) Kroankes Out. He is still here but seems to be redeeming himself recently by showing ambition in the Transfer window. ⁉️

    2) Gazidi Out. Gone✅

    3) Wenger Out. Gone ✅

    4 ) Ozil Out. Still here ❌. To be continued….

    1. There is someone who always gives you facts/stats but each time you will say ” use fact to your benefit sir”.

      1. Leno, I’m unhappy now. You called me sir without touching the sword on my shoulders!!! Just kidding. Come one mate, we agree to disagree almost always that doesn’t mean I don’t read what you write and respectfully disagree and apologies for me being cynical at times.
        But, may I have my beautiful Arsenal game please? I’ll trade anything for that

    1. Gerry maan, you are better than that, so come on…Imagine despising someone over difference of opinion while supporting the same club!!??

    2. Look gerry, I know this is none of my business, I just remember when you first came on here & explained your situation… and you seemed to hit it off with him.. so I hope you understand where I’m coming from by saying I was amazed at how things have turned out! Enough said….

      1. thank you sue , that is very true what you said . as time passed i noticed the other side of that person, a side i am not willing to entertain.but as for you sue, i really like you loads, you are a true human being .

        1. Gerry-you have been very quick to have a pop at the old fellas on this site of which I am most obviously one.Trust me PAL when I say it’s all water off a ducks back as far as I’m concerned.But I notice you don’t have the guts to come out and name the one single person you aim your comments at.Zero respect on that my old son.Very very easy to hide behind words.
          What I won’t do is get it to an attrition of words with you over Mesut Ozil.You as with all others are entitled to your views as I am as well.But as far as the one single person you cannot name as you have not the stomach to do so is concerned I will tell what I can tell you.This is a season ticket holder who travels down from SCOTLAND for every game.Just think about that PAL.I know that is a round trip of 900 miles for EVERY HOME GAME.
          That is a true supporter who quite obviously loves Arsenal Football Club.That alone demands respect whatever the difference in views.
          Another is that this particular gentleman writes very precisely and honestly.He gives his views but at the same time encourages debate.Have YOU ever been able to allow yourself to try and debate your points of views with him?of course not.Its very easy as I say to attempt to deride people but honestly PAL it’s YOU who comes across as the biggest TOSSER with your remarks.
          Give me this particular gentleman over you every day of the week.I have disagreed with him on everything to do with Arsene Wenger but not once has his comments or replies been anything other than to give his view and encourage debate.
          Your a pretty small person PAL who is gutless and irrelevant compared to the Old Yrout you have tried to embarrass but only made yourself look a ridiculous idiot.

  10. Good riddance! An expensive relic that hardly produces the type of performances his salary demands he should be delivering. £350k freed can go into new deals for Aubameyang, Lacazette and others who contribute much more to this team. Mustafi should be on his way too in January.

  11. Watching a lot of folks here critcize a player whereas the lot of you can’t even kick a ball, let alone run on a football pitch for 45mins.

    Lets face it, if you could play anywhere close to the ones you criticize so harshly I’m pretty sure we’d be watching you on tv.

    You guys are actually the ones killing this club with the way you criticize your very own.

    How can any sane human being assert that Ozil is the biggest flop of the Wenger Era?
    At this rate, can Arsenal fans ever be satisfied? You guys will only end up making players scared of coming to Arsenal. Just look at what you’ve done to Mustafi, now Ozil.
    You are foolishly joining the anti-Arsenal media to ruin our club piece by piece
    For god sakes, have some brains!!!
    You criticized Aaron Ramsey and he went on to become one of the most important players(if not the most important) and he made sure we ate the humble pie at the end of the story. Iwobi left in a heartbeat and is now doing exceptionally great at EvertonFC.
    Mkhitaryan seems to have automatically rediscovered his mojo right after leaving us.
    And of course we all remember one Adebayor.

    You are making it difficult for your players to play for you. Fitness is never permanent and when performance is low, players need you to be their strength because football has ups an downs.

    Always remember that players are human and they have feelings too. Every player wants to do well, prays to do well. They want to receive awards as well tom FIFA, UEFA etc.
    Can they achieve that dream at our club? Do we love them that much to help them all the way knowing that if they achieve that glory, then your club also automatically achieves that glory?

    Arsenal fans were known to be classy. What has become of us?

    1. Tam, the old loyalty is s thing of the past and will pass on with us oldies. In this day & age of McDonald’s, instant gratification is the prevailing theme. Anyone with a keyboard and an attitude to match can tear down club icons and they strut around like pigeons after shitting all over a chessboard. This is the post truth world buddy. Money talks and bullshit walks.

