Mesut Ozil’s fiancee hints at future Galatasary move….

Every single Arsenal fan was extremely relieved when Mesut Ozil actually signed his new contract with the Gunners, because to be honest we didn’t think there was any possibility at all. But he obviously loves London (Who would want to live in Manchester lol) and his new fiancee Amine Gulse is much more likely to enjoy living and working in the biggest (and best!) city in England.

But Amine and Ozil also have a mansion over in Istanbul and the German-born (but Turkish descent) midfielder does seem to jet over there at every chance that he gets, and his beloved has now revealed that she is a fan of the Turkish giants Galatasary, and would be keen for Ozil to move over to Istanbul permanently and play for her favourite team.

This is what we found on Twitter….

This translated comes out at…. “I am a fan of Galatasaray and of course I’d love to see Mesut playing for them [one day]. However, he has just extended his contract with Arsenal and I support every decision he makes.”

With the couple getting married this summer in Istanbul, can we be expecting Ozil to bow to his new wife’s wishes and end his career at Galatasary?



  1. barryglik says:

    Ozil is now on 300k p/w
    living in a City he loves.
    Unless gala stumps up close to
    300k p/w reckon he will stay.
    But the club might want to get some resale
    from the 70mill they have outlaid on him already
    and must pay 45mill more in salary if he stays till he is 33.
    Wenger did make it clear that paying Ozil 15m
    salary per season was the cheapest option

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Meaut should dump her for saying that

  3. Aussie Jack says:

    My mind can`t handle figures like 330,000 pounds per week, I`d live in the city I love (London) for a fraction of that.

  4. wengers coat says:

    ^to actually enjoy London you need to be earning somewhere the amount of EPL players. Its not a cheap city even by the world rich, everything is tailored for the super rich.

  5. Geekaybee says:

    We have just had 2 years of will be/won’t resign for Arsenal. Now he’s signed a new long contract to stay we are already getting media gossip about him leaving.

  6. GB says:

    Calm down everyone this is a non story. Read the twitter story again, it’s just a passing comment. My mum wanted me to be an astronaut but it never happened. I didn’t fancy going to the moon as there was no atmosphere there! Ok, I know, I’ll get my coat……….

  7. Phil says:

    How will she keep her figure living in Istanbul where the diet consists only of Kebabs?
    Stay here in London love.We don’t eat that type of food in this country

    1. tas says:

      @Phil lol i think there are more kebab shops in London then Istanbul

      1. tas says:

        @Phil reading your comment again i now see you were Buntering 🙂

        1. Phil says:

          Yeah just threw that one in there

    2. jon fox says:

      Yeah! I am a Londoner and have never ever seen a kebab shop. I must be related to Wenger, “Oh I did not see it!”

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