Mesut Ozil’s book reveals Wenger importance in Arsenal move

Mesut Ozil has a book set to be released in four day’s time, and he had released a snippet which revealed the details as per his move to Arsenal.

The German international has revealed that he called Arsene Wenger to tell him that he wished to join the club,

The below is a part of his soon to be released publishing.

I called a number that I’d saved in my phone back in 2010.

‘Mr Wenger,’ I said, ‘I promised that you’d be the first person I’d contact if I were ever looking for another club. Now I am.’

Arsene Wenger told me that he had been keeping an eye on me the whole time and that he liked how I’d developed. And all of a sudden I had that positive feeling again, the one I’d had during our telephone conversation back in 2010.

I sensed that this man, who I’d never met personally, had a very high opinion of me and trusted me. Exactly what I needed at this difficult time.

Of course, I’d hoped that Florentino Perez would back down and not punish me for the argument between him and my father. That he’d approach me again. But he didn’t. The relationship had cooled.

I contacted another club because it seemed to be the only possible way out. Time was flying. There were thousands of things to sort out if I were to actually move to London. Was I sure that’s what I wanted? That this was what would make me happy?

Jose Mourinho was astonished [by the move]. ‘You didn’t say anything to me. I thought you wanted to finish your career at Real Madrid,’ he texted me.

Will this book prove to be more distractions for our squad? Does this quote show just how important Arsene Wenger could be in our rehaul over the coming years?

Pat J

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  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Mr. Potato Head is done for……. & for crying out Loud, Not even Ozil’s influence can save the situation…

    Ozil can stay, but if he thinks his Arsenal destiny is tied to that of wenger, then he’s free to use the door as well


  2. wenger must be sacked says:

    we need a new manager. and sell the whole team i don’t like them anymore

  3. khangunners says:

    Pat j, mr pat j!!….haha we are all arsenal fans so i just want to ask you an honest question, do you really believe wenger is the man to take us forwards? All your articles show how important wenger is but this years performance as shown that his time is up. Why will you as a fan still want to give him a chance? I dont know there are 1 million reasons why wenger should leave so i am interested you give us a solid reason why you think wenger has to stay? I think we are bringing sentiments into the club and thats a recipe for failure

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    It shows me how reactive as opposed to active our club is in terms of recruitment. We only got Ozil because he called us and not because we wanted him.

    If he hadn’t of called we probably would have not got a new player at that time. He was desperate to leave and Wenger was desperate to appease the fans for doing bugger all in the transfer window.

  5. dboy says:

    This book does not prove anything. Wenger is no longer important for Arsenal. In fact Wenger is a threat to our progress. Ozil and Wenger can both hit the highway for all I care. They don’t really contribute anything to this team. And whoever wants to leave with him should leave.

  6. Gunner 4 Life says:

    Forget what Ozil z saying in His book about Wenger.. We as fans don’t wanna know all this.. all We wanna know z whether Wenger z staying or not.. n if.. all these praises about Wenger r indications that He will stay den tell Us straight away.. atleast We ll prepare Ourselves 4 two more years of “Almost there” Arsenal….

  7. Baldy from Borehamstiff says:

    Someone has got fat fingers or a dodgy keyboard!

    1. Gunner 4 Life says:

      No.. none of the above that mentioned.. but I have atleast got enough brain to make out what it means.. Thank You.

  8. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip says:

    This how the conversation probably went:

    Ozil: *calls Wenger* Hiya Arsene. It’s Ozil
    Wenger: I never knew Mesut had a younger unknown brother
    Ozil: No, it is Mesut
    Wenger: I never knew there was another lesser known Mesut Ozil
    Ozil: No it’s me Mesut Ozil from the German squad and Real Madrid
    Wenger: *spits his chocolate milk out* just one sec *turns to Bould* It’s Ozil on the phone
    Bould: I never knew Mesut Ozil had a lesser known younger brother
    Wenger: No it is Mesut Ozil
    Bould: I never knew we there was another lesser known Mesut Ozil
    Wenger: No it is the Mesut Ozil from the German team and Real Madrid
    Bould: why is he calling you?
    Wenger: May be he wants to join us
    Bould: LOL
    Wenger: why else would be be calling
    Ozil: Arsene, are you still there?
    Wenger: yes, just one sec. *Turns to Bould* OMG OMG how do i not appear desperate?
    Bould: *is already on the phone to his mum* No it is Mesut Ozil *listens to her reply* no it is the Mesut Ozil from German team and Real Madrid
    Wenger: Steve! We need to concentrate
    Gaizidis walks in
    Bould: Ozil is on the phone
    Gaizidis: I didn’t know Mesut Ozil had a lesser k own younger brother
    Bould: No it is Mesut Ozil
    Gaizidis: I didn’t know there was a lesser known Mesut Ozil
    Bould: No this is the Mesut Ozil from the German team and Real Madrid
    Gaizidis: ****! Arsene is going to **** this up *grabs phone from Arsene* here £20. Why dont you and Steve go Maccy D’s for lunch. *Walks out and starts talking to Mesut*
    Wenger: I am going to get so many props for this signing *his odd smirk*

    1. Muffdiver says:


  9. John0711 says:

    When did he write the book as the game was going on against Bayern

  10. Ayu says:

    “Ozil has the best pedigree out of any Arsenal player. 2010 World Cup nominated for player of the tournament. 2014 World Cup winner with mos t goals for Germany in Qualifiers.
    German player of the year 2011 2013 2013 2015 2016. UEFA Champions league top assists 2010-11. La luga top assists 2011-12. Champions league top assists 2012 UEFA team of the year 2012. 2013. Premier league top assists 2015-2016 and Arsenal player of the year. Has always played with the same languid style. Started this season well but went off the boil. Why?”…. Wenger out!

  11. RSH says:

    A book when your career isn’t even over. Joke.

  12. Javier says:

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge

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