    2. Tam, love the post and the sentiments, all very true and I have to hold my hands up regarding mustafi, but his last couple of games are making me eat humble pie!!!

      Your last line is so true and judging by the way the club has/is treating some of it’s players recently, the same could be said about them as well.

      Just one disagreement though…Adebayor…he DID disrespect the club time and time again.

  12. UE is a coach that has a bad history of handling big players.
    It’s no secret that ozil has declined over the years but the people replacing him are no better.
    The truth is that ceballos, willock and the rest of our midfielders are not as creative as ozil in anyway shape or form.
    I am in support of moving him on but getting rid of him in January without replacing him makes no sense.
    Plus even if we force him out arsenal has to pay him every single penny left in his contract.
    Fans hating on him because of his wages are just deluded , he didnt force the board to offer him the contract.

    1. We have been over reliant on auba all season and I don’t expect it to change anytime soon, the moment he goes on a goal drought we are in trouble.
      Our midfielders aren’t creating enough unless our stubborn coach changes the system he plays and actually play to our strength which is attacking football.

  13. Great news, hopefully it works out. Özil had become a devisive figure in the club and among supporters. Wish him well and celebrate the new Arsenal.

  14. Please all disgruntled fans and glory-hunters can leave our club!!!!!
    Arsenal is way too classy for you!!!

    1. @Tam.”disgruntled fans and glory-hunters”.
      That sums up 99% of all football fans.
      Glory hunters first.
      Then because only one team wins the league the majority of fans
      will be disappointed therefore a majority of fans are disgruntled.
      Unless we adjust our expectations we will always be disgruntled.
      But as I have said before many fans deliberately raise expectations too high
      so they can be disappointed and can moan all the time.
      PS.People who are classy don’t talk about being classy.

  15. To all those in here, you have to factor in the base base globally and Ozil has a huge following across Africa, Middle East and Asia, and since I’m an Asian living in the middle East with a lot of African friends, let me regretfully say that the younger fans are moving away, fickle or not. That’s the reality. Wenger and a couple of managers have brand recall, and no one cares for Emery, who hadn’t proved himself, other than earning the “boring” tag.
    Let’s keep tearing down our icons all day, but please keep in mind the respect they have worldwide.
    PS: I’m from where Emirates is and I see the dwindling fan base.

  16. Özils decline has only little to do with Emery.
    As reported by Sky Sports ( his contribution has steadily dropped since 15/16. Every year worse than the one before.
    If anyone here also follows Germany’s national team, they will know is performances there have seen a similar pattern, culminating with a totally disastrous and lacklustre performance at last years World Cup, which obviuosly was before Emery came to Arsenal.
    Whether there are personal frictions between Emery and Özil, I don’t know, but I suspect nobody here really knows, what the situation is.
    One thing is pretty clear though. Emery is not the one responsible his decline. It started way before Emery, and it is not only an Arsenal occurence.

  17. Özils contribution in the PL has dropped significantly every year since 15/16. Every season he has played less than the year before and every year he has been less involved in our goalscoring than the year before. All those facts/stats were well reported by Sky Sports the other day.
    Those who also follow international football may know, that his decline has also been evident in the German team, culminating at least years World Cup, where his performances were lacklustre to say the least.
    As his decline started way before Emery, and as it is similar for the German team also way before Emery had even said “hello” to Özil, it seems giving Emery the blame for Özils decline is in fact out of touch with reality.

    1. Ozil divides opinion like no-other player currently at Arsenal, What his worth is to Arsenal will always be debatable. What I believe is that Mezut,regardless of this rumour of Turkish interest,it will be Ozil who decides what his future will be. As I have said on previous posts Ozil has one of the best agents in the business, he is a lawyer with expertise in contract negotiations. I believe Ozil’s contract is watertight and as such only Ozil will decide if and when he wants to leave.It maybe that the board wants to dispense with Ozil but are having great difficulty because of the strength of his contract. Once again, this speculation regarding Ozil’s future is exactly what it is, speculation. There is not and will not be any confirmation of interest from Turkey or anywhere else for that matter by this board. It is also possible that the board are desperately try to to find a way to convince Ozil to go out on loan but in my opinion even if they succeed Ozil will remain an Arsenal player to the end of his contract. If I was to make a prediction, the next player to be unhappy for lack of playing time will be Lacasette.

  18. Ozil undoubtedly is the best Arsenal player with the splitting pass. No Arsenal player has the talent Ozil has. But after watching how Benardo Silva tackled his heart against Liverpool last season, I wondered why our star couldn’t even commit fouls to prevent counter attack. Ozil should have been the main and captain o Arsenal but he cant drive the team on. Even the younger Guendouzi wants results more than him. He is that passive dude who is not affected passionately whether the club does well or not

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