Mesut Ozil will not be in England when Arsenal play Chelsea in the FA Cup final

Mesut Ozil will not be available for Arsenal’s FA Cup final match against Chelsea this weekend, because he is not in the country, according to Standard Sports.

The German has fallen out of favour with Mikel Arteta since the restart, as he hasn’t played a minute for the club. He has been training with the team and recently said that he was ready to play after a minor injury setback.

However, Arteta has continued to pick the players that he thinks can get him the results that he wants and the team has been doing well.

Ahead of the FA Cup final match against Chelsea this Saturday, Standard Sports is reporting that the German will play no part in the game, including the trophy presentation if they win it.

This is because he has already left the country and he is currently in Turkey for an unknown reason and he will not be back before the game.

Ozil is one player that Arsenal has been trying to sell for some time now, but the German wants to stay until the end of his current deal with the Gunners because no team will pay him as much as Arsenal is currently doing.

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  1. This is just pure greed on Ozils part saying he won’t leave because nobody can pay him what he earns now. If he left now and only got a fraction of what he’s earning now with what he’s earned in the past he will still be a very rich man. Surely professional pride and wanting to play should make Ozil want to leave as it’s obvious he is not in Artetas plans. I am thoroughly fed up with reading about him now. I know some people will say, would you leave a job and go somewhere for less money, well yes in this situation I would. As I said he can have no professional pride if he is content to sit around for a year doing nothing and taking his exorbitant salary. The sooner he leaves the better.

    1. Marty, “Professional pride” is one way to see it. I would call it a total lack of thought for others , a sense of greed and entitlement and a complete lack of morals and character. I have been actively watching Arsenal since 1958 and in all that time I have neither known about nor seen a man whose cavalier disregard for all the accepted norms of how a pro footballer should behave, even begin to approach the depths of this Arsenal damaging man’s abhorrent behaviour. I maintain his behaviour amounts to a huge financial fraud upon our club/

      1. I’ve seen on several occasions where clubs force a player to stay through his contract despite it being against the player’s interest. Would you consider that ok? Or do you think it’s only one party to a contract that should decide when to terminate or see out a contract? Just asking!

  2. Ozil is mentally stronger i would have imagined. The amount of blows he gets is unbelievable.

    I can get that he underperforms but he is a human being. I remember xhaka leaving the field with fans booing and driving him to explode.

    Shows that all this can affect mentally and your football afterward.

    Not making any excuses for Ozil but this is just a game; cant have a person upset and hurt the way done to xhaka.

    Done way more and worst to Ozil.

    He was back and doing fine, everybody wanted him in the team before covid break.

    Beyond Ozil, the way Wenger wzs treated is what ruined Arsenal image comoletly til this very day: “Wenger out” signs at every game at some point .

    The very same ones would not get this comment….

    Ozil is leaving, bug wont let a dime from his contract. Arsenal has to pay him his wage and terminate his contract….

    Not play vicious games as start of season, bring Ceballos and bench him.

    Pay him as agreed and assume our mistake; he did not force anyone. He had option to go free in a top club with a large bonus at signing. We convinced him to stay with money.

    Pay his wage and let him go, not treat him like shit so he can leave; he will respond same way; stay and get paid

    1. Well said. Arsenal are being classless in this case. Players will take note of this and this may influence their decision for future transfers.

  3. ….Pay his wage and let him go, not treat him like shit so he can leave; he will respond same way; stay and get paid… Mogunna, this is the best statement I read from among the very other good ones who are not buy so so and and sell so so so and so. Maty said is pure greed from him to stay on and collect his wages but what he doesn’t put a thought to is why the club gave him ain permission to travel when we have a very important final match that would define our very near feature under Arteta. It is very clear Arsenal don’t want him anymore thus treating him like garbage and he wants to work away. No we should find a solution with him that will soothe both parties. The only winner I’m seeing here right now is Ozil.

    1. I only said it was pure greed by him because he must have had other offers but won’t take them because he would have to drop his wages. Surely as a professional footballer you would rather be playing than sitting around for another year knowing you probably won’t be playing. I like Ozil but he is obviously not in Arteta plans so would like to see him playing somewhere.

        1. If I was in Ozils position i.e. knowing I wasn’t going to get a game for a season and having already earnt a fortune and being financially well off I probably would if it meant playing the game I love instead of sitting around kicking my heals. If I was a youngster just starting out on my career then No I probably wouldn’t. Anyway if Ozil did leave and get less money he would probably earn more than we could ever dream of. It just depends on whether he has the motivation to play.

  4. let the truth be told, arsenal board is punishing ozil for being the only arsenal player that refuse salary cut during the covid-19 pandemic. When other players accept pay-cut ozil.said NO that he as alot of NGO’s and charity homes he is taking care of from is salary. So that is the reason why his been punish

  5. Ozils attitude and commitment to Arsenal FC is the worst i have ever witnessed. The guy is an utter disgrace and i would personally make him play under 23s all next season. The guy knows no shame and is a thief. Shameless!

    1. I would gladly play forever your U23s for £350k/wk. Afterall, I’m not getting any younger. I’ve already established my name in the game and already won a lot of trophies. Go figure!

  6. Sometimes i don’t understand how some people think.ok lets say your company decide you wont be doing the job you are doing for them any more but they will still pay you your Wages as long as you are not working else where,will you quit the job or just sit at home and receive your Payment with Ease? I can’t Blame him at all he’s already an old player that has already won almost every important Trophy and got a lot of personal Achievement so he’s doing the right thing at the moment

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