Mesut Ozil’s agent comments on transfer rumours linking him with a move to Turkish giants

Mesut Ozil’s agent seems to have confirmed that his client has been in talks with Turkish giants, Fenerbahce.

The German midfielder has struggled to justify his huge salary since he signed his current deal in 2018.

He is currently the club’s highest earner and they want to move him on as soon as possible, but knows that no team would pay him as much as he is earning at the moment and wants to stay and finish his current deal.

However, reports have linked him with a move to his boyhood club, Fenerbahce with the Turkish side reportedly prepared to pay him £7 million per season to play for them.

Dr Erkut Sogut, however, insisted that the German still has a contract to respect at Arsenal before claiming that he can’t comment on the Fenerbahce rumour.

He told beIN Sports as quoted by the Express: “Mesut has a one-year contract. There will be no change in this regard.

“So what happens next, time will show. Mesut will be 32 years old and will have a few more years in his career.

“Mesut and his family will make a decision.

“I cannot speak about Mesut and Fenerbahçe, because I have no right to speak on this matter according to the principle of confidentiality.”

Ozil has become a controversial figure at Arsenal for the past few years and leaving the Emirates would be the best solution for all the parties involved.

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  1. Please point me to a link to the earlier Ozil article or retract your false statement

  2. Jon, furthermore,I’m not sure it WILL be the best for all concerned, certainly if the words used by Mikel Arteta are anything to go by – along with the very recent views of players like Leno and Tierney regarding the player in question.
    It seems a certain part of the Arsenal fan base disagree completely with these views expressed by the professionals, made under no duress whatsoever it must be noted.

    There is, however, a new and much more pressing need to appraise the situation with regards to the corona virus and the money involved.

    As much as I agree with our manager and the players regarding their worth to the club as a footballer, the reported £350,000 a week has become a real issue – along with the reported £300,000 a week demands from Aubameyang.
    For this monetary reason only, if there is a way to manoeuvre these grotesque salaries off our wage bills, it needs to be looked at closely and if transfers out of the club is one way of achieving that, then so be it.

    I would, however, love to see both players representing our club in the future, just for their footballing abilities, which are clearly appreciated by those mentioned above and the other section of the fan base.

    1. Ah Ken
      We all have our views on Ozil and Aubameyang but money is a glaring issue as you so rightly point out. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of Ozil’s contract value, it is (or was) the benchmark for others to aim for. You will almost certainly get your wish for him to stay but Aubameyang is another question entirely

      1. SueP, the view that Ozil’s reported contract is the benchmark for others to aim for is a little misleading – why?

        Well, since Ozil signed that contract on the 31st January 2018, we have signed a total of 19 players (I believe that is the correct figure) and they joined our club regardless of said reported salary, accepting what they were offered with no regard of said benchmark – including of course Aubameyang himself on the 31st January in a £56 million club record deal.
        That record has since been broken with the £72 million deal for Pepe.

        If anything, the fact that they would be playing alongside Ozil and Aubameyang, helped them to decide to sign, if we accept what they say when asked why they joined The Arsenal

        It also seems that there are more players who want to sign on, despite these ridiculous salaries and are quite happy to negotiate what they believe their skills deserve.

        I really hope the club has learned from the mistakes made and it looks as if they have, by refusing to concede to Auba’s reported demands.

        1. You posed a different question
          I said that Ozil and his salary raised the possibility of increased pay and you chose to offer a scenario that the players signed on account of Ozil
          You said they were prepared to accept the salary on offer by the club and in the next paragraph say they were happy to negotiate what they believed their value to be That is inconsistent

          I stand by the obvious. Ozil is staying and Aubameyang is likely to move on

          There was never anything more in my post than that but you chose to see otherwise

  3. The sooner he goes, the better. Maybe we’ll have peace at Arsenal. He should be accompanied by Xhaka and Mustafi

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