Mesut Ozil’s departure finally confirmed by Arsenal – A “dignified solution”

So it has finally come to pass, and it seems that Arsenal and Mesut Ozil have really reached an amicable agreement to allow the German midfielder to join Fenerbahce, with both Edu and Ozil thanking each other for being reasonable in the final negotiations, although there doesn’t seem to be any love lost between Ozil and Arteta

It sounds like the talks were previously unprofessional before the last few weeks listening behind their words, but this is not the time to dwell on that as everyone is saying their last public farewells. Edu said on “We thank Mesut for his huge contribution to Arsenal. He has made more than 250 appearances, played in three Emirates FA Cup final wins and has given the fans and everyone at the club many wonderful moments on the pitch since he joined us in 2013. We would like to thank Mesut and his team for their professionalism during our recent negotiations. I know everyone associated with Arsenal will join me in wishing Mesut and his family the best of health, success and happiness in the next chapter of his career.”

Ozil also echoed his sentiments about the coming together to find “a professional and dignified solution” to the end of his Arsenal career…

Mesut said: “I’d like to thank the club for this amazing journey over the past seven-and-a-half years. The support I have felt from the team and fans during my time here has been truly incredible and something I will always be grateful for. Together we won trophies for the first time in years and created memories that will last a lifetime. The Arsenal fans will forever remain in my heart. I’d like to thank Edu Gaspar for helping bring about a professional and dignified solution in the past few days, and I wish everyone at the club the best in their attempt to continue to bring Arsenal back to the top, where we belong.”

So diplomatic to the last, Ozil thanks the “team” and the fans, and especially Edu, but strangely he doesn’t have even one word to say about his old team mate and present manager Mikel Arteta. I wonder if Mikel wasn’t included in the amicable talks….

But Arteta couldn’t help but just reference Ozil’s old achievements with Arsenal. Arteta said: “Mesut’s achievements at Arsenal are undisputed. It was a privilege to play alongside him and, more recently, coach him. His creativity and vision led to many goals during his time in the Arsenal shirt. Mesut was at the heart of many great moments for this club over the years, including those three FA Cup final wins. These successes will always be part of our history. We thank Mesut and wish him all the best with Fenerbahce.”

So, it is all publicly amicable, but I would love one day to find out what the discussions were really like, especially this season…

Anyone goodbye Ozil, you will be sorely missed….. by some!


    1. For a person who says he only talk about technicalities its a surprise (to me) to see this. So what is so good about the window? Did we sign a middle footed number 10?

      1. The most divisive figure in the last three years at Arsenal has finally left, therefore the fans could unite again now

        1. You and lot are the divisive one because you all always find fault in every of our players instead of supporting them. Answer this question.. did Pepe or Willian put gone on our executives to be signed? Apportioned blame where it is due.. with Ozil out of the picture I hope we starts winning everything from now on…. including every 50-50 duet on the pitch and stop making back and sideways passes.

        2. I enjoy your technical comments cause I am learning something from them but your saying of best window ever because Mesut has left sound thirdman to me.

    2. Yes indeed! Goodbye Gunners! I’m off to Fener. and hope to see a host of his followers there. Arsenal and the supporting websites will be much better without these people. Wish you all well and hope I can debate the fake Arsenal fans at Fener.

    3. arteta will support willian and pepe when they are producing next to nothing on the football pitch, but wouldn’t support ozil even when ozil sub par performance is 10 time better than both willian and pepe combined. joke manager. arteta time will come. best of luck ozil.

      1. First of all, last time Ozil was trusted, he provided 1 goal and 1 assist in 18 games. That’s worse than Pepe and Willian, our worst players by far.

        Willian is Arteta’s costly mistake. He’d always get more chances than Ozil, a costly mistake from the past.

        And as for Pepe, the guy is now worth 36 million pounds. If he is to be sold, his value must go up. And putting trust in him is the way to try to increase his value.

        I don’t approve of this, though. Neither Willian nor Pepe will improve with time. Pepe had a season and a half to prove himself and he failed miserably. Willian shined once and diminshed. This is their last season of having any minutes on the pitch.

        I’m more than sure that Pepe will be sold for whatever sum this summer and I hope Willian gets the Ozil 2020 treatment as a way of forcing him out. He came here to retire early and it’s more than obvious.

  1. His not mentioning Mikel means that Mikel wasn’t a yes man on this issue and it further means Guendouzi is not coming back. I hope it doesn’t go much further to mean Ceballos third loan jinx to us.

  2. I read that arsenal will still be paying most of his salary for six months, good riddance to that parasite and hi agent that were sucking arsenal to death.Even during a pandemic the highest paid player in club history couldn’t take a salary, since he left for fanabance he has lost thousands of followers on social media his brand is diminishing,after 6 months he will be on average of 65k not bad for lazy man.

    1. And I read he has forgone his salary to make that move possible. We can all be selective in what we choose to believe.

    2. first of all MO has foregone some of his salary to make his move possible as for his social media followers in the last 6 months he added more than 1,2M followers on Twitter alone and if you had read the details of his contract you would know that he got a sign on fee of 5M,25 000 per app +other bonuses and will more than make up with sponsorships deals as for his brand diminishing it is just you wishing!

    3. Giving Ozil that contract in the first place highlighted what Arsenal priority is, on the business side, we made more money on Ozil’s shirts sold than his weekly wages and only got tired of him when the money stopped rolling in. It is high time Ozil left but freezing him out to accommodate Willian is shameful and senseless.

  3. Like Dan’s article, I commend this one as well Pat.

    Unlike some of our fans, MO has conducted himself with class and dignity throughout all of this situation and I congratulate him for it.
    The fans of Fenebache are in for some wonderful football from one of the most naturally gifted players I have ever seen.

