Mesut Ozil to continue at right-wing when Arsenal face Newcastle

There have been so many rumours and criticism of Mesut Ozil in the last year, that it is refreshing to listen to the new Arsenal boss Unai Emery give his honest opinions in the pre-match press conferences. One of the newest rumours was that Emery had told Ozil that he would be moved to the wing but the German was annoyed and feigned illness.

Emery has already clearly denied that twice, and now he has said that he is going to continue with Ozil playing on the wing and the German is happy with that role. “In his career Mesut played like a 10 and on the right, coming inside with his quality,” he said. “Here he has played both. He is very convinced about that in my conversations with him about it. I usually give players the position they feel the best. Mesut is in these two positions.”

Ozil has stayed at home during the international break for the first time since his retirement from Germany, and it has given Emery more time to give him individual instruction in the way he wants the team to work. “The reason we are working is to prepare each match with our players to have the possibility to arrive in Newcastle in the best condition for every player. That’s the same for Mesut. He working well. He is OK. I want to push them, I want to be demanding to prepare this match – Mesut the same.

“I want to find with him the possibility to do the best, to make decisive passes, to do more near and in the box to score. Also I think he is working for the team to help us with his quality.

“But he is feeling like I am feeling. He can improve, he can do more. In this process, we will work, we will help him, give him the possibility on the pitch to be together, to find his qualities for us.”

I certainly hope that Ozil is listening and can make a bigger impact from the wing than he has shown us up until now, but I think the jury is still out on whether he is suited to the wing role. Let’s hope he proves us wrong tomorrow…

Darren N


  1. gotanidea says:

    Emery is right, because Ozil played as a winger at Real Madrid

    Most of his first 50 assists for Arsenal are crosses and set-pieces, hence to say he should only play as a no 10 will only limit him:

    I hope he would not start in Newcastle though, because he sucks as a winger at Arsenal and the squad needs an extra CM in a tough away match like this

  2. CannonSpike says:

    I can’t see why we don’t play this formation which puts out all our talents on the field



  3. Phil says:

    Of course he “sucks as a winger”.He is NOT a winger.Marc Overmars was a Winger.Brian Marwood was a winger.Anders Limpar.George Armstrong.THESE were WINGERS.
    Ozil was not a winger at Madrid.He played wider and not centrally.That does not make him a winger.
    Ozil is far better playing centrally.The problem is so is Aaron Ramsey.Emery is trying to fit two players into a side that only allows for one to be played centrally.So with Ozil being the far better and more technically accomplished player it is him that is being asked to play wider.This just does not help the player or the team.
    Why is there this issue at Arsenal of playing Central players out wide just to get them in the team?Arhavin-played out wide.Cazorla when he first arrived.Nasri.All central players forced wider than they were comfortable with.
    If the issue isRamsey then it’s simple-put Ozil centrally and Ramsey on the bench.How easy was that?

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Phil, Ramsey refuses to sign the contract on offer, so he shouldn’t be anywhere near the team, let alone on the bench; end of story.

      1. Phil says:

        Totally agree OG-I accept Emery will want his strongest team out there but if Ramsey wants out then I would dump him on the bench now.See how he likes Carabao and Europa Cup matches.

        1. GunnerJack says:

          For me Phil that’s “See how he likes WATCHING Carabao Cup, Europa Cup, FA Cup and EPL – on TV, safely out of the way of the Arsenal squad.

          1. Phil says:

            Worst still would be on the BENCH and not getting a game.Which is pretty much where he will be if he gets a move to any Club with real ambitions.

      2. Namo says:

        @Ozziegunner, that is what it ought to be, but rather than do that, Emery is sacrificing Ozil In order to please the contract rebel Ramsey. What a shame. Same thing that was done for Walcot.
        Özil will end up taking the blame for underperforming and Ramsey still won’t sign, if he doesn’t get a significant pay rise. I hope this rubbish doesn’t end up costing us valuable points this season.

