Under-valued Ozil will be the key for Germany, but can they win the Euros?

Mesut Ozil easily won the Arsenal Player-of-the-Year award this season, but I am sure we can all remember the German’s first season at the Emirates, when many fans thought that Ozil was a bit lazy and used to go missing in action during many games.

Well, despite Ozil winning the German Player-of-the-Year 4 times in the last 5 years, his countryman Dieter Hamann thinks that the German supporters also underestimate the amount of work that our superstar does on the pitch, although he personally believes that Ozil has improved at the Emirates.

“Ozil has been growing at Arsenal but the problem with him was always consistency,” said Hamann.

“You wouldn’t say he only did it in flashes because it might have been six weeks where he was doing well, but this season he’s been doing it for three, four or five months in a row.

“He’s maybe a bit underrated for the German side, even though he has always had a big role to play.

“I think perhaps he’s also a bit undervalued in Germany, but he will be one of the key players at Euro 2016 because he can make things happen that nobody else can.”

Although Hamann expects Ozil to be one of the stars, he is a little worried about whether Germany can add to their World Cup Winners trophy this summer. “They will be up there with the favourites and rightly so because they are the reigning world champions,” he said.

“They lost a few players after the World Cup, but they will be there or thereabouts.

“They haven’t been playing that well, but the closer it gets to the tournament the more focused they will be.”

“They will expect to get out of the group but at the same time you can’t take anything for granted,” Hamann added.

“Poland beat them in Poland in the qualifiers, but it’s a group they definitely would have taken beforehand.

“You totally expect them to get to the last 16 and then you just need to see who they get in the knock-out games.”

Considering he is German, Hamann would be expected to talk up his country’s chances of going all the way this time around. Have they really deteriorated since the World Cup? Or will they come back to their very best in the Euros?


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  1. Ozil is one of our few World Class players and I am praying that he signs a new contract after the Euros

      1. OT:
        It just came up on S K Y Transfer Centre now that Arsenal are linked with Morata, but if that is what we need.
        That rumour is gathering momentum.
        I don’t have a problem with Morata. I think he’ll be a hit at the Emirates…problem however is that his eyes are set on Real Madrid. And he’ll definitely leave when he becomes a sensation.

  2. “because he can make things happen that nobody else can.”


    Go watch Payet, Pogba and Iniesta because it seems you haven’t.

    1. Lol! The only player there that u can compare to ozil is iniesta.somehow I don’t know why guys think being a workhorse is when u are a world-class player.ozil is one of the best or in the top two in creativity,in football players hve different characters so I don’t get this theory of running around the field will make u world class.if so ramsey is the best player lets get a grip on ourselves

      1. Ozil is over hyped.. The most overrated attacking midfielder i have ever seen.. He is ok but nothing special. I have seen better rounded No10’s at Arsenal since 1996.

        Ozzy is so limited in what he can do for the team.

  3. Ozil will definitely be key for Germany and he’s always been undervalued even at Real. Ozil to me is the CAM counterpart of Claude Makelele who’s been one of the best DM’s to ever play football but was very unappreciated at Real and was more given the respect he deserved at Chelsea.

    Hamann is completely right about him and it seems people want to see be more physical and make his presence more known on the field. However he doesn’t need to do either of those as as he makes Arsenal’s clock tick and definitely will continue to do the same for Germany.

    1. If Germany and Madrid underrate him then there must be a reason why. Germany snd Madrid are 2 of the biggest names in world football. If they all think ozil is ok but not all that then there must be a reason why.

      Even some of us at Arsenal are not as convinced about Ozil, there is still a split in opinion about his overall ability compared to our past No10’s.

  4. I dont know about Germany but Ozil has been invaluable for us and with the pairing with Xhaka in the coming season he would even be more potent plus Coq behind him doing the dirty work. All he needs to destroy all comers next season is a deadly, clinical world-class striker like Abumeyang and a sharper right wing player like Mahrez to blow everyone away.

  5. None of Germans midfielders play the way Ozil does. He’s one of a kind. However, his football shape will always depend on his fitness level. If he stay fit, then everything run like clock work. Just make sure German have capable men up front to convert the chances he produces.
    German legendary known as tournament specialist and their consistency was freaking superb. No surprise if the reach semifinal again. But to be crown champion, I doubt. France and England are seems having the rhythm. What do you think?