    As he says “Once a Gooner always a Gooner.

    1. @ken1945 say that without crying,I will send some tv channels where you can watch fanabache and your beloved Ozil play.Please do not quit as an Arsenal fan.

    2. Great comment Ken, well said. He gave almost 8 years of his life to club. I have been saying this for long time that all his haters were doing was just blaming him for every failure at club. The club never came out and said any bad thing about him officially with regards to his behaviour or professionalism. Ozil has conducted him self gracefully and can hold his head high.

      1. Lord Denning, I wonder how deep your commitment to the club is, if you think one player would stop that lifelong involvement?
        Your view is so shallow, it really is hard to believe that you are actually a supporter of the club.

        Thank you for the offer regarding TV channels, but I do have the know how to watch games if I want to.

        Sounds as if you have already made plans to do just that.

        1. Ken, unfortunately JA doesnt possess an
          IGNORE POSTER option, Lord Denning
          would be at the very top of that distinguished
          and growing list

  4. I have nothing to add to all the many thoughts by Gooners. Those who know my opinion of Ozil can only imagine how I feel today! Suffice to say it will not be the same way that Mobella, Jay, Ken and Sue are feeling right now.

    1. Well jon it on the record here that I have said I will be more disappointed in him if he allows himself to be your whipping boy again by playing for us again. So if you care to know how I feel about this wonderful news, I feel the same way I felt when Wenger announced his resignation 3 years ago because he finally get out you and your lot clutching hands. I feel sorry for the next player that will get into those hands of yours. We both get what we wanted so no victor no vanquished😜😜😜😜😜

        IF you are trying to claim you are glad your hero has gone, I don’t believe you!

        1. That is exactly what I’m saying but calling a player that was in his formative as a footballer when I started following Arsenal my hero was childish of you Jon. Are you sure you are as old as you say are.

  5. Thank heavens.
    What a waste of more than £100 million in 8 years.

    We should never have signed him in the first place later on extend his contract on a ridiculous £350,000 a week. This is what panic buying and panic contract offers gets you.
    Arsenal / Ozil combination never worked.

    Hope we now move on and forget the whole thing.

    But Good luck to Ozil, I wish him all the best (health, joy and happiness) for his future.

    1. He holds the record of most assists in a season in the Prem. Before the extension, he was phenomenal. So, you’re wrong – Arsenal/Ozil combination worked perfectly up until a point.

    1. I second that. we don’t have a player close to ozil stature in the team at present. hope smith rowe can rise and rise and take us to another level.

  6. GOOD RIDDANCE to bad rubbish! The worst thing that happened to Arsenal since the war. Go on Ozil – FLOAT OFF TO TURKEY (for the want of a better word).

    1. Sometime we arsenal fans forget the players did play for arsenal and most times give there all on the pitch. if he was so bad how comes he was an automatic starter for 6 years strong. some of us arsenal fans are so strange.

  7. One more question before I go.
    Is Ozil still committed to paying Gunnersaurus salary until eternity? Or was it just a typical Ozil / PR social media stunt to continue undermining our club and manager?

    Hope Ozil keeps his word and continues to pay for Gunnersaurus wages.

  8. Thank you Mesut Ozil for all the memories. Farewell The smiles and frustrations the good times and bad times. We wish you only the best.

  9. Thank you Mesut for all the memories. I do appreciate your professionalism. Wishing you the very best. What people should realise is age catches up with every player.

  10. Sue, the uber has delivered the said product, now hail that exact ride for another pick up at headquarters for another crew to be shipped out.

    1. No chance at all, sadly This site makes money from him, by having articles, so expect many more articles.

      1. Give it a rest Jon.
        So Ozil is confirmed as leaving, and you think JustArsenal shouldn’t mention it?

        1. Pat- you are correct again. I and some other supporters just hope this to be last article for MO as he was dividing the supporters . Now with him gone, we hope for the better future, especially better FINANCIAL future.

  11. Hehe. TH14 disappeared when his precious Iwobi left for Everton. I wonder how many JA fans Ozil will take with him.

  12. OT.. Pool being dumped out has cheered me up! And United didn’t even need a penalty 😱. Now for the hammers to beat United in the next round!!

  13. Best of luck to Ozil on his new chapter in Turkey but now we move on and hopefully we can improve and stop making stupid mistakes in the transfer window and players contracts!

    1. Good riddance
      The guy was only good for Cups

      Ozil ended up at Fernabache not any top European club. Why was no big club looking for that greedy, lazy trash

  14. Farewell Ozil ..
    Sad how your football career tapered off…But you’ll always be reminded as one of the most creative forces in World football…
    Best of luck Man

  15. Good luck Mesut Ozil
    And thanx for the 77 assists,44 goals and for the being the best creator in all those 8 years and not just at arsenal.
    Close to 0.5 G/As in 250 appearances,and that may be surprising for some who always bring stats when ozil is scapegoated,lemme eloborate😉,
    7 goals + 14 assists=21 G/As(40Apps)
    5 goals+ 9 assists =14G/As (32apps)
    8 goals +20 assists=28G’/As (45apps)
    12 goals+14 assists=26 G/As (44 apps)
    5 goals+14 assists=19 G/As (35 apps)

    6 goals+ 3 assists=9G/As (35 apps)
    1 goal +3 assists=4 G/As (23apps)

    Thanx mesut
    And all the best❤💯

  16. All those over the moon about ozil having gone when bellerin chambers Luiz mustafi elneny xhaka willock Nelson nketiah willian Pepe are still around are sadly missing the problem with the current state of football at arsenal

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