    2. Tobee says:

      Phil i am in support with you on this suggestion 100%…Ozil needs to play centrally and yes at the expense of Ramsey because of the German’s technical abilities. He might be “lazy” and show some lackadaisical attitudes sometimes but IMO he is the best in the team to play that central role

      1. Phil says:

        Tobee-I disagree that Ozil is lazy.He has proven stats that shows he puts in bigger effort than he is often given credit for but some take his overall demeanour and body language as lack of trying and commitment which is wrong.He needs to be given a free No10 playmaker role every week.If his form doesn’t improve with the system Emery wants the team to play then questions will rightly be asked.Again.
        In my opinion he is playing with the handbrake on at times this season.He is a very intelligent footballer but is not the only one struggling with this new systems and tactics that Emery has introduced.You can bet Newcastle have been coached all week on putting pressure on us as we play out from the back and it is up to Emery to make sure we improve quickly.We will get space in midfield and up front and this is where we need Ozil to capitalise and he is far more capable of creating than Ramsey when going forward.
        Interesting game tomorrow as I believe we will get more opportunities than we did in Cardiff.

  4. barryglik says:

    Arsenal 3 -0.

  5. AndersS says:

    Don’t like Özil on the wing. He and Mkhitaryan have the same problem. They don’t track back fast enough, and that leaves our backs exposed, often 1 against 2.
    But centrally the problem is not quite as big, when he doesn’t track back. Here we can have protection, unless Ramsey is also playing.If Ramsey also in the centre, we have problems. Then we have 2 players in the middle, who don’t do enough defensively, and who both are competing for the ball as a number 10 most of the time. If you add Mkitaryan on the wing, we have 3 players, who don’t do enough, and that is why we give away so many chances to any team.
    So the problem to solve isn’t alone where Özil is best going forward. It is just as much, where we can accomodate him defensively.

  6. Durand says:

    Agree with all the comments about benching Ramsey. Why continue fielding a player who refuses to commit to the team? What a terrible message it must send to the other players.

    Emery still has to stamp his mark on this team as the boss; benching Ramsey is an easy start. End the nonsense, and instill the team first mentality.

    With Ozil on wing I continue not to expect much; sporadic performances, disappearing at times, and defense leaking goals. Play Ozil centrally or not at all.

    Still expect to beat a tractionless Newcastle, 3-2.

    1. Durand says:

      Way Way way off topic.
      Damn getting absolutely hammered here in eastern North Carolina in hurricane. Absolute nightmare stuff. Still have electricity, articles and comments on Just Arsenal a very very welcome distraction.

      Keep them coming please, any and everything welcome.

      1. Phil says:

        You take care of yourself over there Durand.The news reports we are seeing here look bad.Best wishes to you all.
        So completely off topic for JustArsenal but to give you something to keep you occupied-What do you think of the Washington Redskins chances this year.Pretty impressive performance in Phoenix last week and I liked the composite Alex Smith brought to the offence.I believed they would try harder to retain Kurt Cousins but understand why they allowed him to run down his contract as he did.We seem to have a young team with a bit of character about then and I just don’t believe the Eagles will have the sort of season they had last year.Dallas and the Giants will not be as strong so I’m really hoping for a Play Off place at the least this season.
        But then again I struggle to understand our own football let alone yours so any confidence boost to a die-hard Hog would be much appreciated.

        1. Durand says:

          Phil pleasant surprise to see you so knowledgeable about NFL! Not an avid viewer myself, but my friends are die hards. Redskins made some moves and definitely will make the playoffs I believe. Eagles not very impressive so far, boring and plain I would say.

          I’m more of a panthers guy myself, but you picked good team, and it’s not Dallas. Their owner is perhaps their biggest fan, and really does his best. Wish I could say the same about Kronke. Losing Cousins hurt, but they still have a good squad, so long as the injury bug doesn’t bite.

          I prefer your brand of football over there honestly to here. NFL has big guys, muscles, size, strength, but can’t play 10 minutes without resting or sucking on oxygen masks. I admire the skill, technique, and tactics. I actually played “soccer” for 14 yrs and had chance to go to Arizona State University and play.

          Played many positions, but settled in as midfielder for most of 14 yrs. At University had chance to be CB (I had good technique) or rotation in midfield. That’s why I lived in Scottsdale Arizona for a while.

          Thanks for your post and wishes my friend, much appreciated. Arsenal tomorrow, and Liverpool vs Spuds on tv here. Gotta hold my nose and cheer on Liverpool, can’t bear Spud super chickens getting anything but a drubbing from the match.