  6. Mesut Özil is underrated in Germany because most of bis games are not good. Forget the player of the year award. That have 100% political reasons. German Fans like players like Thomas Müller Philipp Lahm Mats Hummels Manuel Neuer Marco Reus more much more than Mesut Özil. Mesut Özil the favorite Player for the Muslim community in Germany. He is important for the politics. Same Lukas Podolski he is the player for the Polish community. Twenty million people in Germany have polnisch roots.

  7. Under-valued Ozil?

    Could name couple more players at the club who get less love but have equal or better input than Ozil but you don’t see anyone going on about it. Carzola, Bellarine, Monereal.

    As for Germany, I would careless how he performs there or wins the Euro’s because I am not there fan (would be happy for Ozil non the less).

    On another note does anyone have some inside info as to why his stalling his contract renewal? Ozil is WC but for me he has fewer good options on the table than most would point out, bare with me I am no expert in football but a fan. So my unprofessional assessment of here he can potentially go to are:


    – Chelsea – Ah I doubt we would sale one of our best just across the road.
    – Man U – Not after the Van Persie saga plus Mou is there now, Wenger would die saling Ozil there.
    – Man City – with Debryne, Silva, Nasri and now Gundagon I cant see it.

    R. Madrid – they not necessarily missing him there that much are they?
    Barcalona – I don’t see him displacing any of the current first 11 plus he might want to respect his Real background
    Athletico – Maybe, but does he have the steel Simeone desires from his players? I think not

    Bayern M – maybe, though Anceloti’s Real sold him to us in the first place. He would definitely be benched by Tiago, Muller, and now Alaba who sometimes play in midfield.
    Dortmund – Maybe, but I don’t see how that is an up grade from us.
    Wender Bremen – Maybe, he has played there before but I doubt he would drop our shirt for there’s at this stage in his career.

    League A
    PSG – Maybe

    Seria A
    Juve – and who exactly will he drop in that midfield?

    Chinese league – yes, because they can afford him.

    So not so many options for the top clubs, I suggest he signs the thing and stop being so sad all the time as though his doing as a favor being here.

    We love you Mesut, but its time you proved you are full blooded Arsenal now, even Sanchez showed that in his first season.

  8. I perceive all the Gunners who will actively take part in Euro 2016 games maybe given an extended break to rest to enable them recharge their batteries for the opening of next season’s Barclays Premier League campaign after Euro 2016 tournament has ended on 10th June.

    Ozil’s 476? assists for Arsenal last season were grossly underutilized by his fellow Gunners. And this is pathetic in the sense that, the Arsenal forwards who were supposed to have utilized a large number of Ozil’s close to 500 assists could only managed to utilized 19 of them. This is unacceptable as Ozil’s hard labour for Arsenal has almost totally been thrown to the trash bin.

    Not surprising then to read that Ozil has put his contract extension on hold. Probably to see if the Boss with strengthen Arsenal’s striker department with at least 2 marquee strikers signings in addition to Olivier Giroud who will maximumly be utilizing Ozil’s assists in this coming season. The ball is now in the Boss’s court. Let’s hope Ozil will return from this Euro games unscratched.

    1. Where the hell did you get all this 476 – 500 chancee created stat?. And have you even seen the video compilation of thise 145 chances he created? 80% of them even Ronaldo ir messi would struggle to score from.

      And this talk about if he had someone like ronaldo or bezema he would have gotten 30+ assists this season. It’s all fantasy.

      He was at Madrid with Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain and never came anywhere near 30 assists, his best was tally was something like 17 or 19 assists in a season.

      How come that with Ronaldo, Higuain, Benzema etc he could not even make 20 assists a season in madrid?

  9. @Twig…

    Real Talk bro…Ozil is good but not as good as we make him out to be..

    Remember how everyone was raving about cazorla in his debut season,just like they are doing about Payet now??????
    Great players don’t really divide opinions as most will accept they are really good!

    Am selfishly happy Cazorla is not in the Euros…after the Euros Ozil will be rested,and this allows Cazorla in the hole again..can’t wait!

    Xhaka may rest a little too..so we can have:


    1. Cazorla is far better in the No10 position. He is more rounded as he offers more.

      Age is the only problem for Santi now..

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