Mesut Ozil wants Arsenal to win the title – “They deserve it”

Mesut Ozil in his initial days at Arsenal was good; he was incredible; he was a force; he was the model attacking midfielder who could, on a good day, easily dictate a game.

But what he didn’t do is manage to guide Arsenal to Premier League glory. If he had, it would have been a perfect reflection of his Arsenal career after he left. Anyway, Ozil did not lead Arsenal to Premier League glory, but Martin Odegaard (who is not only the Arsenal captain but is also the one who is in a way playing the Ozil role in this Arsenal team) can guide Arsenal to lifting the league this season, as the former Arsenal No. 10 has backed his former club to win the 2022-23 league title.

“Now I am relaxed and I wish the best to the Arsenal fans, who have always been very supportive of me,” the 34-year-old said to Marca.  “I would be happy for them if they could celebrate the Premier League title. They deserve it!”

After years of Arteta’s project appearing to be futile, the Spaniard tactician this season found a means to transform his team from “league pretenders” to “title contenders” and now title favourites, as they are now 8 points ahead at the top of the league.

Believe it or not, Arsenal is going to win the Premier League.


Daniel O

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  1. Now that the “Shirt selling genius” has retired from football i hope he can take a very hard and deep look at himself. He he takes some time to reflect on why his personality, attitude and mentality seems to lead to so much negativity at the end..

    I hope he self reflects for once in his very cushy pampared football life where he has had millions of sycophants worship him and never told him when he was being inappropriate or not. Seems to have insulated himself with Yes men and his very loyal cult followers that never guide him apart from always kissing his ring no matter what..

    Self reflect.. 🤞🙏

      1. He’s not saying much TBH ,except from his own personal attempt to bash Ozil ,no substance and not a lot else .
        Mr shirt selling genius strikes again 🙄
        If there is an article that will get mr goonster out of his cave it is one concerning Ozil or Wenger .

          1. Same old fans Ken (well atleast on JA)
            Like a red flag to a bull ,as soon as those Article’s are published “well you know what I’m talking about “.
            Some -FANS – just cannot seem to move on Ken ,each to their own I suppose mate .

        1. All the clubs he was at, and the national team, couldn’t wait to get rid of him, and how many managers did he fall out with?

          Was a genius on his day, and so entertaining to watch at times, but also inconsistent, and there were clearly issues with his attitude.

          His last 5 years, possibly more, what did he offer?

  2. His accolades and achievements are truly impressive in retrospect had he walk away like William, history would have been kind to him.

    1. You think Willian walked away with nothing ?
      Reports suggest he got 15 million ,that’s not walking away for free ,don’t be so naive .

      1. I’m not sure if anyone is aware that Willian wanted to leave the club after three months as he admitted in a interview!!!

        Now that means he stayed for about six months after that, earning a reported £220,000 a week.

        Times that £220,000 by 24 (weeks) and you will find that he took money from the club worth approximately £5,000,000,while wanting to leave.

        Add the reported £15,000,000 that DK alludes to and you will see that this man of such high morals certainly didn’t leave the club penniless.

        Now if fans want to believe he treated the club fairly, that’s their opinion – meanwhile, Martinelli was sidelined while MA tried to fit Willian into his plans.

  3. OT Rodri wants to break Odegaard’s legs!!!.
    In Norway vs Spain, how it was not awarded as a penalty is baffling. I guess Guardiola sent him

  4. J.O.A, that wasn’t a tackle by Rhodri, it was more of an assault. As you say, how a penalty wasn’t awarded is baffling. He should also have been given a red card.

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