          1. Phil says:

            Durand-the first time the Super Bowl was shown live in the UK was around 1982 and featured Miami Dolphins against Washington Redskins.Without knowing a thing about the rules I started watching.Miami were all the pundits choice but I thought RED.Arsenal.Had to be the Redskins for me.Washington won and I was hooked.Joe Thiesman John Riggins (wow imagine HIM as a CDM) The Fun Bunch.Totally hooked.Lost to the Raiders in the following years Super Bowl against the odds (typical Arsenal) but followed them since.I have seen them 4 times at Fed-Ex in Washington plus away at the Giants 3 seasons ago and there is no love lost between the Giants and Redskins.We get unbelievable coverage over here on Sky showing 3 live games on a Sunday plus interactive actions on EVERY Game as it’s played.
            I believe a British player called Mick Luckhurst made a name for himself as a kicker over there and that added a lot of interest.There are now at least 3 games at Wembley every year that are sold out because the interest is so high.I saw the Redskins tie a game ( Kansas I think it was) after overtime a couple of years back.When the Spuds finally open their ground in the year 2099 at the rate they are going they have games lined up to play there so that will most likely be the end of the NFL.
            Amazing you made State at Soccer and having been to Stockdale there are worst places to live I can tell you Tottenham High Road being one).
            Anyway button down those hatches and keep safe over there-I’m sure I speak for everyone on Just Arsenal in saying that

  7. Durand says:

    Appreciate it Phil, people and communities far worse than me. Riggins at running back was a raging bull when he played. No one wanted to challenge him head on.

    NFL similar to rugby in ways so I can understand the interest there. Very funny about Spuds stadium in year 2099; you’re an optimist I see. Think they are still busy milking Wembley for all they can, and wow that new stadium looks like a toilet bowl for sure. Wonder if the architect is a Gooner.

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a spuds fan here, mostly man utd, liverpool, and some Chelsea. Certain bars you go in will look at you oddly, but never had a problem wearing my Arsenal gear.

    Most children have Barcelona jerseys and Messi has quite the following here.

    Unfortunately never played college, knee and ankle damage over years of tackles kept me from advancing in the sport. That’s why I have such sympathy for Wilshere. Tendon damage to my ankle did me in. Still had the speed (4.46 in 40 yds) but couldn’t cut and turn quickly; hence finished up as CB.
    Also why I sympathize with Kos, very brave for coming back. Every surgery takes away from your natural ability, until the great fades to good, and finally cumulative damage or time does you in.

    I know that all too well. Speaking from cumulative damage of course. Anyway I’ll cheer on the Redskins unless they’re playing the Carolina Panthers.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Durand old friend, take care out there, it looks really awful.
      At least you can look forward to what should be two good games.
      Batten down the hatches, get the hot dogs and popcorn at the ready and hope the power doesn’t stop you from watching.
      Looking forward to our next debate already – take care.

      1. Durand says:

        Thank you ken, always a gentleman. Hurricanes normally last 6-7 hours of worst weather; this is on 30 hours and still going. I’m blessed compared to so many other people and communities.

        Still have power and electricity, Liverpool spanking spuds on tv 7:30 am tomorrow morning, but not showing our boys at 10am. Normally every Arsenal match on tv, but instead Fulham going to the slaughter at Man City.

        Oh well can’t win them all. Thanks again, and look forward to our debates. You always leave me with another perspective, much to consider, and always without insults or namecalling. I tip my cap to you Sir.

        1. Sue says:

          Stay safe Durand

          1. Durand says:

            Thanks Sue. Winding down here finally. Good thing, because on last bottle of Bourbon. My liver taken a beating last couple of days.

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Durand, wishing you and yours a safe recovery from the battering you are taking in the Carolinas. It just seems that mother nature is giving everyone a hiding at the moment, east coast USA huricane, wild fires West Coast, typhoon in Philippines and a horrendous drought here in Australia.

          3. ozziegunner says:

            PS Would love some of your rain (note I said “some”).

          4. Sue says:

            Durand… I’ve just seen some photos online of the storm… I can’t imagine what going through something like that is like, it must be terrifying. The article said 5 people have lost their lives, so so sad. I’m glad you’re ok, don’t worry your liver will be back to normal soon!

  8. Phil says:

    Super Bowl
    Orange Bowl
    Toilet Bowl
    They just cannot help themselves can they?
    Keep safe mate

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Phil, you forgot the Rose Bowl and most importantly the punch bowl (in case Durand runs out of bourbon).

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